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143 How to use a Yin Slave

Not daring to meet Linxin's glance, all the naked women kept on looking at the floor while filled with complicated emotions.

On one side they didn't want to be chosen, because their bodies would just be abused by whoever picked them to grow stronger.

But if they didn't get picked within a certain amount of time, the Sect would just kill them for bot being of any use.

Looking at all the women up and down, Linxin was just about to choose from them when Meirong suddenly stopped her.

"See that woman who is hiding in the back? She was an elder here until a few months back, so she'll definitely have more Yin than the others."

With eyes that couldn't believe what she just heard, Linxin asked, "An elder? Why is she here?"

"Didn't I tell you about how a woman's life inside the Sect would either be like Heaven or Hell, and one instance is enough to push them to the lowest level of Hell?"

As Linxin nodded her head from remembering that she did hear something like that, Meirong pointed towards one particular woman and said, "She had that one instant happen to her not too long back."

"What did she do?"

"It isn't what she did do, it's what she didn't. According to the rules of the Sect, every elder needs to increase their cultivation by at least one level every five years until they enter the fifth level of Qi Noble Realm."

"That particular woman failed to achieve a breakthrough due to which she was stripped of her rank as an elder and turned into a Yin Slave after sealing her cultivation."

Nodding her head in understanding Linxin chose that ex elder and four other women to take with her, after which she left with Meirong because the women would be sent to their courtyard.

"You're quite lucky that no one has taken that woman away until now. Even I can't help but feel envious of how much Yin you'll obtain from her."

Grinning proudly at how she was liking this Sect already, and how awesome it would be to be the one who controls this Sect.

Walking back up the slope, Meirong stopped near the warehouses which had number 3 on them and chose the one which was in the highest place.

"Come with me. I'll show you the difference in the quality of the merchandise."

Walking behind with a curious look on her face, Linxin entered the warehouse alongside Meirong and waited for around a minute just like before for the women to arrive.

Once they did, however, the proud smile on Linxin's face was replaced by jealous towards Meirong who could her Yin Slaves from the women who had just arrived.

"I don't think you know this, but as the elder that is ranked 4th in this Sect I am allowed to pick a total of 15 women every month."

Saying so with a happy smile from finally being able to brag in front of Linxin and knock her a peg down, Meirong asked, "Whom do you think I should pick? I heard that woman over there was the queen of a savage tribe."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Looking in the direction of the woman Meirong was talking about, Linxin felt that she looked even more beautiful than the ex elder she had just chosen.

When people used the word savage tribe to mention, they were talking about humans who live like animals or any such thing.

Instead, they meant the people who weren't affiliated with any Kingdoms but lived inside the forests in the form of small groups which were ruled by whoever was the strongest.

Originally, Bai Zhen was someone whose family ruled a savage tribe in the place where the Bai Kingdom's capital city now stood.

Fighting against the other savage tribes which were close by and conquering all of them one by one, Bai Zhen finally obtained control over a huge space and combined them all to establish the Bai Kingdom.


After showing off the Yin Slaves she could choose for as long as possible before it got boring, Meirong who was used to selecting Yin Slaves every month quickly chose the women who had the most Yin inside them before leaving with Linxin.

"How was it? It's okay to feel jealous."

Smiling towards Meirong, Linxin said, "So what if you have the better-looking women? I've got the best looking boy who has the best dick ever."

"Sore loser."

Ignoring the comment directed towards her, Linxin said, "It's okay to feel jealous."

Not saying anything to each other for the rest of their trip back to the courtyard, the two of them entered the courtyard to find Bai Long still sleeping in the same place he was in when they left.

"Welcome back."

"I don't need to explain anything because you've already seen everything, right son?"

Nodding his head with a subtle smile, Bai Long continued keeping his eyes closed.

"Are you just going to lay around in the bed the whole day?"

Refusing to answer Bai Long was just about to get up and do something when someone knocked on the door.

Being the one who owned the courtyard, Meirong opened the door to find a disciple with a total of fifteen women behind her.

"The Yin Slaves you selected are here, Elder Meirong."

Nodding her head, Meirong said, "Leave Linxin's slaves here as well."

Meirong didn't explain the reason, and the disciple didn't need one either because she decisively handed over the chain which connected all the fifteen women and left.

Pulling the women who were more than obedient to follow her inside the courtyard, Meirong left the all inside the hall before going to the bedroom and asking, "Who wants to see how we use a Yin Slave?"

Other than just Linxin who was curious because she wanted to try it out by herself, Bai Long also went along with them because he had long since wanted to see how one woman plundered the Yin of another woman.