The Path Toward Heaven
797 Too Beautiful to Look at I
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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797 Too Beautiful to Look at I

"You're really remarkable to be able to find me so quickly; but you people from a small district will never understand how powerful a Cultivation practitioner in the Star State equipped with a mecha armor is."

The deep and brutal voice of Fang Xiang came out from inside of the helmet, "Your fate was sealed the moment you found me."

Jing Jiu thought this statement was too old-fashioned and dull.


A bright blue flame shot out from the energy center of the mecha armor; the engine of high energy was activated instantly, giving off tremendous light and heat.

The air waves spread out in the living quarters like a gust of strong wind, turning all the tables and chairs that were secured to the floor upside down, and the soldiers nearby were burned to death instantly by the light.

The ear-splitting alarm rang throughout the battleship, and the defense system of the ship was activated abruptly.

The bright flame from the armor broke through the scanning gate of the living quarters and arrived in the sky more than ten kilometers away from the battleship in the blink of an eye before the weapons on the battleship could react.

Jing Jiu came to the square outside the battleship and looked in the direction of the sky more than ten kilometers away.

Most of the humans in this civilization, due to their gene modifications, had the potential to cultivate, which was a merit in comparison to Chaotian.

The Cultivation states in this world were as follows: The Fire-Observing State, the Golden State, the Star State, and the Inherited Night State.

It was said that there was a state higher and more formidable than the Inherited Night State, the Sunken Sun State.

But it was a state that had been achieved only by the distant ancient god.

This legend was same as the one about the possession of the weapon by the Federation that was powerful enough to destroy the permanent stars, which could never be proven.

This military Cultivation practitioner was in the upper level of the Star State, a truly powerful fighter. Helped by the armor of the latest model, he was as powerful as the swordsmen in the upper level of the Broken Sea State in Chaotian.

Someone in the upper level of the Broken Sea State was almost unrivaled in this world, which is why his opponent had such a high confidence.

Like the swordsmen of the Broken Sea State in Chaotian, this person didn't opt to fight at a close distance; he increased the distance instinctively. It was evident that he had a method similar to flying swords, capable of attacking from a long distance. Was it the EM gun used by that assassin in overalls or…

The answer came to him before Jing Jiu could think of it.

A bright flash occurred in the sky more than ten kilometers away; it was right at the spot of the armor.

The flash grew brighter all of a sudden, as if it arrived before Jing Jiu in a split second and almost burned his eyelashes.

It was a laser beam.

The heavy armor hovered in the sky along with a deep buzzing sound.

Fang Xiang looked at the dark speck by the battleship in the distance through the transparent mask, his eyes full of murderous intent.

A burning scent still lingered on the laser gun on the right shoulder of the armor, smelling like the edge of a donut in the kitchen that was slightly overbaked.

Fang Xiang thought that his opponent had fled into the praying hall under the protection of the gravitational field the other night because the battleship was quite far from the ground and he had enough time to do that; however, it was impossible for him to flee when the two of them were merely more than ten kilometers from one another. The device of the gravitational field, even if it was the smallest type, was still quite large in size, since it couldn't be reduced by means of turning it into super-micro particles. He could bring the armor with him; on the other hand, it was impossible for his opponent to bring the gravitational field with him.

You will die today for sure; and I'll be the second Cultivation practitioner in the Federation to kill a cocoon breaker in history.

As he was thinking of all this, he suddenly saw a light speck by the battleship in the distance.

The light speck had grown exceedingly bright in an instant and arrived before him like a suppressed fire.

The light landed on him before he could blink his eyes.

Jing Jiu raised his right hand and aimed at the sky more than ten kilometers away.

He used the same posture back when he was shot at by the assassin in overalls.

The difference was that he had caught the special bullet in his hand that time, turning the potential explosion into a puff of green smoke in his palm.

However, he couldn't do the same today. It was because he couldn't catch the light no matter how fast he could move his hand. As such, he opened his palm with extended fingers, facing the incoming light.

His body was the All in One Sword. He could change any part of his body into a part of sword at will, the smoothest surface of the sword.

As the light landed on his palm, a band of green smoke arose.

The light returned amid the green smoke.


A puff of green smoke came out from the armor in the sky. The armor flew backwards several kilometers, changed postures many times in a short time, and crushed into a mountain because the armor was out of control.

Through the transparent protective mask, Fang Xiang looked up at the sky, shock and bewilderment expressed in his eyes.

What had just happened? Why didn't he hit the person? Regardless of how powerful a cocoon breaker's Cultivation state was, how could he have the method of attacking from a long distance? The flying swords and magic treasures he read in the books could in no way achieve such a feat. Had he brought a laser gun with him as well?

As he was thinking of all this, the self-examination process of the armor was finished. The main engine started and discharged a bright track of flames behind it while fleeing to the higher sky.

Fang Xiang had lost the courage to fight against his opponent.

A breeze blew gently. Jing Jiu materialized atop a mountain, with slightly burned grass under his feet. He looked up at the armor in the sky that had become a dark speck.

He bent his knees slightly and leapt into the sky.


The grass crumbs were tossed by the wind. Jing Jiu vanished without a trace.

The Stargate Base had upgraded the security measures due to the incident a few days ago. The seven battleships and much more surveillance satellites were surveilling every corner of this planet.

Soon enough, the defense system of the planet had responded and gave the mecha armor a warning.

But, the mecha armor had blocked all the information; and its GPS had been shut down a long time ago.

Soon, the mecha armor flew out of the atmosphere and arrived in the space.

The distant permanent star cast a slightly cold glow.

Fang Xiang calmed down a bit.

Even if that cocoon breaker took the risk to pursue him, the person couldn't travel fast enough to catch up to him without delay.

His mecha armor was damaged by the unknown laser beam and couldn't travel in the space for too long, and so he had to find the spaceship hidden ahead of time amid the planets before he was located by the battleship and flew back as quickly as possible to the Main Planet to report what had happened here to the general.

The light had changed slightly, and the bright and shadowy sides had switched. As the mecha armor turned around, Fang Xiang saw…Jing Jiu through the transparent protective mask.

The military uniform he wore had been burned into ashes due to the friction with the atmosphere at a high speed, giving off a heated steam.

The heated particles looked like mist. When it was shone on by the sunlight, it looked like the halo in the frescos.

The youth with the halo was completely naked, but he appeared as perfect as a god.

It was soundless in the space, deathly quiet.

Fang Xiang took a deep breath and uttered a soundless and wild-animal like scream before he charged toward Jing Jiu.

The laser beam illuminated the dark and gloomy space; and the track of traveling mecha armor seemed to have turned into a flash of light.

Countless lights seemed to have emerged, heading toward Jing Jiu.

This mecha armor demonstrated the mechanical technology and the usage of energy of this civilization.

However, all the lights had reached an empty space and vanished in the vast and empty universe.

A flash of light suddenly appeared against such a dark and empty space.

The light would look sharp and formidable to any onlooker

Though the space was as tranquil as before, anyone who had witnessed the flash of light would hear a faint cutting sound in their minds.

It was the sound of snapping.

This mecha armor was built with a special type of alloy, which was extremely strong; even laser guns couldn't destroy it in a short time.

Unexpectedly, dozens of deep cracks appeared on the surface of the mecha armor.

The minuscule alloy particles were leaking out; and the mecha armor was on the verge of breaking apart.

The transparent protective mask was illuminated as Jing Jiu arrived in front of the mecha armor. He struck his palm on the energy center of the mecha armor that was emitting a dark blue glow.

Soundlessly, the explosion generated an air wave that had changed the light of the distant permanent star slightly.

Countless broken shreds of the alloy dispersed in all directions.

The mecha armor had broken up, turning into a constantly expanding ball made of broken alloy pieces.

The figure of Fang Xiang appeared in the middle of the ball. The surface of his body emitted a layer of silvery glow; it was probably some sort of protective shield.

He was indeed a Cultivation practitioner in the Star State, and didn't die in the soundless explosion.

"I'll let you witness the true strength of the Cultivation practitioners in this world!"

Staring at Jing Jiu in the distance, Fang Xiang thought to himself that his opponent had made a huge mistake if the person believed that he had lost the ability to fight back after losing the mecha armor.

The broken alloy pieces in the space had suddenly halted, as if they had turned into raindrops.

All of a sudden, one piece of the broken alloy was pushed aside by an invisible force.

In the next moment, more of the broken alloy pieces were pushed aside.

A passage appeared in the midst of the alloy pieces, leading to the deep end from the outside.

As a flash of light occurred in the space, Jing Jiu came before Fang Xiang and hit Fang's head with his palm lightly.

Fang's head broke into pieces without a "pah" sound.

The alloy pieces that looked like the halted raindrops moved again and dispersed in all directions.

The passage was filled up again.

Jing Jiu's right hand passed through the broken head and caught the chip that could self-explode.

Fang's head broke further into infinitesimal particles, followed by the neck and body.

A flash of sword light came out from the ends of his eyes as Jing Jiu looked at a spot.

A figure of about one foot tall was visible intermittently; it was a small-sized version of Fang Xiang.

Was it that the Cultivation practitioner in the Federation of the Milky Way had developed Yuanying?

"He is indeed a disciple of an ascendant."

Jing Jiu trapped the Yuanying by means of the sword will of the Inherited Heaven Sword. "Do you want to tell me something?" asked Jing Jiu's spiritual awareness.

Fang Xiang's Yuanying revealed a hint of dread and resentment in his eyes; he was aware that he would die that day.

Jing Jiu loathed wasting his time; so he employed the Soul-Search of the Mysterious Dark Sect with the aid of the Two-Mind Connection and procured the information he wanted to learn.

The Yuanying was continuously dispersing and was on the brink of vanishing. He uttered a painful and angry scream soundlessly.

It seemed that he yelled that Jing Jiu was a vicious demon.

Jing Jiu didn't care about what this person's final words were. He summoned the will and brought down the Inherited Heaven Sword Formation, striking the Yuanying to oblivion.

The start of the battleship's engine could be heard in the distance.

Jing Jiu turned around and flew towards the planet after turning into a flash of sword light, disappearing in the blink of an eye; it was a wonderful scene.


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