The Path Toward Heaven
770 The First Formal Confrontation
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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770 The First Formal Confrontation

It of course didn't rely on one's sight to hit the target seventy kilometers away. In a sense, it was tantamount to the sighting ability of a Cultivation practitioner in Broken Sea State. Moreover, the bullet launched from the gun was so powerful that it was more like something that had combined the prowess of a flying sword and a magic treasure.

The sleeve of the tracksuits was shattered, the tattered cloth swaying in the wind. Being dampened by the mist, Jing Jiu looked like a middle-aged man walking in the rain without an umbrella.

Realizing this, Jing Jiu's mood grew worse. He walked past the mist.

If someone paid close attention, they would find that not a sliver of the mist stayed on his cloth.

Stepping off the lawn, Jing Jiu looked at the cliff seventy kilometers away again and saw the man in overall.

The man had gotten up. He was packing the tool box while squatting on the ground. It seemed that he was getting ready to leave.

The fleeing people halted their steps and looked at the figure in tracksuits, an expression of astonishment and disbelief showing on their faces.

The alarm bells broke out over the square. The policemen in light armor were on their way to the square in a hurry. A few white lines could be seen clearly in the distance, which should be the high-speed magnetic floating vehicles of the police force.

Jing Jiu headed toward the underground tunnel on the other side of the street and soon disappeared from the eyes of the people and the surveillance cameras.

The faint air flows could be felt everywhere in the underground tunnel, which were caused by the passing magnetic floating trains.

He didn't go to the transfer station and waited for the train like the other travelers; instead, he entered a control room and came out to a dark underground tunnel.

A bright light shone on him and drew nearer and nearer.

It was a magnetic floating train traveling at a speed of one thousand four hundred kilometers per hour.


A gust of wind whipped up in the tunnel.

As the wind reached Jing Jiu, he turned into a piece of leaf, drifting up and disappearing into the darkness.

The final destination of this magnetic floating train was a station called Chunyuan, a high ground close to the mountain range of the crust, where some wooden houses were scattered but more buildings were hidden in the underground. All the properties there were owned by the government. The sun was blocked by a high cliff; as such it was exceedingly dark and gloomy. It felt like in dark night even if it was daytime.

The wind bell by the window of a small wooden house suddenly chimed; but nobody was seen passing by.

Some loose rocks on the cliff rolled down.

By the time Jing Jiu came to the underground tunnel and arrived at Chunyuan seventy kilometers away along with the wind of the magnetic floating train, the man in overall had just disassembled the gun and came before the elevator one hundred feet away with the tool box in his arms.

The government of the Federation of the Milky Way had built innumerable elevators on the cliffs of the crust. They were used mostly for transporting the workers who were responsible for maintaining the generators of the gravitational field; so they were not that clean. The elevators were filled with dusts and black oil stains and didn't smell so good. A faint scent of alcohol could be smelled in them as well.

The man in overall stood in an elevator that was descending at a high speed. Thinking of the scene he saw earlier, his face turned pale. All of a sudden, he wished to drink a bottle of strong alcohol.

As a high-level expert in the Federation of the Milky Way, he had an unimaginably strong composure and willpower; but he was on the verge of collapsing now. It seemed that he was not quite professional at the moment.

The first thing an assassin needed to do was to make sure the target was dead. As such, he didn't leave immediately after the blue glow on the EM braces was gone; instead, he stared at the square seventy kilometers away.

His sight was obstructed by the drifting smoke and dust first and then the spraying water on the lawn.

A moment later, his target walked out of the mist intact and glanced back once.

Did he miss his target?

No explosion occurred on the square. The lawn covered with the mist still looked as greenish as ever; and no pit of several hundred meters deep could be found on it.

He had witnessed such a deep pit back when he carried out a task seven years ago on Lanzhi Planet.

What had happened? It was impossible for his gun to have misfired.

It was then that he saw the right hand of his target.

The tracksuits of the target were damaged, exposing his forearm.

He thought of one possibility.

But he thought it was totally preposterous.

How could a person block a high-temperature bullet launched from an EM reinforced gun?

He, as a practitioner in the Star State who could fight easily on the primordial and dangerous environment on the surface of the planets and in the weightless universe, could in no way imagine such an outcome.

Even those rumored figures of the federation in the upper state of the Deep-Night State couldn't achieve such a feat.

What kind of a weirdo was the youth in tracksuits?

The elevator and the cliff wall brushed past to create a faint sound of friction. The elevator stopped with a "click", indicating it had reached the transfer level.

The man in overall looked better on his face; but the sweat beads seeped out from his forehead.

He wiped the sweat beads off his forehead as he walked out of the elevator with the tool box in his arms. Passing through the complicated passageways, he came to a platform for maintenance and entered another elevator. It seemed that he was quite familiar with the place. This elevator led to an underground maintenance site of Chunyuan, where there were three special passageways leading to many levels in the underground.

He was to be transferred to the seventh level.

No one was aware that he had arranged a safehouse there three years ago. Because he believed the target of this task was too strange and formidable, he didn't contact his superior for the sake of his own safety. He planned to stay in the safehouse for a year first.

The door of the elevator gave off a faint noise of friction as it was closing slowly.


An arm reached inside the elevator and stopped its door from closing.

The arm had a smooth and white skin, looking perfect.

It was only that the sleeve of the tracksuits above the arm was in tatters.

A hint of astonishment flashed in the eyes of the man in overall, followed by calmness brought in by despair.

Even though he was a practitioner in the Star State, he didn't have the courage to fight against his opponent at the moment.

An opponent who could block the high-temperature bullet and come before him after traveling more than forty kilometers in a short time was not someone the mere humans could resist. In such case, there was no point in fighting against his opponent.

It was a precious window of opportunity for him to kill himself; he must do so as quickly as possible.

As the man in overall thought of all this, he contracted slightly a muscle on his back that he had never needed to use but could control easily after a long period of special training.

As the muscle contracted slightly, a membrane implanted underneath the skin ruptured, a faint biological electricity flowing to a spot.


A small electrical sparkle occurred on his back.

For some unknown reasons, the electrical circuits underneath the membrane had a mishap.

It was evident that the small electrical sparkle caused some pain to the man in overall; but he didn't feel it because he was still in a state of extreme shock.

According to the training instruction, this suicide method would never go wrong. Unexpectedly, it was stopped by his opponent.

The man in overall took out a small gun resembling a needle without hesitation and pointed it at his temple and pulled the trigger.


After a thud, he was still alive.

Jing Jiu pulled back his right hand and looked at the creamy white bullet between his fingers; and he ascertained that it was made from a mixed material.

"You will die for sure," said Jing Jiu while looking at the man in overall.

The man looked at all this through shrunk pupils; but he couldn't speak a single word. His body grew rigid from head to toe; he couldn't even move his fingers.

"But it will happen a little later," added Jing Jiu.

Having said that, Jing Jiu put the creamy white bullet in the front pocket of the backpack behind him; then he placed his palm on the head of his opponent.

He was not intended to torture his opponent for information, nor was he to persuade his opponent like what he had done to Ada. And he had no intention to use the Two-Mind Connection of the Fruit Formation Temple.

For the sake of saving time, he was to employ the Soul-Searching Hand of the Mysterious Dark Sect to read this man's awareness directly.

Some vague information waves entered his palm from the brain of the man in overall, which then became more and more distinct.

The information waves were mostly emotions in the beginning, like fear and astonishment.

The remaining fear and astonishment in the awareness of the man in overall soon turned to despair and then calmness.

Jing Jiu shoot this man a glance in surprise.

The subsequent information waves contained more precise words and numbers.

Jing Jiu sensed two words that might be someone's name and a dozen numbers that were out of order, which might be some sort of communication method.

As Jing Jiu was about to obtain more information, the awareness of the man in overall had suddenly vanished.


The head of the man in overall exploded.

The blood and brain splashed all over the elevator.

Jing Jiu's tracksuits were covered with red and white stuff.

He didn't expect the assassin to have the courage to court death; most of all, he didn't expect his opponent to implode his head when he had controlled his awareness.

Looking at the stains and brain everywhere in the elevator and on his tracksuits, Jing Jiu felt a bit troubled. Then, he thought of the information he read at a site in the hidden network.

Some special departments of the military in the Federation of the Milky Way implanted a micro-device in the brains of their members because they were worried that their brains would be invaded to procure information when they were captured; they were especially worried that their awareness would be invaded by the monsters of the Sea of Dark Matter. The device could detect the level of the brain waves. It would activate automatically once it detected a decline of the brain waves and the invasion by an unknown awareness.

Activating it meant implosion of it.

Was he a member of the military in the federation?

Jing Jiu glanced at the headless corpse leaning against the wall of the elevator and scanned the whole elevator quickly before he left it with the tool box in his hand.

The moment the door of the elevator was closed, he flicked his finger lightly to toss a sword fire into the elevator.


The whole elevator was ablaze. In a short time, the corpse of the man in overall and the stains of blood and brain had all burned into ashes.

There was a large lake on the outskirts of Shou'er City.

The deep water looked brightly blue. At night it looked as dark as ink while reflecting the starlight; in the early morning and at dusk, it looked like the red soup of hotpot.

The lake was called the Inlet Sea; in fact, it was the remaining ground lake after the planet was modified.

Many wild reeds were growing in the remote corners of the Inlet Sea. They were as tall as a person, obstructing the peeping eyes from the outside.

Along with a swooshing sound, Jing Jiu stood up in the lake, the water trickling down from his smooth skin, a golden glow glittering like lava.

He had taken a thorough bath in the lake. The reason he didn't employ the sword fire to clean himself was because he was psychologically against doing it.

Zhao Layue did the same before she decided to go back to Green Mountain from the Three-Thousand Nunnery; he took a bath in the lake.

It was quiet inside the wild reeds; no sound of birds could be heard.

Thinking of the chubby pigeons on the lawn of the square, Jing Jiu found that this world, in comparison to Chaotian, had fewer lifeforms.

As he summoned the sword will slightly, the remaining water turned into mist and then dissipated in the wind. His body was totally dry again.

He opened the backpack and took out a set of blue tracksuits. Smelling the faint scent of the detergent, he nodded in satisfaction.
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