The Path Toward Heaven
708 Cut off with a Swing of the Sword
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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708 Cut off with a Swing of the Sword

Countless drops of blood had been broken into tiny bits, making "pah" sounds, as if a rainstorm occurred over the ocean.

The Heavenly Slaying Formation was gradually growing smaller until it had finally dissolved and vanished without a trace as it was minced and eroded like a huge stone statue by the wind and rain.

The process looked simple enough, but it was in fact the consequence of the force of time, or a miracle.

As the Heavenly Slaying Formation dissolved in the sea wind, it was merely a few minutes after the sword light had arrived; but it had been many days from the perspective of the sword light.

Jing Jiu reappeared on the top of the ocean waves, his white cloth ruffling; but he didn't display as much fairy aura as he used to.

It was because the white cloth was full of tiny holes and the rims of his cloth were in tatters. At the moment, he looked like a vagabond in a terrible state.

His face was pale, and he looked fatigued. He was in a very bad condition.

A huge wave formed on the ocean as the Giant took a step and arrived by the waterfall.

Looking at the remaining energy of the Heavenly Slaying Formation in the sky, the Giant showed a shocked look. He tucked the large tree under his armpit and applauded Jing Jiu to show his admiration.

The strong wind came out between the huge hands, causing more huge waves.

Jing Jiu waved his hand a few times.

The Giant came back to his senses and pointed his finger toward his own head while looking at Jing Jiu with an inquisitive expression.

He wanted to ask Jing Jiu if something had gone wrong with his mind; otherwise, why would he do something that he would have never done in the past?

It was natural that Jing Jiu wouldn't bother explaining to him about the morning sunlight and the path toward heaven and so on; he waved his hand toward the Giant to bid farewell.

The Giant was even more confused. He pointed to the Huge Whirlpool in an attempt to ask Jing Jiu what he intended to do since the seawater was still pouring into the Underworld.

The Huge Whirlpool had been punched through with a fist full of fairy energy by the Immortal Bai to have created a chasm the size of several square miles, from which the seawater was pouring down. It was the force of nature.

Though Jing Jiu could dismantle the Heavenly Slaying Formation, would he be able to fix this chasm?

He pointed his finger at the Giant first and then to the chasm at the bottom of the Huge Whirlpool, and then straightened his palm.

He meant that the Giant should use his own large body to plug the chasm.

The Giant shook his head many times.

The clouds in the sky had all dispersed.

If he plugged the chasm, he would be flooded by the seawater to the Underworld, he thought. By that time, the inhabitants of the Underworld wouldn't have to wait until the green smoke destroyed their world because the earthquake caused by his fall would crush them all.

"You just need to block it for a while; I'll be right back."

Having said that, Jing Jiu turned into a sword light and headed into the seawater, vanishing instantly.

The Giant couldn't utter a single word with his mouth gasping, wondering what Jing Jiu was to do when the sky in the Underworld was slit open; shouldn't he fix the sky there first?

The Underworld had only black and white colors, or the dark and gray colors. The flames on the Underworld River were merely a bit brighter than gray.

However, the Underworld had one more color added to it that day, which was the blue color.

Endless seawater had fallen down from the sky twice.

Yet, this strange color didn't bring a sense of beauty to the Underworld, but a shadow of death.

The seawater fell down from the sky and became something harder than the stones when it reached the ground of the Underworld after passing through a vast space. Anything or anyone, including the cliffs, the colorless trees, the exotic wild animals with poor visions and the inhabitants of the Underworld, would be crushed to powder when the seawater dropped on their heads.

The surprised screams and dreadful cries could be heard in the fields and mountains by the Underworld River, but those voices were much weaker than the booming thuds when the seawater pounded the ground.

For the beings of the Underworld, the endless seawater falling down from the sky was like hundreds of relentless huge blue dragons that would swallow everything in this world.

An exceedingly bright light suddenly appeared in the dark and gloomy sky, illuminating the Abyss and the irregular and floating island like a sky roof.

Those inhabitants of the Underworld who had heard of the rumors about the human world recalled reflexively a beautiful and strange word: star.

In fact, it was not a star, but a sword light.

The bright sword light was traveling in the sky of the Underworld at an unimaginably fast speed. It arrived at all the spots in the area of thirty square miles in a short time and cut off hundreds of the water poles formed by the pouring seawater, as if the heads of the huge blue dragons were all cut off at the same time.

The water poles of the seawater spread in all directions after being cut off. Though they continued falling down toward the ground, their force had significantly reduced.

The sword light had suddenly halted in the sky of the Underworld; countless bright threads had gradually formed a human figure.

Dozens of sword wills drifted out from the rims of the cloth, tearing a few more splits on it.

Jing Jiu ignored it, as he looked at the black and white mountains and streams below.

A large amount of seawater had already poured into the Underworld River, creating a great deal of green smoke, making the black and white mountains and streams look a bit eerie and frightful.

The Underworld soldiers in the fields and mountains fell down like the trees toppled by the violent wind, sprawling in the muddy cliffs; some of them had already stopped breathing, and some writhed painfully while clutching their throats with their hands.

Jing Jiu had a special and complicated relationship with the Underworld because of the Drifter, Tong Yan, the mosquitoes and the Underworld Emperor.

More importantly, the Underworld Emperor was his friend.

Yet, this was the first time he came to the Underworld.

He came here to save this world.

The swordsmen and the priests of the Underworld were not affected by the green smoke and were still alive. They set up a formation by the Underworld River to besiege a mountain.

The large Buddha was situated on the mountain.

A formidable and far-reaching broadsword will rose up in the air; and the wild grass one hundred miles away had wilted as a result.

A great many soul fires were ablaze, forming a huge screen to block the broadsword will.

The Underworld Master and the Grand Priest were standing on the both ends of the huge screen, and could barely hold it up.

The priests opted to commit suicide one after the other by exploding their bodies, sending their soul fires into the formation.

The iron broadsword had guarded the wind and snow alone for hundred of years. Nobody dared resist it in the Underworld that day; the most they could do was delay its advance with their own lives.

The sky of the Underworld was the underground of the human world; it was regarded as connecting to the heaven as long as the sky of the Underworld and the underground of the human world were connected.

The Immortal Taiping used heaven and earth as a stove in hopes of connecting these passages.

There were many passages connecting the human world and the Underworld; it was hard to predict where the Immortal Bai would attack next. Hence, Jing Jiu decided not to fix the sky after her.

In his mind, it was not hard to solve the issue; all he needed to do was kill all of those people who were inclined to split open the sky.

Back when he was in Zhaoge City, Jing Jiu had seen the projected shadow of the Grand Priest, so he was certain that he hadn't misidentified him.

The blue cloth worn by the Underworld Master was also very eye-catching.

As such, he was certain that he wouldn't make the mistake of killing the wrong people.

After ascertaining the positions of the two, he informed the distant Green Mountain before he turned into the sword light again.

The sword light was so bright that it looked like the rumored star.

The Underworld Master and the Grand Priest in a very high Cultivation state noticed the sword light as soon as it appeared and also figured out its nature.

"Is Big Brother reincarnated?"

A shocked glow showed on the Underworld Master's face, with a shiver in the deep end of his soul fire.

He was a student of the Immortal Taiping and as a result, a member of the Green Mountain Sect. He couldn't summon any thought or courage to resist the sword light when he faced it.

He turned around swiftly and fled into the darkness of the night, paying no attention to whether the huge screen formed by the soul fires would dismantle because of his departure.

The Grand Priest reacted a bit more slowly, but it was not too slow. With a surprised and enraged shriek, he waved his sleeve, embroidered with red threads, in an attempt to flee by means of the Escape Method of Heaven and Earth.

The Underworld River suddenly stopped flowing; then, a cleft appeared on it, as if the ice was cut open.

The thick green smoke seemed to have ceased moving for a brief moment, and a crevice had also appeared in it.

A scent of bloody iron could be smelled from those openings. Soon, a bright glow emerged from the cleft and then consolidated to a broadsword light filling heaven and earth.

The broadsword light sliced open the Underworld River and the soul fires and knocked the Grand Priest out of the air; it also split open the darkness of the night in front of the Under Master.

The exceedingly bright sword light had also arrived by the Underworld River almost at the same time.

Crack!!! Crack!!!

Countless bloody lines appeared on the Grand Priest's body; soon he vanished without a trace after turning into a bloody mist.

The blue cloth broke into pieces like flying butterflies; but those butterflies were torn to shreds even before they could extend their wings. And the soul fires around the Underworld Master were all torn to shreds as his legs were cut off from the knees.

In an instant, one of the most powerful figures of the Underworld was dead, and the other was paralyzed.

The battle was not over yet. The bright sword light, coupled with the broadsword will, was bearing down on the black ground.


The ground shook violently and had a large crevice. The layers of the hard crust of the ground rubbed against each other while being pushed upwards into the sky diagonally. In the end, a magnificent mountain range took shape, which was at least one hundred miles long and a few miles high, blocking the endless seawater coming down from the sky. The seawater could only flow to the two ends of the mountain range, unable to pour into the Underworld River for the time being.

More than one hundred years ago, Liu Ci illuminated the night at the Cold Mountain with a sword light.

Cao Yuan used his broadsword to aid him from White Town.

The Scorching Sun George jumped up before it dropped to the ground and broke into pieces. The number one deviant sect, the Mysterious Dark Sect, had been vanquished as a result.

More than one hundred years later, the iron broadsword aided again as the sword light illuminated the Underworld; however, they didn't make the mountains and streams disappear this time, and instead, a mountain range was added to this world.

The raging seawater kept on bumping into the mountain range, making thunderous and thudding sounds; huge waves formed when the seawater crushed into the mountain.

Looking down from the sky, the mountain range was like an exceedingly strong dam.

Jing Jiu pulled back his line of sight and turned to Cao Yuan, "The seawater will pass round the mountain range in eight hours."

"I'll use my broadsword to block the water then," said Cao Yuan. "But I won't be able to hold it back for too long. And I don't think you will be able to hold up long based on your current condition."

The green smoke that was generated when the seawater poured into the Underworld River was hovering around the large Buddha, resembling the incense smoke in the temples.

He kept on inhaling the green smoke. His bare belly grew increasingly bigger, looking like a real Buddha whose belly was filled up with the tributes.

"It's too late for you guys."

A deep and agonized voice of the Underworld Master burst out below the cliff.

If it were another person on another occasion, they would wish to find out why the Underworld Master was willing to help the Immortal Bai and if he and the Grand Priest regarded the lives in the Underworld as a kind of ants.

Jing Jiu didn't have time or any interest in thinking about all this; he turned into a sword light again before he left the spot.

A bright thread appeared above the dark and gloomy Underworld River, tearing the white lotus flowers into tiny shreds, looking like the natural silk swaying in the wind at the Three-Thousand Nunnery.

The sword light had soon disappeared into the darkness.

It was unnecessary to know when an issue was to be resolved.

One had no need to know how the potatoes grow the seeds when all they wanted to do was cook a plate of fried sliced potatoes.

If the patrons in a brothel were too noisy…If the family servants were too rowdy by riding the horses imprudently…If someone beat his wife or kids, one had no need to know what kind of a mental state they were in.

The simple way to solve the problems was to cut their head off with a swing of the sword.
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