The Path Toward Heaven
758 Where are You Going
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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758 Where are You Going

The tests of the states had been taking place more frequently at the New Era Institute. It was unclear if it had something to do with the upcoming evaluation of the levels. A cheer occurred around the testing apparatus on the distant grassy ground; but some disagreeable comments had also been made.

Someone mentioned Zong Lizi in a mocking and contempt tone. Fortunately, she was stopped by her classmates in time.

Jing Jiu didn't pay much attention to this sort of thing, as he thought it was merely the quarrels between little kids.

He dropped the remaining silvery dust from his hand and clapped his hands a few times before he walked to the edge of the cliff and jumped off.

The edge of the cliff was a bit lower than the grassy ground with a row of trees obstructing the views; nobody could see him jump off the cliff. And Zong Lizi's classmates at the institute didn't know she lived at the foot of the cliff. Even if someone saw him jump off the cliff, they wouldn't feel alarmed, because no one would believe that he was committing suicide.

It was because Jing Jiu tried to think something over that day, and he didn't fall down very fast. He was drifting in midair.

The wind from below blew in his face, hurling up the hoodie on his tracksuits.

A bird flying nearby had almost crashed into the cliff.

If the data flow had found him and entered his body through the fiberglass cable, he would have been in a big trouble. However, nobody had a more powerful mental strength than him; the data flow couldn't have caused real damage to him. But, what if someone in this world made use of the data as vast as the universe in the interplanetary network to attack him?

His feet landed on the ground with a faint "pah".

He had already made a decision during the time when he drifted in midair; he decided to get a computer and use it as a security valve.

There were many computers at the New Era Institute; the terminals in the library were another sort of computers with desirable settings. But they were not even close to what Jing Jiu required. The computer he needed was the kind that could function as a security valve. As such, its hardware must meet a much higher standard; more importantly, the structure of the hardware had to be modified considerably. As such, he had no choice but to assemble it himself.

The most troublesome part of assembling a computer was to select many kinds of hardware. For the sort of computer he needed, the requirements for the hardware were even more fastidious, and the workload would be enormous. It would take a long time if he tried to obtain them in the black market.

Hence, he went to the internet bar or the gaming parlor he had visited before.

He took out the required pieces of hardware from the computers there and searched the storage room thoroughly before he went back to the apartment contentedly.

The tall and fat owner of the gaming parlor was enraged again, but he felt exceedingly scared afterwards.

No golden coin had been stolen from the safe this time, but none of the computers could be turned on, and many items in the storage room were missing.

It was the broad daylight, and nobody, be it his subordinates or the electronic surveillance, could catch a shadow of that chief. Was it done by a ghost?

Jing Jiu started assembling the computer after he got back to the apartment.

His fingers could imitate all kinds of tools, and they could work much more efficiently. It didn't take long before he had assembled two computers.

In Zong Lizi's words, he had completed two art works. It was because the two silvery computers looked beautiful.

Jing Jiu turned on the computers and ascertained that one of them was almost perfect after some adjustments. Then, he handed the another one to Zong Lizi.

Zong Lizi asked in surprise after taking the computer, "Did you mean to give it to me?"

Jing Jiu uttered "hmm". Zong Lizi, after giving a delighted cry, dashed to her bedroom with the computer in her arms and threw herself onto the soft bed. She turned on the computer and started setting up the code and pupil identification process. It didn't take long before she rushed out of her bedroom after another surprised cry. "Your…your computer…can…connect to the interplanetary network?" she faltered while staring at Jing Jiu in disbelief.

Jing Jiu reminded her, "Don't take it to the school, and don't let others know about it."

Zong Lizi let out another cry before she sat down on the couch. She turned on the computer merrily and started browsing the sites on the interplanetary network.

Jing Jiu had set up many tricks in the computers; so he had no worry that the internet surveillance would be able to find him. However, Zong Lizi sat a bit too close to him to feel comfortable. He moved a little more to the other end of the couch and began to set up fake digital marks and information skipping bridges in the upper-level network of the Stargate Base.

This time he had done a more thorough job; he set up more than thirty circular routes for information and several thousand fake digital marks.

A long time had passed after he finished all the work. Yet, Zong Lizi was still staring at the computer screen with an idiotic smile on her face while propping herself against the other end of the couch.

"What are you watching?"

Jing Jiu wanted to know what the regular people would learn first after they had the access to a larger source of information.

Zong Lizi raised her head to take a glance at him; but she didn't know how to answer him.

Jing Jiu took a look at the screen and found that she was watching the videos about the fashion and the tips of weight loss. He couldn't help but furrow his brows.

Zong Lizi pressed her hands together with an adorable and bitter expression on her face, in an attempt to beg for his pardon.

Jing Jiu knocked his fingers on the table as he said expressionlessly, "This computer is given to you for your study."

Zong Lizi had no choice but to give in. She browsed to the library of the Liuli University on the third level and searched for the materials related to her term-paper. Jing Jiu nodded contentedly. He came to the study room and took out a book on finance, and began to study the knowledge about the stock market. After reading it for a while, he found the information was contradictory and meaningless.

He went to the library of the Institute of New Era to get online even though he had assembled his own computer. It was because the database in the library had its particular information channel, which was much better than the wireless channel in the neighborhood.

After Jing Jiu arrived in the reading room, he employed the Sword Formation of Green Mountain as usual to insulate himself from the outside world. First, he connected the data fiberglass cable to the silvery computer, and then he inserted his finger into the data output end of the computer with his eyes closed, looking for those digital marks and the information skipping bridges he had set up in the upper-level network of the Stargate Base.

Though it was a simple operation, the silvery computer became boiling hot. He realized how fast he should think.

Soon after, he entered the interplanetary network, the network of the base and then the hidden network.

If he were another Cloud Ghost, he would become more prudent since his actual location had almost been discovered last time; at the very least he shouldn't take such a risk for a while.

But he was Jing Jiu. He had fought against the heavenly punishment, not to mention it was merely an insignificant data flow.

However, why did he leave at once that day?

Jing Jiu's awareness entered the hidden network and saw a large patch of snowflake-like digital symbols; then he drifted into a tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel there was a room of some sort; someone was in it.

"A newcomer is here."

A line of words appeared clearly amid the drifting snowflakes.

In the next moment, another line of words appeared beside the first line, "Who introduced him?"

Soon after, the third line of words sprang up in front of Jing Jiu's eyes like a rabbit jumped out in the snow-covered ground.

"Is that you? It is you! Did you come yesterday? How dare you come before me again?"

Jing Jiu knew that this person should be the highly skilled Cloud Ghost who had pursued him the day before. His awareness showed up amid the snowflakes, "Why not?!"

The person raised the same question, "Why did you flee when you saw me yesterday? You ran faster than a rabbit! hahaha!"

Judging by the words and the exclamation marks the person used, Jing Jiu could sense the contempt and mockery this person had.

"It was the first time for me; so I was inexperienced. That was an instinctive reaction."

The words Jing Jiu inputted were as boring as himself.

The person did in no way believe his explanation. The person laughed in words, "You shouldn't run too slowly today. I'll let you take your leave three seconds ahead."

The others in the room realized that the two of them had met the day before. And they felt astonished when they heard the conversation between them, wondering who this newcomer was and how this person could find the most secretive room of the hidden network and escaped from the pursuit of the "wild rabbit". As such, he must be quite skilled in hacking.

"No, it's your turn to run today."

Having said this, Jing Jiu charged toward the dataflow.

The dataflow vanished without a trace.

But the person left a large question mark in the room before disappearing.

It seemed that the person didn't expect the newcomer to be so brazen.

Jing Jiu left the room as well.

A chase was taking place in the formless internet.

The people in the room had realized what was going on after a long while.

"Am I having a blurry sight? Did he intend to find the location of the Wild Rabbit?"

"Impossible. The Wild Rabbit is so sly that the newcomer is not his match. His nest will be located by the Wild Rabbit instead."

"The newcomer…is a bit odd. You guys shouldn't come to the conclusion so early."

It didn't take long before the door of the room was pushed open from the outside.

The person who came back was Jing Jiu rather than the highly skilled Cloud Ghost nicknamed the "Wild Rabbit".

The room was deathly quiet.

A moment later, someone couldn't help but ask, "Did you find him?"

Jing Jiu uttered "hmm".

"Where is he from?"

"Is it from the Da'er Planet?"

"No, he must be Mo Chong from the lab in the center of the planet!"

It was evident that all of them in this room were the highly skilled Cloud Ghosts in the Federation of Milky Way. They had an interest in the true identity of the Wild Rabbit.

Jing Jiu had no intention of keeping the secret for him, saying, "He is on a battleship."

The room became quiet again.

A moment later, the snowflakes seemed to have exploded, spreading all over the place. The highly skilled Cloud Ghosts were shocked and enraged.

"It's cheating! That's why nobody could find his location."

"When could the military network connect to the interplanetary network so easily? Is he not afraid of being sentenced by the martial court and thrown to the permanent stars by overstepping his authority?"

"What a shame! Which battleship is it? If it's the Seventh Army of the interplanetary force, I'll ask someone to deal with him!"

The conversations contained many pieces of hidden information, like some Cloud Ghosts in this room having a great influence in the Federation of Milky Way.

Jing Jiu was aware of the rules regarding the divisions of the networks specified by the Federation of Milky Way, and he didn't reveal the specific location of the battleship.

The people in the room suddenly came up with a shocking realization that the newcomer could find the Wild Rabbit hidden on the battleship, meaning that he could ignore the partition between the military and the civil networks…Who the heck was he?




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