The Path Toward Heaven
695 Slaying the Fairy Lady
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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695 Slaying the Fairy Lady

The Sword-Washing Stream became a silvery whip.

It flew out from the peaks of Green Mountain.

It passed through the wind and snow.

It dispersed the starlight.

It broken through the Empty Realm.

And it arrived in the sky above the Muddy River many hundred miles away.

The stream as a whip was very nimble and hard to defend against. It was also without shape or mind.

Even though Bai Ren was a fairy lady, it was still impossible for her to dodge the incoming whip.

The silvery whip wrapped around her ankle three times upon hitting it and tied a dead knot. She was dragged back to the peaks of Green Mountain.

The Fairy Lady looked a bit unkempt at the moment; her skirt was slightly tattered, and the golden light drifted away.

Staring into Jing Jiu's eyes, she yelled sternly, "What the heck is this thing?"

Jing Jiu returned, "You left six fairy books behind for Cloud-Dream Mountain before your ascension; the grandmasters of the Green Mountain Sect also left something for us before their ascensions."

His voice echoed among the peaks in the wind and snow.

An uproar went up for a moment, and soon it was deathly quiet at the site.

It was true that the Sword-Washing Stream was a magic treasure that helped guard the mountain gate, which was left behind by the grandmasters of Green Mountain for their disciples.

If someone in the fairy state came to Green Mountain to make a fuss, this whip could be used to hit or bind the foe.

"The Green Mountain Sect schemes too much!"

Bai Ren's face looked a bit pale. His eyes showed a hint of pain, but more of anger.

Before her ascension, she was the Immortal Sect Master of the Center Sect and the ancestor of the Bai family.

After her ascension, she was the true fairy lady.

She didn't look so wretched even when she was wounded during the fight against the Snow Girl.

An exceedingly powerful energy came out from her body and headed toward the peaks along with a seemingly tangible golden light.

Her skirt was tousled without the aid of the wind.

The silvery whip was pulled so tautly that it seemed to be able to snap at any moment; but it didn't.

The icicles and the snowflakes landed on the silvery whip, turning it into a white color.

"Do you intend to keep me here by using this whip?" Bai Ren yelled at Jing Jiu sharply.

Jing Jiu's hand gripped the empty space in the wind and snow.

The whip could be seen intermittently.

"Like I said, my goal is to kill you," said he.

Bai Ren retorted, "Don't you understand the principle that the fairy men can't die?"

"But why did you die last time in Zhaoge City?" returned Jing Jiu calmly.

Bai Ren said nonchalantly, "That was merely a replica of me; now the Sword Formation of Green Mountain has been destroyed by your own hands."

The Inherited Heaven Sword had turned into many useless pieces at the hands of the Immortal Taiping and Jing Jiu.

The Sword Formation of Green Mountain had been demolished, even though those flying swords were still intact.

However, without the Inherited Heaven Sword and the formation, who and what could summon those flying swords?

The summoning entity obviously couldn't be found in the human world.

The situation was extremely tense at the moment.

It was as tense as the tautly stretched whip that was transformed from the Sword-Washing Stream.

Nobody dared make a sound.

It was deathly quiet; only the wind and snow were assaulting the peaks.

It was then that a strange noise broke out.

"Gurgle! Gurgle!"

Looking at the source of the noise, the people found that it was the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom who made the noise, feeling startled.

The most formidable and powerful being in Chaotian could only talk like a babbling child, or perhaps she couldn't talk at all…

"Was that you?"

Bai Ren said to the Snow Girl in a mocking tone, "You don't even know how to communicate even though you have a great deal of strength; I doubt you know how to use the magic methods as well."

The Queen of the Snowy Kingdom had a strength that could shake heaven and earth, but in order to kill a fairy woman from the outside world, she had to find a way to turn the magic into a more effective method of assault.

As far as the human Cultivation practitioners were concerned, the way to do it was the sword work or a sort of magic method.

She had never learned the magic methods in her long lifetime. Perhaps, it was unnecessary for her, because no other lifeform could threaten her in Chaotian.

Many people doubted it and even thought that the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom was incapable of learning the magic methods due to the fairness of heaven and earth.

Was this really the case?

Zhuo Rusui stared at a spot by the cliff rather than at the Fairy Lady Bai Ren in the night sky and the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom.

At the spot was a half of the gray flying sword poking out from the accumulated snow, which was the remains of his pitiful Swallowing Boat Sword.

It was not that he looked at his sword because he felt heartbroken at the thought of the condition of his sword…but rather, he looked in that direction because he found that the Swallowing Boat Sword was quivering slightly and protruding from the snow.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


The Swallowing Boat Sword shot up and broke through the air.

In the next moment, those flying swords scattered in all the places seemed to be pulled up by a force, shooting out from the snow and the cracks of the cliffs and heading toward a spot.

On the top of Xingyun Peak, Ping Yongjia found that his feet suddenly left the ground, feeling startled, and soon he also found that the flying swords around him with chaotic sword wills suddenly became excited, heading toward the night sky in clusters.

Countless flying swords left the Green Mountain disciples and the peaks, heading toward the night sky; they looked like tens of thousands of silvery fish scales under the starlight.

It was at the moment that the Sword Formation of Green Mountain seemed to be reborn.

Innumerable flying swords flew into the night sky.

It was the Fairy Lady toward whom the tens of thousands of flying swords were headed.

Traveling faster than all these flying swords was the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom herself.

She looked at Bai Ren drawing nearer with her hands behind her back, her eyes devoid of any emotion.

Countless flying swords followed behind her.

She looked like a grandmaster in the sword work whom this world hadn't witnessed since ancient times.

Who said that she couldn't learn the human magic methods? She learned how to use the Inherited Heaven Sword simply by glancing at the instruction twice back when she was at the Three-Thousand Nunnery outside Dayuan City.

In the Sword Jail over the past one hundred years, she had learned all the sword styles of Jing Jiu's by studying the Sealing Formation of Thousand-Mile Ice in the passageway.

It was because she was the highest lifeform in Chaotian.

Nobody was qualified to talk about the talent in Cultivation in front of her, including Jing Yang and Bai Ren.

Bai Ren's eyes grew brighter as she became sharply alarmed and intended to dodge the "sword rain" and the fierce attack from the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom; however, she couldn't free herself from the whip held in Jing Jiu's hand that was binding her ankle.

Clack!!! Clack!!!

The Snow Girl came before Bai Ren and put her hands on Bai Ren's shoulders; their eyes happened to be at the same level at the moment.

The Snow Girl's jet black eyes exuded an exceedingly cold intent. Bai Ren knew it was a bad omen and uttered an angry and crisp shriek.

This fairy shriek sounded like the flute music, and more like the wind and thunder echoing in the night sky.

Countless golden lights shot out from underneath the rims of her skirt, and pierced through the Snow Girl's body mercilessly.

Sizzle!!! Sizzle!!! Sizzle!!!

Along with the dreadful sound of a body being pierced through, thousands of tiny holes appeared on the Snowy Girl's body, a great deal of water splashing out.

As the water came out from the Snow Girl's body, it was shattered by the powerful fairy awareness, turning into a patch of mist.

The mist was then disturbed by the sword shadows.

The sword sounds filled the sky.

Countless flying swords of Green Mountain flew into the mist and pierced through Bai Ren's body.

The Queen of the Snowy Kingdom released her hands nonchalantly and drifted down to the ground.

In the night sky, Bai Ren looked at her own body with raised eyebrows; it seemed that she couldn't understand what was happening to her.

In the next moment…

The stars in the sky had suddenly grown much brighter; the night was gone and the day seemed to have arrived.

A great deal of fairy energy burst out from Bai Ren's body, spreading out in all directions as the golden air waves.

She was the sun at this very moment.

Heaven and earth would sense it and respond to it whenever a figure in the Heavenly Arrival State left this world, not to mention that she was a fairy lady.

The strong wind was blowing violently, and the fairy energy was flowing everywhere. The night looked like day; all the lifeforms were reviving; and the ice and snow were melting.

After a long while, the powerful quake in heaven and earth had gradually subsided. The newly grown grass could be seen on the surface of the collapsed cliffs among the peaks of Green Mountain; a great many mushrooms had sprung out on the broken branches of the pine trees.

A moment later, the stars in the night sky looked exactly the same as before; it seemed as if nothing had happened.

The fairy lady was nowhere to be found.

The golden light specks, the formidable energy and the spiritual awareness had all vanished into the wind; it was a patch of empty space remaining in the sky.

It was deathly quiet among the peaks of Green Mountain; it was akin to a huge graveyard unguarded.

The people were looking at the night sky blankly, feeling an emptiness in their hearts.

The wind and snow occurred again in the sky. The Snow Girl drifted down from the night sky and landed on the ocean of clouds that had just gathered together again. The cold intent exuded by her had frozen the clouds under her feet into icicles instantly.

The fairy energy had made a great many tiny holes on her body, from which the water was trickling down. She seemed to be severely wounded, but the expression in her eyes was as cold as ever and proud.

Killing a fairy lady even made her fee a bit contented.

It was then that an eerie event occurred.

A beetle suddenly appeared on the Snow Girl's face, and then crawled from the left to right side slowly.

Nobody knew that this beetle's name was Cold Cicada save for the people of Shenmo Peak and Zhuo Rusui.

As Cold Cicada was crawling on the Snow Girl's face, a bloody line appeared on it.

The bloody line was slowly cracking open.

It looked like a mouth opening up.


A voice came out from the cracked bloody line.

It was a tender voice, sounding like that of a little girl.

However, it contained an exceedingly powerful energy, same as that on the highest icy peak.
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