The Path Toward Heaven
749 The First Contac
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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749 The First Contac

The people in Chaotian who possessed so much metal mines and were willing to display them in such a careless manner were the mountain gates of those ware sects besides the King Manor of Dongyi Dao.

Jing Jiu believed that this place was the mountain gate of a ware sect of some sort, located in the deep part of a large mountain.

If this was the case, he thought that he should be able to fly over the peak top by pushing the sword light upwards.

He was interested in checking out the overall vista of this world, like the mountains in the distance and the rivers nearby.

To his surprise, he was still in the underground after he flew out of the peak.

No blue sky could be seen over his head, except for a small patch of dark space with some vaguely visible stars.

It was probably the universe where he had stayed for a short while.

It was dim in the surroundings. The dim glows were emitted from the tall lamp poles.

Nobody could be found on the quiet street. Only a few rooms by the street had the lights on.

It was unknown what materials the lights were made from; but their glows were steadier than that of the glowing pearls, devoid of twinkling.

The closest structure was a five-story small building, and the light in the only lit room was twinkling slightly. Out of curiosity, Jing Jiu flew over and arrived outside its window.

He saw a girl with silvery hair prop against the chair with her eyes closed, her fingers motionless on a magic treasure. She must have fallen asleep while operating it.

Soon after, he noticed that there was a light screen in the room, on which the pictures were changing incessantly. This light screen turned out to be the source of the twinkling glow.

While looking at the light screen, Jing Jiu vaguely heard the voices coming out from it, and he could also understand what the voices said.

It was said that the army of this world was fighting with the enemy in one place of the universe and gained a great victory.

He frowned slightly when he saw the black monster floating in the universe on the light screen.

He planned to leave the place and kill someone who dared to stop him with a swing of his sword, just like what he had done before, since this was a backward world and nothing could threaten him anyway. However, he changed his mind.

The dead monster resembling a huge black dandelion without stem was none other than the heavenly demon of the outside world he had met.

The sword-boat like flying wares that had aimed at the heavenly demons of the outside world were none other than the burning flying swords.

The heavenly demons of the outside world were a kind of lifeform that lived for the purpose of swallowing other beings and then committing suicide; they were a threat to Chaotian.

The enemy of one's enemy is their friend.

No matter how one viewed it, the humans in this world must have a deep connection with the humans in Chaotian, and they might even have the same origin.

After shooting a glance at the girl with silvery hair in sleep, Jing Jiu thought to himself that he should be careful when he was on his way out of here and avoid harming too many people.

All of a sudden, the face of the girl with silvery hair was illuminated as the light in the room suddenly grew brighter.

Jing Jiu spun his head to look at the light screen and found that the battleships on the screen shot out straight light beams in unison at the dozen heavenly demons of the outside world.

The light beams were very thick. He could sense the powerful energy contained in them even through the window and the light screen.

Were the lightning rays he encountered in the beginning of his ascension these light beams?

The light screen suddenly turned snow white.

A place in the dark universe had an enormous explosion.

The unimaginably bright light spread in every direction, forming a huge fireball instantly.

It was easy for Jing Jiu to recall the white fireball outside Chaotian and the huge reddish fireball when he saw it, wondering if this fireball was also full of fairy energy.

It was rather formidable that this world had such a powerful magic treasure.

Nevertheless, this place was the fairy world…so there was plenty of fairy energy here. Though it was an awkward way to store the fairy energy and the usage of the fairy energy was inefficient and wasteful, the figures in the Heavenly Arrival State in Chaotian couldn't even withstand it.

His evaluation of this world had improved many times over.

He lifted his head to look at the small night sky. His line of sight passed through the clouds and fog, and saw a dozen platforms of different styles and the humans who couldn't fall asleep at night while wearing elegant clothing; and he saw the deep part of the universe.

A few battleships were drifting slowly there, which looked exactly the same as the ones on the light screen.

The light beams resembling the lightning rays of heavenly punishment and the powerful weapons of fairy energy were all launched from these battleships.

"Hmm…let me check it out first."

Jing Jiu made the decision without any hesitation and mental struggle.

He reached out his hand and damaged the small magic treasure that was obviously used for surveillance, and pushed open the window and walked in.

The girl with silvery hair sleeping on the chair rolled sideways, indicating she was about to wake up; it was unclear if the wind coming in from the window disturbed her or the slightly changed energy due to the arrival of an uninvited guest did it.

Jing Jiu glanced at her, and she felt relaxed abruptly and fell into sound sleep again.

The pictures on the light screen had changed again. It was a scene of a room rather than the battleships and the fireball.

A woman, wearing a tight clothing, was dancing. Her dancing moves, in Jing Jiu's opinion, were not elegant at all, but repeating some mechanic activities. The woman looked rather tired because she panted heavily. And yet, for some reason she was speaking incessantly.

Jing Jiu found this world was not easy to understand even though he had the intention to do so. After a moment of bewilderment, he took the small magic treasure from the bosom of the girl with silvery hair and studied it.

He sent a sword source into it; the screen of it glowed a bit before it died down.

The state of this magic treasure was not as high as those in Chaotian, but the complicity of it was quite high. It had many more delicate tiny magic treasures inside it. As such, it was rather fragile and easy to break apart.

Now that he couldn't send the sword source into it, he should try to find the switch.

Jing Jiu had checked the internal structure of the magic treasure with the sword will and found the control center of it was like what he had seen in the lab. In the next moment, he noticed a round button at the bottom of the magic treasure.

Judging from the size and shape of the round button, it should have something to do with the fingers. He lifted the right hand of the girl with silvery hair and pressed her right forefinger on the button.


The yuanqi in the magic treasure began to flow and then much faster. The smooth side of it lit up and displayed a picture.

He touched an image in the picture reflexively with his finger; the pictures had changed.

After that, he kept on touching the screen.

The picture on the light screen was gone, with an empty screen left.

Yet, there was still a twinkling glow in the room, which was emitted from the magic treasure he turned on.

Soon after, the crowing of a rooster suddenly broke out in the room.

Jing Jiu looked at the origin of the sound and didn't find any cage for roosters but a simple small ware, inside which a spring-like object was vibrating to imitate the sound of a rooster and the strange symbols on it were glittering.

The girl with silvery hair got up and walked like a zombie toward the alarm clock. She returned to the chair and lay down again after she turned off the alarm. She didn't fully wake up for a long while.

She hadn't noticed Jing Jiu the whole time. Jing Jiu had been standing behind her and didn't make any noise ever since she woke up.

"How come I fell asleep again…"

The girl with silvery hair grunted while yawning once and rubbing her eyes. Then, she found that the computer didn't shut down.

She shot two glances at the screen. All of a sudden, she was totally frozen on the spot. "Ahh! My article? My term-paper!" she screamed sharply after a moment of pause. "Who deleted it? I've spent half a month on it. Little Yellow One, you're such a troublemaker! Did you do it?"

It was then that she remembered that her cat had died a few days ago. Looking at the cabinet ahead, she lowered her head while holding it with both of her hands, remaining silent for a long time.

Jing Jiu followed her line of sight and found there was a photo picture on the cabinet, in which a girl with silvery hair was holding a yellow cat.

As someone who had also raised a cat, Jing Jiu was certain that there was no cat in this room, and he couldn't even smell the scent of a cat

The cat must have been gone.

It didn't take long for the girl with silvery hair to calm down. She sat down on the chair and began to eat her breakfast quietly after washing herself, drinking some water and taking the medicine.

Jing Jiu followed her like a ghost the entire time, watching her wash, drink water, take the medicine, eat the breakfast silently, and then turn on the magic treasure to input something into it.

He remembered all the usage of the items in the room and every detail of her moves.

Having finished the breakfast, the girl with silvery hair went out; it remained unclear what she attempted to do.

Jing Jiu didn't follow her to leave the room. He had been standing in the bathroom quietly and didn't come out until he heard the sound of locking the door on the other side.

He came before the cabinet and remained for some moments, looking at the yellow cat in the photo.

The photo was three-dimensional; the person and the cat in the picture looked quite vivid, as though they were alive, pretty much like what he had seen on the light screen the night before.

Yet, he didn't feel astonished; it was because the Retrieved Heavenly Orb could do all this, and it could even do a better job.

He sat down on the chair. He found, unexpectedly, that it was quite comfortable to lie on it. He adjusted his posture before he picked up the remote control like what the girl with silvery hair had done and turned on the light screen, readying to watch TV.

It was true that he had already learned that this object with a light screen was called TV.

The light screen lit up to show pictures with sound effect.

After Jing Jiu watched it for a while, he started imitating the speech on TV, "According to our station…"


An ear-splitting alarm suddenly blurt out in the room.
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