The Pleasure Lord
23 Cause and Effec
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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23 Cause and Effec

Donald and his group came back to pearl village the next day with some Demon Beast on their shoulders. This showed the public that yesterday they had gone outside to hunt demon Beast rather than performing assassination on Lindon's group.

Yesterday Jack had gone to the city where he met with Willy Yandell who after hearing everything promised to send two ships to patrol around that area and some of his men will also come to the Pearl village to interrogate the pirates that were captured so that he knows the real situation while they will be staying there for some time to guard the village. He happily accepted the low grade black ranked Machete from Jack and commended Pearl village for their bravery and courage in defeating evil pirates.

After Jack came back to the village Donald informed him about Alex plan for Lindon and also what has happened when Lindon came to collect tax.

There was some risk but Alex assured them that he can kill Lindon in the first arrow if he hasn't covered his body with the QI. He also confessed that it was him who had killed the scar face pirate leader and his subordinate that night to which everyone showed a surprised face except Donald who had already guessed it before.

When everyone asked how he did that, Alex showed them the Low Grade black ranked Crescent Bow. Everyone was surprised when they saw a beautiful green Bow magically appearing in the hands of Alex.

This was the first time they had seen such a thing happening in front of their eyes but Alex said that this is what made this bow different from other graded weapon as it form a blood contract with a person and can stay in the body of its holder unlike other graded weapons. As to why it is like this I don't know.

"Where did you find this Bow?"

"About a year before when I had gone to the beach on the south side of the village. It must have come ashore from the sea with the wave" said Alex since he really had gone there that time "When I touched the Bow I felt like something had pricked my finger and then suddenly this bow vanished from my sight. At first I thought that it was all a dream but then some days ago when I became a cultivator, I accidently summoned this bow. I wanted to tell you guys didn't know how to explain. But now that my family is in danger how can keep this thing from you all."

Donald and Jack also checked the bow and all they found was that this was a normal low grade black ranked bow in terms of power; they couldn't make it vanish from sight like Alex did.

Finally they could only sigh at the wonder of the bow but they were extremely happy that such a fortuitous encounter has happened to someone they knew. It is because most of the powerful and famous cultivators had such a fortuitous encounter. It is said that people that has such encounters are extremely lucky and are more likely to become a future powerhouse. Though how much truth there is in such saying only god will know.

Donald made everyone there promise to keep this a secret, so that greedy eyes won't turn their way.

As for the guard that was 'fortunate' enough to keep his life was also a part of their plan. When that injured guard would bring the news of the assassination and the words which the ambushers has spoken back with him than the subordinates of the Dorbank City Lord won't have to find unnecessary clue and will know the real 'culprit' from the only survivor. The City Lords on the Island had done such kind of assassination in each other's territory before so it was very normal kind of situation. Of course someone might suspect such an ending but Alex just had to make the situation messy so that they become the ones to be the least suspected.

The only problem this will cause is that the war might be pushed forward as Dorbank City Lord will definitely take his revenge for this to keep his prestige which will kick start the war ahead of time. Pearl village is at the south side of the island away from the flames of the war but there is still a risk getting attacked from behind through the south sea like the pirates had done before.

After reaching home, everyone sat on the dining table in the house of Donald.

Julie was the one to first start the conversation "I can't believe we have become rich in just one day. Think what we can do with all this money."

Hank asked from the side "Mom, how much have you looted from that Tax devil?"

"The total money amounted to 845 gold coins" Joe answered his question.

"What?" Hank exclaimed and started to think what he can do with the money. Most likely he was thinking how many girls he can sleep with.

"With this kind of money we all can stay in the city rather than this run down village. We also don't have to fear the revenge from the pirates" said Theo and everyone feels hopeful.

"Sigh, now I am regretting taking the position as the village head. Who could have thought our life would take a turn like this. I thought we would get some small benefit when I took this position but now hunting is much more profitable. The position of the village head is more of a burden to me now." Donald said.

Everyone agreed to this; Jack then gave a suggestion "Why don't we leave this village after the war and go live in the city"

"That we can do, till then we will train every day, hunt every day and get rich every day." Donald laughed. "Let's have a feast tonight"


The news about the assassination of Lindon's group also reached to every village through merchants and other channel the next day which had caused quite a sensation around. Dorbank city Lord had ordered to start the recruitment of people in every village under him for his army. This caused another chain reaction from the other City Lord who also started to recruit soldiers in their own city.

But Alex and his family were back to their daily routine of hunting and training. Hank had also broken through to 2nd grade of Body tempering Realm so both Tom and Hank joined them to go hunting.

Another thing was that Tom had brought his mother whose name was Sarah from the brothel where she used to work before. They now stay together which caused him to become more cheerful but he still trains hard so that he can protect his mom and give her a worry free life. Sarah was also quite happy to live again like normal people with his son.

Alex and his group always had a bumper harvest while hunting, and made around 40 to 100 gold coins every day. Of course they didn't sell what they hunted or else that would become too eye-catching so under the suggestion of Meg all the beast material which don't go bad for a long time like claws, horn etcetera were stored in their secret hideout in the forest. The things that were very nutritious like high grade Demon beast meat, snake bile and rare herbs were kept for their own consumption and rest of it was sold to the merchants.

Like this two months passed, war had already started but all of it was happening on the north side. Donald just had to worry about the increased war tax and train some able men to be war ready and join regular army when called for. One of the perks of being the village head is that he can choose who can be put on the team that defends the village that is not go the frontline.

Of course Jack, Jon, Theo, Alex, Hank and Tom are in this squad.

It was night time; Alex had closed his eyes and tried to enter his own consciousness.

<<Heavenly Treasure of Chaos---The Book of Myriad Universe>>

Alex had been opening this book from time to time to see his progress. This time he had already chosen as to what he had to buy. He had been waiting till this day so that he can collect enough Currency, Faith, Merit and also waiting for his cultivation to increase. That's right Alex had recently broken through 3rd grade of Body Tempering Realm which is also a restriction for buying any cultivation technique from the mysterious book.


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