The Path Toward Heaven
772 Breaking out of Cocoon
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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772 Breaking out of Cocoon

There was only one reason that someone wanted to eliminate him after learning of his existence.

It was that an earlier ascendant saw the novel "The Path toward Heaven" and found him through Zong Lizi.

He had wondered if there was a world in the universe similar to Chaotian and if there were ascendants in this world.

He didn't have the answer to these questions yet. However, since the other party had recognized his identity based on the information in the novel, this person must be an ascendant from Chaotian.

He had no idea why this ascendant didn't come to meet him, as it would be a happy reunion of two ascendants from the other world; instead, this ascendant chose to assassinate him.

Fortunately, none of those ascendants of Chaotian since ancient times were as powerful as he was.

That was why he thought the other party was an idiot.

This was a logical conclusion.

It was then that the door of the lab opened soundlessly. A male scientist with curled golden hair walked out from the lab and saw Jing Jiu.

Remembering this person had praised him and expressed his admiration for him a few times before, Jing Jiu nodded to greet him. Seeing his eyes, the person recognized Jing Jiu immediately. He opened his mouth wide, but didn't utter any sound. At such a critical moment, this person demonstrated an outstanding quality as a scientist.

Jing Jiu's gaze scanned him from head to toe.

The person felt like his clothes had been peeled off by Jing Jiu's eyes, generating a strong sense of humiliation.

Jing Jiu asked after making sure he didn't have the self-destruction device the assassin in overall had, "What's your name?"

Even the Two-Mind Connection of the Fruit Formation Temple would fail once in a while because it was rather troublesome to completely control someone's spiritual awareness.

It was evident that this man with golden hair lacked the ability to resist him.

"I'm Tang Guo."

Jing Jiu waved his hand to let Tang Guo go to a corner to take a rest after he had read the man's mind, especially about the information on the liquid metal robot.

He took out the micro bullet made from the combined material from the front pocket of his backpack and read the barcode on it one more time. Then he began to search the military network, but he didn't find anything there.

The ring on his finger exuded a faint heat energy. His awareness found a channel in the military network, which led him to the deep part of the interplanetary network and the room full of drifting snowflakes.

The snowflakes transformed from the digital symbols stalled briefly before they started changing abruptly. The people in the room must have discovered his arrival. In the next moment, the snowflakes grew thicker, indicating that all of the outstanding Cloud Ghosts of the Federation of the Milky Way were rushing over.

They were curious about this new person who had pursued the "Wild Rabbit" out of the network; they were also curious about what he would ask that day.

"I'd like to ask for your help with a certain matter," said Jing Jiu.

"What's the payment?" someone asked directly.

This room in the interplanetary network was tantamount to the Administrative Bureau of the Federation of the Milky Way. These Cloud Ghosts might have different roles in reality, and some of them might have an undesirable life. However, they would be able to procure a large amount of money if they wanted to.

As such, money as payment wouldn't draw their attention.

Thinking of the agreement between him and Sese, Jing Jiu said, "I can help the person do one thing in the future."

As the snowflakes stirred slightly, another person arrived in the room, asking, "Do anything?"

A mocking expression that was often seen online was attached to the statement.

"Yes," returned Jing Jiu.

The room suddenly grew deathly quiet.

It was because the last person entering the room was none other than the "Wild Rabbit".

"Do you really think you're the god of knowledge. How can you claim that you can do anything?" remarked the Wild Rabbit.

Jing Jiu said, "I can do anything other humans can."

"Such as exaggerating and boasting?" the Wild Rabbit teased.

Jing Jiu said, "Such as chasing a highly achieved hacker to the point where she had to cut off the important information cables on a battleship with a sharp metal tool."

It was interesting to note that the snowflakes in the room could only display the digital data and symbols, and the conversation between the two of them had no facial expression symbols attached. However, everybody seemed to have seen the mocking smile on the face of the "Wild Rabbit" and the nonchalant expression on the face of this new person.

"You can chase again if you think you're so invincible!" the Wild Rabbit challenged.

"I'm not that bored."

Jing Jiu paid no more attention to this person. As a face of the assassin in overalls appeared among the snowflakes, he said, "I'll help the person who finds the origin of this man do one thing. As for whether I can do it or not, that's for me to decide."

It was the same as what he had said in the old plum garden in Zhaoge City. Normally, this condition would be a rather strict one, but none of the Cloud Ghosts in the room raised any objection; they were engaged in checking the map earnestly, including the

Wild Rabbit.

There was a light blue planet in the distant universe.

This place was situated in the center of the galaxy. One could clearly tell that the number of permanent stars in this area was much higher than in other regions. They looked so bright even at night.

A huge space station floated in the orbit parallel to the light blue planet.

The headquarters and the experimental base of the Science Academy of the Federation of the Milky Way were located here.

The president of the Science Academy walked steadfastly against the emulated gravitational force that he hated the most. The way he walked didn't match his age and white hair. "Has he been located?" asked the president as he walked into the room.

"He is in the military network."

His most trusted assistant answered him without spinning his head around. The assistant said nervously while staring at the quickly flashing data flow on the screen,

"I've chased him to the Left Sky of the galaxy, almost near the outer region."

The old president didn't expect the new Cloud Ghost to be military personnel, and he felt even more surprised when he heard he was near the Left Sky of the galaxy.

A few days ago, he had been to the Left Sky of the galaxy for the incident of the "Cocoon Breaker", and he had just come back today. He was quite interested in the "Cocoon Breaker". It was obvious that this one was different from the other "Cocoon Breakers". However, it was a research field he couldn't touch, so he had no choice but to focus his attention on this new Cloud Ghost.

It was true that he was one of the few important figures in the Federation of the Milky Way; but he was still not qualified to deal with certain matters.

Apart from the Sea of Dark Matter, there were many other forbidden things hidden in the dark universe.

He looked at the permanent star through the window, sensing the real and zero- temperature light rays; but he couldn't help but think of the "Cocoon Breakers".

Why could they make use of the light rays of the permanent stars but not the practitioners of the Federation of the Milky Way?

Since having obtained special approval of the general, the Science Academy had been taking on the research of this sort in secret more than two hundred years ago, but no progress was made.

"If General Yang could…" His thought was interrupted by an exceedingly irritated shout of his data assistant, "It's disconnected!"

"Didn't I tell you not to backtrack to the original source?" reproached the president, furrowing his eyebrow slightly.

The data assistant spun his head around and said with a pale face, "We've just collected some peripheral data outside the room and didn't go inside at all. He shouldn't have discovered us…Is he really a ghost?"

In the underground laboratory.

Jing Jiu opened his eyes and disconnected from the internet.

It was true that the Cloud Ghosts in that room were checking the facial picture of the assassin in overall carefully.

Someone was probably keeping an eye on him in secret, but nobody dared seek him like what the Wild Rabbit had done the other day.

And yet, he still felt troubled. It seemed that somebody was surveilling him.

He left the room without hesitation.

As he came out of the room, he realized what had happened.

Someone had left some self-generated data dust among the sea of information outside the room.

Anyone who had entered the room would inevitably draw a little bit of the dusts.

The dusts were very tiny, tinier than the smallest bytes. It was believed that those Cloud Ghosts in the room wouldn't be able to discover them if they didn't pay close attention to them.

He didn't try to find out who was attempting to find him; it was because he had more urgent matters to take care of.

The scientist with golden hair named Tang Guo woke up, feeling a slight headache. He rubbed his head with his fingers a few times and seemed to have recollected something, but he didn't see anybody when he looked at the control station. As such, he couldn't tell if someone had been here or not.

Zong Lizi had been the exchange student at the University of Stargate for many days.

There were hundreds of universities and colleges on this planet. All of the students at those schools wished to come to the University of Stargate as an exchange student. She was merely a regular student among many of them.

Yet, she had drawn some attention nonetheless, and that was because the New Era Institute was a college at the lowest level and her silvery hair and beautiful appearance were rather noticeable. The gazes consisted of the emotions of desire, sympathy and mockery, but none of them had any purpose since nobody had hopes that this female student from the underground would be able to stay in Shou'er City for long.

She walked toward the gate of the university with a briefcase in her hands. She didn't heed the gazes fixed on her, her expression as nonchalant as when she was at the New Era Institute.

In fact, the emotion inside her was not as calm and cold as that displayed on her face.

Jing Jiu didn't accompany her to the school. He had disappeared without any news for a few days already, making her worried.

"Quit thinking about it," she told herself while touching the wooden figurine on her chest.

She was used to touching the wooden figurine whenever she felt worried in the last few days. The wooden figurine became much smoother now, resembling the original bamboo chair that had been used for many years on Shenmo Peak.

The youth returned to his own world. He of course would meet his former friends and have his old life back.

She was probably just a guest in his journey of life, she thought.

It was then that she saw a figure outside the gate of the university. She couldn't help but sigh, thinking with a smile that he was indeed a wicked man often told in the stories.

He had departed without bidding farewell and suddenly reappeared in front of her when the girl tried her best to forget him. If anyone could be considered wicked, it would be him.

The blue tracksuits were quite eye-catching, as if it would merge into the sky.

He pulled up the collar to cover most of his face; coupled with the hoodie, he had a perfect disguise.

She had chosen this type of tracksuits just for the purpose.

She came before him, pouting as she hugged him after leaning onto his chest.

Like what he did last time, Jing Jiu kept his arms by his sides and didn't do anything, as if he were a figurine devoid of emotions and life force.

The scene drew the gazes of some students. They watched them curiously, wondering who this youth was.

He didn't feel anything when being hugged by such a beautiful girl with silvery hair; they wondered if he was gay.

The gazes suddenly switched to another spot. Along with footsteps, many students rushed to the outside of the gate as an upheaval was brewing.

At least three skyboards fell onto the ground, yet the students got up and dashed over with the boards in their hands, disregarding the pain.

A girl with black hair was walking over while being crowded by the others. She had exceedingly pretty eyes and eyebrows, her white priestly robe tousled slightly in the wind, giving off a sense of sacredness and beauty.

Zong Lizi turned her head around in that direction while leaning against Jing Jiu. To her surprise, Zong Lizi immediately recognized that she was the winner of the primary selection of the female priest for the third level shown on TV the other night.

She was Jiang Yuxia from the College of Divinity.

During the final fight that day, she had displayed the Cultivation of the Golden State, which was rather rare among the students. She was said to hail from an extraordinary family background, a distant relative of the priest clan on the upper ground. Of course, she was renowned for her beauty, and was an idol admired by countless young men on this planet.

The College of Divinity was a special institute, its status on par with the University of Stargate. However, she had suddenly requested to become an exchange student at the University of Stargate, which surprised many people and excited the students at the University of Stargate.

Today was the day she came to the University of Stargate to register. The entire university was abuzz.

Jing Jiu and Zong Lizi were the only exceptions. The latter had supported an amiable girl in the contest, but she was eliminated in the second round. It was only natural that Zong Lizi would dislike this girl with black hair so much.

As for her beauty, Zong Lizi considered herself to be pretty enough; moreover, she had looked at Jing Jiu's face for a long while…

It was expected that Jing Jiu wouldn't give a response.

The young man and young woman hugging each other were rather noticeable in the midst of the disturbance.

The girl with black hair noticed them. She suddenly turned around and headed their way.

Countless gazes followed her steps. The atmosphere was a bit eerie.

"Please tell me…are you the author?" asked the girl with black hair while looking at Zong Lizi, her eyes full of curiosity.

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