The Pleasure Lord
25 Unnamed Technique
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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25 Unnamed Technique

"Then what about those cultivation techniques in the Wisdom section, why they are there and since I am the owner of this Book then why do I have to purchase from it."

"First of all nothing comes free, second everything in the Wisdom and Treasure section are accumulated by the previous owner of this book which is left to be used by the next one. But it's not free; you need to work hard to obtain those things."

She continued.

"Don't ask me who the previous owner is, you will know only when you reach the realm that the last owner had reached"

"Alright, then give me the Cultivation Technique unique to the book." Alex asked.

"Put your hand on the crystal stone at the front of the Book." She pointed her dainty finger towards the book.

Alex placed his hands on the crystal ball and waited for something to happen. Suddenly the crystal stone started shining, Alex felt large amount of information drilling into his brain. This was the cultivation technique unique to the <<The Book of Myriad changes>>.

Alex then took his hand off gently but he couldn't hide the excitement in his eyes.

"Now don't just stand there, become stronger quickly so I can get out from your smelly mind space." She said pinching her cute nose telling that his mind space was really smelly.

Alex couldn't help but smile seeing this. He then thought about the buying cultivation technique for his family and friends.

He quickly scrolled through the cultivation technique that were of black rank and chose a Peak Grade Black Ranked cultivation technique.

It increases the speed of cultivation by at least 5 times than the common cultivation technique.

Low grade Black Ranked cultivation technique nearly doubles the cultivation speed in comparison to the common cultivation technique. Medium grade increases speed by 25 percent than low grade, High grade increases speed by 50 percent than low grade. Peak grade increases speed by 75 percent than lower grade. Higher the grade of the cultivation technique, higher the benefits obtained by it.

Most of the noble families on this island are in possession of Low grade Black ranked cultivation technique. The City lords have Medium grade which is also the reason they and their families have more experts and strength than the other families. No one was able to obtain higher cultivation technique on this island.

Cultivation technique are not the only reason they are strong, they also have one or more Martial art technique.

Alex still had some points and currency left so purchased a bottle of Body tempering pills, the only thing he could buy. This was much more effective than Body tempering powder and also the pills made by the alchemist that stayed on the island.

When Alex turned around, there was no one there. He called out to her but there was no response. Suddenly he felt his eyelids getting heavier and a wave of dizziness struck him. Alex knew that he had stayed here more than he could tolerate, so he quickly came out of his consciousness and went to sleep.

Just as Alex vanished from his mind space; the heavenly spirit once again came out and said.

"Alex, you are the last hope of mine to save my race…and your's" she said as tears rolled down her cheek.

Another voice came from inside the book "Don't worry, he will definitely save our race, because he has my blood."

Time flowed by quickly, dawn had already arrived. Looking at the sun slowly rising up, casting its golden glow onto the organisms of the earth, the freshness of the air in the village as well as the fragrance of the flowers and plants, they made one feel joy in one's hearts.

Alex tidied up the various information in his mind and decided to focus all of his attentions on mastering the first stage of the unnamed technique, body and Qi tempering techniques!

The most important point of the tempering technique lied in having a solid foundation; the toughness of his body and bones, also the amount and quality of the QI. As long as the quality of his body was strong enough, he could fight demon beast above his grade bare handed.

Normally cultivators will only focus on tempering the body in body tempering realm; later they will focus more on the amount and quality of their Qi that is the inner strength. But there was one other branch of cultivators that focused on only cultivating the body even after Body tempering realm, they were known as Body Cultivators.

These people were rare because it was very hard and painful to keep on cultivating on this path. If a fight happened between inner strength cultivators and Body cultivators in the same major realm than the Body cultivator would win if they were able have close combat.

The body cultivation techniques were much rarer than inner strength cultivation technique. And the person cultivating on both the paths were even rarer.

The unique cultivation technique which Alex obtained from the book trains in both, Inner strength and body cultivation.

It could even allow cultivators who cultivated it to its peak to clash with gods and demons. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this technique was one of the strongest techniques! They could even greatly enhance the vitality of the practitioner!

Practicing this unnamed technique could allow a cultivator to build up his constitution. The unnamed Technique could also nourish one's bones and marrow, refine the organs in one's body, eventually evolving the muscles to become soft to the touch, yet at the same time also be capable of rivaling the toughest diamond and platinum!

Alex found a spot at the back of their house and went over there to practice the Unnamed Technique. To practice it, one did not need to mediate. The cultivator only needed to calm his heart and slowly rotate the Qi inside their body.

After that he needed to connect his mind to the book and try to make the pitiful Qi inside body to enter the book. After that the book will use the faith energy to purify it and send less than half of it out again into the body of the cultivator.

Simultaneously the Qi in the atmosphere around the cultivator need to be absorbed as instructed by the unnamed technique. And have it pass through the book and again into the body to form a cycle. The purified Qi would be then needed to circulate around the body in a predefined manner.

The body has millions of minor and hundreds of major meridians that are used as roads by the QI to flow inside the body. These meridians reach to every cell of the body. They are usually blocked by impurities and are very weak and fragile.

The purified qi is used to strengthen and refine the meridian through which it travels little by little. This is the most dangerous stage as the cultivators needs the control the speed and amount of Qi so that he doesn't break his own meridians and suffer a backlash.

The best thing that could happen is the cultivators gettingweak for some months or his grade lowers by one minor realm and the worst thing that could happen is dying by exploding his body.


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