The Pleasure Lord
15 Reward II
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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15 Reward II

"Yeah, you want some good looking young stud to fuck the shit out of you?"

"Yes! To just give it to me," she laughed, "That is after I suck on that young cock and make him moan and cum in my mouth, give him a blow job he couldn't even dream of."

"And what about me?" Uncle Jack asked, "Do I get to watch?"

"In the beginning," she sighed, while rolling her nipples between her finger tips and rocking her hips into Jack's thrusting fingers, "But after a while you can join in."

"You slut!" Uncle laughed, "You want two cocks at once?"

"You know I do baby! I've always wanted that; one long thick one in my pussy and another in my mouth!"

"Just in your mouth?" Uncle pressed as he put his thumb on her clit. Causing her hips to jerk, "Or maybe somewhere else?"

"Hmm,!" she moaned, "Riding one and the other one fucking my ass!"

"You want to be double penetrated, you whore?"

"Yes sir!" she cried out as he began moving his fingers faster, "I want to suck and fuck and be taken and used by two big fucking dicks!"

Speaking of dicks, Alex was starting to rub his own. He had never heard them talked so dirty. The look on her face was one of pure lust as she described two men taking her.

"Tell me about it." he said softly, as he continued to stroke her clit and finger her.

"One will be right where you are,"

"Which one?"

"The young stud." She purred, "He'll be between my legs holding my ankles and slamming me so hard that his fucking balls will be hitting my ass."

"I'd be screaming, but you'll be kneeling next to me, leaning over and fucking my mouth." She stopped and emitted a long groan.

Jack had pushed his leather short down and had removed his cock, which was pretty damn big. In the beginning it was really weird seeing his Uncle like that, but after a while the fact that he had watched so many porn videos, he was able to treat this just like that

"I'll be squealing around your cock." she continued, in between her moans, "Tasting your dripping cock while you pump my mouth, you'll be telling him to fuck me harder, telling him what a whore I am and how fucking much I love cock!"

Meg was now bucking her hips up and down on the bed, "You'll tell him to make me cum, won't you baby? You'll be calling the shots and you'd love your slut wife to cum for another man!" she released a long drawn out whimper that Alex figured at this point they were a little too caught up to be looking in his direction and if he did get caught sitting here while they were fucking, he was dead meat anyway.

"Make me cum, Jack!" she cried out.

With an enthusiasm that caused his hand to move faster on his cock, Uncle leaned in and buried his face into her wet cave.

By doing that, he blocked Alex view, but the look on his Aunt face as he began licking her, was almost as good.

"Yes!" she groaned, "Oh, he'd be finger fucking me and sucking my clit just like you are, oh...oh,.. he'll shove a finger in my ass and...." Alex saw Jack's other hand slide between her legs and she emitted a sharp high pitched squeal. "Fuck yeah! Right in my ass, getting it ready for the cocks that will be taking turns in it."

Goddamn his Aunt was acting like a pig and it was thrilling him to no end. She had placed her feet on Uncle Jack's broad shoulders and was curling her toes into them.

Her back was arched and she was now pinching her small hard nipples. Her head was back and her face flushed. Even from a distance Alex could see her legs trembling as his Uncle tongue worked her clit and his fingers pounded her holes. Aunt Meg was still speaking, gasping out the words.

'Pretty sure that even the previous Alex who slept like a log would have definitely woken up on hearing her being this loud. I would be dumb not to guess their intention till now but maybe at an off chance I may be wrong. they may be just too involved...uhgg, it's so confusing' Alex put his thoughts back to his mind 'I will just go with the flow then.'

"Yes...he'd make me cum and it would make my pussy so much hotter and wetter and once I came, you'd switch and you'd start fucking me and he would put his....Oh baby!" She screamed so loud as she didn't care if Alex could hear her or not. Alex too just watched his aunt cum like a porn star.

She was moaning and bucking her hips so hard he didn't know how his Uncle could still keep licking. A moment later Jack didn't have a choice when Aunt put her feet behind his head, pulled him into her pussy and clamped her thighs around him, pressing his face to her pussy.

She threw her head back and released another squeal loudly. Her squealing turned into a soft whimper and she let herself fall back onto the bed, her legs sliding from Uncle Jack shoulders.

"Wow, I came hard." She breathed, "Now where's that big cock I need?"

Jack stood up and Alex saw his cheeks were glistening from her juice. His long hard cock was at full attention and with no hesitation he grabbed her ankles, lifted her legs and slammed into her.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" She called out.

Uncle Jack was tearing into her; pounding her roughly. Putting her ankles together, he wrapped his arm around her knees and lifted her ass off the bed.

He was in good shape and the muscles rippled in his arm as he held her back end off the bed.

He had turned slightly and Alex was getting a full view of his cock thrusting in and out of his Aunt. Her pink lips were hugging his thick wet cock tightly and she was squealing every time he drove into her.

"Could your boy toy fuck you this hard?" He asked

"Not at first!" she moaned, "But he would once he got used to us. Then he'd fuck the shit out of me, he'd have to because you'd tell him too wouldn't you baby?"

"I would," Uncle Jack was breathing hard as he continued to fuck her. "Tell him to give it to you and tell you to take it, to be a good girl and make him happy."

"I'll make him happy sir!" she cried out, "And you too, I'll make you both so happy you'll both want to keep fucking me!"

"And sucking!" Uncle Jack snapped and to surprise of Alex, swung his hand down and gave the side of her ass a loud slap.

"Ow!" she cried out, then moaned, "Sorry sir, of course I'll be sucking, I have to keep both cocks nice and hard!"

Alex cock was beyond hard. He'd never heard them talk like this. He knew they were kind of sex freak, but would have never saw or thought his Aunt would want to be treated like that or that Uncle Jack would want to. Even as he jerked his cock, I wondered if this was something they would do or were doing if they had a chance.

"Show me, how you'll suck it!" Uncle demanded.

He stepped back as she sat up; she grabbed his cock and began sucking it like it was a competition.

"Oh, damn Meg!" he moaned, "Shit, you can suck cock!"

Her response was to take him down to his balls and shake her head. Jack responded with a whimper that was out of character for him and she giggled around his cock. She started bobbing her head more slowly, sliding his shaft through her soft lips.

She was moaning as well as peering up at him with her wide blue eyes. Uncle Jack grabbed her hair and holding her head still, started fucking her mouth.

Jack pulled his cock from her mouth grabbed her by the shoulders, and with a wrench of his powerful arms, tossed her back further onto the bed.

He caught her by the hips and she yelped as he roughly flipped her over. She quickly got onto her hands and knees, pointing her ass in the air.

"Turn around." Jack said, with an evil smirk,

"Face that side, I want to get on the bed."

Aunt Meg did a quick turn so she was facing where Alex was sleeping. Alex came to a standstill, but stayed where he could still see.

She was up on her hands and Alex could see her melons dangling, erect nipples pointing down at the bed. Uncle Jack came and kneeled behind her. He grabbed her hips and Aunt Meg cried out when he slammed into her again.

"Fuck that's deep baby!"

"You like it deep slut." He told her while fucking her hard and fast, "In your mouth too. That's right you'll be on your hands and knees as I fuck you like this and him fucking your mouth."

Jack was moaning and the muscles in his arms and chest were flexed as he drove relentlessly into his Aunt. The look on her face was one of pure lust and she was no longer talking, but yelping and squealing.

Sound of flesh banging and lustful moans filled the room.

Alex eyes were still glued to her red face as she started slamming her hips back into his Uncle Jack, driving him deeper.

Alex was not able take it and thought if they don't care then why should he? So he too began to openly stroke his shaft up and down without any care of them noticing him now.

"That's it you slut, take it in your pussy while you are sucking him. He'll cum first; he'll whip it out of your mouth and...."

Jack words turned into a groan and pulling his cock from her wet cave, he squeezed it tight and stood up on the bed. She rolled over onto her back and leaning over her,

Jack let his cock go. He cried out as a long thick stream of cum erupted from his cock and landed directly into her wide open mouth. The second and third spurts hit her in the face and the moan she released as the cum struck her.

Aunt Meg let her head fall back and hang off, the edge of the bed. Alex was now confronted with the sight of the cum dripping down her face, her tongue slipped out and licking away a few drops, and with a nasty smile as her eyes looked right into his, she said

"Won't you Alex?"

Alex: "… 0_0 …"


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