The Pleasure Lord
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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That Idiot guy, was hit right on the nose.

He quickly covered it, but then felt a pang of pain and wetness from there. He then naturally knew that his nose must have been badly mangled and bloody now.

Without given a chance, a heavy force hit his side. He was sent flying to the ground. His face burned with humiliation and shame but fear was more apparent. He had never fought a bloody fight like this.

Kids in Grade 1 of Body Tempering were not usually taken to the forest to hunt or have any real fights as they are advised to consolidate there realm properly and also learn some martial art skill to fight and survive in the outside world. When they achieve Grade 2 only then they are eligible to go outside with their parents group or any other team group. So they normally had zero experience in real combat not to mention feeling bloody pain.

Quickly, he scrambled to regain his feet.


Ryan came behind the bloody face guy.

"You are looking so pathetic. From now on don't tell anyone you are my subordinate. Get lost!!" Ryan spat "Useless"

That guy ducked his head, unable to speak.

He just ran out of the alley to treat his wound.

"Alex, I'm impressed really impressed. Even though the guys you had taken down were idiots but you still had defeated two Grade1 Body Tempering realm cultivator. If you become a cultivator than you would definitely be an elite. But its unfortunate you cannot; even when your Uncle Jack and Aunt Meg bring demon beast for you to eat. As they say every problem has a solution, if you come under me and persuade your Uncle to side with my father than I can give you a packet of Body Tempering Powder which will directly make you a cultivator. Think properly, You don't wanna side with the losing party" Ryan said while showing a prideful face. Why not, to give someone a packet of Body Tempering Powder was like giving away 10 gold coins. Its a tonic which can help a normal person to strengthen one's body and make him directly enter Grade1 of Body Tempering Realm. If a cultivator consumes it than he can strengthen his body rapidly to advance in rank.

Ofcoure, the Body Tempering Powder has to be potent enough to have any effect on required grade. It was made by an Alchemist, and here on this island you can only find them in the cities. They have quite a lofty position in various family's and faction. If Ryan can really fork out a Body Tempering Powder then him having that proud face his not without reason.

"From now on be my subordinate, if you take my orders properly and complete them than you will be given more rewards from me"

"I'm sorry, I don't take orders. I barely take suggestions"

".....ha…hahaHAHAHAHA…Alex it was the last chance that I gave, you should have taken that but now even if you beg me I won't stop till I beat you half to death" Ryan made a dash toward him while lifting his hand in a grabbing motion.

Due to him being in Grade 2 Body tempering realm his speed was three times of normal human. Not to mention his body had greater strength and toughness than his goon's.

Without hesitation, Alex rolled sideways before Ryan even moved like an agile monkey. He grabbed a handful of dirt on the ground and once more flung himself forward. In a series of smooth movements, he managed to create some distance between himself and Ryan within seconds.

"Stop rolling on the ground like a dog" Ryan made another grabbing motion but this time he was ready for Alex to dodge like before.

Just as Ryan was going to grab on his shoulder, Alex did a strange movement with his foot and let Ryan's hand pass just an inch from his left side but not without first flinging the dirt in his hand towards Ryan face while doing that movement.

Ryan instantly reacted by closing his eyes but he was still half a second slow.

"ahhhhhhhhh.... my eyes you bastard. I will kill you" Ryan madly flung his hands behind where Alex had dodged to. This time his hand did connect with Alex's back who was not expecting this fast reaction from him.


Alex was tossed forward on the ground. Alex felt his rib bone fracturing, while coughed some blood from his mouth.

'ahh….hah….hah..ah…fuck its hurt so much. Fortunately he didn't hit my spine or else I was a goner. Is this the strength of a cultivator? Shit I can't move…' Alex felt like some heavy stone had hit his back. He could handle this pain mentally but his body which had only been trained for six days couldn't.

"Ahh….Big brother Alex!! Are you ok" Anna who checking his brother and Tom for injuries screamed when she saw this.

Tom also quickly propped himself up, despite his injuries and dashed toward Ryan who was now slowly regaining his blurry eyesight. He knew that if he did not use this opportunity then Ryan was definitely going to cripple Alex and or worse might even kill him.

Alex could only see till Tom collided with Ryan after which he fainted.


Alex slowly regained his awareness, but he did not see Ryan nor did he see any of his friends, hell he was not even in that alley nor was he in his house. When Alex looked around, he thought that he was still dreaming because what he saw couldn't describe in a simple word. He rubbed his eyes a little and then again examined his surroundings. He was literally laying on a flat surface made of water that was glowing with a dim blue light. Why he said that the surface was made of water? It was because when he had moved his hand, he saw the surface rippling like water. It felt warm, but he couldn't feel the wetness.

He couldn't see the end ahead of him. This water surface extended beyond his eyes could see. There was no sun or blue sky above the water surface but the color black. He didn't know how but he could tell that this place was in his mind. Ann this body felt real but more like a projection.

Alex quickly stood up, he could feel his back paining a little but it was acceptable. He slowly turned in around to look in all direction. As he did, Alex noticed that there is something blurry in a corner of his sight. When he turned to see it fully, he couldn't stop his mouth opening in disbelief. Because in front of him; a dark black book was floating 2 meters above the water surface. He found that book really familiar, but then quickly remembered where he had seen it. It was back on earth, this book came with the game he had ordered online.

"..It must have transmigrated with me in that accident. But why is it in my mind...if only my computer was one that came then it would be so much better" Alex walked right in front of the book while murmuring to himself.

The book was all black, even its metal cover was black. Alex had opened it back on earth but he couldn't understand it nor could he tell if it would be any different now.

Alex suddenly had a strange feeling welling up inside of him to touch the book, it's like he would regret it if he didn't touch it this time.

What could Alex do; he just went with the feeling inside of him. When he touched that cold metal cover, a strange energy poured out of it and into his hand.

At that moment, Alex couldn't feel any pain in his back. He could feel nothing but the weak energy flowing through his body and rushing through his veins, it kept getting faster and faster. The next moment, a wild surge of energy erupted from the deepest corner of his body. The feeling was mind-blowing. He felt like his brain had exploded. After that, the whole world suddenly became silent.

"Badump! Badump!"

Alex could hear his own heartbeat loud and clear. With his heartbeat racing, the cells throughout his whole body were activated. Every inch of his body became sensitive and he could feel everything taking place around him. He could even feel the slightest tremor on his skin when a light breeze brushed against his body...

The strange energy started to spread from every pore of his body, pouring into his veins and bones. It felt like endless electricity was speeding throughout his entire vascular system.

After an acute pain in his eyes, Alex suddenly fainted once again. His projection in his mind also disappeared while leaving only that book there.


"ale....lex...ex....a….alex....ALEX!!!! Wake up" *slap*

"Uh, What…what happened" Alex woke up again but this time he didn't feel pain on his back but on his cheek.

From the stinging pain, he could tell that he was slapped. When he looked around he saw familiar faces surrounding him with different expressions.

He quickly came out of his thoughts and saw that his Aunt Meg and Aunt Julie were sitting beside him and staring some place down his body while Uncle Jack was standing on his right side. He was the person who had slapped him.

"You shameless brat, what were you dreaming of to get so horny, even when you have been so injured" Uncle Jack ruthlessly jabbed a light punch on his head.

"What… are you talking about? What horny…oh" Alex first couldn't understand the sentence whole and then he saw both his Aunts still looking very seriously towards his waist.

He traced their sight towards to his now raging hard cock that was standing straight and tall like a pole.

"This…ah I don't know how this happened" said Alex embarrassedly while trying to cover it up by his hands but he couldn't because it was too big and hard.


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