The Path Toward Heaven
711 Mutual Calculation
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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711 Mutual Calculation

Jing Jiu didn't like the energy here back when he came to Longevity Mountain the first time a long time ago.

He thought the reason for his dislike was because many royal descendants of the previous dynasty had been buried in the tombs here.

He didn't pay enough attention to such a negative feeling when it occurred again this time on Longevity Mountain.

It wasn't until his finger was pinched by the clam that he realized that the negative feeling was an omen.

The river clam looked ordinary and not very smooth on its surface, which was a bit grayish and devoid of any nicely curved lines on it.

Jing Jiu was fully aware of the origin of the clam. He had brought his disciples to the Great Marsh to visit it once.

It was the river clam owned by Emperor Xiao.

He was the third "Hidden Swordsman" in Chaotian. He incited a great deal of turmoil along with the Immortal Taiping and had many innocent people killed.

His Cultivation state was inferior to that of the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect and far inferior to Nan Qü's. It was this clam on which he relied to survive the threat of the Sword Formation of Green Mountain.

However, according to the rumors in the Cultivation circle, this river clam was more often than not a turtle shell.

Why was the river clam of Emperor Xiao in the hands of the Immortal Bai? Jing Jiu had no time to think over this issue, because he had already stopped, so the passing of time was the same as everybody else now. As a result, he was facing the most serious crisis he had ever encountered in this life.

Even though the river clam could resist the attack of the Sword Formation of Green Mountain, it had no way to block the assault of the All in One Sword, yet it could at least hold it off for a brief moment.

Regardless of how brief the moment of holding off the sword light was, it was enough.

It was because the person holding the river clam was none other than the Immortal Bai.


A deep fracture appeared on the river clam, causing some dust to rise.

The fist of the Immortal Bai had arrived before Jing Jiu's finger could free itself from the pinching river clam.


Her fist landed on Jing Jiu's face squarely.

Thought her fist was delicate and small, it was somehow as heavy as a mountain.

In fact, her fist contained the weight of the entire sky.

Countless golden glows seeped out between the fingers of the fist.

The golden glows had both the fairy energy of the fairy book and the royal energy from the tombs of the previous dynasty.

The fairy energy possessed by Bai Ren and the royal energy of the previous dynasty were something Jing Jiu disliked the most, and so they could restrain him most effectively.

The large amount of the fairy energy and the royal energy illuminated the jade crumbs falling down like snowflakes and the dark and gloomy tomb.

Jing Jiu's eyes were also illuminated, shining as bright as the crystals.

So was the skin on his face, which looked like a transparent jade.

The crystals grew slightly dimmer.

The transparent jade changed its shape a little bit.

Jing Jiu flew backwards.

Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

Innumerable thudding, crushing sounds broke out.

He was an unstoppable sword light before he entered the tomb, able to break through anything like it were a piece of paper.

When he was knocked away, he had destroyed many thick and solid cliff walls brutally and pitifully, like a stone flying through them.

He was knocked out of the tomb several miles away. In the end, he landed heavily on a cliff with a large visible hole, hurling up a great many rocks.

The Immortal Bai drifted out from the tomb.

Countless hot rays of the sunlight shone down from the spring sun in the sky on the cliff with the late autumn scenery after passing through the Great Formation of the No-Mercy Sect sealing off the mountains.

All of these were caused by the fairy book in her hand.

In the meantime, a great amount of royal energy rushed out from the passageways of the tombs, arriving underneath the Immortal Bai like traveling dusty dragons.

Without the royal energy on Longevity Mountain, the force suppressing the passage leading to the Underworld had significantly weakened.

As far as the Immortal Bai was concerned, she had killed two birds with one stone.

The rays of the spring sunlight, summoned by the fairy book, had formed a bright and invisible screen, which was about to encase the whole mountain.

Some dirt had suddenly bulged amid the wildflowers by the cliff, revealing a tiny hole from which a sword light drifted out and then traveled to the outside of the mountain at a fast speed.

The sword light looked rather small and feeble, resembling an earthworm that had just been dug out by a farmer. It fled to the distance with all its might, looking quite miserable.

Though the sword light traveled at a high speed and the rays of sunlight summoned by the fairy book couldn't even block it, it had obviously slowed down in the eyes of the Immortal Bai.

The reason the sword light traveled more slowly was because its paths were not always straight; it seemed that the All in One Sword had been bent.

In other words, Jing Jiu was injured severely by the assault of her fist earlier.

Even though he was injured, he was still the most powerful All in One Sword in heaven and earth. He should be able to fight further against the Immortal Bai who was holding the fairy book; but why did he flee?

The Immortal Bai felt a bit baffled. Thinking of how Jing Yang and Jing Jiu had behaved in his past life and this life, she couldn't help but curl up corners of her mouth, letting loose a mocking smile.

As everything was being cooked by heaven and earth as a stove, this world was on the brink of total destruction.

It was because of this that Jing Jiu had been eager to find the Immortal Bai and kill her. After that, he could deal with other troublesome matters.

However, what he and the whole world didn't expect was that the Immortal Bai had been waiting to kill him the entire time.

It was certain that what the Unicorn told Jing Jiu was something the Immortal Bai asked the Unicorn to tell Jing Jiu.

A great many holes appeared in the royal tomb on Longevity Mountain, and the white jade coffin turned into snowflakes. The royal energy disappeared into the underground, so did the river clam…It must be done by Emperor Xiao.

The injured Jing Jiu disappeared into the sky.

The Immortal Bai employed the Escape Method of Heaven and Earth by means of the fairy energy and arrived in the Empty Realm in one step.

She looked around and didn't find the sword light that had been traveling in a zigzag manner; she couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows.

Jing Jiu had been pursuing her from Chaotian to the Underworld; it was like a lifetime as far as Jing Jiu was concerned.

Unexpectedly, the situation was totally turned around. It was the Immortal Bai who was pursuing Jing Jiu now.

She was in a better situation in comparison to Jing Jiu; it was because destroying things was much easier than building them.

Besides killing Jing Jiu, she had more and better choices.

The passage leading to the Underworld had been opened up here, but it was more difficult to do the same to other passages leading to the Underworld.

To make this stove of heaven and earth operate in its full capacity as soon as possible, she had to solve those problems.

The passage leading to the Underworld closest to Longevity Mountain was the Heavenly Well.

The seawater was pouring into the Underworld, and the green smoke rose again from the dark and gloomy underground. However, it encountered an invisible barrier and couldn't circulate.

The small green curtain sedan hovered quietly above the Heavenly Well. The peach flowers on the green curtain looked more lavish, exuding a clean and fresh energy to shield the cliff at the seashore.

The Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery's method was gentler and more elegant than Cao Yuan's; it seemed that its effect was also better.

After making sure that the green smoke couldn't get out of the formation, Tong Yan felt relieved. As he was about to help treat those colleagues of the Water-Moon Nunnery and the Fruit Formation Temple, he suddenly found that his shadow on the ground grew dimmer.

It was because the sunlight was dimmer now.

He lifted up his head and looked into the sun, his pale face full of bewilderment and despair.

A figure was dropping down from the high sky.

Judging from the height, the person must have come down from the Empty Realm.

Looking up from the ground, the person seemed to have jumped out from the sun, blocking a part of the sunlight.

The blocked hot sunlight formed a golden edge around the white dress.

Tong Yan felt despaired because he was quite familiar with the energy and knew who the person was.

The white dress with golden rims looked very much like a cloud.

The Immortal Bai whacked the small green curtain sedan with her palm after she came close to the ground.

She didn't take a single look at Tong Yan during her descent, and didn't see the pale face and the despaired expression in the eyes of her former disciple whom she had liked the most.


The roof of the small green curtain sedan opened up like a blooming flower, as a palm as white as a jade poked out from the broken roof of the sedan and headed toward the hand of the Immortal Bai.


The two palms met, causing whistling wind.

The green curtain swayed restlessly, like the banners outside the Inn at the Thousand-Mile Wind Corridor on the verge of being torn to shreds by the Chaotic Wind.

Many huge waves formed on the surface of the East Ocean, looking like countless white lines. However, the waves were not rolling toward the seashore, but heading toward the deep part of the ocean.

The look on the Immortal Bai's face was imperturbable, revealing a high degree of self-confidence. It seemed that she was looking down her nose at the world.

The Immortal Bai didn't take the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery seriously even though she was a figure in the Heavenly Arrival State.

She didn't even brother employing the fairy book against the Chief Nun, as she planned to knock the Chief Nun into the deepest part of the Heavenly Well.

All of a sudden, a strange expression showed in her eyes.


The tip of a sword suddenly came out from the palm of the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery that was as white as jade.

The sword pierced into the Immortal Bai's palm effortlessly before turning into a sword light.

The sword light entered her arm and immediately came out from behind her shoulder, bringing out a mist of blood.
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