The Path Toward Heaven
718 Replenishing the Sea
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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718 Replenishing the Sea

The sword net had holes in it. No matter how formidable and dense the thread-like sword wills were, the net could in no way block all the seawater.

The pouring seawater was not as torrential as before, but it was still dripping, acting like a damp towel from which the water can always come out so long as it is tightened enough.

The next thing they needed to do was to place stones, dirt and sand on the invisible sword net the area of ten square miles, and to use the formations and amulets to connect all the stones, dirt and sand as a whole. It was tantamount to constructing a crust at the bottom of the Huge Whirlpool.

The Giant was responsible for unplugging the passage of heaven and earth. He was good at this sort of work. Kneeling halfway in the sea, he kept digging up the rocks and dirt behind him and then placed them on the sword net gingerly. He looked like a large mountain on the ocean when being viewed from afar; however, the mountain was swaying from side to side due to the strong wind.

His hands were very large, with the rocks he scooped up looking like hills. Based on this pace, he would be able to plug the passage leading to the Underworld from the sea. Unfortunately, the number of rocks at the bottom of the ocean was limited. He dug all the way to the bottom after a short while and almost dug a hole; it was fortunate that he had chosen another spot to dig in time.

The twilight grew dimmer. The Giant was moving slowly on the ocean, bringing up many huge waves. He had dug up a great many large rocks from the bottom of the ocean, and it was unclear when he would be able to replenish the sea.

In the Underworld, the mountain range of one hundred miles long preventing the seawater from flooding to the Underworld River had a huge gap. A large Buddha was sitting on the gap and didn't move an inch no matter how many waves had slapped on him.

However, some seawater had seeped through the cracks between the rocks and flew to the Underworld River, where puffs of green smoke rose. The corpses could be seen everywhere on both banks of the river. The Underworld soldiers in both camps and the innocent inhabitants fled to the distance while yelling and crying; but they had no idea if they could escape from this disaster.

The two of the greatest figures in this world were engaged in saving this world quietly and lonely.

No one knew where that person who used to be the most nonchalant and reticent and had already saved the world had gone to.

The twilight faded and the darkness of the night fell. The stars appeared in the night sky, shining on the dark beach, making the booming waves sound even more horrific.

As the starlight bent slightly, somebody had finally arrived. He was a Saint.

Bu Qiuxiao became the Saint the day before and used up a great deal of his energy to block the Chaotic Wind blowing into the Underworld. Later, he was severely wounded by the sneak-attack from the Immortal Bai. Still, he was the first one to come here.

The cotton cloth covered in blood didn't give off any scent of such or negative energy when being shone on by the starlight; instead, the bloody cloth looked pure and sacred.

After shooting a glance at Bu Qiuxiao, the Giant thought this human was powerful enough, but one person was not adequate to solve the problem.

Bu Qiuxiao was also surprised to see the Giant. He felt a sense of admiration for the Giant when he saw what the Giant was doing. However, Bu Qiuxiao couldn't help but think that the two of them were not enough to replenish the sea.

Many sword lights appeared at the horizon.

Incoming were the Immortal Guangyuan, Nan Wang and three elders that Bu Qiuxiao didn't know, but judging from their sword wills, he could tell that they were obviously the figures in the Heavenly Arrival State at the Green Mountain Sect.

The Giant was quite familiar with the sword wills of Green Mountain and felt affectionate about them, so he yelled "Aja" toward the sword lights.

The sword lights turned around and dived into the bottom of the ocean one hundred miles away, starting to slice the rocks.

The sharp sounds of flying swords slicing the rocks were like the thudding thunders because they were smothered by the seawater.

Bu Qiuxiao understood what the Giant meant. He joined his colleagues of the Green Mountain Sect to move the rocks and replenish the sea.

The stars in the night sky didn't blink even once. It seemed as if they were mocking the fruitless efforts of these humans while staring at the surface of the ocean calmly and nonchalantly.

After a long while, the stars were probably tired of staring and disappeared into the morning sunlight.

As time passed, the morning sunlight grew brighter. By the time the twilight arrived again, a few sword lights and a dozen glows of the magic treasures appeared on the other side of the ocean.

Chaotian was on the other side of the ocean.

The swordsmen of various sects were on their way to the Huge Whirlpool. Even the crisis-suffering Center Sect had sent a senior elder in the Lianxu State.

The Cultivation practitioners were terrified when they saw the Giant as large as a mountain; they were ready to attack him reflexively. They were stopped by Bu Qiuxiao and asked to go to various places at the Giant's direction and to move the mountain range at the bottom of the ocean and replenish the sea.

The senior elder of the Center Sect in the Lianxu State spoke to Bu Qiuxiao briefly in a low voice.

Bu Qiuxiao learned that the internal conflict of the Center Sect had been over.

The Immortal Tan, who used to be mild and low-profile, had unexpectedly acted quite decisively this time. He, with no regard for his own injury, suppressed the Unicorn first, then persuaded two elderly hermits to come out from the back mountain of Cloud-Dream and killed Ren Qianzhu and a few other elders. The situation at the Center Sect was stabilized in a short time.

"The Immortal Tan's injury is rather serious. I believe he can only come here in one hundred days," the senior elder in the Lianxu State said in a low voice.

Looking at the Huge Whirlpool below, a worried expression showed in Bu Qiuxiao's eyes, wondering if this sword net left behind by the Immortal Jing Yang would be able to hold up for one hundred days.

The twilight disappeared as the darkness of the night visited the world. The stars came out, seemingly mocking the humans.

The mountain range at the bottom of the ocean was sliced apart, and the rocks of the mountain were then carried to somewhere close to the Huge Whirlpool. The Giant crushed the rocks to pieces carefully before he placed them onto the sword net.

Bu Qiuxiao stopped moving the mountain to replenish the sea. He sat on top of the cloud above the Huge Whirlpool and kept on writing amulets with his sacred blood in order to fuse the broken rocks, dirt and sand on the sword net together.

The swordsmen of the Cultivation world were engaged in saving the world silently. None of them took a look at the stars. They were too busy to do so, and paid no attention to the attitude of the stars.

The morning sunlight illuminated the surface of the ocean, making this patch of the ocean warm and red. A redder lotus cloud drifted over from the horizon, and the Young Zen Master had finally come over from the snowland.

The exhausted Bu Qiuxiao felt energized when he saw the lotus cloud. In the next moment, he saw something he would never forget for the rest of his life.

Countless sword lights and glows of the magic treasures flew over from the horizon, including dozens of sword boats and cloud boats and of course the Diligent Study Boat of the One-Cottage House.

Hundreds of godly boats of Penglai Island in the distance on the ocean were on their way to come over. Hundreds of white sprays could be seen on the blue surface of the ocean, looking spectacular.

As this world was on the verge of destruction, all the human Cultivation practitioners were on their way to the rescue, among whom were a few strong demons.

Though their prowess was not as powerful as Bu Qiuxiao, Nan Wang and the others, their number was high enough.

So long as they would keep on working hard, it was believed that this patch of the ocean would be replenished one day.

The seawater pouring into the Underworld had overflowed the mountain range two days ago, and the seawater that reached the both ends of the mountain range headed toward the Underworld River in many streams.

The large Buddha plodded in the marsh-like fields while heaving his huge iron broadsword. His face looked calm even with the peeled off paint looked calm, devoid of sadness. The reason he couldn't display any emotion was probably because he had to keep on breathing to inhale all the green smoke into his belly.

Among the distant black mountains, numerous inhabitants of the Underworld were hugging each other, crying as they hid in the cliff caves. Their small and short bodies were trembling uncontrollably because they had no idea when the formidable green smoke would be brought to their caves by the wind.

The Grand Priest was dead, and the Underworld Master was severely wounded and nowhere to be found. The swordsmen of the Underworld sustained a heavy casualty and fled. Nobody had the time or heart to take care of these pitiful regular inhabitants of the Underworld.

Less seawater that dropped down the second time poured into the Underworld River. Most of the green smoke lingered on the ground; only a small portion of the smoke drifted upwards to the sky and passed through the Heavenly Well along with the wind.

A figure dropped down amid the green smoke. The iridescent cloth was very noticeable against the dark and gray world.

The Drifter arrived with a bang.

Countless gazes, including those hidden in the dark, were fixed on her with many complicated emotions.

She had been living here as the Underworld Emperor in the last one hundred years. Besides the subordinates of the Underworld Master, many inhabitants of the Underworld, especially those swordsmen on the side of the Grand Priest, didn't accept her identity because she didn't have the Seal of the Underworld Emperor.

The Underworld seldom had the wind and rain; but the strong wind suddenly whipped up, tousling her black hair, which shot backwards like sharp arrows.

It was because she had an item in her hand at the moment.

Judging from the shape and color, this item should be a seal, dark and gloomy, exuding an exceedingly powerful magic force.

This was none other than the Seal of the Underworld Emperor that had been taken out of the Underworld for hundreds of years!

Sensing the energy that could in no way be counterfeited, many inhabitants of the Underworld ran out of the cliff caves and from behind the trees, with no regard for the peril of the green smoke, and knelt down on the ground, bowing their heads towards the Drifter in the sky. They were yelling and crying to beg the Underworld Emperor to save her subjects.

Looking at the world of the black mountains and shimmering rivers and those suffering subjects of hers, the Drifter displayed an enraged emotion in her eyes. "Get the hell out of there!" she yelled sternly at the dark and hidden places.

After a while, an Underworld general, exuding gloomy and cold energy, walked out from one of the residential houses before he knelt down on the ground with a "pah".

Soon after, more and more surviving swordsmen of the Underworld came out, including those who were loyal to the Grand Priest.

"All of you, follow this emperor."

The Drifter flew away to the distance expressionlessly.

Hundreds of the Underworld swordsmen followed closely behind.

More of the Underworld swordsmen presented themselves and joined the group midway.

The fields up ahead had turned into a marsh; the seawater kept flowing downstream.

The large Buddha was walking about with the iron broadsword in his hand; he was busy buttressing the mountain range.

Seeing the figure, all the swordsmen of the Underworld displayed an expression of awe and respect in their eyes.

"You people, help the Master Broadsword King repair the mountain," commanded the Drifter.

One of the Underworld swordsmen commented, "Regardless of how long the mountain range is, the seawater will eventually round it."

The Drifter snapped, "You idiot, why can't you connect the mountain range as a circle?"

The Underworld swordsman replied helplessly, "Your Majesty, even if we connected it as a circle, the seawater would still overflow as long as it kept pouring down."

The Drifter lifted her head and looked at the downpour in the sky, sayin

g, "It all depends on whether the humans block it on the other side."

It was hard to determine the passing of time since neither sun nor stars were present in the Underworld.

Many days later, the downpour in the sky suddenly weakened. Later at one moment, the rainfall had unexpectedly ceased all together.

Thousands of the Underworld swordsmen were exhausted, and some of them had died of exhaustion. They failed to realize what had just happened since they were extremely taxed mentally at the moment.

Cao Yuan brought back his iron broadsword and lifted his head slowly to look at the sky; he curled up the corners of his mouth, letting loose a pleased smile.

The passage leading to the Underworld from the sea had been blocked.

Only a long while later had the people of the Underworld realized what was happening; in other words, they began to believe in what had happened.

The cheers didn't break out first; instead, crying and wailing were heard, an expression of having survived the disaster and defied death.

The poured down of seawater became a large lake after it was encircled by the mountain range.

This large lake was not picturesque, but it was quite expansive.

The people in the Underworld called it the "Hulun", meaning it was a lake as large as sea.

The Drifter came to the shore of the Hulun Lake and looked at the blue seawater. She suddenly thought of her Teacher who had a heart that was as broad as the sea.

"Teacher, where are you?"

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