The Path Toward Heaven
769 I Am God
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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769 I Am God

This issue couldn't be explained; it would take two million words to do it even though the author of the two million words was Zong Lizi in name.

Seeing a soft chair on the sundeck, Jing Jiu thought it would be comfortable to lie on it. He headed toward the outside.

Zong Lizi followed him and was about to ask him some more questions. She suddenly realized what condition she was in at the moment, and turned around to enter her bedroom, blushing slightly.

Soon after, she came out from the bedroom, wearing a pajama. She looked like a white cat, with her damp silvery hair rippling around her shoulders, her eyes and brows thin and attractive.

"How did you get up here?"

She sat on the couch and asked Jing Jiu who was on the other end of the couch. Even though she was ware that this youth had a mysterious background, she was still curious about him.

Jing Jiu had walked in Shou'er City all day. Though he didn't feel tired, he couldn't help but feel a bit bored. As such, he didn't heed her, his eyes closed.

Zong Lizi felt somewhat nervous since she had come here the day before. She was very pleased to see him; so she didn't mind him not paying attention to her.

"What have you seen earlier?" she suddenly asked.

One could see many wonderful sceneries on the sundeck, including the distant lake called the inlet sea. But she didn't ask about the sceneries.


Though Jing Jiu didn't have enough knowledge and experience in daily life, he knew what she meant; but he wouldn't tell her what he saw even if he did see her in that condition.

In fact, what hadn't he seen in the apartment? When he lay on that couch, he would look at her once a while to relax himself.

He had seen her do all kinds of poses while wearing the blue dress with two straps and the stretch pants and seen her sweat beads trickle down from her neck.

When she fell ill, he had stood by her bed, his sight passing through the quilt and her clothes all the way to her inner body.

Her flirting didn't work. Zong Lizi felt a bit disappointed. "This suite is rented by the Twirling Rain Company," said she. "The man by the name of Gao Shu said that I can stay here during the developing stage of the game and don't have to live in the dorm at the university."

Jing Jiu uttered "hmm".

Zong Lizi continued, "I'll go to the University of Stargate to register tomorrow. Do you…like to come with me? Well, forget it if it's inconvenient for you."

Jing Jiu opened his eyes and glanced at her, finding that she was sitting on the spot preferred by Zhao Layue. He uttered "hmm" after some thought.

"What should we do…about the gaming company? I haven't done anything."

"You just sign the contract. Don't worry about the company. You must ask them to develop it as fast as possible; more importantly, they should expand their market beyond the Stargate."

It was rather rare to hear Jing Jiu talk so much. Zong Lizi felt even more nervous; she clenched her fists tighter reflexively to encourage herself.

As Jing Jiu was about to read the papers with his eyes closed, he suddenly sensed something. Raising his eyebrows slightly, he looked at the outside of the sundeck imperceptibly.

Besides the blue sky and white clouds, the lake could be seen outside the sundeck, and the city was situated on the other side of the lake.

A building in the distance gave off an energy he disliked very much. "What is on the other side?" he asked.

"I can't see very clearly…" Zong Lizi watched with her eyes narrowed for a while.

Jing Jiu found that his mood was somewhat unstable since he had asked her such a question. After feeling even more troubled, he brought out a map to check the name of the building.

It was the Administrative Office of the Federation in Stargate, which had a higher official status than the Stargate Base. Jing Jiu wondered if the energy he disliked was the gravitational field.

But what about the building beside it? Why did it make him feel uncomfortable?

Jing Jiu got up and said, "I have to go out to do something."

Zong Lizi was startled, wondering why he had to go after he had just arrived.

Then, it occurred to her that he was someone from this part of the world in the first place; so he must have some old acquaintances and subordinates to contact. Hence, she didn't persuade him to stay. "Be careful," said she earnestly.

Jing Jiu uttered "hmm".

The Administrative Office of the Federation in Stargate indeed had an gravitational field inside; but it had nothing to do with his troubled feeling.

Standing on the opposite side of the street and looking at the majestic building, Jing Jiu made this judgment. Then he turned to go to another building in the distance.

This majestic and holly building was called the Fire-Passing Pagoda, which had six levels and was the site where the believers prayed to their ancestors and gods.

There was only one religion in the Federation of the Milky Way; as such, the religion had no name.

Similarly, their god had no name either.

Many pilgrims came to the Fire-Passing Pagoda; they were all kneeling on the ground around the building, praying reverentially, mumbling to express all kinds of wishes.

According to the information Jing Jiu obtained online, he found out that this place was free to visit. He walked into the building after registering with his bracelet.

The tall trees on the street had many long and extended branches with green leaves, swaying in front of the windows of the building, which made the sunshine look more colorful and amazing seen inside the building.

The frescos in the building were mostly about the dark clouds and the magnificent and strange battleships and the gods without clear appearances.

Yet, in Jing Jiu's eyes, these frescos were much better than the paintings in the art gallery.

It was perhaps because the paintings in the art gallery were all modern arts except for the painting of sunflowers.

Jing Jiu thought he had probably grown old.

Passing through the high-roofed hallway full of frescos, Jing Jiu arrived in the front lobby. He could hear the singing coming out from the cracks of the door, like water flowing out.

Jing Jiu listened to the content of the singing quietly outside the door. He found that it was similar to those frescos, praising the gods and the distant ancient civilization.

As he was about to leave the place, a voice burst out behind him.

"The darkness is right over there, ready to swallow all the lights in the world. However, we have no need to worry, because god has arranged everything for us."

Jing Jiu had intended to leave because he sensed someone approaching; but he didn't expect the person to speak so soon.

It was a typical sermon; so he didn't heed it. Jing Jiu turned to head toward the outside of the building.

The preacher was startled for a while. It was probably because he had never met someone who was so imperturbable in the Fire-Passing Pagoda. He hastened to catch up to Jing Jiu.

Jing Jiu didn't expect the preacher to follow him all the way to the street while talking incessantly.

It was then that the traffic signal for the pedestrians lit up. Jing Jiu halted his steps.

The preacher came beside him and said while panting, "You should believe God. It's not something needed by God, but by us."

Jing Jiu shoot a glance at the signal light; it turned off instantly.

A few magnetic floating trains had just started; but they stopped quickly when they found the signals had changed. They had almost bumped into each other.

The crowd on the opposite side was taken aback at first but started rushing over like tide.

Jing Jiu took a look at the tide-like crowd and said, "I am the god."

The preacher was startled. After ascertaining that he hadn't heard it wrong, the preacher said with an exceedingly terrible expression, "No, God is the sole one."

Jing Jiu walked into the crowd.

A huge whale leapt out of the surface of the sea.

Jing Jiu walked out of the crowd.

He arrived on the square between the museum and the art gallery again.

This place was open and broad enough. The people were scattered, a few sitting on the grass, some on the benches, some feeding the pigeons, and some playing with flying devices.

The uncomfortable feeling occurred to him again.

He walked to the edge of the lawn. Looking at the feces of pigeons underneath his shoes, Jing Jiu turned around and looked at the distance after remaining reticent for a while.

The magnificent mountain range in the west under the illumination of a permanent star gave off a warm glow; and those generators of the gravitational field looked a bit dimmer in comparison even though they sparkled like the stars.

It didn't take long before he detected the source of the energy. His sight as sharp as a sword drew nearer until it reached a pit at the deep part of the mountain range.

Jing Jiu saw a man in overall carry a tool box, on which the name and trademark of the company were painted.

If this man was seen by others, they would think he was a repairman for the government.

The man in overall crouched on the ground with the tool box opened; the apparatus components in it were assembled into a metal object.

The metal object was at least one and half meters long. The tube in front of it was about 1.7 centimeters in diameter; and there were more than twenty braces on the outside of the apparatus.

The tube emitted a dime, blue glow; it was unclear if it was the electrical flow or other sort of wave inside the apparatus.

It was apparent that this was a powerful and long-range gun.

Though the gun was seventy kilometers away, Jing Jiu was certain that it aimed at him.

He could see clearly the dark barrel of the gun and the eye magnified behind a lens.

In a short time, Jing Jiu had discovered many features of the metal gun and came up with many related terms in his sea of awareness.

"Electromagnetism, reinforced braces, laser, and nonchemical expansion".

As those terms appeared in his brain, Jing Jiu suddenly raised his right hand with extended fingers, aiming his palm at the distance.

He acted so fast that a gust of wind whipped up, blowing up some grass crumbs and making some pigeons fly up in terror.

The people on the lawn looked his way, thinking that he was a weird person doing some sort of performance art.

It was then that a loud bang roared on the lawn.


The grass crumbs and dirt flew up in the air, obstructing sights of the people.

The pigeons were flying aimlessly while cooing; it was a chaotic scene.

The people were considerably startled; they all got up and fled to the distance in all directions.

The sprinklers on the lawn were triggered, starting to spray water.

The dusts were vanquished by the water.

Standing amid the drizzle-like mist, Jing Jiu brought back his right hand and opened his palm.

A bark blue object that looked like an ink stick appeared on his palm.

It was the remains of a high-temperature bullet that had exploded.

This kind of bullet was prohibited in the Federation of the Milky Way. Only the armies in the frontline were allowed to use it.

One high-temperature bullet launched by an EM gun could destroy building as strong as the Fire-Passing Pagoda.

Jing Jiu tossed the powder of the bullet onto the lawn. He shook his hand a few times and found it was a bit numb. It occurred to him that the data in the hidden network was correct that this kind of long-range gun was indeed quite powerful.

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