The Path Toward Heaven
780 The Gigantic Tower in the Distance
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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780 The Gigantic Tower in the Distance

"What's going on?"

"What's wrong?"

"Who is in the control room?"


"Is it the terminal? Old Wu, shut off the security valve quickly! Right now!"

Hearing the surprised cries and chaotic footsteps echoing in the laboratory and seeing the huge Mecha suddenly move, the visiting students standing by the railing were stupefied; a few female students fainted due to extreme fright.

No one knew what was happening and why this huge Mecha by the name of Thunder God suddenly moved without receiving any command.

It was chaotic inside the lab. The student from their campus had a shocked expression on his face, so did the Dean Cui.

Zong Lizi was also very edgy. She held Jiang Yuxia with her left hand to comfort her and reflexively grabbed Jing Jiu's hand with her right hand.

Jing Jiu came back to his senses and found that he had made too much of a commotion.

The sword light disappeared from the ends of his eyes, so did the faint glow on his ring, which looked like an ordinary ornament now.

An electric flow in the computer of the lab had also vanished without a trace.

The tiny gap on the cable on the wall was the only evidence that somebody had done something to it.

The lights in the armor of the huge Mecha Thunder God faded along with buzzing electrical current. The large right mechanical arm halted in midair, looking like a metal statue again.

All the noises in the lab ceased at the moment. Everybody stopped rushing around, maintaining the postures of gasping and grabbing hair while staring at the Mecha.

In the next moment, all the noises broke out again.

"It's stopped! It's stopped! But the security valve still needs to be shut off!"

"Old Wu, you idiot! Why are you standing there and doing nothing?!"

"Get everybody out of here! We have to sign the confidentiality agreement!"

The tour couldn't continue since such a significant event occurred.

The Dean Cui led the students leaving the lab as quickly as they could. Then, he instructed them that none of them should tell anybody about what they had seen that day.

Zong Lizi noticed that Jing Jiu was behaving a bit strangely.

He was lost in thought when such an unexpected and shocking incident occurred.

He didn't pay any attention to what Dean Cui said, instead looking up at the white clouds in the blue sky and reflecting on something.

What Jing Jiu was thinking of was how to destroy the huge Mecha, the Thunder God, as quickly as possible.

This sort of huge Mecha could create an unimaginably powerful force, easily able to destroy a battleship at the feather level and fight against the monsters of the Sea of Dark Matter face to face.

However, this huge Mecha didn't pose any threat to him; it was because the protection of the Mecha was not strong enough to resist his finger and sword light.

Yet he thought that he still needed to make some preparations.

He had learned a great deal of knowledge about the Mechas and the data about this Thunder God through the hidden network and the military network.

Nevertheless, the data and the drawing on the paper were not as detailed and authentic as the actual object; it was tantamount to the difference between the antiques seen online and the actual items seen in museums.

Jing Jiu released a sword awareness to cut open the cable on the wall of the lab and then connected to the internal network through his ring. He took control of the huge Mecha undetected before he scanned it thoroughly with his sight.

However, he still couldn't acquire a complete understanding of the huge Mecha because its system was too big and too complicated.

If he could activate the huge Mecha and let it display the operations of various procedures, he would be able to observe it more fruitfully.

With this thought in his mind, the huge Mecha was summoned by him to move its right arm toward the sky, causing a great deal of chaos in the lab as it did.

Soon after, he pulled back his gaze from the white clouds and gained a better understanding of the huge Mecha.

The method of storing super-compressed energy was a form of nuclear energy, also a form of weaponry with the aid of fairy energy.

The high-energy laser triggered by crystals was its main attacking means; it was exceedingly powerful and almost equal to the light fence employed by Bai Yuan.

Of course, if Bai Yuan were still alive, she could beat ten of such huge Mechas easily.

In the eyes of the humans in the Federation of the Milky Way, this sort of Mecha moved fast enough and its aiming system was also rather advanced, but it was as awkward as a large pig in the eyes of those strong swordsmen in Chaotian.

Jing Jiu had already learned of all the operating systems of the Mecha by now; all he needed to do was to wave his hand to turn it into a pile of metals.

After he was sure of it, Jing Jiu stopped pondering this issue. He pulled back his line of sight and followed the other visiting students heading toward the outside of the building.

By the time they came out from the lab, there was still plenty of time left for the tour. The permanent star hung in the middle of the sky, emitting white lights; the gassy ground and the forest all looked somewhat white under the sunshine. Fortunately, it was not too hot.

The Dean Cui announced the rules of confidentiality one more time before he told the students to have a self-directed tour for the rest of the day. The students were requested to gather at the eastern gate of the main campus of the University of Stargate by eight O'clock in the evening, before which they could tour the university freely.

The exchange students felt surprised to hear this and also felt more relaxed. Next, they found that this self-directed tour had nothing to do with them; they couldn't help but feel indignant.

The Dean Cui gathered all the female students who had registered for the primary selection of female priest and said, "I'll take you girls to visit the priest clan next. You should pay close attention to your etiquette."

Those girls with black hair felt half surprised and half delighted. By now they realized that the school had arranged such an important visit just for them.

Zong Lizi was the only one who had a silvery hair and didn't realize the importance of the visit. She turned to look for Jing Jiu, but discovered that he was actually nowhere to be found.

The floating strain stopped by a patch of valley not long after it left the University of Stargate; many ancient-style buildings could be vaguely seen in the distance.

The size of the mansion was truly impressive; it was unclear which clan possessed it. At the guidance of a caretaker, the group entered the main building of the compound. A middle-aged man wearing a preacher's robe waited at the door. "Professor Cui, long time no see," he greeted him with a faint smile.

"Mr. Xia, sorry for troubling you," returned the Dean Cui with a smile. It seemed that the two of them were well acquainted.

Mr. Xia and the Dean Cui began to have a chitchat after they were seated.

The dozen female students stood by the side quietly, showing an elegant and serene demeanor.

It was a great opportunity to expose oneself to the priest clan before the primary selection and to leave a good impression with them, to say nothing of procuring any related and useful information.

Based on the exchange between Mr. Xia and the Dean Cui, they found out that Mr. Xia turned out to be the head of the priest clan. As such, the girls couldn't help but feel more nervous; and at the same time, they generated a competitive intent.

Some of them noticed Zong Lizi and Jiang Yuxia standing outside the group, feeling troubled.

Zong Lizi's silvery hair was really too conspicuous; what if the priest clan thought that the students at the University of Stargate were all like her?

Besides, Jiang Yuxia was the winner of the primary selection on the third level; why did she follow them to this place shamelessly?

"Pay them no mind. They're all jealous of you."

Zong Lizi said to Jiang Yuxia in a low voice, "You're prettier than all of them and more capable in all aspects. They're afraid that you will outshine them."

Jiang Yuxia flashed a faint smile at her; the straight band of her hair in front of her forehead was ruffled slightly, exposing her beautiful eyes and brows. "If it's the case, I'd better take my leave, to avoid making them feel bad."

"Where are you going?" asked Zong Lizi, feeling baffled.

"Go have a cup of tea, or lie down for a while…Do you wish to come with me?" Jiang Yuxia invited her.

Zong Lizi was speechless, thinking that Jiang Yuxia shouldn't treat them so impolitely even though she disliked them since this place was none other than the mansion of the priest clan.

Jiang Yuxia was aware of what Zong Lizi had on her mind. "This is my home," said she while giving an apologetic smile.

Zong Lizi opened her mouth slightly, but she couldn't speak a single word. She wondered what kind of people Jiang Yuxia and Jing Jiu were.

The planet of Stargate was located in the frontline between the Federation of Milky Way and the Sea of Dark Matter, and it would encounter a small-scale invasion every a few years. As a result, the planet was managed in an obvious military style. On the surface of the ground, no newly built human residence could be found except for those old buildings. The surface was mostly covered with the vast prairie, deserts and forests.

After having left the University of Stargate, Jing Jiu traveled more than seven thousand kilometers on the surface of the planet in the direction of the equator. He passed through the second canyon and arrived on a patch of barbaric prairie.

The prairie looked greenish, but one would find it had a severe desertification problem if they dug deep into the soil, and one would also be able to find many broken crystals.

Those were the remains of the battles when the Sea of Dark Matter had invaded the planet a few decades ago. It was believed that a large number of broken corpses of the heavenly demons of the outside world could be found on the vast surface of the planet.

Traversing on the prairie, Jing Jiu had no intention to dig the soil and try to find those broken corpses. He crested a sand dune.

Up ahead was an exceedingly magnificent and gigantic building in the deep part of the prairie.

The style of the building was similar to the Fire-Passing Pagoda in Shou'er City, but this one was much bigger. The front of the building was supported by seventeen huge stone pillars, on which some complicated lines were carved.

A building of this size was suddenly found on the endless prairie; it was inevitable for the onlookers to feel awed.

Jing Jiu stood on the sand dune and gazed at the building quietly.

He had seen the building inside the awareness of that main preacher.

The female priest resided inside it.
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