The Path Toward Heaven
793 As if Nothing Had Happened
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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793 As if Nothing Had Happened

A physicist, if given a lever and a fulcrum, will be able to lift a planet.

If Jing Jiu was given a cable, he would be able to control this world.

His awareness entered the internal control system of the battleship in a short time and retrieved all the information data concerning the previous moment.

Jing Jiu acted like a thief who had stolen the key and entered the house of other people and halted for a while before each room.

It was very tense in the battleship; everybody was ordered to stay on their own posts. It was deathly quiet except for the noises coming out from a few places.

A slightly trembling voice could be heard in the captain's cabin, though it was unclear if it was one of anger or fear.

"If the person responsible were not found, we would all be court-martialled."

The speaker was the captain of the Scorching-Sun Battleship. It was evident that he had no idea why the laser beams attacked the praying hall.

The process of self-examination had started but with no result. An advisory officer mentioned the name of Ran Handong, causing some conjectures, followed by deathly silence.

Jing Jiu's awareness continued to travel in the data channels, collecting more information but he didn't find the trace of that person.

All the recordings of the surveillance had been wiped out the moment the laser guns fired.

There was a complete process for the main laser guns to be activated; but the person had a much higher right of authority and bypassed all the steps of the process.

After pondering and calculating for a while, Jing Jiu decided to put the battleship under his control first and take more time to investigate the incident.

It was then that a sigh could be vaguely heard in the deep part of the surreal dark data channel.

The sigh seemed to have come up from the bottom of a well with a profound cold intent, giving off an exceedingly cold feeling.

Jing Jiu watched in that direction silently for a while. In the end, he didn't do anything. He turned to leave.

It seemed that there was a person in the deep part of the data channel.

The person was a threat to him.

The awareness left the data network of the battleship and returned to the dark universe. Jing Jiu opened his eyes and looked at the huge battleship before him, remaining silent for a while.

It had been a while, and nobody attempted to leave the battleship, meaning that the person was still on the battleship.

He could simply kill everybody on it, but it was unnecessary.

A dim shooting star traveled through the night sky. Without a special telescope, it was hard to see it.

The shooting star landed on the prairie thirty kilometers away, and then a person materialized by the big tree.

Mr. Xia, kneeling under the tree, didn't dare raise his head to take a look.

Jing Jiu came before the corpse of the head of the Mo clan and scanned his bloody head with the sword awareness. He failed to find any clue. Then, Jing Jiu took off the clothes from the corpse and put them on. Mr. Xia could only see his feet and the movements of his feet. Feeling more terrified, he lowered his head even more.

The remaining energy left by the laser guns was still lingering on the prairie near the praying hall. The steam of the fog and the heat from the lava made the lights look even more mesmeric.

The group in front of the praying hall didn't see the shooting star and thought Jing Jiu was dead, feeling alarmed.

The main preacher of Shou'er City had a pale face as he wondered how he could die, since he was claimed by the Master Priest to be the new god.

Jiang Yuxia squeezed Zong Lizi's shoulders, her face pale. The expression in her eyes seemed one of bewilderment, and she felt a pain in her heart. Zong Lizi acted more calmly than she had expected. Maybe it was because she was dumbfounded by the sudden turmoil. She stood like a stone, staring at the grassland full of warm mist as if she would be able to see the figure of Jing Jiu if she stared at it long enough.

As the warm mist dissipated, a figure gradually appeared.

Jing Jiu came before the stone steps. Sensing the powerful gravitational field, he raised his eyebrows slightly in disdain. "Let's go," he said.

Seeing this, Jiang Yuxia covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes full of disbelief. Those main preachers looked at him like he was a ghost.

The main preacher of Shou'er City had knelt down on the ground.

Zong Lizi was taken aback for a brief moment and then came back to her senses. She yelled in delight and dashed to the bottom of the stone steps, throwing herself into his chest. "You okay?" she asked.

Jing Jiu uttered "hmm".

Zong Lizi didn't believe her own eyes and attempted to touch his face to find out; he stopped her.

A star gleamed in the night sky; it was a battleship.

Jing Jiu shot a glance at it before he led Zong Lizi into the darkness of the night.

The battleship kicked up a gust of strong wind, blowing away the warm mist and the remaining smoke on the grass.

Hundreds of soldiers in light armor started searching the area. In the end, all they could find were corpses on the ground.

Jing Jiu and Zong Lizi returned to the hotel outside the University of Stargate.

The University of Stargate and the Twirling Rain Company had received news from a higher authority and surrounded the hotel with their own security guards.

After some discussion, a representative was chosen to inquire about the respected new female priest and find out what had happened.

Gao Shu pressed the doorbell. He straightened his clothes nervously and entered the suite gingerly after he heard the voice that said for him to come in.

The TV in the room was on, playing the scenes from earlier on the light screen.

Zong Lizi, flanked by dozens of main preachers, came to the front of the praying hall. Shone upon by many beams of light, she looked exceedingly holy, her red hair very striking.

Under countless gazes, the female priest raised Zong Lizi's hand slowly.

The important figures in front of the praying hall and the people on the prairie let out cheers before they all knelt down on the ground.

Gao Shu pulled back his gaze and looked at Zong Lizi. He couldn't associate her with the holy girl on the TV screen. When he saw this girl at the New Era Institute the first time, she appeared to be a regular girl with silvery hair. But now, she became the most important figure on the planet…

"The company of the Mo clan has been confiscated by the government, their space-transfer bases now under the control of the fleet. The investigation is underway."

Gao Shu collected his wits and reported the latest news to her. "You'd better go back to the praying hall before the investigation has concluded," he added.

"I'll stay here," said Zong Lizi.

Gao Shu said, "The report will come out in about twenty minutes. The Administrative Bureau is going to count the firing of the laser guns as celebrating the event of your becoming the female priest by the fleet. What are your thoughts?"

This was a preposterous yet practical solution. Zong Lizi wanted to laugh, but she uttered "hmm" after she glanced at the deck outside.

Gao Shu had noticed a youth lying on the chair on the deck, but he didn't dare take another look at him let alone say anything about it. He backed out of the suite hastily.

Gao Shu came to the VIP room on the first floor after he left the suite and exchanged some words with the president of the University of Stargate, and then he led the CEO of the Twirling Rain Company to a corner and told him the situation of Zong Lizi, and also about Jing Jiu. The CEO of the Twirling Rain Company had an unsightly look on his face, not making a single comment after hearing the report.

Feeling more worried, Gao Shu asked, "What's wrong?"

"I've just contacted my father-in-law," said the CEO expressionlessly. "He doesn't know the little…the Master Female Priest."

The connection between the Twirling Rain Company and Zong Lizi started with the novel "The Path toward Heaven"; more importantly, it was because of the personal signature of the chairman who was on the distant Main Planet that Zong Lizi had become the future female priest on the Stargate Base. He didn't dare conceal such a significant fact from his father-in-law, and he also attempted to show off his achievement; but…

When he heard the bewildered tone of his father-in-law on the other end of the telephone, the CEO realized that he had made a stupid mistake.

Gao Shu's face turned ashen because he was the one who was responsible for communicating with Zong Lizi on behalf of the Twirling Rain Company. If all this was a mistake…No, it was not a mistake. Obviously, someone had meddled in this matter. Who would be responsible for it then?

"Well…what should we do next?" he asked in a trembling voice.

The CEO had gradually calmed down and shot him an imperturbable glance. "What do you mean?" he retorted.

Gao Shu was about to say something, but he realized that he had just raised an extremely stupid question when he saw the expression in the eyes of the CEO.

"Serve and protect the Master Female Priest the best we can," said the CEO while staring into his eyes. "It's because we are quite lucky this time."

There must be some sort of hidden truth behind this matter…Now that the girl had already become the female priest on this planet, it was impossible for the Twirling Rain Company to rescind the gaming contract. Of course they couldn't! The force behind her was powerful enough to determine the position of the female priest of this planet and wrap the Twirling Rain Company around their fingers; they couldn't offend or investigate them in any way.

Gao Shu wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and asked, "Judging by what the Master Priest said, she probably dislikes the dry environment in the praying hall; but she might feel bored if she stayed for too long in the hotel. What if she wants to go out?"

"Try to bring over the game compartment as soon as possible," said the CEO. "It'd be the perfect outcome if the initial designs of the characters were done by the author of the original novel. I believe she will be interested in the work."

Gao Shu thought it was a bit too preposterous since the girl was the female priest already; how could they still use her as a designer of the game?

Then, he suddenly understood the intention of the CEO, his eyes revealing an admirable expression. Which game in this world was written and designed by a female priest? This game of the Twirling Rain Company would be a great success no matter what!

Jing Jiu continued looking at the stars from the deck; and Zong Lizi continued watching TV in the living room, just like they had been doing before, as if they had neither been to the surface of the planet nor participated in the October Water Festival and encountered a dreadful assassination.

Some significant change occurred, of course: Regardless of where Zong Lizi flipped the TV stations to, she would always see her own face on the light screen; she had already become bored of seeing it.

All the TV stations on the planet were replaying the selection of female priest the night before and other related programs. Many experts were making comments and analysis in the broadcasting room. A girl from the underground neighborhood had become the most respected female priest on this planet; what did it indicate? What did it mean? And what influence would it have?

This sort of discussion could last for many years, be it the cultural aspect or the social aspect of it, which could support thousands of so-called experts. As for the content of the discussion, the young female priest might not care, but those experts and the populace were rather mindful. As for the assassination, the news had revealed nothing. It was understandable. In the news, it was casually mentioned that the battleship fleet used the light beams to celebrate the birth of new female priest and the scene was spectacular…

On the other hand, a few rumors about the assassination on the forums in the networks had soon vanished before they could spread further.

There was a great deal of discussion on the forums of the networks regarding the selection of female priest; it was not an overstatement to claim that the discussions had flooded the networks. Most of the discussions were focused on Zong Lizi, the new female priest. After half a night, the netizens had posted online her family and education backgrounds, the failures of her gene modification, and her title of "Ice Beauty" at the New Era Institute.
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