The Path Toward Heaven
730 The Former Peng Lang Comes Back
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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730 The Former Peng Lang Comes Back

The Immortal Bai and Emperor Xiao had set up a trap at the royal tombs on Longevity Mountain and severely wounded Jing Jiu a few days ago. The commotion had naturally alarmed the sword practitioners of the No-Mercy Sect who were all behind closed doors.

Seeing the baffled young disciple holding a thin sword clad with tattered clothing and the falling yellow leaves in the air, the elders were stunned speechless at first, followed by tears running down their cheeks.

The No-Mercy Sect had finally had a swordsman in the Heavenly Arrival State, and the sealing-off of their mountains for more than one hundred years could be abolished.

The young disciple had of course become the new Immortal Sect Master.

It wasn't until now that the people of the No-Mercy Sect found out that his name was Peng Lang.

He was an ordinary youth back when he was in Shangzhou City, and he was an ordinary disciple after he joined the No-Mercy Sect and had practiced the sword work according to an ordinary introductory manual for a hundred years. He was still an ordinary swordsman. How could an ordinary person endure such an extraordinary fortune? He was still at a loss up to this point as to why the Elder Sun brought him to this distant place while his colleagues stayed on the mountain to prepare for the inauguration of opening the mountains. The most confusing part for him was why he became the sect master and what had happened to him.

The two sword lights that were powerful enough to destroy heaven and earth came before him before he could figure out what had happened to him.

He stood in front of the Elder Sun without a second thought after drawing the sword from the sheath.

He was really scared at the moment, but his hands holding the sheath and the hilt were really steady. It was because he did it out of instinct rather than thinking it through.

He did it the same way as when he had been doing in front of the lonely royal tomb over the last one hundred years, repeating the same movements over and over again, day in and day out.

Drawing the sword, then thrusting it.

The two sword lights similar to two large rivers could destroy heaven and earth when they were combined. Their prowess was on a par with the combination of a sword and a broadsword on another night.

The combination of the sword and the broadsword had sent the entire Scorching Sun George into the sky, as a result wiping out the Mysterious Dark Sect.

How could this young man resist such two formidable sword lights?

The Elder Sun felt despair as he looked at the young sect master on the verge of being swallowed by the blinding light.


The sword boat broke into countless pieces in the blink of an eye, dropping to the ground from the sky.

The two sword lights tore apart the ocean of clouds, illuminating the whole of Chaotian, which could be seen by everyone.

Everybody, including the vendors and hawkers in Zhaoge City, the hookers in Shangzhou City and the fishermen by the East Ocean, had seen them.

The two sword lights were as straight as brush pens, drifting in the sky like two silk ribbons; the scorching sun in midsummer looked dimmer in comparison.

"Quick! Look up at the sky."

"What is going on?"

"Are fairy men fighting in the sky?"

The astonished screams and children's excited cries could be heard everywhere in Chaotian; and many children were even running toward the place where the sword lights originated.

The Green Mountain disciples at the Three-Thousand Nunnery and by the stream were staring at the sky the entire time; suddenly, they saw a dilapidated sword boat on the other side of the shattered ocean of clouds.

In the next moment, the unfortunate sword boat broke into pieces after it met the two sword lights, dropping toward the ground like fallen leaves. Judging from their trajectory, the broken pieces of the boat would drop down on Dayuan City.

The unexpected thing was that the two sword lights had disappeared as well, dropping down into Dayuan City after they turned into innumerable sword tracks.

The lotus flowers were illuminated by the sword lights. The Immortal Guangyuan and Nan Wang led the Green Mountain disciples hurrying to the city. The few people at the Three-Thousand Nunnery had acted even faster.

Countless broken pieces of the sword boat fell onto the ground in the city, making "pah" sounds. Fortunately, the pieces were very tiny, which is why they didn't cause considerable damages except for some flowers and grass being crushed.

However, an antique shop suffered catastrophic damage; it collapsed entirely, as if being hit by an extraterrestrial meteor.

The officials of the Pure Heaven Bureau and the divine army had arrived as quickly as they could; but they found they could in no way get close to the shop.

Even the Immortal Guangyuan and Nan Wang couldn't enter that long street.

Jing Jiu stood at one end of the street while Jian Xilai at the other end.

The powerful sword wills of two unparalleled swordsmen had condoned off the entire street.

The thick smoke billowed up from the antique shop in the middle of the street, when someone walked out from amid the smoke.

The Elder Sun sat on the rubble of bricks and stones, covered in dust. He looked horrible, his eyes unfocused.

An ancient tripod fell down from the display rack, hitting him squarely on the shoulder. He came back to his senses, feeling a slight pain, and realized he was still alive.

How come he was not dead yet? Why didn't the two sword lights that were as unstoppable as the heavenly rivers and capable of destroying heaven and earth…kill him?

What had happened? As the Elder Sun raised his head, he found a figure in the midst of the smoke and dust.

The young sect master stood in front of him.

The Elder Sun was considerably moved. He generated more emotions than before. He had merely respected the young sect master because of his Cultivation state in the past.

Soon after, he found the sword in the hand of the sect master had broken, the shape of the sheath had changed, and his hands were trembling slightly on his sides.

"Are you okay, Sect Master?" the Elder Sun inquired hastily, feeling worried.

"I'm fine…" Peng Lang spat out a mouthful of blood before he could finish the sentence.

The misty blood reddened the dusts in midair.

"…It's just that they're too powerful." He showed awe and admiration on his face.

"You stay here; don't go out."

Peng Lang walked toward the street after he said this to the Elder Sun.

He came out to the street simply because he was curious; but he had no idea how shocked the Immortal Guangyuan and other swordsmen of Green Mountain would feel when they saw him on the street.

Peng Lang came out from the rubble of the antique shop and arrived on the street. He saw the two unparalleled swordsmen at both ends of the street.

One wore white clothing, and the other gray robe.

Their temperaments and expressions were so desolate and so much alike, as if they were the same person.

The two sword lights seemed still flashing in Peng Lang's eyes, making him feel exceedingly astonished.

Only the Immortal Jing Yang at the Green Mountain Sect and the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean could summon such a powerful sword light in the current Chaotian. Was the Immortal Jing Yang awake?

Though he had never met the Immortal Jing Yang and the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean, it shouldn't be hard for him to recognize them. In fact, it was actually quite easy to recognize them.

It had nothing to do with the rippling white clothing but his face.

It was easy to recognize Jing Jiu's face because his face was extremely handsome.

Peng Lang turned to Jing Jiu and bowed earnestly before turning his head to glance at the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean, saying nothing.

The No-Mercy Sect and the West Ocean Sword Sect were two archenemies; so the people of the No-Mercy Sect hated the West Ocean Sword Sect much more than the Green Mountain Sect did.

Pei Baifa died at the hands of the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean. Peng Lang couldn't display any emotion in front of the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean regardless of how Peng Lang admired his sword work.

It was deathly quiet on the long street.

Jing Jiu didn't say anything, nor did Jian Xilai. They were looking at Peng Lang, who was walking out of the rubble of the antique shop quietly.

This street was one mile long, and yet, for the swordsmen in their Cultivation state, it was as if the two of them stood face to face.

However, it was evident that the two of them didn't have each other but Peng Lang in their eyes at the moment.

The people had noticed the peculiar scene and fixed their gazes on Peng Lang.

"Who is that guy?" asked Zhuo Rusui.

Looking at the broken sword in the young man's hands, Zhao Layue touched the broken Thoughtless Sword in her waist reflexively with a slightly changed expression.

Nobody knew who this pitiful young man covered in blood was and why he could come to the long street.

The young man looked rather ordinary, nothing special about him, but he had made Jing Jiu and the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean stop at the same time and gained their full attentions.

A barrage of broken metal pieces fell down on Dayuan City. The antique shop on the street was the only place crushed to rubble. It was not difficult to speculate that the young man must have dropped down from the dilapidated sword boat. The dilapidated sword boat was hit by the sword lights of Jing Jiu and Jian Xilai at the same time, but how come this young man was not dead yet?

Thinking of this, the expression in Zhuo Rusui's eyes changed a bit. He stared at the young man intensely, as if trying to penetrate him.

The expressions on the faces of the others grew grave as well.

The Immortal Guangyuan thought the dilapidated sword boat looked familiar. When he saw the Elder Sun coming to the rear of the young man, he asked with a changed expression on his face, "Cultivationist Changxiu?"

The Elder Sun was worried about the safety of the sect master. There was no way he would want to stay in the rubble. He heard the voice of the Immortal Guangyuan after he came out, feeling thrilled. "Young Brother Lu!" he yelled.

Though the Immortal Guangyuan had many questions to ask, he still kept a clear head though. "Please greet the Immortal Sect Master first," he reminded the Elder Sun.

The Elder Sun had many questions to ask as well, but he came back to his senses when being reminded. After checking the figures at both ends of the street, he bowed to Jing Jiu earnestly without hesitation, "Sun Changxiu of the No-Mercy Sect greets the Immortal Sect Master."

An uproar went up outside the street; all of them felt astonished. Even the expression on the face of the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean had a slight change.

The No-Mercy Sect had gradually lost contact with the Cultivation world of Chaotian over the last one hundred years, and they were almost forgotten by other Cultivation practitioners. Was their mountain open now?

Was it possible that the No-Mercy Sect had produced a figure in the Heavenly Arrival State? Why didn't heaven and earth generate any sign of it?

The Immortal Guangyuan also felt astonished as he said, "Congratulations, Cultivationist Changxiu."

The Elder Sun waved his hand many times as he stepped aside and pointed at Peng Lang, "He is the new sect master of our sect, Peng Lang."

Another uproar occurred. Though the Cultivation practitioners had a long life so that it was difficult to judge someone's age by the appearance, the young man was obviously…a young man!

Both Zhao Layue and Zhuo Rusui had an extraordinary talent in Cultivation; and they reached the upper limit of the Broken Sea State some years ago, which shocked the whole of Chaotian.

How could this man at such a young age have broken through the barrier of the Heavenly Arrival State?

"It must be you who had killed Emperor Xiao then."

It was then that the voice of Jing Jiu came over from one end of the street.

Peng Lang had learned by now that the fallen leaf was none other than Emperor Xiao. Thinking of what had happened the other day, he said indignantly, "I don't even know how I could do it."

"Not bad," said Jing Jiu. "That's why you could resist the sword struck by Xilai."

As they spoke these words, the people outside the street were stunned speechless again.

Everyone in the Cultivation world of Chaotian was aware that Emperor Xiao was dead; but they didn't know how he died. They all believed it was Jing Jiu who had killed him.

And this young sect master of the No-Mercy Sect named Peng Lang had…blocked a strike from the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean!

It was not something a regular swordsman in the Heavenly Arrival State could achieve.

Zhao Layue and Liu Shisui exchanged a look as they had figured out more things.

Jing Jiu had ceased his strike right before the two sword lights encountered the sword boat.

Jing Jiu came before the rubble of the antique shop, and so did Jian Xilai.

"It's a pity," said the two of them in unison, shaking their heads as they looked at Peng Lang.
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