The Path Toward Heaven
712 The Fallen Leaves Have Nothing to Do with Autumn Wind but Time
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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712 The Fallen Leaves Have Nothing to Do with Autumn Wind but Time

The sword light could cut off all the subtle connections within an object after entering it; in other words, it could cut anything into pieces.

Under normal circumstances, the Immortal Bai should have been torn to shreds and died the moment the sword light left her body.

The reason such an outcome didn't occur was because a bright glow flashed in the peep end of her eyes the moment the sword light entered her palm.

The sword light had encountered a barrier in her body and brought out a mist of blood as it passed through her arm.

The Immortal Bai turned around like a patch of drifting cloud and disappeared into the mist of blood.

It seemed that she had employed the fairy book to avoid the consequence of being killed.

During the moment before the Immortal Bai disappeared, the sunlight illuminated her face, which revealed some unseen features.

The sword light broke through the ocean waves and came above the Heavenly Well, as Jing Jiu appeared in person.

He looked in the direction of the southeast, a sword glow flashing in his eyes. He turned into the sword light again to pursue the target after he saw the intermittent energy under the sunlight.

Jing Jiu, once he turned into a sword light, and the Immortal Bai, with the fairy book in her hand, were two of the most powerful swordsmen in this world.

The world couldn't find another swordsman as powerful as they were, unless the Fairy Lady Bai Ren had revived and the Snow Girl had returned. Cao Yuan was not even their equal.

The two of them were the only ones who were qualified to pursue each other. In fact, they had both wounded each other in a short time, but it was unclear who would be the ultimate victor.

The Immortal Bai escaped to the midst of heaven and earth and the sword light pursued after it. It was quiet again by the East Ocean.

As a gust of gentle wind blew over, the green curtain rippled before it broke into pieces to expose the face of the person inside the sedan.

The Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery looked like an ordinary and comely young woman.

Her face was pale, with blood on the corners of her mouth. She must have sustained severe injuries when she encountered the Immortal Bai's palm.

Doing so was the only way to find a chance to sneak-attack the Immortal Bai.

In the early morning, the sword light had sought the Immortal Bai in the human world and stayed by the seashore of the East Ocean for a while.

It was at that time that Tong Yan had made a sneak-attack plan for Jing Jiu.

After that, Jing Jiu returned to Cloud-Dream Mountain, listened to the Unicorn and went to the No-Mercy Sect, at which point he was sneak-attacked by the Immortal Bai.

Looking at the damaged small green curtain sedan, Tong Yan asked, "Chief Nun, are you okay?"

The Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery looked at Tong Yan and suddenly asked, "Do you know that you have a poor reputation in the Cultivation circle?"

"I do," replied Tong Yan calmly.

He had been a talented disciple of the Center Sect; but he betrayed his mountain gate and vanished without a trace.

It wasn't until recently that the Cultivation circle learned that he had actually joined the Green Mountain Sect.

This fact was not so important for a figure as significant as the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery. It was another matter that made her feel displeased at Tong Yan and slightly apprehensive of him.

For instance, his face turned pale and the expression in his eyes was so helpless when the Immortal Bai dropped down from the sky earlier…

"What kind of a feeling is it to have deceived one's former Master?" asked the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery with a complicated emotion.

Tong Yan didn't give a response after some thought.

The royal tombs of the previous dynasty were located in the deepest part on Longevity Mountain. The sunlight became much dimmer after it passed through a dozen holes Jing Jiu caused when he crushed into the cliff walls.

The white jade coffin had already turned into snowflakes all over the ground.

A middle-aged man with a fit appearance and extraordinary bearing uttered an incomprehensible sigh as he looked at the slightly cracked turtle shell in his hand.

He looked like a scholar who was enjoying the snowy scenery and was about to recite a poem.

The bright yellow royal robe he wore exuded a faint awe-inspiring royal aura, indicating that his true identity was not ordinary.

He was none other than Emperor Xiao, a descendant of the previous dynasty.

He was the real culprit who had caused the turmoil a few hundred years ago.

And he was the last "Hidden Swordsman" in Chaotian.

His other identity was a colleague of the Immortal Taiping, or his advisor.

Using heaven and earth as a stove and destroying the world with the green smoke had been planned by him and the Immortal Taiping together.

This plan seemed to be grand and coarse, but it was actually quite precise and detailed. He had spent more than one hundred years at the Great Marsh preparing the plan.

Yet, the Immortal Taiping had died in the hermit peaks on Green Mountain.

By the time he thought that the plan he had prepared diligently for hundreds of years would come to nothing, the Immortal Bai appeared.

"Our path is shared by others."

Emperor said this sentimentally as he walked toward the outside of the tombs.

A large amount of royal energy had also dispersed to the outside of the royal tombs, tousling his royal robe, followed by a gust of dark wind full of cold intent.

It was impossible for him not to feel sentimental.

His ancestors were all buried here.

As he came to the outside of the royal tombs, Emperor Xiao took a look at the plaque above the front gate of the grand hall, furrowing his eyebrows.

The No-Mercy Sect dared use the royal tombs of his ancestors for their mountain gate, and they should be vanquished.

It was a few hundred years ago that he had launched his first revenge against the whole of human world from this place.

But he was defeated that time.

Would he be defeated again this time?

"Who are you?'

A voice rang out at the foot of the stone steps.

Emperor Xiao turned around.

He saw a young man standing underneath a tree. His appearance was ordinary, so was his energy.

The sunlight shone on his face after passing through the leaves. It didn't add any mysterious feel to him, but made him appear somewhat ludicrous.

The young man wore the uniform of the No-Mercy Sect with a sword tied to his waist. His Cultivation state must be rather low since his sword hadn't merged into his body yet.

Emperor Xiao led the Immortal Bai sneaking into Longevity Mountain, and later Jing Jiu broke into it. Furthermore, the royal tombs were damaged and the royal energy leaked out. Hence, it was inevitable that the Great Formation sealing off the mountains sensed the commotions.

It was believed that the elders and disciples of the No-Mercy Sect would wake up one after the other and come out from their manor caves.

For some reason, his young disciple with a very low Cultivation state was the first one to come out from the manor cave and arrived here.

"You still can't see a sliver of sunlight after your mountains have been sealed off for one hundred years; what a pity!"

Emperor Xiao continued sentimentally while looking at this young disciple of the No-Mercy Sect, "I have to say that the law of nature is just. Since you people claim that heaven and earth have no mercy, you shouldn't complain this time that heaven and earth are unrelenting."

The No-Mercy Sect had to seal off their mountains because they didn't have anyone in the Heavenly Arrival State after Pei Baifa was killed by the Godly Swordsman of West Ocean.

The sealing-off of the mountains was not over after more than one hundred years, indicating that the No-Mercy Sect hadn't produced a swordsman in the Heavenly Arrival State yet.

As such, Emperor Xiao descended the stone steps leisurely, feeling at ease. He didn't even glance at the young disciple underneath the tree as he was heading toward the outside of the mountains.

"It's true that we've sealed off the mountains for over one hundred years, but it doesn't mean that we can be humiliated by anyone."

The young disciple of the No-Mercy Sect untied the sword from his waist as he said this in a trembling voice.

He was untying his sword in an awkward and inept manner, which demonstrated that he was inexperienced in fighting against someone.

Emperor Xiao halted his steps and looked at the young man underneath the tree, saying with a smile, "Little chap, are you going to use this sword to poke me to death?"

It was the method of a mortal to wield a sword with one's hands; one could in no way employ many sword moves regardless of how much fireworks one's sword could create.

The disciple of the No-Mercy Sect felt a bit nervous.

He was a regular youth in Yu County more than one hundred years ago. He was brought to Longevity Mountain by an immortal master after he was discovered by him.

Unexpectedly, his sect had encountered many events as soon as he entered the mountain gate and received the uniform of the sect, a sword and an introductory manual on the sword work.

The sect master suddenly came out from behind closed doors. Later, his Master had died for unknown reasons. After that…the sect master had also died, and the mountains were sealed off as a result.

His Master had a very high status in the mountain gate; but his temperament was not so good. As such, he didn't feel too sad about the death of his Master; the feeling he had at the time was mostly bewilderment.

What made him feel baffled the most was that the elders and big brothers of his had all gone to their respective manor caves and stayed behind closed doors after the mountains were sealed off; nobody paid any attention to him.

It was at that moment that he had vaguely figured out that the death of his Master might not be very honorable.

In fact, he had a last chance to leave the mountains before they were sealed off; but for some reason, he stayed.

Since he didn't have his own manor cave, he chose to reside in a guard house beside the grand hall. Fortunately, he had no need to worry about starving to death because there were plenty of gnomes and crystals inside the mountain gate; and he had no need to worry about cultivating either…But the problem was that he had no idea how to cultivate.

All he had was a set of uniform, a sword and an introductory manual on the sword work.

As a result, he practiced the sword work according to the manual for more than one hundred years.

As for the uniform, he didn't wear it over the years. He had washed it carefully and stored it in a safe place.

It wasn't until that day that he was awakened by the commotions in the royal tombs and knew that the foes had come. He walked to the front of the grand hall after putting on the uniform and tying the sword to his waist.

He had seen his colleagues fly gallantly on their swords and knew his own Cultivation state was quite low. He was fully aware that he wouldn't be able to reach a high level of sword work even if he practiced it for a thousand years merely based on the instruction in the introductory manual.

Since none of the masters and his colleagues had woken up, he had no choice but to come forward.

Having made the statement, Emperor Xiao kept on walking to the outside of the mountains.

He could fly away, but for some reason he chose to walk on his feet. Maybe he would like to see if the young disciple of the No-Mercy Sect dared to draw his sword.

The disciple of the No-Mercy Sect charged toward Emperor Xiao with the sword in his hands after spitting to the ground nervously. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His pupils couldn't help but shrink a little as Emperor Xiao saw a strange scene from the corners of his eyes.

The disciple of the No-Mercy Sect seemed to still stand on the original spot even though he had obviously moved.

It was merely his shadow that had moved.

In other words, the disciple of the No-Mercy Sect had moved so fast that a residual of his figure could only be seen in the shadow of the tree.


The sword pierced into the side of Emperor Xiao's stomach and came out from the other side of it.

The fresh blood dripped down slowly from the tip of the sword, reddening the bright yellow royal robe.

Emperor Xiao furrowed his eyebrows a little; it was unclear if he was pained or if he was thinking something at the moment.

"Who the heck are you?"

He asked incredulously while gazing at the young disciple of the No-Mercy Sect.

"I…I have no idea."

The expression on the face of the No-Mercy Sect disciple was rather frenzied; it seemed that he felt it more unbelievable than Emperor Xiao.

How could he thrust his sword into this person's body by merely employing the first sword move in the manual?

He pulled out the sword reflexively since he thought what had happened was too unbelievable and what he had experienced couldn't be real.

Emperor Xiao sat down on the ground slowly. He sighed while looking at the wound in his stomach and dropped his head onto his chest weakly.

The dark wind blew over from the grand hall and onto the disciple of the No-Mercy Sect.

Sizzle!!! Sizzle!!!

The cloth he wore ruptured abruptly and turned into many strips, hanging vertically on his body.

The clothing, no matter how carefully he had stored it, became rotten after one hundred years.

On the other hand, the sword in his hand had become thinner and much sharper after being ground for more than one hundred years.

A sword, no matter how sharp it was, could in no way kill someone like Emperor Xiao. What had killed him was the sword will of this disciple of the No-Mercy Sect.

In the past one hundred years, this disciple of the No-Mercy Sect had been practicing the sword work in the manual over and over again. Jing Jiu was even not as powerful as him as far as simplicity and purity of the sword wills were concerned.

The force of time has demonstrated its greatness in all sorts of things.

Looking at Emperor Xiao sitting on the ground, the disciple of the No-Mercy Sect felt a bit confounded while heaving the sword in his hand, wondering who this person was. Was he one of the emperors in the tombs? Did he become a zombie after being tempered by the dark and filthy energy for ten thousand years? Otherwise, how could he move so rigidly and slowly?

One of the cloth strips on his shoulder touched the body of Emperor Xiao slightly.


Emperor Xiao dispersed as a result. The bright yellow royal robe broke into a great many strips before they merged into the fallen yellow leaves; and the pieces of the royal robe couldn't be told from the fallen leaves when they were hurled up in the air by the autumn wind.
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