The Path Toward Heaven
745 It’s a Worthwhile Journey
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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745 It’s a Worthwhile Journey

The sword fire on Jing Jiu's fingertip looked like a dim firefly in the endless space of the universe; but it was nonetheless quite noticeable.

The huge shadow discovered it instantly. The powerful air wave swept the place again at an unimaginably fast speed and ascertained the location of Jing Jiu.

The tentacles began to writhe around; they looked rather disgusting and evil when being illuminated by the reddish fireball behind it.

Seeing this, Jing Jiu had the feeling that he had seen it before, but he couldn't remember where.

As he was about to cut off the ugly tentacles that were obviously dangerous, the powerful air wave seemed to have turned into a formless gravitational field to make the entire space grow dense. It was even hard for Jing Jiu to move any part of his body, to say nothing of becoming a sword light.

Jing Jiu realized that he had made a mistake. He underestimated the prowess of his opponent; in other words, he failed to predict the fighting style of his opponent.

The heavenly demon of the outside world had no intention of catching him, obviously..


It intended to outright annihilate him.

A powerful and sinister awareness landed on Jing Jiu and caught his spiritual soul.

If the spiritual soul were a tangible object, it would have been covered with a thick layer of frost and broken into pieces by the awareness in the next moment.

If he were a different human ascendant, he wouldn't be able to resist such a powerful spiritual awareness.

However, Jing Jiu had experienced the spiritual awareness more powerful than this, and his spiritual soul had sustained the Cultivation in two lives and was much stronger than the other ascendants.

He launched a counterattack instead of being killed by the sinister awareness of the heavenly demon of the outside world.

Two bright sword lights emerged in the end of his eyes and leapt out like fish jumping out of the sea, illuminating his eyelids and everything in front of him.

The universe was still deathly quiet; but a loud boom seemed to have burst out somewhere.

The heavenly demon of the outside world quivered slightly, the tentacles on the surface trembling violently and giving off a great deal of smoke and dust, like mist emitted by mushrooms.

The sinister and formidable awareness retreated, and the strong air wave had vanished. The dense space returned to the normal state. Jing Jiu could move again.

He couldn't employ the All in One Sword Formation here. It was hard to cause any damage to such a large body and mount an effective defense by slashing it with the sword light from a distance. How should he fight against it then?

A sword light flew into the huge shadow.

The shadow was illuminated from time to time. Its skin occasionally became transparent, which was the occasion when Jing Jiu could be seen traveling swiftly inside the skin.

The tentacles fell off one after the other, turning into soundless flames in the dark universe.

The sinister and powerful awareness was pursuing Jing Jiu with a cold intent, devoid of any emotion, including fear.

The tranquil and formidable sword light was sometimes crushed to oblivion, but it could always pop out again.

It was quiet soon after.

The tentacles were not swaying anymore, drifting like weeds in the water.

The heavenly demon of the outside world was not moving any longer, floating motionlessly in the universe.

All of a sudden, it twitched once.

The heavenly demon of the outside world broke into pieces and spread out in all directions, no energy left behind.

The sinister and powerful awareness was gone as well.

The dust floating in the universe spread to the distance.

The scene looked like the primordial condition in ancient times.

Seeing the broken pieces of the heavenly demon of the outside world spread out before him, Jing Jiu had a tired look on his face.

The white cloth was in tatters, which left him along with the spreading pieces of the corpse of the heavenly demon. The wounds with dark and gray energies could be seen all over his body; his sword source was almost exhausted.

The worst part was that his sword awareness was badly damaged by the sinister awareness. He felt dizzy at the moment and was on the verge of falling asleep or dying.

This was the first fight he was engaged in battle after his ascension; it didn't take long and it was soundless. And yet, it was a harder fight than any he had encountered in Chaotian, and it was the closest encounter he had with death. It was because his opponent was truly powerful and he had made two consequent miscalculations.

He had found that the cocoon-like object inside the body of the heavenly demon of the outside world was the place where the energy was stored when he discovered the first corpse.

The Snow Girl had frozen its energy into an ice cube; so Jing Jiu couldn't ascertain if it was the same as the fairy energy and yuanqi of heaven and earth, but he believed he could use it.

The Snow Girl didn't need any supplement of energy as she traveled in the cold universe, but Jing Jiu did

He had planned to use the cocoon-like object to supplement his energy after he killed his opponent.

Unexpectedly, this heavenly demon of the outside world had made the decision to implode even before its death was certain.

The cocoon-like objects had all turned into the light and heat in the universe, which caused further injury to him.

"Hadn't you predicted this?" a voice rang out in Jing Jiu's field of awareness.

A band of green smoke came out from his body, and didn't disperse. It twirled around and changed forms until it became a small human figure.

The small human wore green clothing with a handsome appearance and amiable smile; he was none other than the Immortal Taiping.

An incense had been burning in the Zhang Clan Hall in the Green Sky Mirror the entire time. Nobody knew whom the burning incense was for.

Jing Jiu had been to the inside of the Green Sky Mirror a few days ago. He didn't take the incense with him, but did take the band of smoke.

"How come you came out?" Jing Jiu shot the Immortal Taiping a glance.

The Immortal Taiping stared into his eyes, "I came out because your sword awareness is damaged and your Dao Heart is scarcely defensible."

Jing Jiu remarked inwardly, "I didn't predict that it was not afraid of death. It seemed that it wished to die."

The Immortal smiled drily, "You've lived two lifetimes; haven't you ever met those determined swordsmen who were willing to sacrifice themselves?"

Jing Jiu shook his head, "Those people were fully aware that they would die for sure; so they desired for a gratified and suitable end. Yet, these heavenly demons of the outside world are very powerful and can live much longer, even longer than the Round Turtle. Why didn't they fear death? And why did they even seek death?"

The heavenly demon of the outside world had misjudged Jing Jiu's mental strength, and he had misjudged his opponent's determination; otherwise, he wouldn't have been wounded so badly.

The Immortal Taiping was deep in thought, "Maybe, it's why they are called the 'heavenly demon' in the first place."

"But I was right about them."

Jing Jiu gazed at the small man transformed from the green smoke, "So many people have followed your steps. Looks like they have died in vain."

Jing Jiu made a fairy book on the bamboo chair to repair the barrier of Chaotian, and the Snow Girl killed many heavenly demons of the outside world. The Immortal Taiping had witnessed it all.

To put it another way, the reason Jing Jiu brought the Immortal Taiping with him was because Jing Jiu wanted him to witness these scenes after his ascension.

This world was even colder than the Immortal Taiping had imagined, and it was quite peculiar and dangerous, and yet, it something irresistible.

Many people in Chaotian over the past few hundred years, including the Immortal Bai, the Monk Duhai and many respectful elders of various sects, had taken a destructive path because they believed in his idea.

Was his idea really mistaken?

The Immortal Taiping shot him a glance, "Have you noticed that you're a lot weaker now?"

"It means this world is still weaker." Jing Jiu's countenance was rather calm.

The Immortal Taiping let loose a faint smile, "Unfortunately, you're going to die."

The reddish fireball was too faraway from this place; it was hard to use it to supplement the fairy energy inside Jing Jiu and mend his wounds.

"I'll be fine after I sleep here for a few hundred years."

"What is a year then?"

The green cloth worn by the Immortal Taiping drifted up, the rims of the cloth turning into green smoke again.

Jing Jiu guessed what he intended to do; the expression in his eyes turned cold.

"It's not necessary. You can live a few more years."

"What is a year then?"

The rims of the Immortal Taiping's cloth were ruffling, and the green smoke looked appealing.

The Immortal Taiping pushed Jing Jiu with both of his hands toward the reddish fireball; the two of them were drifting forward in the universe.

After a long while, the Immortal Taiping stopped short. His lower body from waist down had dissolved.

The flames coming out of the reddish fireball could be seen more clearly. He could tell more accurately that the space was full of fairy energy.

At this distance, the Immortal Taiping only needed to have three-thousand thoughts to recover his body.

The Immortal Taiping was right that the year was nonexistent in this huge, quiet and grave-like universe.

The thoughts were the only existence.

Jing Jiu's sword awareness quieted down; he felt increasingly more tired and was about to fall into a trance. "Big Brother, farewell," Jing Jiu said to the Immortal Taiping.

The band of green smoke was a silver of the Immortal Taiping's spiritual soul, from which he couldn't revive. It could stay alive for about ten years in the Green Sky Mirror or in the All in One Sword.

He couldn't stay alive any longer now.

The Immortal Taiping let out a small smile. He suddenly looked at a spot in the universe as he sensed something. "It's so wonderful…" he murmured after a pause.

Jing Jiu followed his line of sight and agreed, "Yes."

"It's a worthwhile journey."

Looking at the magnificent scene, the Immortal Taiping felt sentimental, disappearing into nothingness.

Jing Jiu fell asleep.

There are countless stars in the universe.

Tens of thousands of burning flying swords were traveling in it.

The burning flying swords arrived before the pair of brothers in a short time, encircling them.

The flying swords stopped short, and the flames were retrieved into the tails, revealing their true appearances.

Each flying sword was a battleship of several miles long, the surface of which was covered with the grayish metal that barely reflected any light.

Tens of thousands of flying swords turned out to be tens of thousands of battleships.

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