The Path Toward Heaven
792 The Man Traveling against the Ligh
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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792 The Man Traveling against the Ligh

The sound of gunfire ceased; the bullets stopped flying. No other marks, except for a faint chemical odor drifting, could be found in front of the praying hall to prove what had happened here.

The elite soldiers of the private army of the Mo clan had all lost their lives in an instant, devoid of breathing, becoming corpses with a slight warmth.

The corpses lay in the well-hidden places in the sand dunes; it was hard to find them.

Jing Jiu promised the female priest that he would kill as few as possible.

In addition to the two individuals by the distant tree, he only wanted to kill those who attacked him.

He didn't harm the engineers and maintenance personnel in the flying device except that he had destroyed its engine.

The stars in the sky were shining on the praying hall. The stars that were the battleships grew increasingly brighter.

Jing Jiu found something was out of place before Mr. Xia saw those light beams. He grabbed the collar of Zong Lizi's robe and threw her into the praying hall.

Zong Lizi opened her eyes wide as the air whistled in her ears. She flew backwards, her face full of fear, but she was brave enough not to utter a sound.

Jiang Yuxia, standing on the landing of the stone steps, didn't have enough time to react. Though the dozen main preachers were all highly achieved, they didn't dare catch Zong Lizi and got out of her way as quickly as they could.

As the whistling continued, Zong Lizi flew through the front gate and the space of the vast praying hall several kilometers wide. In the end, she arrived in the deepest part of the praying hall and landed onto the sky-like gray screen, looking like a butterfly trapped on the spider-web.

She could in no way grab onto the gray screen because it was very smooth. She could do nothing but slide down incessantly at an increasingly fast speed. As she was about to fall onto the floor, she was caught by a gentle hand.

The female priest pulled back her right hand slowly and looked up at the stars in the night sky, her eyes revealing a cautious and cold intent.

Hua Xi rushed over from behind the gray screen after she pulled up a corner of it. She helped Zong Lizi get up and then asked incredulously, "Big sister, why did you come back?"

A gust of wind whipped up in the praying hall.

Ran Handong came to the landing of the stone steps and yelled at Jing Jiu sharply, "Get in, quickly!"

Jing Jiu didn't pay any attention to her and looked up at the night sky.

There were many stars in the night sky, a few of which were brighter than the others; they were the battleships on their way back to the praying hall.

The few stars suddenly became blindingly bright, shooting out dozens of light beams toward the ground.

They were launched by the most powerful laser guns on those battleships.

Dozens of light beams reached the ground in an instant. They didn't cause any sound of an explosion, but a sensation of irresistible destruction.

One battleship launched an indiscriminate attack, making the praying hall its target!

The device of the gravitational field within the praying hall was activated ahead of time, forming an invisible shield.

Dozens of laser beams spread like water in various colors when they met the invisible shield, looking exceedingly eerie.

As the colorful water-like lights dropped to the ground, they started blazing immediately. Everything, be it the wild grass, sand or dirt, seemed to have turned into flammable material.

The light beams from the night sky vanished soon after; it seemed as if they were retrieved by the battleships.

A half circular mark was visible on the ground outside the front gate of the praying hall, those lines glittering. The sand must have been burned into glass; one could easily imagine just how high the temperature was at that moment. The ground farther away was in a much worse condition, where there were many cracks and bottomless holes and melted lava, the results of the shock waves.

Jing Jiu who had stood on the ground disappeared; it was unclear if he had turned into a puff of green smoke or gone to somewhere.

"Where is he?"

Jiang Yuxia came to the bottom of the stone steps, but she couldn't pass through the gravitational field. All she could do was look at the hell-like site pale-faced. Ran Handong had a terrible look on her face as well. She didn't care so much about the life and death of that youth in blue clothing; she was concerned that someone dared employ the battleships to attack the praying hall. Who was brazen enough to meddle in the affairs of the military?

The main preachers and the female caretakers ran out from the praying hall and were stunned speechless when they witnessed the scene in front of their eyes.

Zong Lizi clenched hands tightly, her body trembling incessantly, but she tried her best to restrain herself from uttering a sound.

"He'll be fine," said the female priest.

Having said this, she lifted up her head and looked at the night sky and the few dimming stars. Her eyes, as tranquil as water, seemed able to squeeze out some ice and snow.

God wouldn't die, but those who had denigrated god would.

Looking down from the space, this planet, the inside of which had been emptied by the humans, there seemed to be a lack of natural beauty, but it gave off a sense of man-made elegance.

Some people thought the planet looked like a young girl's buttock covered with a pantyhose; some thought it looked like a carved ivory ball with four levels; to others, it looked like a huge space fortress.

In fact, this planet was the frontline fortress for the humans.

In addition to the laboratory deep in the underground, the Stargate Base was an important transfer hub for the battleship fleets of the Federation. It was a significant strategic site, where the battleship fleets were stationed all year long and seven battleships were defending it nearby. The people at the New Era Institute and in Shou'er City could see some of the seven battleships clearly.

The fleet sent three battleships into the atmosphere for the October Water Festival that day.

When the new female priest was selected, the three battleships returned to the space; but before they could get back to the fleet, they received the order to go back to the ground.

Unexpectedly, as the battleships came back to the ground, one of them suddenly employed the few laser guns of high power to attack the ground.

It was evident that the target of the battleship was the praying hall.

The universe was as quiet as a grave.

A dusty glow could be seen around the edge of the atmosphere, looking a bit dirty against the black universe.

The three battleships were hovering silently in the space. One was obviously trapped between the other two battleships.

No communication took place among the battleships; a silent and depressed air was gradually spreading.

This was a black and white world.

The white parts were the places shone on by the permanent star; and the shadowy places were darker than the blackest night. There was a speck resembling a piece of dust in the shadow of the trapped battleship. Unless an advanced scanner was used to survey it, nobody could tell that the dust was a person.

The blue tracksuits the person wore burned into ashes in the atmosphere.

In comparison to Jing Jiu, the battleship next to him was as big as a mountain.

He had been lying on the lawn for many days to wait for this battleship to attack him, so he was fully prepared ahead of time.

Though he didn't expect his opponent to mount a sudden attack tonight, but he was nevertheless delighted that it had occurred.

He hadn't thought of coming to check out these battleships, one reason being that he was too lazy to do so, and secondly, he was not sure if he could evade the surveillance of these battleships.

The firing of the laser guns wreaked havoc in the energy field. When the laser guns stopped firing, the light beams seemed to have been retrieved by the battleship.

It was then that Jing Jiu arrived in the space undetected.

Though the information about the structures of various battleships of the Federation was the top secrets, it didn't apply to him.

He placed his right hand on the hull of the battleship and pulled out a piece of it about forty centimeters long as the hull vibrated slightly, exposing the complicated cables inside.
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