The Path Toward Heaven
747 The Prisoner in the Lab
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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747 The Prisoner in the Lab

Jing Jiu drew back his line of sight from the universe, turned around to open the door of the room, and walked into the living room. He took off the hoodie before he sat on the soft-cushion chair.

Though this world had a low-level civilization, some parts of it were laudable; for instance, this soft chair was more comfortable to sit on than his bamboo chair.

Zong Lizi was combing her silvery long hair meticulously. Seeing him walk out of the study room matter-of-factly, she couldn't help but feel upset. As she was about to scold him, she restrained herself from losing her temper after she saw his face without the hoodie; her voice grew more amiable.

"Is it time? Actually, I'd like to know why you're so interested in the news. Did you come from above? Or were you mistreated by your stepmother?"

She could in no way resist his face, otherwise she wouldn't have agreed to share the rent with him a few days ago.

He couldn't show any ID to prove his identity.

However, she was not concerned that he would do something inappropriate, because he was truly handsome. It would be easy for him to make money or to connect with the important figures above the clouds; a beautiful face could help him get whatever he wanted without resorting to violence. The main reason she shared the apartment with him was because she was a student at the New Era Institute, possessed of a fighting ability superior to common people. And so this boy here? He was not a match for her. It was because of his handsome face that she was deceived by him and agreed to let him upload the book to the network of the institute in her name. Still she hadn't expected the book to receive such lackluster reviews.

"The modern humans are not as powerful as those in the ancient civilization; but everybody can cultivate zhenqi after their genes are modified, and so traditional Cultivation isn't really all that appealing to readers," she said to Jing Jiu patiently. "Like the Cultivation practitioners in the Broken Sea State in your book, they sound quite powerful and formidable, but their flying swords are so slow that they can't even catch up to the battleships. How can they fight against them? Even if they are more powerful than the human practitioners of the current era, they are still not that impressive. It's difficult to make the readers feel impressed by their deeds. It would be more exciting if the Cultivation practitioners in your book could destroy a permanent star with their fists."

Jing Jiu had learned what a permanent star was by now, saying, "No one can do that."

He couldn't even destroy a permanent star even though he was in a very high Cultivation state. None of the Cultivation practitioners in Chaotian could do it, forget the people here in this low-level civilization.

"I heard that there exists a weapon as powerful as the permanent stars…" whispered Zong Lizi close to his ears. "It can destroy a permanent star. However, it's hard to collect enough energy to load the weapon. The energy must be as much as that of a permanent star."

Jing Jiu thought it was a meaningless statement.

If a magic treasure could absorb all the fairy energy from the burning fireball, there would be no need to destroy it.

Music suddenly rang out. He was aware that the program would start in a minute. He sat straight up on the soft cushion and looked at the screen ahead.

The light screen would show a program called "news" every night at eight o'clock. It would recount the significant events that had occurred in this world. Though he couldn't understand why there was a news program, it was nonetheless an important channel for him, a guest from an alien world, to get information. He didn't want to miss it.

Zong Lizi poured another cup of water, took some pills, and ate some vitamins to complete her supper. "Should you edit the content before the ascension?" she asked Jing Jiu. "It's not updated yet, anyway. We should deepen the conflict between the Green Mountain Sect and the Center Sect, and come up with more episodes about love, hatred, regret and revenge, like the relationship between the Immortal Bai and Liu Ci and whether something happened between the two of them or how they became strangers to each other, and like the relationship between Zhao Layue and Bai Zao…"

Jing Jiu wondered why the story was not interesting enough since Gu Qing had ended up in such a miserable situation.

He had a more profound intention when he wrote the book "The Path toward Heaven". He wanted more people to read it. The best way to do it was to publish it with the help of this little girl; but it was still rather annoying to be reproached by her. He turned to stare into the eyes of this girl and attempted to say something, but thought better of it. Since their civilization was low-level, he couldn't expect too much from them.

Being stared at by him, Zong Lizi couldn't help but feel slightly embarrassed. "Jing Jiu in the novel is based on you, right?" she asked. "You're truly narcissistic…But…you're really good looking though. How old are you this year?"

The news was on. Jing Jiu gazed at the light screen, ignoring her.

Seeing Jing Jiu sit straight on the couch with focused attention, Zong Lizi found it dreary.

Only those students who had political aspirations and an enthusiastic populace would watch the news every night; the regular folks were not interested in it in the least.

This youth was indeed a weirdo; or perhaps, he was someone sent by those above.

The scenes in the news had changed several times. A reporter was interviewing an official in front of a large metal gate. The official said that the explosion that had taken place a few day ago was an accident and was contained in time, and that it had no effect on the environment and the structure of the building, and that the populace had no need to feel frightened.

To the surprise of Jing Jiu, the imperial court of this world or an organization like the Plum Meeting should have issued an arrest warrant based on the relevant knowledge he had learned in the last few days; but why hadn't he seen his own easily recognizable face on the news? Wasn't that laboratory an unimportant site?

He saw a man in the distant at the end of this news.

That man had a messy golden hair and a common appearance, but Jing Jiu had a deep impression of him.

Jing Jiu heard a conversation before he opened his eyes in the lab.

He didn't know the language; but strangely enough, he could understand the conversation.

The man expressed his love for him; and it seemed that the man didn't mind his gender.

Jing Jiu opened his eyes and saw the man.

The man had a golden hair and a common appearance, wearing a white coat.

Jing Jiu uttered "hmm" reflexively to express his bewilderment; but he felt it impolite to do so. He got up from the table and nodded toward the man to show his appreciation.

This sort of attraction between two men was not unheard of in Chaotian; it was actually quite popular in Dongyi Dao for a while.

However, Jing Jiu had no need to take politeness into consideration in Chaotian. Since this place might be the rumored fairy world, he had to keep things on the low.

The two scientists were the figures of the highest status in this world. They must have seen a great many starry rivers, dusts and peculiar things, so they didn't shriek when they sawJing Jiu woke up.

Still, they were quite startled. They stared at Jing Jiu without blinking their eyes.

Like when he was in the Fiend Prison, Jing Jiu was naked at that moment.

He swept the surroundings with his sword awareness and discerned the environment of this place and all the details in a short time, including those hidden behind the metal walls.

This room was much smaller than the manor caves on Shenmo Peak; but it was well arranged, giving off a sense of beauty in simplicity and boredom or a sense of tediousness.

What interested him was the fact that the metals were found everywhere in the room, indicating that the minerals were more plentiful here in the fairy world than in Chaotian.

The glistening, delicate and complicated small magic treasures looked similar to the items made by those ware sects in Chaotian, except that the crystals inside them were too small and their energy was not pure.

On the other hand, the energy in the thread-like magic treasures hidden behind the walls was quite pure, but the amount of it was inadequate.

The most disappointing fact was that the magic treasures and the fake light source outside the window revealed that this world made an indirect use of fairy energy; in a sense, the level of fairy energy was even inferior to that in the Alien Lands of his former world.

Was this the fairy world?

How could this world be so backward?

Jing Jiu had come up with the conclusion in a short time. He looked at the two people after he calmed down, and found that he was not wearing any clothing after he noticed their fascinated gazes. His white cloth had been damaged during the dreadful fight with the heavenly demon of the outside world, and he lost the connection with Chaotian after he had left that world, and was unable to bring the clothes with him.

Otherwise, why wouldn't he bring the bamboo chair with him?

As a Cultivation practitioner, Jing Jiu wasn't bothered by his naked predicament in the least.

He raised both of his hands in an attempt to salute the two.

The other two were startled, stepping back a few paces while shouting.

Jing Jiu hadn't heard of the language before, but he could understand what they wanted to convey.

"Put down your hands. We have a level six energy field here. The principal gun on the battleship can't even break it open."

After a moment of silence, Jing Jiu put down his hands and took a few steps forward; as expected, he had touched an invisible barrier.

What was the energy field?

It was unbelievable that he hadn't discovered the invisible barrier earlier.

But, the more pressing question was why there was an invisible barrier here.

Were these people intending to imprison him here?

Jing Jiu raised his right hand again and pressed it on the invisible barrier.

Countless sword lights came out between his palm and the air, illuminating his unbothered face.
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