The Path Toward Heaven
756 Jing Jiu, a Potential Physicis
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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756 Jing Jiu, a Potential Physicis

Jing Jiu could tell whether a person was telling the truth or not when he was in Chaotian.

And he could do so here as well.

It's because a human is always a human.

He could make the judgment easily based on one's blood flow, rate of breathing, size of pupils, bodily posture and the awareness waves.

Zong Lizi started eating her lunch with her head lowered; it seemed that she didn't care that much about this sort of thing.

Jing Jiu didn't make a move.

She lifted her head and took a look at him. "I've spent a half of my food ration on this meal; are you sure you don't want to eat?" she pressed.

"It's inconvenient," said Jing Jiu.

Zong Lizi thought that he meant wearing the hoodie was inconvenient. "Why don't you take the hoodie off?" she demanded in bewilderment.

"It's even more inconvenient," returned Jing Jiu.

Thinking of his handsome face, Zong Lizi nodded, "Just keep it the way it is then."

If he exposed his face, an uproar would break out in the canteen among the girls, she thought. Everybody would look this way. How could they eat their meals as a result?

The discussions were still going around the dining tables, which were heard clearly by Jing Jiu.

The female students were discussing Zong Lizi's appearance and her relationship with Jing Jiu, and started mocking her.

"Isn't your appearance the best here?" asked Jing Jiu.

Zong Lizi took the steak from Jing Jiu's plate and then put on her own plate before saying, "I'm the prettiest."

She was the prettiest girl even in the society above, to say nothing of the New Era Institute.

It was what her mother told her when she was young.

Her mother was a renowned beauty. If her mother hadn't been ill due to the failure of the gene modification and known that she wouldn't be able to live long, she wouldn't have married her father, a poor teacher, in an effort to pursue love and live the rest of her life in a more passionate way. It was believed that her father committed suicide mainly because he loved her too much and felt despaired after her death.

While thinking of all this with a faint smile, Zong Lizi cut the beef steak with a knife and fork, making an ear-splitting noise on the ceramic plate. The atmosphere in the canteen grew cold abruptly.

The complaints and angry swears burst out in the surroundings. Those female students who liked making unagreeable comments moved to farther places.

It occurred to Jing Jiu that this little girl was like him in many aspects. And yet, what he failed to understand was why the others badmouthed her even though she was so pretty.

"I'm even more good-looking, but nobody has badmouthed me," he said to Zong Lizi. "Something might be wrong with your personality."

Zong Lizi set down the knife and fork on the table. She stared at him for a while before saying, "Flowers are good-looking, but they are prone to being plucked. The good-looking things are susceptible to envy."

This is a simple principle. Nobody dared badmouth Jing Jiu in Chaotian; it was not because he was good-looking, but because he was too powerful.

"So the flowers should have thorns," said he while looking at Zong Lizi.

This statement had a deep meaning.

Zong Lizi still thought that he was an eloped illegitimate son of a clan from above; otherwise, she would kneel down on the ground and beg to become a student of his.

Jing Jiu wouldn't do anything to those who mocked her.

He was not good at this sort of thing.

It was unnecessary.

Kill them with a swing of the sword?

Their crime didn't deserve death.

They were merely a bunch of kids.

It was important to keep a low profile.

He had never kept a low profile in Chaotian, but he was learning to do so here.

After lunch, Zong Lizi returned to the instruction building, and Jing Jiu went back to the library. It was because he hadn't read the rest of the materials in the database yet.

Unexpectedly, a repair notice was posted on the gate of the library; the library was not open in the afternoon.

Jing Jiu intended to get in the library and connect to the database directly, and he even wished to visit the halls on the higher levels of the library, but he was worried that he might be discovered there.

The battleship was still drifting in the universe, casting an irritating shadow through the blue sky and white clouds.

He didn't know what to do while standing on the landing of the stone steps. In the end, he decided to go back to the apartment and watch TV.

As he walked past a grassy ground, a girl suddenly blocked him.

Jing Jiu remembered that she was the girl who had apologized to Zong Lizi in tears, whose name was Lu Shuiqian.

"Who are you?" demanded Lu Shuiqian while staring at Jing Jiu cautiously.

Jing Jiu didn't pay any mind, as he kept on walking forward.

Lu Shuiqian didn't give up. She jogged alongside Jing Jiu while saying, "Lizi has never been to the canteen, nor has she been close to a boy. Who the heck are you?"

She grew increasingly more anxious without getting an answer from Jing Jiu. "Are you her boyfriend?" she pressed, tears in her eyes again. "You can't dupe her. You should know that she must pass the level five to be qualified to be an exchange student; this is her last chance. She is only in level four, and she should spend all her time studying and cultivating…"

Listening to these seemingly concerned words even though she actually intended to learn some secrets from him, Jing Jiu stopped short and exclaimed exasperatingly, "Do you have a death wish?"

Lu Shuiqian was taken aback. Sensing the cold intent exuding from underneath the hoodie, she turned pale, running away rapidly.

Jing Jiu's line of sight landed on a spot on the grassy ground where there was a metal apparatus, which should be the device for testing the levels mentioned on TV and in the books.

Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

The explosive noise bellowed out in the device.

A dozen youths and young girls were going through the test.

The air waves rushed outwards, hurling up the grass crumbs.

The youth who had the best score displayed a strength of several hundred kilograms.

The humans in this world could practice the Cultivation of martial art; they could develop zhenqi inside their bodies to the highest degree after their genes were modified. If they were lucky enough to obtain the blessing from their female priest, they would be able to become a swordsman in the starry sky.

In comparison to the humans in this world, the common folks in Chaotian were much weaker, yet the ascendants of Chaotian were much stronger than them.

The Cultivation practitioner of martial art here cultivated zhenqi rather than the fairy energy.

It was for this reason that Jing Jiu said the Cultivation practice here was the undesirable method when Zong Lizi asked him to read the books on the Cultivation of martial art.

It was evident that this world possessed sufficient fairy energy, but they didn't know how to use it. The most they did was launch it by means of a magic treasure; it was an inferior method indeed.

Perhaps it was because the humans here had a weak physical body, so they were not suited for the magic methods used by the Cultivation practitioners in Chaotian.

Yet, why did the humans in this world have a weak physical body?

Jing Jiu jumped off the cliff at the edge of the grassy ground and returned to the apartment. He was thinking of this issue after he lay on the couch comfortably and watched the boring TV programs.

He suddenly stood up. After he arrived in the kitchen, he picked up a kitchen knife and wielded it at his arm with all his strength.


The kitchen knife broke in half.

Next, he pressed his finger on his arm and scratched it lightly.

A shallow white mark appeared on his arm soundlessly before the arm returned to its former condition.


The speed of light slowed.




Many terms appeared in his awareness. He came up with a conclusion after he combined the terms a certain way and did some calculations.

"It's as expected."

Jing Jiu took out the piece of paper and looked at the two words on it for a long time.

"Year" and "Robot" were written on it.

The two words seemed to have no association with one another, and they had no association with the terms he thought of earlier.

He muttered to himself, "Ping Yongjia…it turns out that you're someone with artificial intelligence."

The next day, Jing Jiu went to the library of the New Era Institute again. Yet, he had prepared adequately for this visit. He didn't absorb the knowledge as greedily as he had done the day before. He excluded all the knowledge regarding those prior to space and time but focused on the content regarding astronomy and the universe.

As such, the transportation of the data wouldn't overload the system. And the information he was most interested in was the origin of this civilization and the truth about the Sea of Dark Matter, which might help him find the information related to Chaotian.

The Sea of Dark Matter reminded him of the dark matter.

Was the civilization full of evil and deathly energy a part of the Civilization of Dark Matter?

This world had a superficial understanding of the dark matter until now, and they hadn't even found any evidence to prove the existence of dark matter.

What he was baffled about was that the monsters resembling the black dandelion without a stem left him with a familiar sensation.

Had he seen the monsters from the Sea of Dark Matter somewhere but forgotten?

The reduced speed of light was another issue.

If the speed of time depended on the mass of the astronomical objects, Chaotian couldn't be inside a black hole, but a region with high speed of light. However, he couldn't calculate it unless he inserted a constant into the formula. On the other hand, history demonstrated that it was always a regretful decision to introduce a constant in the formula.

Jing Jiu was calculating and thinking of all this as he was absorbing the knowledge of the database.

The only thing he was sure of was that this world and Chaotian had the same origin.

The two civilizations were not just alike...they were the same.

It was only that the two civilizations had been separated for a long time, right in front of the bamboo chair.
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