The Path Toward Heaven
707 Let Me Save You and this World
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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707 Let Me Save You and this World

The violent wind continued on the Sword Peak. The iron eagles flew to farther distance in terror, but they failed to disperse the thick clouds and fog.

Ping Yongjia sat on the ground with his eyes closed, his breath smooth and relaxed, as if he fell asleep, but his hand was still pointed toward the east, as though telling people how bright the sun was.

The noises of friction and rocks rolling could be heard everywhere on the cliff; innumerable swords flew up again, hovering in the air around the cliff, resembling a formation.

Zhao Layue knew that this was not the Sword Formation of Green Mountain, but its primordial form.

The Green Girl said to Zhao Layue, "Based on his temperament, he has patiently explained to you for so long at such a critical moment, meaning you're really special to him."

Zhao Layue didn't give a response. She remained silent while looking at the sword hole on the cliff wall of Liangwang Peak, feeling a bit dazed.

The violent wind had faded away, and the Sword Peak was illuminated by a few sword lights.

Nan Wang, the Immortal Guangyuan and the three elders from the hermit peaks landed on the cliff.

None of them said anything, nor did they sit somewhere close to Ping Yongjia. They chose to sit at a spot on the cliff respectively. What they were doing was guard Ping Yongjia and Jing Jiu.

A thin thread appeared in the clouds and fog. It soon grew into an object resembling a snowball, falling squarely into Zhao Layue's bosom.

Zhao Layue caressed his head gently.

Ada nestled against her in an effort to comfort her by telling her that it was pretty hard for that guy to die even if he wished to because the wicked ones could live up to ten-thousand years as the saying went.

The violent wind kicked up again. The clouds and fog were hurled up toward the high sky.

The Dead Dog was seen on the top of the ocean of clouds, looking down at the earth with an extremely cold expression in his eyes.

Green Mountain was very far from the East Ocean; as such, the Thoughtless Sword, even though it was the fastest sword in the world, couldn't reach it in a short time.

However, the sword light was very special that day.

Soon after it pierced through the cliff wall of Liangwang Peak, the sword light illuminated the cliff wall by the East Ocean and the dark and gloomy Heavenly Well.

The sword light landed among the frosty grass. Jing Jiu materialized as his cloth was ruffling in the wind.

The Drifter was flabbergasted when she saw Jing Jiu, wondering if her Teacher had something more important to tell her by chasing her all the way to this place after he told her to come here.

"Where is Cao Yuan?" demanded Jing Jiu with furrowed eyebrows.

Now that he had made such a significant decision and would pay a great price for it, he wished to have the whole situation under his full control, so he didn't want to see any unexpected incident like this.

"The Broadsword King has entered the Underworld already," answered Tong Yan.

"You didn't succeed?" Jing Jiu asked Tong Yan.

Tong Yan said, "The Underworld Master's Cultivation state is too high…"

Jing Jiu didn't give him enough time to explain and cut him off by extending his hand toward Tong Yan, "Give me the bell."

The Scenic-Cloud Bell was the magic treasure the Immortal Tan always carried with him. The reason the bell ended up in Tong Yan's hands was because Jing Jiu and the Immortal Tan had reached an agreement.

After a moment of silence, Tong Yan took out the Scenic-Cloud Bell and put it on Jing Jiu's hand.

Seeing this, the Drifter felt it rather foreboding; but she didn't dare say anything.

Jing Jiu turned to the small green curtain sedan and said, "Young Sister, please stay to guard here."

It was unclear since when he treated the people of the Water-Moon Nunnery in a fairly polite manner.

The soft voice of the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery came out from the small green curtain sedan, "You go ahead."


Jing Jiu disappeared from original spot.

The sword light went to the East Ocean.

The frosty grass snapped again as the sea wind blew softly.

The small green curtain sedan glided up in the air, hovering above the Heavenly Well.

Countless small peach flowers were blooming on the green curtain, exuding a clean and fresh energy like the silk and catkins, sealing off the passage.

A great many huge waves formed in the deep part of the ocean, rushing toward a place like a torrential river.

The endless seawater was heading toward the Huge Whirlpool. Along with loud booming sound, the blue wall of water kept on collapsing, dropping into the bottomless abyss.

The blue seawater was illuminated by a bright sword light. The Giant rubbed his eyes reflexively. As he saw Jing Jiu intermittently amid the ocean waves, he couldn't help but drop his jaw, his honest face revealing an incredulous expression, wondering how he could come so fast and more importantly why he came here.

He didn't forget how his friend looked though they hadn't met each other for hundreds of years.

Looking at the countless drops of blood in the sky, Jing Jiu could sense the murderous energy amid them; he couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows slightly.

In the course of this morning, he furrowed his eyebrows more often than he had done during his entire life.

The Heavenly Slaying Formation was indeed terribly powerful, especially after the blood sacrifice of the Fire Carp; it had the capability of destroying heaven and earth.

Yet, the formation was sill not a match for the All in One Sword.

The sword light illuminated the surface of the ocean and shone through all the ocean sprays along with the morning sunlight, arriving at the middle of the Huge Whirlpool after splitting open the Heavenly Slaying Formation like a piece of paper.

Standing in the midst of the mist filling the air, Jing Jiu turned his right palm up with furrowed eyebrows, after taking a glance at the seawater dropping into the Underworld, and brought out the Green Sky Mirror.

The morning sun looked much brighter now; a dazzling ray of sunlight was reflected off the Green Sky Mirror. The edges of the light ray had many complicated characters. If one looked closely at those characters, they would find that the characters were actually the tiny amulet scripts.

If the Young Zen Master were here, he would be able to tell that what Jing Jiu employed were the Method of Zen Mirror, which he was very good at himself, and the Method of Splitting Mirrors, but with a higher Cultivation state.

The light ray emitted by the Green Sky Mirror shone into the deepest end of the Heavenly Slaying Formation along with the surrounding flowing amulet scripts.

The drops of blood enchanted with the murderous energy of the demon blood had immediately dissipated when encountering the light ray.

An exceedingly dark and gloomy flame was wavering in the deep part of the Heavenly Slaying Formation. It couldn't move an inch when it was shone on by the light ray.

A moment later, the dark and gloomy flame followed the light ray and returned to the Green Sky Mirror.

The world in the Green Sky Mirror was as usual; no heavenly fire could be seen there.

A large crowd of people strolled on the streets; the sound of striking sticks was as loud as the thunder in the court of the government. The robbers looked at the distance in the mountain; the wives waiting for their husbands to come home wore tears on their faces. A barrage of surprised screams broke out in the manor house of the Zhang family, followed by loud cries. Several wives stole a glance at the Spring Well while weeping, wondering if the Grandmaster was on the verge of dying since he had spat out blood and if the well water could still be used after it had blood in it.

Grandmaster Zhang breathed weakly, but he grabbed the edges of the well firmly and refused to be taken away from it. He kept staring into the well steadfastly.

The blood he spat out trickled down along the wall of the well and soon became invisible; but he was fully aware that his blood had already fused into the well water.

The blood was gradually dissolving in the clean well water; later, the dissolved blood started amassing to a point. Some bulges appeared on the amassed blood, one of which began to twitch slightly. Some fine marks formed on the surface of the bulges, which looked actually like the fish fins.

As time elapsed, the shape of the amassed blood was taking a distinct form; it transformed into a carp with red color throughout.

The Grandmaster Zhang's weak body had suddenly become strong; it was unclear where the strength came from. "Scoop this fish from the well!" he yelled tersely after standing up with straight body.

After the red carp had been scooped from the well, the Grandmaster Zhang put it in a golden basin gingerly.

He brought the golden basin into the Clan Hall and shut the door behind him. He forbade anybody, including his most favorite granddaughter, from peeping into the hall.

There was a big crowd outside the Clan Hall. The descendants of the Zhang family looked at the tightly shut wooden door of the Clan Hall with a grim expression on their faces, wondering what had happened.

Those wives who had been worried about if the well water could still be used were talking among themselves in a hushed voice in a corner of the courtyard; one could vaguely hear the words "devil", "bad omen", etc.

The Grandmaster Zhang was so tired after such a struggle and sat on the ground in front of the incense table, looking at the red carp in the golden basin with a nervous countenance.

The red carp didn't look energetic at all. His body tilted to one side now and the other side then, his mouth spitting out bubbles; it seemed like he was to die at any moment.

"My old friend, is it you?" asked the Grandmaster Zhang in a trembling voice.

"Who could it be if it were not me…" said the red carp weakly. "Why are you so frugal? Are you going to use my bathing water to wash your hands?"

"What do you mean?" the Grandmaster Zhang asked, baffled.

The voice of the red carp was full of irritation and helplessness, "To say nothing of this golden basin, it'd still be too small even if it were a real treasure basin."

His frail tail touched the side of the basin unexpectedly. The fish pouted his mouth and shrieked, "Ouch…it's so painful! Put me in a bigger place quickly!"

The Grandmaster Zhang got up rapidly and pushed open the door of the Clan Hall, yelling, "Bring the large vat I've used for my bathing over here…And you…dig a pond in the courtyard!"

The crowd had all heard the painful cry of the carp; their faces turned pale out of fear.

When they heard the Grandmaster's command, none of them dared linger around; all of them took advantage of the opportunity and ran away.

The door of the Clan Hall was open.

The golden basin was on the ground, and the incense table was above it, the green smoke rising slowly.


The voice of the Giant came in from the outside of the Heavenly Slaying Formation, sounding like a deep thunder.

Jing Jiu was aware that he intended to remind him that it would take too long to dissipate the Heavenly Slaying Formation with the Buddhist light since the size of this formation was too large.

"Well, I'd better use the sword light then," Jing Jiu thought to himself.

The ocean waves suddenly subsided as an extremely bright sword light traveled among the seawater at an unimaginably fast speed, drawing countless lines in the sky.

The blue wall of water had countless tiny holes in it, resembling the sand beach after being pelted by the raindrops.

The innumerable drops of blood filling the air were breaking apart one after the other after becoming wonderful flowers, which were then cleansed by the sword light.

Regardless of how splendid a thing was, it was always composed by many detailed links. The sword light happened to be good at cutting off the delicate connections in the world.

The sword light traveled among the space between the sky and the sea; it was impossible to see it with naked eyes.

The formidable Heavenly Slaying Formation that was powerful enough to destroy heaven and earth had evidently ceased to operate, dissipating gradually, starting from its edges.

Though it was merely a brief moment, it was still a long period of time as far as the fast-moving sword light was concerned.

When the speed reached a certain limit, the rule of heaven and earth would experience an amazing change.

In the eyes of Jing Jiu at the moment, the morning sunlight seemed to have separated into many sections, which seemed to have a length and some sort of beauty.

Jing Jiu seemed to be in a strange mood as he gazed at the morning sunlight.

His Big Brother liked destroying the world, but he liked saving the world…However, saving the world was a tiresome work, and what was the meaning of all this?
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