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"Ohhhh.…. So you get the privilege of using my Constitution?"

Ignoring Linxin's words which were trying to get a rise out of her, Meirong continued walking until they entered the area where each courtyard was twice as big as the ones they had seen in the beginning. 

"That one with the number 4 on it, that courtyard belongs to me. Your courtyard is the one behind it. "

Saying so, Meirong led Bai Long and Linxin inside her own courtyard instead of the smaller courtyard marked with 4.1 on it. 

"You can stay inside here with me because there are no such things as regular checking done here. Just make sure to not go outside the courtyard and I'll take care of everything else."

Nodding his head, Bai Long who was tired from never having been able to catch a proper sleep due to how small the carriage was and the lack of a bed to sleep on during the night, directly went to the master bedroom where he jumped on the bed. 

Not hiding anything, Bai Long honestly said, "This courtyard and the bed, both of them are better than that old palace."

Agreeing with Bai Long, Linxin also jumped on the bed which was so soft that despite lying on it she felt like she was floating in the middle of clouds. 

With her lips twitching at how these two were the ones that had control over her and wanted to take over the Yin Plundering Sect, Meirong sighed and said, "I have to go and pick my Yin Slaves for the month. Do you want to come with me?"

Nodding her head since she was curious to know what a Yin Slave was, Linxin depute being reluctant to leave the bed rolled to the end and got to her feet. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Patting the bed with a sorrowful look, Linxin muttered that she'd miss it before kissing Bai Long bye. 

Waving his hand with his eyes still closed, Bai Long said, "Don't have any stupid thoughts on betraying me, Meirong. I can see and hear everything you do."

Having finished threatening Meirong to make sure she didn't have anything funny planned, Bai Long connected his vision and senses to her. 

Shivering from feeling as if someone was seeing the world through her, Meirong gulped down her nervousness and looked towards Bai Long who seemed to be sleeping. 

Nodding her head, Meirong began walking outside along with Linxin. 

"It's good that you came with me. You need to pick your Yin Slaves as well."

"What is a Yin Slave?"

"You'll know soon enough."

Viewing everything through Meirong's eyes and listening to everything through her eyes, Bai Long managed to understand everything that happened since they left. 

Circling around the flat area and going down the mountain on the slope which was in the other side of what they walked up from, Meirong led Linxin towards large buildings on the slope. 

Going close to them, Meirong ignored the warehouses which were closer to the top and instead went until they were halfway between the row of warehouses. 

"Given your current status as a special disciple under an Elder, you can choose your Yin Slaves from the warehouses which have the number six on them."

Pointing towards the few warehouses which had 6 on them, Meirong said, "A word of advice, the best slaves are inside the warehouses which are closer to the peak."

Saying so, Meirong led Linxin to one of the warehouses which had number six on them. 

Showing her identity proof to the woman who was sitting behind a desk in front of the particular warehouse they chose, Meirong took Linxin inside with her. 

Along with them, the woman who asked Meirong for her identity proof entered as well. 

Giving orders to the women who were most likely the disciples, the elder who entered the warehouse left the warehouse which was divided into rooms from the inside. 

Standing in a room that was at most 20% of the warehouse, the two women waited for less than a minute when the sound of footsteps and metal chain clanking against the floor could be heard. 

Listening to the sounds alongside the words Yin Slaves, Bai Long had more or less guessed what they were. 

And once others entered the room which Linxin and Meirong were inside, his thought were proved true from seeing them through Meirong's eyes. 

Around twenty women entered the room with their hands shackled and connected to each other with metal chains. 

"As a special disciple, you can select any five Yin Slaves every month from the warehouses numbered 6 and below."

As Linxin continued looking at her, Meirong remembered that she forgot to explain about what Yin Slaves were. 

"To increase our cultivation, we take the Yin of other women and use it to our own benefit. While the Yin available from women who have cultivated is higher than regular mortals, it isn't easy to find female cultivators and plunder their Yin."

"That's why our Sect buys women who have their virgin Yin intact or kidnaps women with a high amount of Yin and keep them inside these warehouses depending on how high their assessed grade is."

"The best women are inside the warehouse numbered 1. The next best women are obviously inside 2, followed by 3 and so on."

"As a special disciple, you can select a total of five Yin Slaves every month from the warehouse number 6 or below. But I suggest choosing from 6 itself because the women in the warehouse number 7 and below are much inferior than the ones in here."

Unlike Bai Long who had a lot of knowledge about such scenarios due to reading all types of webnovels and hentai, Linxin truly hadn't expected see such a scene.

Slavery was something which was frowned on by everyone in the whole Xiao Dao Continent, due to which even though traces of it were seen from time to time slaves weren't seen in public.

Therefore, once Linxin had seen so many female slaves all of a sudden it took her some time to recover from the shock.

But once she did, a wide perverted grin formed on Linxin's face as she began observing the slaves to choose the five best ones.