The Pleasure Lord
11 Martial art skill and Weapon
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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11 Martial art skill and Weapon

[Medium grade Black ranked martial skill, Roaring Tiger Fists!]

Roaring Tiger Fists: Can increase the strength of the cultivator, can put all the power into one attack while giving a roar of a tiger. Minimum requirement is Grade 3 Body Tempering Realm; Difficulty: medium; Rank: Peak of the Middle rank.

[Low grade Black Ranked Crescent Bow!]


Alex heart was jumping with joy even though he knew that the martial skill and the graded Bow was very low level stuff that can be obtained from the Book. It was better to have something than nothing. With the help of this Bow and the martial art skill that only the Noble families had in the city, hunting Demon beast would become much easier and he could also strengthen the power of his group. Then the gain from hunting would definitely double or even triple with time not to mention the increase in strength and security of his family and friends.

After knowing about the Book in his mind and staying at this backward place for some time, Alex had already made his mind to become strong and explore this whole world. A certain ambition started to ignite in his heart to dominate and conquer this world. This couldn't be accomplished on Earth but here it was very much possible.

But this world was not like those fictional worlds in web novels where a single protagonist could challenge everything by himself with the help of his fortuitous encounter. It was very important to have strength in numbers.

So Alex needs to not only become strong by himself but also empower his family and friends. If could obtain a territory for himself, then he can easily make changes to the lifestyle, thinking and strength of all his people under him. Not to mention by doing all this he can gain Fate energy easily and if he make the lives of the people here better than Merit can also be gained which in turn would become his strength.

The reward had already been stored in the inventory of the Book. He can take them out anytime he wants.

Alex can also purchase knowledge, cultivation techniques and other stuff specifically from the Book but then he would need certain amount of spirit stones or Core of demon beast above grade 6 and there's also restriction on what he can purchase by his strength; high level items also need certain amount of fate energy and merit to even have the qualification to buy. So before he can do that he needs to gather enough resources.

He also plans on how to give the martial art skill and the Bow to his Uncle and Aunt as he does not have the required strength to practice and use it himself.


"Alex! We need to go now" Theo called out to Alex as he himself started to equip his weapons.

Alex also quickly woke up after hearing him. He saw that everyone had started to get ready and make their way back to the village.

Joe was already at the entrance and was checking if there was any beast or human near the hideout.

Every person in the group was carrying some of the materials. As they made their way out, the sun had already made its trajectory halfway towards west direction.

Seeing this, Donald ordered everyone to make haste while being alert of their surroundings.

After running for some time they suddenly heard sounds of people fighting someplace to the right.

It was already quite close to village so there shouldn't be any strong beast here.

Therefore, Donald waved his hands to make everyone stop. He ordered them to wait here as he and Joe would go and check if the people fighting are someone they knew if not then they would go on their own way and if they are people of their village, then helping them was necessary.

Everyone else waited there, after a minute Joe came back while signaling them to follow him.

The sound of fighting had already stopped. In a minute they were already at the scene of the battle.

Four bodies were lying on the ground and Donald was squatting in front of two bodies while he checked their pulse.

"These three persons seem to be from the other village. Donald you know who they are?" Jack asked as he could not recognize them.

"No, but I know that guy clearly" Donald said as he pointed at the guy lying some meters away.

"He is from the city. You see the tattoo of snake on his left face, that's the mark of Fearsome Blood gang. I don't much about them, but I had heard rumors that their gang had a strong backing in the city." Donald said as he started to check the other guy beside him.

"Why were they fighting" Alex asked as he came near the body with tattoo on his left face.

"There is no restriction or rules in this forest. Due to the demon beasts and precious herbs, robbery and murder were common in this place. The guy from the city must be fighting them to rob their belongings. It's their occupation that's why it's easy to guess. They all died mutually without any one as a victor though."

Alex found that the guy with the tattoo had better weapons and full body clothes made from demon beast skin then what they normally had. Suddenly he thought of something and asked for Donald for confirmation.

"Uncle Donald did you check this guy already"


"Can I take his belongings then" Alex had a relief but still asked as it was his first time doing this kind of thing.

"Yes, you can. A dead body will not need them anyway." Jack chuckled at his question because they were naturally not going to leave any good things on these kinds of thugs. Since they came across it than it's naturally theirs. The law of the jungle ruled the Forest. The strong devoured the weak. That's common sense here.

Alex started fumbling around the dead body's clothes and the bag.

In fact, he was just acting in front of others. What he really wanted to do was to plant the martial art skill book he had obtained on the dead body. Saving him from the needless explanation.

He willed his mind to open the inventory from the book which took a little time. After that he took out just the martial art skill book and not the Bow as it was too big.

"Ah, what's this" Alex shouted loudly so that he can have everyone's attention.

"Um, that's a book, Alex whats written on it" after seeing the book Meg asked him.

"Martial art skill, that's what written on the cover"

"Whaaaatttttt!!!!" everyone shouted the same word loudly as if not believing what he just said.

"Why are you all shouting, see it yourself" Alex jumped to his feet hearing them scream. Did they want every demon beast in the forest to hear them because that would be disastrous.

"Alex, quickly give it to me" every man surrounded Alex as their eager eyes were expectantly looking at the Book. They started to push each other for holding the Martial art book first.


"What are you guys doing? Do you all want to destroy the Book with your rough hands. Hump!" Both Julie and Meg brought their fist of justice on the heads of Donald, Jack, Theo and Joe.

But they quickly changed their tones while asking Alex

"Alex let your Aunt read first as to what is written in it. Ok"

"Hear take it" Alex truly didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He could feel their fervor when they heard the word Martial art skill. But he didn't know that it would be so great.

"Stop, we should first check if the dead bodies have anything else and then leave this place quickly. We can check the Martial art Book afterwards in the village. For this Book to appear on him, it can get very dangerous so be sure not to leave any tracks of us being here." Donald said quickly while rubbing his head because of the hit earlier.

Unfortunately, they didn't find anything on the level of the Book but they found 11 gold coins from the body of the gangster and some good weapons. They just took the money leaving the weapons alone as it might get tracked back to them in the future. They don't want to risk it.

Of course, Alex knew that no one would come to find them. But he still didn't say anything.


Pearl village

After they had reached the village, Aunt Meg and Julie had gone straight inside the village head house with book in their bag. While the four Uncles stayed outside, to check the gains of the groups that they had sent in the morning.

Alex had nothing to do so Uncle Donald asked him to bring the kids here. So he went to his friends that were still staying at Donald's old house.

Just as he reached their, he saw Anna practicing archery in the courtyard of her house.

"Anna, how are Tom and Hank?"

"Ah, Big brother Alex, you came back." She quickly ran to his front while darting her eyes everywhere on his back and after that she checked his whole body for any injury.

"Hah, thank god you are not injured. Hump why didn't you tell me before you went with Mom and dad to the forest. You should know that it's very dangerous there within that forest full of giant monster." She just couldn't stop her mouth from blabbering how dangerous the forest was. But when Alex saw the worry in Anna's eyes for himself, his heart had a strange happy feeling that he never had before.

"Nothing happened to me so don't worry. We just came back and your parents were busy right now with Village work so they sent me here to take you all to your new house."

Both of them then went inside the house, where Alex found his two friends more like brothers seating on one bed and cultivating with the normal Cultivation technique. Both of them opened their eyes at the sound of someone entering.

"I'm happy to see you, good brother!" Both Tom and Hank quickly stood up from the bed and stated as they excitedly hugged Alex at the same time.

After being ridiculously hugged by Hank and Tom, Alex muttered angrily, "Oi, both of you! Who's your good brother, you gay lords?! Quickly, release me!"

It was very normal between them to curse at each other so they didn't find it offending when they heard him say that. But Anna asked Hank innocently "Brother Hank what are Gay lords."

"Uh…its..uh" He didn't know how to tell her so he ruthlessly swung his eyes towards Alex for saying something like that in front of her.

"Oh, you don't know? Gaylord's are actually the Lords of every Gay in this world and your brother Hank and Tom dream to become the best Gaylord's in the whole world" Just as he said that, two fist suddenly came from his sides but he quickly dodge them by backing away.

"Stop right there you rascal, who wants to become the Gaylord. It seems that you have gotten quite arrogant after becoming a cultivator." Hank couldn't stop himself from cursing Alex as he had just become a Gaylord in front of his cute little sister even though she still doesn't know it's true meaning.

"Don't say anything let's just beat him first. He isn't even thankful to me after saving his ass the other day. Let us make him remember who the older brothers are." Tom too jumped at Alex while brandishing his fist to knock some sense in his head.

Anna just ignored them brawling in the house as it happened every day. But she still prayed to the God in her head to fulfill her brother's wish in becoming Gaylord and rule all the gays of the world.


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