The Path Toward Heaven
748 Not Returning
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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748 Not Returning

As Jing Jiu raised his right hand, the two scientists yelled nervously.

"Stop! Don't even try it!"

"Are you crazy? Even if you're the most formidable liquid metal robot, you're unable to break through the gravitational field. You'll be injured."

Jing Jiu understood what these two attempted to tell him, but he didn't know the exact meaning of those words.

What was the gravitational field? Was it related to the energy field mentioned earlier? What was a robot? What did it mean that the gravitational field was impossible to break through?

No sooner had he woken up than he checked his body with the sword awareness and found the fairy energy in his body had already recovered quite a bit.

He had no match in Chaotian;, but what kind of a magic treasure did this place have that could work against him since it belonged to such a backwards world?

Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!!

Many crisp sounds echoed in the empty lab.

Hundreds of sword lights had come out between his palm and the air. They returned to his side after traveling one lap at a high speed.

He couldn't believe that he hadn't broken the barrier.

Sensing the deformed space around him, Jing Jiu wondered if this was the so-called energy field or the gravitational field.

None of the magic treasures in Chaotian could alter the structure of the space.

Though this fairy world was a bit backward, it was rather interesting.

Jing Jiu stepped back two paces and looked at the metal wall, a hint of sword light glowing in the end of his eyes. Soon, he found the weak point and the center of the structure among thousands of magic treasures and the flowing yuanqi.

He pointed his finger at the metal wall, an exceedingly cold sword light was shot at it. however, the sword light bounced back and landed on him after it was blocked by the invisible barrier.

This invisible barrier had blocked the All in One Sword, and now it also blocked the shapeless sword light. Jing Jiu grew more serious judging by his expression on his face.

Seeing the sword light travel around the table and the last sword light Jing Jiu wielded, the male scientist held his head while squatting by the equipment counter. "What is it? Is it the condensed light of the third type? Is this person the laser weapon in human form?"

When he saw the sword light land on Jing Jiu after it bounced back from the energy field, he yelled in surprise while waving his arms, "Be careful! Be careful! Don't hurt yourself!"

The female scientist said in a calm tone, "Please calm down. Let's have a talk. We don't mean you any harm. Stop trying. No one can break through the energy field. All you will do is to harm yourself."

Jing Jiu could understand their language, but he didn't speak it.

Yet, it was not because he refused to communicate with them.

The real reason was that the invisible barrier had blocked his escape route, acting like a fence.

This was a prison cell, and he was a prisoner.

He couldn't agree to any negotiation terms when he was imprisoned.

He looked at the two scientists.

Their gazes met.

The male scientist felt a bit mesmerized, and the female scientist breathed a little more heavily. She suddenly turned around and came before the control station.

They were not enticed by Jing Jiu's beauty, but a powerful mental willpower. There was no way they could resist it.

The invisible barrier, called the energy field, could alter space and block mass and sword light, but the awareness could penetrate it.

Jing Jiu intended to command the two to release him, but he found that this sort of mental control was impossible to work with precision.

Sitting before the control station in stupor, the two scientists didn't know what to do, their fingers moving around on the control panel aimlessly.

Someone was heading their way in the distance. It must be that the so-called energy field had drawn attention.

Jing Jiu gazed at the center of the structure behind the wall he had found earlier, sending his will to those two again.

A blue light screen appeared and then disappeared. The invisible barrier was dismantled.

Jing Jiu thought of something as he was about to leave the place. He came before the two unconscious scientists, took off the coat the female wore and put it on himself.

Though this coat was not as comfortable as the dozen white clothes in the manor cave on Shenmo Peak, it was white in color, and the clothing of a female was usually cleaner.

Jing Jiu saw a vast space after he came out from the lab. There must be many levels in this building, with countless visible and hidden passages. Most of the materials, including the wall, the floors and the venting pipes, were metal.

Jing Jiu was reassured that this world was plentiful in mineral mines.

It was hard not to make any noise when walking on the metal floor. It was then that Jing Jiu heard a dozen footsteps from various directions.

Yet, he didn't make any noise and had no need to worry that the others would discover him.

The heavenly demons of the outside world couldn't even discover him, to say nothing of the people in this world.

Jing Jiu was walking in a long passageway. The light shining down from above was a bit dim, which reminded him of the passageway leading to the cell of his Big Brother in the Sword Jail of Green Mountain.

All of a sudden, he sensed two air waves sweeping over from both ends of the passageway at a high speed.

He could pretend to be a meteor in the universe; what could he pretend to be here? A paper bucket? Or should he change into a butterfly to fly away?

As the two air waves had almost reached him, Jing Jiu turned into a sword light heading toward the right.

Soundlessly, a tiny and sharp rift appeared on the exceedingly hard metal wall.

There was a regularly sized room on the other side of the metal wall, where some cups and items he couldn't recognize were placed. The items should be some sort of magic treasures judging by the hidden yuanqi in them.

Two men wearing white coats walked in after the door of the room was pushed open. They were startled slightly when they saw Jing Jiu, though started engaging themselves in the work after nodding to him to greet him.

It seemed that the white coats were something they used to discern each other's identities.

It occurred to Jing Jiu that the white coats were similar to the clothing of various Cultivation sects, like the sword robes at the Green Mountain Sect.


A faint aroma arose from the teacup after the boiling water was poured into it.

Though Jing Jiu didn't have the olfactory perception, he could tell the fine differences between the scents. He was certain that this tea was much inferior to the one boiled by G Qing.

However, to his surprise, the magic treasure could change spiritual energies more efficiently; it could boil the water much faster than the silver or iron stoves on Shenmo Peak.

One of the men raised the teacup and asked, "Do you wish to have one?"

Jing Jiu noticed that this person had a metal ring on his finger, and so did the other man. It occurred to him that this ring must be something similar to the command board because the two scientists who became unconscious due to his willpower also had the rings on their fingers.

He walked out of the room while shaking his head.

The man didn't pay much attention to Jing Jiu as he brought the teacup to his lips and blew at it a few times. Suddenly he was frozen, at a loss.

"What's wrong?" asked his colleague.

"My eyes might be a bit blurred since we've been working hard in the lab lately."

The man sipped the tea as he mused wryly that it would be impossible to see such a handsome face if he had a clear mind.

Jing Jiu thought that it would be easy to obtain a ring, but it was indeed troublesome to match the ring with the energy of the owner.

He came to a quiet and remote room. Seeing the complicated and spider-web like pipes near the ceiling, Jing Jiu found that his emotion became as chaotic as these pipes, which was rare for him.

The reason he was feeling such a chaotic flux of emotions was not because he was intimidated by the unknown, as that would actually be exciting to him, and he didn't feel this way because he was alarmed about the danger lurking. He felt elated and had more of an existential sensation at the moment.

He had such an emotion because he felt it troublesome to carry out tasks that were meaningless, like with procedures and business, like escaping, changing clothing, and leaving after checking out the place.

He did so because he believed that the fairy world was much more backward than he had imagined; but it was the fairy world nonetheless, and he should act in a more low-key fashion.

Still, it was troublesome to behave this way, not to mention time-consuming.

Looking at the pipes near the ceiling, he decided to change the way he would act.

A gust of air in the room blew away his figure.

Dozens of cracks appeared on the pipes near the ceiling before they had all fallen down like the large snakes being cut in many pieces.

A bright sword light appeared in the tightly guarded central part of the base.

The sword light flew upwards.

The metals, be it the hardest alloy sheet or the combined materials that could withstand high temperatures, had all broken apart when they were touched by the sword light.

The most formidable part was that the speed of the sword light traveled at a very high speed. The surveillance cameras on the base could in no way capture its image; the most they could do was calculate its speed, which was evidently faster than that of the battleship of the feather level.

An ear-splitting siren broke out in the underground. The alarm indicators on the panels of various levels started flashing. The mobile guards dashed out of their stations. The laboratory was partitioned and quarantined. The highly secretive database in the computers started recording and analyzing.

By the time the above-mentioned tasks began, the sword light had already flown out of the base and arrived at the sole exit leading to the outside world.

A powerful automatic weapon platform was situated in the cliff here, on which there was a powerful and large laser gun. It was adjusting its position before it aimed at the exit.

Jing Jiu had no idea what a large laser gun was, but he could sense the danger lurking up ahead. He waved his hand without a second thought.

Dozens of sword lights came out from his hand, heading toward the cliff at an unimaginably fast speed.

The large laser gun was turned into a pile of iron before it could shoot out the laser beam. The sword light didn't stop and kept going deep into the platform of the automatic weapon. An explosion ensued; it was unclear what the sword light had hit.

Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

The subsequent explosions continued, the scorching hot flames and air waves spreading in all directions.

Jing Jiu didn't spin his head around.

He found that the speed of his traveling was indeed much slower than when he was in Chaotian.

It proved that the level of this world was truly low.
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