The Path Toward Heaven
757 Two Separate Sides
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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757 Two Separate Sides

Jing Jiu was still thinking of this issue after he arrived in the apartment.

Why did the same civilization split into two separate sides?

Had the civilization here discarded the one over there, or the other way around?

Jing Jiu walked to the window and looked up at the sky above.

In the sky were the thin clouds, resembling those on Green Mountain, amid which there were many large platforms that were intermittently visible.

The platforms were not built in the space; in fact, they were on the mantle of the earth.

Many years ago, after the rocks and ores had been transported to the factories in the space, the working platforms were left behind. Afterwards, many buildings were constructed on them for humans to reside in.

The cliff where the New Era Institute was situated was in the deep part of the mantle of the earth.

Deeper still were the desolate neighborhood and the laboratory from which Jing Jiu had escaped.

That place should be the center of the earth. It was said that the Stargate had been partitioned during the modification of the planet, providing metals for numerous battleships.

It was true that this planet had been emptied by the humans save for the mantle of the earth.

Only the female priests, the aristocrats and the officials were allowed to live on the ground full of forests and lakes.

As far as Zong Lizi was concerned, the people living on the ground and platforms were all considered as the "people above".

As far as the humans were concerned, this was the inevitable result when the resources of the planet were completely exploited.

He had read about the history of the Federation of the Milky Way, and knew that the Stargate Base relied exactly on this peculiar structure to survive the few invasions from the Sea of Dark Matter.

The ground, be it under the feet or over the head, could provide enough protection for the humans.

However, Jing Jiu didn't believe that the Federation of the Milky Way had such technical capacity; he suspected that this planet should be the remains of the distant ancient civilization.

His line of sight passed through the ground at the highest point and reached a corner of the universe, where there were a few battleships floating, with countless stars near and far emitting glows of various illuminations.

Those permanent stars were none other than the fireballs that could provide boundless fairy energy.

This world was quite backward as far as the usage of the fairy energy was concerned. Jing Jiu ascertained once again that this was a relatively low-level civilization; it was not possible that Chaotian had been discarded by this civilization.

Well, was it possible that the humans in this world were the descendants of the ascendants? But, judging from the bodily structure and other aspects of the humans in this world, this hypothesis couldn't be right.

Standing by the window and looking at the corner of the universe as gloomy as the opening of a well, Jing Jiu calculated for a long time and came up with a fuzzy idea.

Since the distant ancient civilization that had died along with the Sea of Dark Matter could revive amid the ruined stars, had it made other preparations in another world before its destruction?

The world called the Federation of the Milky Way had progressed constantly in science and materialization.

On the other hand, the world in Chaotian had taken a totally different path given its high speed of light and isolated condition.

Chaotian and this world had been marching on different sides.

Unfortunately, both the network of the institute and the database in the library had no recording of the distant ancient civilization. It was obvious that the information was forbidden to access.

Jing Jiu wondered if he should knock a female priest unconscious and then read her memory by means of the Two-Mind Connection of the Fruit Formation Temple.

It was rumored that there were some hidden networks in the interplanetary network where one might be able to find out many secrets.

Thinking of this, Jing Jiu was struck by what he should learn for now.

In fact, after Jing Jiu watched the brief news about the battleship fleet destroying the Mother's Nest on TV, the first tool he used to learn about this world was the computer, and the first thing he learned in this world was how to operate the computer. In the beginning, he learned the basic knowledge of how to operate the computer and how to browse and search the information on a computer. Now, he needed to learn more advanced computer knowledge, including the hardware and essential structure of a computer and most importantly the Cloud Ghost method.

The Cloud Ghost was the name given by the humans of the Federation of the Milky Way to those highly skilled internet hackers. It was said that the name had something to do with the cloud computing model in the ancient past. The hackers were like the ghosts who lived inside the internet and could enter the forbidden sites freely without ever being discovered.

Jing Jiu came to the quiet reading room after he exchanged his bracelet for a terminal. He set up the Inherited Heaven Sword Formation to insulate himself from the outside world before he grabbed the fiberglass cable of the database again with his eyes closed.

His thin and long eyelids quivered slightly, indicating that his awareness was operating at a high speed, searching and absorbing the data incessantly.

In a very short time, he had read all the related knowledge in the network of the institute and the database of the library; in even a shorter period of time, he had prepared three plans and spent half a minute gaining total control of the database.

In the next moment, he began to break through the forbidden sites by force. It took him two minutes to successfully break through the barriers and entered the upper level networks of the Stargate Base.

It was like a small stream flowing into a large sea.

At that moment, the data as vast as sea rushed into his sea of awareness.

If the data of the library had caused many sprays in his sea of awareness, the data of the high-level networks stirred up a great many huge ocean waves.

This sort of data flood could be dangerous in some aspects, but it was also rather appealing.

Jing Jiu had successfully resisted the appeal with his strong willpower. He was engaged mostly in his search for the related knowledge rather than embroiled in the sea of data looking for unknown and novel knowledge.

Among the sea of data, he had found more advanced knowledge related to computers and the internet, and then he started absorbing it like a sponge soaking up water.

About three minutes later, all the data in the upper-level networks of the Stargate Base had imparted into his brain.

Yet, he didn't try to gain control of the upper-level network this time; instead, he kept on breaking through more barriers. It took longer for him to have finally entered the interplanetary network.

It was at the moment that Jing Jiu felt contented even though it was a rare emotion for him. He took a breather after he opened his eyes, after which he noticed the time indicator on the terminal showing that ten minutes had elapsed.

The data in the interplanetary network were more massive than the sea itself; they were as vast as the universe, including all the knowledge and information of the universe.

He thought to himself with his eyes closed that he could take his time to study them later on. He set up a few fake digital marks in the upper-level network of the base and three skipping bridges for data transformation before searching for the required information and studying it after finding it.

Half an hour later, he believed that he had already made sufficient preparations and that the most formidable Cloud Ghost in the Federation of the Milky Way was not as powerful as he, and Jing Jiu began to search for the hidden network after he made a few digital marks and data skipping bridges.

The hidden network was the lowest level in the interplanetary network; it was also the most secretive and mysterious site.

It was said that the site contained the remains of the distant ancient civilization, the detailed information about the Sea of Dark Matter, the secrets of the Old Ones Fellowship, the construction drawings of the Science Academy, and even the dissertations on the weaponry at the permanent star level. It would take at least three days for the laboratory of the Stargate Base with the most powerful computer coupled with the most powerful analysis software to find the gateway of the hidden network, and the hidden network might have changed the gateway three days after it was detected that the network had been raided. And maybe the network had already shut down the gateway.

The above-mentioned procedures would likely occur in the interplanetary network.

When Jing Jiu sensed the digital symbols dropping down like snowflakes, he was taken aback for a moment. Then he realized that he had entered the hidden network.

He was a very focused person, which was an indication of the way he treated the tasks laying ahead of him rather than the way he treated the affection.

Now that he decided to learn all the knowledge related to computing and internet, there was nothing that could make him stray from his target.

The knowledge about the Cloud Ghosts in the hidden network was much more advanced and harder to understand, but he gained a great deal of pleasure from learning it, so mush so that he would feel regretful after he finished reading it and opened his eyes.

However, other interesting information awaited him, like the secrets about the distant ancient civilization.

He closed his eyes again. He sensed that the snowflake-like digital symbols were falling almost the same way as before, but he noticed a slight change on the upper right corner.

He perceived the spot quietly and ascertained that a digital symbol was indeed moving at the spot.

Though it was normal that the digital symbols moved in the network, this was somehow an interface for the data collecting channels. He found that the slight and enigmatic change was out of place.

He placed his awareness onto the moving digital symbol after making some preparations.


A faint noise rang out in his mind.

The moving digital symbol discovered that it had been detected. It threw the disguise away and pursued his awareness.

Jing Jiu started to retreat without hesitation.

The snowflake-like digital symbols began to mobilize at an unimaginably fast speed, like a gust of strong wind, and formed many barriers in an effort to slow down the retreat of his awareness, yet they were all broken through by Jing Jiu's awareness.

The two bands of awareness, or in other words, the two data flows, were pursuing each other in the hidden network. In a few moments, they had both broken out of the network and returned to the interplanetary network.

The other data flow detected the fake digital marks set up by Jing Jiu earlier, and the data flow had passed the few information skipping bridges before they were cut off.

Soon after, the data flow followed his awareness to the Stargate Base.

However, the fake digital marks he set up had slowed the data flow a little bit; so Jing Jiu had enough time to cut off the three information skipping bridges.

Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!!

Three fracturing sounds, though they were not real in the physical sense, rang out in the upper-level network of the Stargate Base.

The data flow came before a computer on the platform of the third level in the base and lingered around for a few moments before it left silently, showing a sense of disappointment and resentment.

Jing Jiu opened his eyes and remained reticent for some time, holding the fiberglass cable in his right hand.

By the time the data flow discovered his awareness, he had already let go of the cable, so he had no need to worry that the other party would pinpoint him as the culprit.

However, the other party could still locate the New Era Institute easily, then its library and this reading room.

He had to activate the fake digital marks with his awareness and cut off the information skipping bridges if he wished to be utterly safe.

Even though the other party had located the Stargate Base, he had no need to worry about it. It was because there were a few billion humans living on this planet with several billion terminals, it was impossible for it to find him.

As Jing Jiu was on his way heading out of the library, he took out the latest recording disc from the database. After he walked out of the library, he headed toward the cliff on the other side of the grassy ground.

He squeezed his palm slightly, and the recording disc was crushed into powder, which sifted through between his fingers and landed on the green grassy ground, resembling the white borderlines for the ball games.

Jing Jiu was walking on one side, and on the other side were the students who were playing and laughing.
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