The Pleasure Lord
18 Unexpected Turn Of Events
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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18 Unexpected Turn Of Events

Alex was surprised seeing that pirate leader in possession of a graded weapon. Alex then thought about his graded Bow, he might have to use it now if things go south.

"Aren't you just forefeiting your life displaying such a treasure in front of public. Some strong people from the city might come after you for that machete not only that even the Mercenaries in this village will definitely be interested." Jack tried to see if he was bluffing. Graded weapons were rare even in cities, for this pirate to show off his weapon like this will only get him killed.

"Hahahaha, sorry I forgot to tell you something. Those strong people you talk about won't bother themselves when they come to know who my boss is. So don't waste my time with your dumb question. Just go and bring me the money or else we won't be just killing, we will pillage other things too." But then he pulled his hand in front of everyone else and showed a branded mark stating his allegiance "And you don't have to ask who my boss is, I will tell it myself. Captain of the Lion Shark Fleet, Torrento. Now don't bother asking more question, go, go."

On the forearm of his hand, a mark of some kind of hybrid beast between Lion and a shark was etched clearly for everyone to see.

What he said had put an end on any kind of will to fight in the heart of villagers. They all have heard of the infamous name of Lion Shark Fleet, Captain Torrento.

He is a powerful pirate that has numerous ships and strong men under him, even the three City Lords can't do anything to him.

They even have some kind of deal between them so that Lion Shark Fleet won't attack their merchant ships travelling to the subcontinent and back.

It was a tight situation, some villagers even started to accept the extortion. Donald looked back to Jack who nodded towards him.

Donald also had to come to their terms; Captain Torrento was not someone to be belittled, he was known to be a vicious fellow who controlled a large area of water around these clusters of island.

Just as Donald was going to tell Joe to bring a little above 50 gold coins, he heard that pirate leader say again "Oh, and give those 5 women to us with the money. Don't worry we will give them back tomorrow morning."

The five women which they had mentioned included Julie and Meg among three other beautiful women who were standing behind. As for why he would want them for the night was clear as day.

Donald stopped in his track while Jack put his hand on his sword wanting to cut these scumbag pirates who were now laughing lewdly at their leader orders.

Donald turned to face pirates again while keeping his anger down but he was given quite a shock for the scene in front of him.

All kinds of sounds stopped then and there. Even the pirates who were laughing loudly stooped as they couldn't believe what had just now happened in front of them.

The pirate leader who was standing fine till now had an arrow impaled from one of his eyes all the way to the back of his head and through his brain.

Everyone gwacked at that scene, they couldn't see from where that arrow was fired from. There was no sound and not even the now dead pirate leader saw it coming.

The other crew members couldn't believe someone would kill their ship captain without any warning.

"Bastards, who the fuck fired that arrow"

"Shit you have done it now; your whole village will definitely be destroyed"

"No way, impossible, how can we let our leader die here. We all would be sentenced to death by fleet commander."

The remaining pirates quickly riled up with all kinds of shouting, threats, and terror of losing their ship leader because they would have gruesome ending if gone back without him.

Donald and Jack looked back to see who might have done this deed but they couldn't tell as the area was comparatively darker.

Seeing that the situation had already escalated like this, Donald gave an order to eliminate the remaining pirates. With the battle cry, most of the villagers came out of their shock and attacked with their Village head as they didn't have any other choice.

A pirate who was at Grade 5 of Body tempering realm quickly tried to pick up the Low grade Black Ranked Machete from the dead body. But before he could do that another arrow silently embedded itself on his throat.

Seeing this, Donald who was at the front quickly picked it up and hack one of the unlucky pirate near him. Surprisingly, Donald didn't feel any resistant as he cut off the victims head; he came in love with the weapon just after that.

As all two groups were fighting, some mysterious arrows would come to help any villager in any dangerous situation. Fear had started to grip the hearts of remaining pirates.

Some of the pirates had already started to run back towards their ship which had been docked at the shore near the village. Seeing the situation has taken a turn for the worse, many surrendered immediately as don't want to die.

Only eleven pirates remained now while same number of pirates were successful in running away and all the others were now lying dead on the ground with their leader.

Fortunately, from the village side only 3 guards had died at the start and after that 3 to 4 people only got some minor injuries.

But there was not even an ounce of happiness on any faces even after having achieved victory against pirates.

Some of the weak willed pirates that were captured started begging for their lives

"No! Don't kill me, I surrender"

"I have a family to feed, please spare me"

"Ah, we didn't even want to come, but our ship captain on someone request and took us here."

"Fuck, don't tell them that you shit head"

Donald, who was still feeling the machete with his hand, had a jolt hearing what the tattletale pirate just said.

"What did you just say; you all came here because someone told you to? Who was it, if you don't want to die then tell me right now!"

Donald and others had only thought at first that they were unlucky to have pirates attack their village just a day before Tax collection but finding that someone had conspired against them from shadow had made their heart go cold.

Jack had already put an iron sword on to the neck of that pirate.

"I don't know who that person was as he had covered himself with a black cloak. I only know that he and our ship leader had some previous dealings and the attack which we did before twelve years ago on this village was also on his word."He then paused and quickly give away his crew member easily "But, he knows what they had talked in the cabin, this guy was with the leader when that person came day before yesterday."

It was the same guy who had first stopped him before to not say anything.

Donald slowly put the sharp end of his weapon on the crouch of that guy, silently explaining his intent clearly.

"I…I had only heard that the person wanted us to loot all the money of the village so that you cannot pay some kind of tax tomorrow…" with trembling body he said everything. The loot which they would have gotten would also be their reward.

In fact, they were ordered not to attack any settlement on this island by their fleet commander years before as Captain Torrento had made a deal with the three city Lords.

It was entirely their ship leader decision to earn extra money and that unknown person also promised that he will take care any trouble afterwards.

The captured pirates were all locked away into a basement. The dead bodies were cleared and burned.

Some amount of money was retrieved from the dead bodies of the pirates; Donald gave it to the family of the guards that died tonight as compensation. It cannot reduce their grief but what else can he do.

He then asked Theo and Joe to take some men with them and patrol around village for the remaining night.

Donald also didn't have any luck on finding the archer who had fired those arrows before. But he took the arrows from the dead bodies killed by that man.


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