The Path Toward Heaven
692 In the Sky and on the Ground
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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692 In the Sky and on the Ground

There was a black line in the sky full of stars, leading to the distant and unknown world.

The lower end of the black line was Shangde Peak, on the top of which stood the Fairy Lady who had returned from that world.

The ocean of clouds emitted a silvery shimmer under the starlight. The Dead Dog stood quietly on top of the ocean of clouds, resembling a rock submerged under the surface of the sea, emanating an unshakable impression.

Jing Jiu said these words while standing on the highest point and looking down at the Fairy Lady with Ada in his arms.

It was thought that none would forget this scene for as long as they lived.

Looking at Jing Jiu, the Fairy Lady Bai Ren revealed a seeming smile on her face.

Her eyes displayed a light and amicable expression, but it was a calm expression that someone looking down on the people in this world would have.

In her eyes, everyone, including the figures like the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery and Nan Wang in the Heavenly Arrival State, was a child or her subject.

It wasn't until now that she revealed a hint of real emotion.

It was not because Jing Jiu stood higher than her at the moment, but because he had stood as high as her before.

"Had you predicted that I will come back in person?" she asked Jing Jiu softly.

"I've predicted this possibility, but I didn't want it to be. You're nevertheless an ascender of the previous generation. As a Cultivation practitioner, why did you come back after you ascended with such a great deal of effort? Regardless of what reasons you have…" Jing Jiu said to the peaks under the ocean of clouds, "this is cowardly behavior, even if you can claim that you've done it for the sake of this world."

"What you cultivate is the relentless Dao; how could you possibly understand true courage?" returned Bai Ren.

"How can you call it 'courage' when you give up searching the unknown world and come back to this world? If this is the case, why did that disgraced immortal on the Disgraced Island drink himself to a stupor everyday?" exclaimed Jing Jiu. "Don't forget that you are one of the ascenders and a representative of the human race. Your cowardice reflects as the weakness of the human race."

The stars were looking down at the ground quietly from the night sky. The people were looking at the ocean of clouds quietly and Jing Jiu, whose white cloth was ruffling in the wind. They couldn't help but feel awe toward him.

Besides him, who could possibly talk to the returned Fairy Lady in such a calm and critical tone?

Jing Jiu said, "It's a good thing in a way that you've come back. I have to start over because you sneak-attacked me. I'll send you back today to finish my karma."

"How can you do so?" the voice of the Immortal Bai came out from the patch of cloud and fog that hadn't dispersed the entire time; it sounded even colder and more unswerving than usual. "Even though I hadn't predicted there to be another exit in the hermit peaks and let you escape, what could you do then? No matter how powerful you and the Night Howler are, you're still not a match for my Ancestor. Or, do you have some secret methods?"

What she said threw the disciples of Green Mountain, who were excited about the returning of the elders from the hermit peaks under the starlight, back into bewilderment and despair again.

She was right; the main opponent for the Green Mountain Sect that day was the Fairy Lady.

The light dust dropping down from the sky had knocked away those flying swords and injured the Immortal Guangyuan, Nan Wang, Zhao Layue and other swordsmen of Green Mountain.

She had merely glanced at the small green curtain sedan to make it covered in blood…

No matter how powerful the Immortal Sect Master and the Master Night Howler were and how high the Cultivation state of the three masters of the previous generation was, what could they do against the Fairy Lady?

Even if all of the swordsmen of the Green Mountain Sect had died in the fight, the most they could do was simply postpone the inevitable. Even the Broadsword King, the Young Zen Master and Bu Qiuxiao couldn't do a thing, even if all of them came in time…

There was no other ascender in Chaotian right now, so nobody was her equal.

Then again, if there was an ascender in Chaotian, there was no way they would stay in this world.

Judging from this simple presumption, one would be able to come up with the idea that the Fairy Lady Bai Ren had no equal in this world.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

And could any magic treasure or formation be her equal?

The Sword Formation of Green Mountain might be one.

But it had been destroyed in the hands of Jing Jiu and the Immortal Taiping that day.

The Center Sect was very patient this time. Even though they had already known that the Fairy Lady would return, they didn't strike until the fight between the pair of brothers had a definite outcome and the two of them had demolished all the important resources of the Green Mountain Sect. Would their sect be destroyed by the internal inflict just like all the other powerful Cultivation sects in history?

What could the Green Mountain Sect do then?

On Xingyun Peak.

Standing amid the flying swords filling the sky, Ping Yongjia looked at the distant Shangde peak and the Fairy Lady with a pale face. He was trembling from head to toe because of fear.

His hands trembled badly as he tried to release enough sword wills to rearrange the flying swords into a formation again.

However, the Sword Formation of Green Mountain was a lethal formation set up by many grandmasters over generations. Regardless of how talented he was, how could he achieve such a feat?

The chaotic sword wills shuttled back and forth among the cliff rocks and in his mind. The harder he tried it, the more despaired he felt. In the end, he dropped to his knees, exhausted.

"Jing Yang, you're far from being my equal. To keep the killing to a minimum, you'd better surrender to me."

"Master Night Howler, you've guarded the demons for the human race for more than ten thousand years; you've contributed a great deal. I don't wish to kill you."

"None of you is my equal."

"No one is my equal."

Bai Ren's voice echoed throughout Chaotian again.

It was the true fairy voice, and it was so light and undeniable.

It indicated that the speaker was the one and only in heaven and earth.

And it was also a Cultivation state that couldn't be defeated, or even touched.


Jing Jiu rubbed Ada before putting him on the back of the Dead Dog.

He straightened his body before saying to Bai Ren, "I don't think so."

A thud suddenly broke out in the deep part of Shangde Peak.

A crack could be seen clearly on the smooth surface of the black cliff wall.

The current Shangde Peak had been compressed into an iron-like substance by the fairy magic employed by Bai Ren; it was as dense as magic treasures.

The flying swords of the fairy state couldn't even cut it open; but why did a crack appear on it?

The crack was extending on both ends at high speed, and it became wider and deeper.

Along with horrific sound of friction, countless black crumbs shot out from the crack.


Shangde Peak ripped open.

Bai Ren disappeared from the top of the peak, and reappeared in the sky several miles away in an instant, turning into light dust.

She was indeed a returned fairy lady; her speed was many times faster than Jing Jiu's Underworld Fairy Sword.

Yet, she was not the only one who could travel extremely fast.

A snowy line came out from the crack on Shangde Peak, traveling at an unimaginably fast speed toward the night sky.

A thin puff of smoke and dust separated from the snowy line and headed toward Tianguang Peak.

The clouds and fog in the night sky froze to ice when they met the snowy line; they were pushed forward by the snowy line before drifting downwards.

The stars shone on the world. The snowy line came to the highest point with countless icicles and met the light dust.


The icicles had evaporated instantly after turning into countless shooting lights in all directions.

The starlight was swaying, and the night sky was shuddered.

A horrifying air wave came down from the sky, turning into a violent windstorm on the ground.

The cliffs collapsed abruptly, and many ancient trees toppled. It seemed that heaven and earth were turned upside down.

"How dare you, you filthy beast!"

The voice of the Fairy Lady Bai Ren burst out amid the violent shooting lights in the night sky…

The fairy voice echoed throughout Chaotian once again.

The voice was as calm and light as before, it had more of an air of surprise and anger to it this time.
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