The Path Toward Heaven
800 I’m Not Lonely But a Bit Troubled
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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800 I’m Not Lonely But a Bit Troubled

The Human Federation of the Milky Way covered a large area in the galaxy. The larger districts usually governed their own territories. The Administrative Bureaus to which the administrating councils and the populace were more accustomed were chiefly responsible for setting the rules and supervising the general policies.

The military and the Science Academy were under the control of the Administrative Bureau merely in name. However, the human civilization had been destroyed after the invasion of the Sea of Dark Matter, and so the development of the human societies must see the survival of human beings as their primary concern. Hence, the military had a special status in the federation; it could be said that the military was placed above the governing body of the Federation of the Milky Way. Fortunately, the technology of the Federation of the Milky Way was quite advanced, and the federation had plenty of resources, and so no major upheaval had occurred in the past few hundred years.

Jing Jiu had caught the name of General Li the moment the Yuanying of the Cultivation practitioner in the Star State dissipated.

There were thousands of generals in the Federation of the Milky Way, many with the surname of Li.

Yet, when the female heard his question, she thought without hesitation he must mean that person.

This General Li was a true leader because he was the commander-in-chief of the military in the Federation of the Milky Way. In a sense, he was the most powerful man in the Federation of the Milky Way.

However, it was rather mysterious that nobody knew his full name.

Jing Jiu liked watching the news on TV and also learned a great deal of knowledge in the interplanetary network; so he was aware of the commander-in-chief mentioned by the female priest.

The two assassinations he encountered were evidently ordered by a behind-scenes master in the military. Jing Jiu had predicted that the ascendant was an important figure in the Federation of the Milky Way, but he didn't expect the other party to be the ruler of this world.

Who had the surname Li among the ascendants from Chaotian?

He had thought of three people in a short time:

The founding grandmaster of the Bloody Demon Church.

The free-traveling practitioner of Penglai Island.

The stone man of the Chenwu Mountain.

Which one of them was the culprit? Well, he would know it by the time he saw or killed him.

Jing Jiu decided not to think about the issue any longer. He made his way to the bottom of the stone steps, the running shoes on his feet making no sound.

The pair of running shoes looked simple, but they were in fact made from real leather. To say nothing of the craftsmanship, the quality of the material was something that could only be enjoyed by someone from a place like the praying hall.

The female priest knelt on the ground again.

The other main preachers and the female caretakers reacted fast enough this time and all knelt down on the ground.

A slight air wave could be sensed on the ground in front of the praying hall.

Looking at the youth heading toward the prairie, the female priest suddenly felt somewhat sad.

Why did the back of god look so lonely?

Jing Jiu didn't feel lonely but a bit tired.

He had helped clean up the broken pieces in the spiritual world of the female priest; though it was easier than treating Zong Lizi's illness, it still used up a large part of his fairy energy because it was nevertheless related to the longevity.

The reason he was willing to help the female priest was because he needed to maintain a healthy relationship with the clan of the female priests.

He was interested in the distant ancient civilization, and needed the help of Ran Handong's family through the female priest to procure the high-level right of authority in the military.

Yet, these were not the main reason. Most importantly, the female priest was his loyal believer; he must treat her with more kindness.

Well, the reason he was tired was not because he had treated the female priest, but because he was a bit troubled.

This was something he loathed.

That person, be it the ascendant or the cocoon breaker, came over to disturb him once in a while as a behind-the-scenes master; it made him feel troubled indeed.

Chaotian was much better in comparison.

Green Mountain was more beautiful.

There were so many disciples doing things for him; he was mostly undisturbed.

Even though he and his big brother had been at each other's throats for hundreds of years, what they did to one another was straightforward.

It was different from what happened to him here.

Thinking of all this, he returned to the hotel outside the University of Stargate.

As the policemen and security guards were about to approach and examine him, they were stopped by Mr. Xia. Mr. Xia was the head of the priest clan and would serve Zong Lizi for the rest of his life; so he had been waiting in the hotel.

Jing Jiu didn't say anything; and Mr. Xia didn't dare utter a single word. He followed on Jing Jiu's heels to the entrance of the elevator and then backed out.


The door of the elevator opened.


The door of the suite opened.

Seeing him come back safely, Zong Lizi finally felt relieved. As she was about to ask him some questions, she suddenly found that he was in a dubious mood. After some thought, she boiled a pot of tea and put it next to the chair on the deck, acting in an exceedingly cordial manner.

Looking at the tea pot, Jing Jiu thought of the iron kettle again while remaining silent.

Seeing his figure, Zong Lizi, for some reason, found he appeared a bit lonely. "Eh…eh…the initial setup of the gaming compartment is done. Do you wish to have a look?" asked she anxiously.

Jing Jiu didn't feel lonely in the least.

He had been cultivating alone in the manor cave, in Zhaoge City or at the Three-Thousand Nunnery for over a thousand years; he was already used to being alone.

Now that he had succeeded in ascension and come to this new world and seen so many new people and scenery, it was impossible for him to feel lonely.

Upon hearing that the setup of the gaming compartment was ready and thinking of the faces he had molded, he, for some reason, suddenly felt a sense expectancy. He wheeled around and headed to the next door.

Though the Federation of the Milky Way hadn't revived to the extent of the distant ancient civilization, they were rather advanced in some aspects, like with the development of the games.

The gaming companies all had their own super generators of the games. The plot lines could be generated randomly. What needed to be done were the structure of the gaming world and the setups of the characters and the specific plots.

The gaming compartment of the latest model occupied a half of the room. After Jing Jiu walked in the room, he lay on the specially made sensor chair and connected onto the intercommunication system proficiently. Then, he set up an Inherited Heaven Sword formation and reduced his mental strength to one part in ninety thousand before he closed his eyes.

By the time he opened his eyes again, he saw a sliver of morning sunlight outside the window.

The morning sunlight shone on the bright yellow tiles on the roof.

This place was the royal palace in Zhaoge City.

He was fully aware that many male players would opt to be his big brother Taiping, or Liu Shisui and He Zhan.

The character he chose was of course Jing Yang.

It was because he was nobody else but Jing Yang.

A large hand reached over and pinched his face.

A middle-aged couple was gazing at him, an infant wrapped in a quilt for infants.

It had happened a great many years ago. His memory was a bit blurry; so he wasn't sure what his parents looked like.

Along with an excited cry, a youth ran over from the outside of the hall; he looked quite vigorous and upright.The youth revealed a contented and delighted expression on his face after he found the infant Jing Yang was rather healthy.

Jing Jiu was content as well.

He hadn't forgotten his elder brother's face yet.

Then, he looked at the outside of the window again.

An old man with a fairy aura was staring at him at the moment.

The grandmaster, the Immortal Daoyuan, waited until he was successfully born, and ascertained that he, as someone with natural Dao quality, would belong to Green Mountain. With rarely seen delight, he commented sentimentally, "The Green Mountain Sword Sect will develop and grow under your guidance."

Jing Jiu wondered who had written such a screenplay.

However, he was extremely confident and had no doubt that he would be worthy of the compliment.

In fact, the Green Mountain Sword Sect was more powerful than any time period in history when he left Chaotian, facing no challenger.

But he still felt it a bit awkward. To focus on developing the Green Mountain Sword Sect was not consistent with his personality.

What he had done was achieve these feats while pursuing the path toward heaven.

The Immortal Daoyuan left, and wouldn't come back to Zhaoge City and brought him to Green Mountain until a few years later.

In other words, he would meet his big brother a few years later.

How many years later would he meet Lian Sanyue then?

Should he meet her earlier?


He wouldn't attempt to change his big brother's ideas; it was because the story would head in a different direction if he tried to change him, not to mention it was an impossible task.

If he had done so, his big brother wouldn't have taken on disciples in a hurry. Liu Ci, no matter how talented he was, wouldn't be able to reach the Heavenly Arrival State if he met a regular master, and might have died at the age of three hundred.

If Liu Ci had died early, the Liu clan would have a different arrangement, and Liu Shisui wouldn't have been born.

He didn't want to meet Lian Sanyue earlier either.

She was too formidable at that time, and he was not a match for her. What if she insisted on forcing him to the Snowy Kingdom and kill the queen?

Thinking of all this, he had forgotten one thing.

The important figures in the game wouldn't disappear ahead of time.

Even if they disappeared from the story, they could start over.

This was different from the reality.

On the first day, Jing Jiu didn't come out from the gaming compartment.

Zong Lizi would go and check on the gaming compartment once in a while until she realized that she hadn't eaten yet when she felt hungry.

The CEO of the Twirling Rain Company came to visit her in person, saying that the tech department of the company had detected the activation of the gaming compartment from the distance. He would like to inquire about the matter.

Zong Lizi told him that the designing of the characters had already started.

The Twirling Rain Company started the internal testing ahead of time on the same night because they were afraid that she might feel lonely if nobody played with her.

On the second day, Jing Jiu didn't come out.

Zong Lizi brought a chair to the outside of the gaming compartment and sat on it, waiting. She brought a large amount of junk foods with her and ate them when she studied the knowledge required for the female priests.

The main preacher of Shou'er City and Mr. Xia visited her together. They communicated with her about the date of the trip to the Main Planet and the itineraries.

Glancing at the gaming compartment which was quiet and motionless, Zong Lizi told them after some hesitation that they should come back a few days later.

A few days later, Jing Jiu hadn't come out from the gaming compartment yet.

If the gaming compartment didn't have a complete surveillance system of his body, indicating that Jing Jiu was physically healthy, Zong Lizi would have cut off all the electric cables and opened up the door of the gaming compartment.

Even with the surveillance, Zong Lizi was still worried about him.

Someone in a high enough Cultivation state had no need to eat and drink for many days, but he was never a crazed game player!

She had never seen him play games, not even the simple leisure games.

On the ninth day, the people from the praying hall had sent someone to ask about his condition gingerly, which made Zong Lizi feel fed up eventually.

She had found Jing Jiu was mentally a bit out of place the first day when he entered the gaming compartment.

As she was about to switch off the power source of the gaming compartment, its door opened slowly along with a faint sizzling electric flow. Jing Jiu walked out.

It seemed that he looked no different from nine days ago; there was not even a change of wrinkles on his clothes.

But she found he looked slightly different somehow.


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