The Path Toward Heaven
705 A Fist Piercing Heaven and Earth
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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705 A Fist Piercing Heaven and Earth

The Fire Carp's blood dropped to the surface of the sea like raindrops and blazed abruptly with a booming noise, which befitted the saying "The spring rain is akin to the oil".

The Immortal Bai moved her fingers slightly, and the golden fire with the divine animal's energy drifted off the surface of the ocean slowly, merging into those drops of blood in the sky.

The drops of blood gave off a stronger murderous energy after emitting a brighter glow, inside of which a childish cry could be vaguely heard; yet, it was unclear if it was the weeping of the ghosts or something else.

The Dark Phoenix was killed by Cao Yuan, and those demons were knocked by the Giant to the far end of the ocean unconscious. The Heavenly Slaying Formation lost its main operator and the blood sacrifice became much weaker after a day and a night; it was on the verge of dissipating in the sea wind. However, after it was supplemented with the blood of the Fire Carp, the formation grew much stronger.

The seawater bulging like a mountain in the distance had suddenly receded, and the black line at the bottom of the ocean had also grown thicker. The Immortal Bai was aware that the Giant must have sensed the change of the Heavenly Slaying Formation and was on his way back to the Huge Whirlpool. She raised her right hand and stretched toward the sky, her expression still imperturbable.

the childish cry rang out amid the drops of blood filling the sky again.

As soon as the crying disappeared, thousands of drops of blood fell down like raindrops, arriving above the head of the Immortal Bai like a large bloody pearl full of gory and murderous energy. The Immortal Bai held it up on her palm.

Though her countenance was as imperturbable as ever, a blood-red color glazed the deep end of her eyes.

The Heavenly Slaying Formation, which the Bloody Demon Church couldn't set up after sacrificing countless lives, had finally demonstrated its full power; and it was even more powerful than the one Immortal Taiping deployed. It was because the Fire Carp was the true divine animal from ancient times, and she had employed the hidden Pagoda of Suppressing Devils as the center of the formation.

She had a hard time withstanding the force of the formation even though she was in the upper limit of the Dachen State and was an unparalleled swordsman who was only one step away from ascension.

Yet, she was prepared for this consequence.

An ear-pleasing and exceedingly tranquil fairy sound suddenly rang out in the distant sky.

Innumerable golden glows emitted from her palm, which vaporized all the drops of blood full of gory and murderous energy.

It was a Fairy Book!

The devilish blood full of vicious energy didn't completely dissipate, instead entering the fairy book.

The gold-colored Fairy Book that should be pure and full of fairy intent was stained with blood on its edges; it looked even filthier than the Heavenly Slaying Formation in the sky now.

The Immortal Bai clenched her fist and struck at the Huge Whirlpool.

Back when Jing Jiu participated in the Dao Competition of the Center Sect and won the Tripod in the Green Sky Mirror, he obtained a Fairy Book. And he also struck a fist with the Fairy Book in his hand. His sneak attack damaged one of Bai Qianjun's arms. He would have died immediately if the Immortal Bai hadn't rescued him in time.

The Immortal Bai's Cultivation state was many times higher than Jing Jiu's back in the days. What sort of power would she produce by striking with all her strength and the forces of the Heavenly Slaying Formation and the Fairy Book?

The passage for the seawater to flow to the Underworld had been sealed off by the Giant, and the passage leading to the Alien Land had not been repaired yet. As such, the Huge Whirlpool was flooded with the seawater, making booming noises as the seawater rushed into it like waterfalls. Countless bubbles appeared on the surface of the ocean; once in a while, some remaining blood drops could be seen on the water.

A golden light along with the fist wind that could easily disperse the clouds bore down on the surface of the ocean, afterward spreading out before finally being compressed into a point.

The surface of the sea in the Huge Whirlpool suddenly became extremely tranquil, devoid of any wind. In the next moment, a rupture had occurred.

The first things that had ruptured were the bubbles, followed by the seawater around the point; a straight black line could be seen in the white torrent.

The black line passed through the endless seawater at an exceedingly fast speed and reached the bottom of the ocean. After that, it melted the hard rocks, sifted through those cracks and arrived at the Abyss.

The instant the black line arrived, a great amount of fae and murderous energy parted at the front of the black line.


It sounded like the formidable thunder of the heavenly punishment had come to the human world, easily suppressing the noise of the waterfalls. The level of the sea had sunk a hundred feet abruptly.

The hard bottom of the ocean hurled up a great amount of dirt and sand. The existing spider-web like cracks were extending out rapidly, collapsing into the Abyss.

Within a few moments, a large chasm the size of several square miles appeared at the bottom of the ocean under the Huge Whirlpool.

The endless seawater rushed toward the large chasm, creating many terrifying waves. No whirlpool could be formed in the wake because the water dropped too fast.

The Secret Realm of Singing Spring had vanished as a result.

The seawater dropped down to the Underworld again. It was much more torrential, powerful and violent this time around. Now that the dropping seawater was helped by the forces of heaven and earth, who could stop it?

The whole of the Underworld had heard the deafening boom in the sky.

The endless seawater poured down from the sky, looking like hundreds of horrendous blue dragons intending to devour every single life in the Underworld.

Those Underworld soldiers who were attacking the large Buddha had noticed the peculiar phenomenon in the sky. They put down the weapons in their hands in terror, not knowing what to do.

It wouldn't take long for the seawater to reach the ground. The pouring water would be as powerful as rocks, which would be able to crush a large number of inhabitants of the Underworld immediately. Later, the flood would kill more people…

The most terrifying fact was that a great amount of green smoke would rise again when the seawater poured into the Underworld River; more lives would perish both in the Underworld and in the human world.

Seeing the endless seawater drop from the sky and the white figure come down along with the seawater, Cao Yuan's speckled face revealed an enraged expression.

He raised the broadsword with a formidable intent, cut open the cliff and destroyed the colorless tree before heading toward the dropping seawater.

The Immortal Bai extended her right hand expressionlessly while gazing at the cold Broadsword light rising up from the ground.


An ear-splitting noise broke out in heaven and earth.

The broadsword light faded at the cliff by the bank of the Underworld River.

The fairy power from the upper world faded in the blood-stained yellowish Fairy Book.

A few gaps appeared on the iron broadsword that had no match in heaven and earth.

Cao Yuan got up.

He intended to slice the Immortal Bai in half.

He was willing to do so even at the cost of his own golden body.

Hundreds of white lotus flowers suddenly appeared in the dark night sky.

Like the distinct black and white colors in the Underworld, these flowers formed a steadfast barrier blocking all of his broadsword wills and lethal intent.

The Underworld Master and the Grand Priest showed up on the opposite bank of the Underworld River, ignoring their subordinates fleeing in all directions. They only had the large Buddha in their eyes.

"Master Broadsword King, please teach us a lesson."

The Immortal Bai landed on the surface of the Underworld River. She traveled to a spot several miles away instantly after she tapped her toes on a lotus flower.

Hundreds of white lotus flowers moved along with her summoned energy and drifted to the middle of the Underworld River from both banks, forming a spotless white lotus boat.

She stood on the lotus boat with her hands folded behind her back.

The lotus boat flew downstream on the Underworld River.

She was aware that the Underworld River was used by the inhabitants of the Underworld for transporting the spiritual boats of the dead; but she didn't mind if it was lucky or not to travel on the river.

She could simply regard her journey on the Underworld River as a funeral for the humans.

The Underworld Master was a student of the Immortal Taiping and the strongest swordsman in the Underworld. If Tong Yan hadn't sneak-attacked him with the Scenic-Cloud Bell, his Cultivation state would be close to Liu Ci's. Even though the Grand Priest was a tad weaker, he was nonetheless a powerful figure in the Underworld. Even if the two of them couldn't kill Cao Yuan in collaboration, they could at least hold him up in this patch of cliffs for a while. Then, who could stop the Immortal Bai?

The lotus boat drifted downstream along with the flowing water; it was unclear where she was headed.

A gust of gentle wind came to the dark and gloomy Underworld. It didn't come from the large chasm in the sky, but from somewhere else.

The wind blew over gently, seeming rather amicable; it in fact contained a formidable intent.

The lotus boat left the surface of the river and headed toward the sky against the wind.

The One-Cottage House was located on the other side of the wind.

The large amount of seawater was still in the sky, which would bring a disaster to the Underworld on the ground. All of a sudden, the rumbling booms broke out in the sky, like deep thunder echoing on both banks of the Underworld River.

The inhabitants of the Underworld walked out from their houses and looked up at the sky, revealing a despaired expression on their faces.

Such an event had already taken place the day before.

The sky had been broken. Fortunately, it was repaired by an unknown immortal from the above world.

There was such a large chasm today, which could be even seen clearly from the ground. Who could fix it this time?

The morning sunlight grew brighter as the sun rose higher. Large waves formed on the surface of the ocean. The Giant returned to the Huge Whirlpool. His mountain-like body was full of dirt, sand and wounds, his eyes full of bewilderment.

He had spent whole night repairing the passage leading to the distance from the Huge Whirlpool. Unexpectedly he found the Huge Whirlpool became a large chasm by the time he came back.

The seawater poured down at an unimaginably rapid speed. The gloomy bottom of the chasm coupled with the bright blue color looked even more gruesome, like an eye of the giants.

He swayed his head side to side a few times reflexively, in an attempt to shake this description or metaphor out of his mind.

His bewildered expression turned to despair and helplessness. He scratched his head with his hand, almost knocking a flock of birds off the sky, as he wondered how he could block such a large chasm since his whole body was not big enough to plug the hole.

The more he thought about it, the more remorseful he felt. And he even felt a bit sad now.

It was then that he sensed the similar feeling amid the drops of blood filling the sky. He couldn't help but feel even more melancholy as he wondered who had died here.

The eldest son of the Grand Scholar Zhang in the Green Sky Mirror had become Grandmaster Zhang a long time ago.

Anyone, regardless of how carefree they were, would become a little confused as they grew older; the eldest son of the Grand Scholar Zhang was no exception. Yet, his carefree temperament hadn't changed that much.

In the last two days, he suddenly asked his youngest son, who was the master of the Zhang family right now, to fix up the Clan Hall of the Zhang family and to light an incense in there. And he warned his family members firmly that this incense could never go out, otherwise he would beat or even kill somebody…

No matter how confused he was, the eldest son of the Grand Scholar Zhang was still the head of the family. Nobody dared oppose his order. On the other hand, it was not a big deal to fix up the Clan Hall and light an incense.

Yet, what the members of the Zhang family were worried about the most was that the Grandmaster Zhang often wanted to go out and walk about; what if an accident happened to him?

"Don't stop me," yelled the Grandmaster Zhang at his descendants in the courtyard while supporting himself on the cane. "I'm not confused! None of you freaking people is willing to chat with me; all I can do is talk to the sky. Of course, I look like an idiot by doing so."

Having said that, he still felt quite angry. He swung his cane at the back of his youngest son.

The Master of the Zhang family didn't dare dodge the blow and was ready for the hit; but he was pulled away by his youngest daughter.

The girl approached Grandmaster Zhang and supported his elbow while asking mildly, "Grandpa, where do you want to go?"

The Grandmaster Zhang said angrily, "I want to go to the front yard and look at the well."

Hearing this, the crowd in the courtyard displayed a helpless expression on their faces, and also felt it was absurd.

"There are so many wells in our family; which one do you want to look at?" asked the girl with a bitter smile. "Do you wish to look at the Eight-Corner Well or the Spring Well? Or that new Su Well we dug last year?"
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