The Path Toward Heaven
704 I’m only a Talkative Fish
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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704 I’m only a Talkative Fish

The Fire Carp was in fact merely a carp. He was called the Fire Carp because his body was red from head to tail like the fire and he lived in the fire source.

He was indeed a lifeform of the divine animal; otherwise, he wouldn't have lived for tens of thousands of years and was still not an adult. As such, he called himself the King of the Fire Carps.

In fact, he was still a child.

He appeared to be cowardly and was inclined to bully the weak and afraid of the strong. He was very talkative, and his expression was often naïve. This was because he had lived in the underground for tens of thousands of years and hadn't met many humans. Though he hadn't communicated with many people, he was in no way stupid.

Like the rosefinch who was also a divine animal transformed by the fire, the Fire Carp was quite intelligent and able to sense the heavenly omen and the danger even though he was unlike the rosefinch who could educate the Saints and alter heaven and earth. He was clearly aware of what awaited him when he looked at the drops of blood in the sky after he went to the Underworld with the Immortal Bai and came up to the deep part of the ocean against the rainfall.

The drops of blood connected to form many lines, and the bloody lines then formed a net. The net was actually a formation.

This great formation was full of bloody and dreadful energy. The broken corpses in the seawater and the smell of the devilish blood that still lingered after being blown by the sea wind for a day and a night indicated that this powerful formation was in need of blood sacrifice.

The Fire Carp let out a melancholy sigh as he thought half pitifully and half proudly that few divine animals were higher than him in the Cultivation state and nobler; as such, he was most suitable for blood sacrifice.

Thinking of this, his self-pity and pride turned into fear and sadness, wondering if he would die soon.

To walk to the Secret Realm of Singing Spring from the Cold Mountain over the landmass of Chaotian would be a long journey; but the distance was considerably shortened when traveling from the Underworld to the Secret Realm.

When facing the death, the Fire Carp had enough time to think over how he could get out of this predicament or how he could kill the Immortal Bai regardless of how short a time it was.

However, the grandmasters of the Center Sect in the previous generations had employed the Ultimate Magic to set up a formidable formation in his body, which extended to every part of his body like the sunlight sliced by the willow leaves or the willow branches billowed by the wind. He had no way to dispose of the formation since it was intermixed with his spiritual soul closely.

To say nothing of sneak-attacking the Immortal Bai, the formation would counterattack him if the Fire Carp attempted to dispose of it and make it extremely painful for him.

As a result, the Fire Carp had no way to fight the Immortal Bai. And yet, he had another skill he was good at, which was talking.

He craned his head to look at the sky while saying, "Little friend Bai Yuan, I'm much older than you and have a much higher status than you; is it a disrespectful behavior toward a senior master when you claim to beat me and kill me so casually?"

Standing in the sky several miles above the Huge Whirlpool, the Immortal Bai followed a black line in the ocean to look in the direction of the northwest.

The seawater was evidently higher there than the level of the sea water around it; it looked like a hill on a plain. It was an amazing scene, as if someone had done something at the bottom of the ocean.

It was believed that the Giant of the Alien Land had already blocked the passage leading to the Underworld in the sea, and was fixing the passage in the Huge Whirlpool leading to other places.

"I'm nonetheless a divine animal of Cloud-Dream Mountain," yelled the Fire Carp in a trembling voice. "Even though I haven't been to Cloud-Dream Mountain once after I was born… and it's because your ancestors told me that your mountains had no fire source, and it's not because I'm not loyal to your sect. I've been loyal to the Center Sect for tens of thousands of years, how could you use me as a blood sacrifice for the formation?"

The Immortal Bai pulled back her gaze and looked at the Fire Carp who was trapped by the huge walls of the seawater, saying, "The Center Sect has raised you for more than twenty thousand years; it's time for you to do something for the Center Sect."

The Fire Carp yelled curtly after wiggling his tail twice, "Who raised me?! Who raised me?! You're not my stepmother! I've lived in the fire source all by myself. When have you people ever taken care of me?! You people came to visit me once every few hundred years; how can you claim that you people have raised me?! I'm not that acquainted with you people to begin with. If I knew I would end up like this, I'd have joined the Green Mountain Sect!"

The Immortal Bai extended her finger and drew a sphere in front of her.

The scattered drops of blood in the air started condensing, turning into a small bloody pagoda, which looked very much like the Pagoda of Suppressing Devils that the Immortal Tan had used at the Green Mountain Sect.

Seeing the small bloody pagoda, the Fire Carp realized that the shadow of death was approaching him. "Can we discuss this more, please?" His voice started to quiver more fiercely.

Looking at the rising seawater in the Huge Whirlpool, the Immortal Bai commented with an appreciative expression, "To use heaven and earth as a stove, the Immortal's method is truly remarkable."

The Fire Carp muttered to himself, "Now that I'm going to die, how can she expect me to applaud by flipping my fins?"

The Immortal Bai continued, "Though I don't have such a capability, I can at least add more firewood to the stove."

"I'm a fish, not firewood," murmured the Fire Carp.

"The Underworld River is the fire, and the endless seawater is the firewood," said the Immortal Bai. "I'll bring the fire source to the Underworld; but it's merely equivalent to a spoon of oil. I still need to add more firewood to it. You've helped me open up the passage to the Underworld from the ocean, which will be a significant event in the history of Chaotian; your death will be worth it."

"Immortal, don't be so hasty…please. That bird of the Green Mountain Sect was a divine animal. I believe his blood must be very useful. Let me go fetch him for you," said the Fire Carp, feeling exceedingly terrified at the moment.

"Even though the Dark Phoenix was the main operator of the formation, he must have died after being struck by Cao Yuan and that Giant," said the Immortal Bai.

The Fire Carp shouted hastily, "Even if he's dead, his blood might not be completely depleted. Please let me go and get his corpse!"

The Immortal Bai started tempering the small bloody pagoda with her eyes closed, ignoring him.

"Or…or…you let me go, and I pretend to join the Green Mountain Sect and become a mole there. Then I'll kill that old turtle and release his blood. Tong Yan told me that the old turtle is even older than I; so his blood must be more valuable than mine!

"This is not a good idea?! Immortal, I'm still young and my blood might not be very effective. How about wait for a few more days because I'll become an adult soon? It's true; I'm not lying. After l become an adult in a few days, this disgusting…no, this marvelous formation will be much stronger. By that time, I'll be able to kill all the swordsmen of the Green Mountain Sect when they came and the large Buddha when he drifted up from the underground and the monster at the bottom of the ocean who was exceedingly powerful, to say nothing of opening up the passage leading to the Underworld.

"Immortal…Immortal…if you want me to die, can we do it somewhere else? It's because I don't like the seawater. Do you want me to change to a preserved fish after I die and drop to the bottom of the ocean?"

Nothing he tried on her had worked, no matter whether it was dissuading her with reasons or with affection, or convincing her with unreasonable behaviors and concepts.

The Fire Carp stopped talking. Looking at the deepening bloody lines in the sky, a despaired expression showed in his eyes as he decided to fight back with all his might.

No sooner had he come up with this idea than he let out a terrible scream, then rolling painfully from side to side amid the mist created by the waterfalls.

A few deep bloody lines appeared on his body; the hard and strong scales were cut open by the extending line, making "pah" sounds, resembling that of the zither strings snapping.

The fresh blood gushed out from the wounds and started blazing when it met the sea wind. The flames didn't extinguish even after they dropped into the seawater.

The Fire Carp kept on wailing agonizingly like a little child amid the flames.

The Immortal Bai opened her eyes and stabbed a finger of her right hand at the fire, her expression as imperturbable as ever.


Along with the horrendous noise of slicing flesh, the Fire Carp broke into a great many pieces before he dropped into the seawater, vanishing without a trace after causing some sprays on the water.

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