The Pleasure Lord
12 Progressing Fas
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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12 Progressing Fas

It was night time; most of the villagers had already gone to sleep satisfyingly after they knew that tax money was collected in one day.

Six groups of cultivators had gone to hunt, collectively their gain was around 4-5 gold coins. And if some money was put aside for those who had been injured there still remained 3 gold coins.

Alex and his group had brought a total of 6-7 gold coins worth of materials and also the extra 11 gold coins that they found from the dead body. If all the money was added than it would be dot 50 gold coins that are needed to be paid as tax. 29 gold coins from before plus 21 equals 50 gold coins.

Everyone in village was happy that day as Donald had even said that the next month would be tax free. No one has to give any money as tax because the next time the tax money will be paid by Donald himself as celebration of him becoming the new village head.

This promise reciprocated appreciation and acknowledgement from every villager with even louder cheering. As this will help them to recoup their losses caused by this whole fiasco. Not to mention that they got a good leader in exchange for the previous bloodsucking Village head.


Inside the new Village head house, the kids were eating celebratory food that was put on the table and the adults were discussing the contents of a book within themselves while lightening some candles around them.

"Hey, Alex what's that Book, why are they reading it now in the night while lightening those expensive candles." said Hank while stuffing a demon beast leg roasted on a bonfire into his mouth.

"My mom had hit me on the head every time I had lighted it more than it was needed." Anna also asked sweetly as she was nibbling on the same meat slowly.

"Yeah, now they had lighted 6 of them continuously for 3 hours straight. Tell us if you know something." Hank just couldn't keep his curiosity to himself.

"Why don't you ask them yourself…..again..haha" Alex and Tom couldn't help but laugh out loud when they saw what had happened before. Even Anna started to giggle as she also found it too funny.

"You…didn't you see how I got kicked by father when I had tried to touch the book. Those idiots are acting like it's some kind of precious treasure" Hank wanted to beat Alex's ass so much but he controlled himself as he knew that he couldn't beat his little brother now.

"cough….who did you say are idiots"

"Of course its y… did you have nice time reading. Why don't you fill your hungry stomach with some delicious meat? Sit and eat slowly, I will go and roast one more for you" Hank ran away after saying that.

"Sigh, what should I do with my son. I wish he was at least as smart and talented like me."

"Donald when did you become smart and talented, huh!" said Julie from behind.

"Oh I meant smart and talented like you honey" Donald quickly said.

"hahahaa" everyone started to laugh in the room and even Hank murmured lightly 'serves you right old man'

"Anyway, everyone gather around. I need to make an announcement. That means you too Hank" Donald said after everyone had there laughs.

"Alright, today Alex lucky hands had found a treasure. A treasure because it can open our future to new possibilities and help us fight for our dreams. It can make us soar through…" Donald was ruthlessly stopped between his awe-inspiring speech.

"Alright stop, what he wants to say is that Alex found a medium grade Black ranked Martial Art skill called Roaring Tiger Fists. By practicing it, our body strength and our control on the Qi inside us will increase.

Martial Art skill is like gateways by which the Qi is used more efficiently and gain much destructive power when performing the skill. Different martial art skills have different powers and uses. For example, there are martial art skills based on movements and for defense. The body has uncountable pathways through which Qi can pass. Each pathway will elicit different reaction when the Qi is passed through it in the correct way. If the Qi is passed through the pathways in the body just as it is shown in the book then not only will the attack from the fists be more destructive but after attaining high mastery in it you will be able to easily contend with demon beast that are stronger than you by a grade just with your fist." said Julie in one breath.

"Yes, and if Donald, Jack, Theo, Julie, me and Joe could practice it to the initial stage than hunting demon beast at our own level will become possible. That means more money and resources." Meg added while smilingly.

"But let me warn all of you first, no one will say a word outside about us having this Book as it will only cause our own destruction. There's also a restriction on the book that only cultivator above grade 3 of Body Tempering Realm can practice it. So you kids will have to wait till you reach the required level." Jack said as warned them first about the dangers.

Hank jumped with joy and said "Yahoo, I will become a Noble in the future"

"Hank you cannot become noble just with the Martial art Book as it will only make our path at becoming grade 9 of Body Tempering Realm easier. You need a graded cultivation Technique to break into next realm or else with normal Cultivation Technique you will stay your whole life in this realm." Julie dumped cold water on his burning excitement making it nothing but a puff of smoke.

"Um…can I also practice it" Tom said while hesitating as he knew how valuable the book was. It may be his only chance to bring his mother out of that rat hole.

"Tom, never say words like this again, you are just like our children. Of course you can practice martial art skill. And about your mother, since I am already the Village Head then that person has to give some face to me. I will pay the required money the next time we go to out hunt so you don't have to worry." Donald said as ruffled Tom's hair with big hands.

"Thank yo.." Hank quickly put his hand around his brothers shoulder stopping him from saying anything else.

"Since we have already collected the tax money, we don't have to go out tomorrow. We will practice the skill first in the backyard of this house as it is covered with fence giving us more privacy. Theo and Joe both of you shift to the house in front of us. Jack and Meg you can take the house towards the left. Tom after we bring your mother back, you both can stay in the house towards right if you want. So till then sleep with Hank as usual." Donald said again.

The house's which Donald was talking about was actually the places where the previous head Jon trusted man and their family stayed. It was the best place as the area around there was like a small hill making it to have the best view of the whole village and the sea at some distance away from the Village. You can also see the market area around the entrance and the Swamp Marsh Forest on the other side.


Dawn Twilight

It's time for morning practice where experienced hunter would come and teach every child there some moves and have them exercise their body by lifting weights. It was a backward way but still effective as it helped strengthening the body.

Donald, Jack, Joe, Theo, Meg and Julie were already in the backyard to start practicing the martial art skill as shown in the book.

The village head also owned an Inn at the market area. Donald had it operated by some of his trusted normal villagers as it gave a certain amount of income.

Alex couldn't practice the martial skill now so he did his regular exercise routine from the earth. He also made Hank, Tom, And Anna too to exercise the way that would suit their body type. It was hard for them at first but they quickly adjusted to it. They could feel that this new exercise was quite effective in strengthening the body.

When the adults saw them, they couldn't help but ask as to what they were doing.

Alex explained to them in simple way as to how a certain move strengthens a particular part of the body. They were quite intrigued at this new way so they asked him from where he had got to know about it.

Alex simply said that he had thought of it for a long time and after some trial and error he had practiced it himself while praising its effectiveness. He explained how you can get slim body with strength and agility much greater than what they have now. In fact, all the uncles here all had buff bodies as they only knew how to lift weights. This causes more harm, as those buff muscles lowers the dexterity and strength of the body.

Women and men have different physics so there exercise routine will also be different. Women physics are suitable more on flexibility and dexterity whereas men are suitable for agility, strength and defense.

Women here usually never lift weights as they are more conscious of their bodies thus making the probability of them becoming a cultivator low. Aunt Meg and Julie became cultivators naturally which happens from time to time. The ladies present urged Alex to make an exercise routine for them and also for their husband because secretly in their mind they actually found the men with slimmer but compact muscles sexier than their now bulking husband just as Alex had said. They also saw how Alex body was and when they saw their husband becoming like that they could not help but drool.

Alex also said that the Roaring Tiger Fist would be more easily perfected if they exercise before every session like he had said.

Alex also wanted teach them some of the advanced martial art from his world where QI is not needed.

Then he thought that once there body adjusted only then would he teach it to them.

Backyard was very big so Alex suggested to Uncle Donald to dig a swimming pool at one side. This was also a good way to exercise and relax. But then he found that no one here knows how to swim as they had never done it before. Alex added one more thing to his checklist as swimming was one of the basic survival skills that a person should have.

Just like this four days passed, as they practiced almost the whole day with some rest in between. The results shown were tremendous. Alex had not expected this because when he had first done the same exercise before, the progress was gradual like a cycle. But now with the help of Qi the progress shown by doing the same exercise was like a Ferrari car.

The adults had the most changes. Every man here became more slimmer and fit whereas the women become stronger and flexible without gaining a single muscle not to mention they now had broader curves on the right places.

There were some more surprises; one was that now all the adults had perfected the martial art skill to the initial stage. And the other surprise was that Anna had broken through the barrier of becoming a Grade 1 Body Tempering Realm cultivator. Tom and Hank had also become closer at breaking to the next grade. Alex found his body strengthening once more.

After some regular exercise in the morning of the fifth day, the adults and Alex started to prepare their bags with necessities and weapons as it was time to go for some hunting.


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