The Pleasure Lord
13 Fruitful Day
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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13 Fruitful Day

Swamp Marsh Forest

There were vicious tigers, poisonous snakes as well as other creatures that left behind distinct smells that attacked one's nostrils and made people's skin and bones tremble

A group of seven people, five men and two women were quietly making their way through the lush forest avoiding the wetland area.

"Wait" Donald stopped everyone and signaled them to get ready. He ordered them to get in position and wait for his signal.

Alex, Meg and Julie climbed a tree near them while Jack got behind a large tree.

Joe and Theo went behind two trees on either side of the path leading somewhere. Theo took out a long rope from his bag and threw one side of it towards Joe. They placed it down tying the ends of it to the tree a little loosely while tightly holding the rope on both side.

Seeing this, Donald went over the rope and started walking slowly on the path leading somewhere in front. After sometime, Donald came back running but he was not alone as yellowish black demon bull, the size of an adult human that had big black horns with sharp ends was chasing him from behind.

Just as Donald crossed over the rope laid on the ground he shouted "NOW!!"

Both Joe and Theo lifted the rope half a meter above ground but didn't hold it tightly.

The raging Bull that was running at full speed tripped on the rope.

SNAP! The rope broke because of the beast weight.
But it did its work.

Due to inertia, the Bull's head was first bashed on the ground while its rear end flew from back to the front. Just after demon beast made a roll, three arrows were fired on its bare stomach facing the sky and not only this, Jack jumped from behind the tree and smashed a punch with Donald onto its neck that was exposed.

"Roaring Tiger Fist!!"

BANG!! Crack!!

MOOOOOO!!!! The demon bull started squealing in pain because its throat which was covered in a layer of tough skin and muscles cracked a little but not giving it any chance Theo and Joe also smashed their fist on the same area with the same move.

On its broad neck, where the four of them had punched, an outline of a tiger roaring was formed but the shape was not clear.

Just after that the beast breathed its last breath. Everyone quickly surrounded and started to skin its precious part. This Demon Beast which was at grade 5 is known as Raging Bull; it had a very tough hide and usually was very hard to kill. Its hide could block attacks from almost every normal weapon, even if they are sharp. In fact, the defense of an adult Raging Bull even surpassed most of the demon Beast at Grade 6.

The group collected its horn, most of the meat that could be eaten, its hide and its most precious part that was sold for the same price as a Grade 5 demon beast, penis. That's right, its penis was the most expensive part on its body and even its tough hide which could save lives could not contend with it. The use of it doesn't need to say out loud as most of man understands.

The raging Bull was one of the most expensive demon beasts in the range of Grade 5 and could be sold for almost 20 to 25 gold coins. Sometimes the price even reached 30 gold coins. This was because usually the person or group which hunted the demon beast would never sell its penis but use it between themselves.

Needless to say, everyone today was quite happy with the hunt. Before Jack's group had tried to hunt this bull but they couldn't even breach its defenses and Joe had almost died under its glistening black horns.

Today, they were able to kill the Raging Bull because of the martial art skill. Roaring Tiger Fist was a particular Martial art skill that could bypass most of the outer defense as the Qi seeps through it and destroys everything behind the tough defense.

In a flash, the group left the area and went towards their hideout.

They then rested at their hideout, more specifically Jack, Donald, Theo and Joe rested to recover their Qi when that was used by the skill. This was their first hunt that could be completed without any injury while fighting an intermediate demon beast with the cost of just some Qi.

"hahaha…this Martial art skill is so good. It could even kill that Bull without damaging its hide." Jack laughed loudly because even if they had punched normally with Qi accumulated in their hands, even than they wouldn't have gotten such amazing results.

"It's not just the martial art skill; we also have to give credit to the exercise which Alex had taught us. It has not only improved our strength but also had increased our speed. If not for that, then I might not have been able to out run that charging beast." Everyone nodded at Donald words.

"Alex is definitely our lucky star. The things have been turning for the better after he had joined us." Alex just smiled at those words as truly deserved those words.

"This was the most satisfying hunt that we had ever done." Theo and Joe laughed together as they almost every time got injured to some degree when fighting such demon beast.

"It's not even noon, so maybe we should hunt more Raging Bulls with the same tactic. If we could hunt two more than our total gain would almost be around 70 to 80 gold coins. We could even buy better weapons, books containing precious knowledge and Body Tempering powder for the kids and ourselves." Julie mostly wanted to buy books that contained knowledge about Herbs and different types of beast found in the forest as they were very expensive but necessary.

"Yeah, we will definitely hunt more since we can." Donald nodded.

They once again went out, and for that whole day hunted two more Raging Bulls they found plus a Horned Tailed tiger of grade 5 that stumbled upon them after they had just killed the last bull. Fortunately, they were able to kill it more easily as they were able to nimbly dodge its tail and claws.

It was time for them return back. Each of them had to carry heavy weights of beast materials on their shoulders making them more tired than were when fighting demon beast.

After they had reached near the village, one of them went inside to bring a cart to hide their loot because if some greedy people saw them carrying such precious materials then they might encounter unnecessary trouble next time or even now.


Inside the Village Head house, a grand feast was once again organized where the food was the meat from the Demon Bull and Demon Tiger. The uncles even cooked one penis of the raging bull to eat it amongst themselves.

Today, it was Alex who had made a dish with meat as a base. The dish he made was from his world. He had even bought some spices from the market in the village as they were returning back. The Demon beast meat was rich in Qi which enhanced the taste of the dish to a whole new level. Alex could make such a tasty food because of the modern techniques of earth he had used.

This was the first time anyone amongst them and even Alex have eaten such a delicious food.

"Ummmmmm, this is the best I had ever tasted."

"Itssssssss soooooo gooood"

"I will never be able eat normal food from now on"

"The food before we had eaten was garbage in comparison to this"

"How did you make it?"

All of them became the fan of the dish with just one bite.

"Alex, you have teach us." Meg and Julie were very eager to learn.

Hank who was stuffing food more than his mouth could take suddenly gulped it quickly and said "Wait, why don't we open a restaurant over selves in the village and sell it to the mercenaries and rich merchants. Won't we quickly become rich?" Hank quickly thought of a money making scheme.

"It's possible but, we will also attract greedy eyes from the city. You should know that every famous shop that does any business has someone powerful person or family backing it from behind the shadows. A food with this kind of taste would sell for a high price. What do you think will happen afterwards?" Jack also wanted to do such business as he knew that it would be successful but he knew the dangers in it.

"Um, Guys how about I make a dish that taste only a little better than the best food made in the village and since Uncle Donald has recently gotten an inn, why don't I add some more dish that are just a little bit more tasteful. With only this, we would be able to compete with other inns owned by merchants of the city." Alex quickly added as he also wanted to make more money, but more importantly he just thought of some plans he will implement in the future and all of that will need money and fame. Not only this, if people like his work and deeds then aquiring fate energy would become easier.

"That might be a good idea. If it become successful then we will have extra money. Since its getting late we should get some sleep and talk about this tomorrow" Donald gave his approval.

After that everyone went home to sleep for the night.



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