The Path Toward Heaven
689 A Falling Light Dust in the Twiligh
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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689 A Falling Light Dust in the Twiligh

When Liu Ci left the world, a "spring rain" fell down from the sky.

When Yuan Qijing left, a snowfall occurred.

When Lian Sanyue left, it was a patch of morning sunlight.

When Pei Baifa and Nan Qü left, the peculiar phenomena showed up in heaven and earth.

The figures in the Heavenly Arrival State had always left behind some unambiguous signs when they departed this world.

The peaks of Green Mountain were currently enshrouded in endless twilight.

The twilight came from all over the world; it was as rich as blood, giving off a warm and dreadful feel to it.

As a result, the people knew that the Immortal Taiping was dead.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What kind of a person was the Immortal Taiping?

The Immortal Daoyuan died due to the sneak-attack by Nan Qü. The Immortal Chenzhou died because he went mad by cultivating improperly. Afterwards, Green Mountain had been thrown into a chaotic and weak situation for a long time until the Immortal Taiping led Jing Yang, Liu Ci, Yuan Qijing, the Dead Dog and the Dark Phoenix in purging the peaks in a bloodbath. As a result, Green Mountain could revive its tradition, and revitalized.

The humans in Chaotian had a long period of chaos. They had almost been wiped out by the monster invasion from the Snowy Kingdom until the Immortal Taiping gathered various orthodox Cultivation sects at the Plum Garden in Zhaoge City to settle the issue. After that, the Jing family regained the power of the imperial court and the human race started to rejuvenate.

He had taught seven swordsmen in the Heavenly Arrival State if Jing Yang and the Underworld Master were counted as his disciples.

The Underworld Emperor was locked in the Fiend Prison because of him.

He had been the Chief Monk of the Fruit Formation Temple.

He had created the Old Ones.

Someone who had done any of these things would be able to have their names recorded in history, not to mention that all these achievements were accomplished by one individual.

Speaking of the legendary figure, the Immortal Taiping was one of them for sure.

Many years later, he suddenly considered to overthrow the system of Plum Meeting that he had helped establish and to kill all the mortals in order to create a brand new world.

Some people thought he was insane, and some thought he had gone mad because of his improper Cultivation.

He became the most horrifying and disgusting demonic person in human history.

However, nobody could deny that he had contributed a great deal to the human world and achieved many things.

Today, this legendary genius and crazy monster had died amid the twilight filling the sky.

It was deathly quiet on the top of Tianguang Peak.

Standing by the edge of the cliff and looking in the direction of the hermit peaks, Zhao Layue murmured to herself even though she didn't show any emotion on her face:

I want to call upon the wind and rain.

I want to travel a thousand miles in an instant.

I want to sleep in a wonderful dream.

I want to wake up in a dream.

These were the statements the Immortal Taiping made on Shenmo Peak.

He was dead now.

Would he wake up in another dream?

More people felt relieved after they realized that the Immortal Taiping was dead, even though many Cultivation practitioners felt a bit troubled. Chaotian had finally gotten away from the danger of total destruction, and the Cultivation world had finally escaped from living under the shadow of that person.

The Immortal Tan, the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery, the Sect Master of the Great Marsh and Jing Yao who was flanked by State Duke Lu and the others were looking in the direction of the hermit peaks, but their emotions were much more complicated.

The patch of cloud and fog hadn't dispersed yet. Under the setting sun, a figure could be vaguely seen to bow slightly toward the hermit peaks and to express her respect.

The Immortal Bai was expressing her respect.

And many disciples of Green Mountain knelt on the ground or their swords with a sad expression on their faces.

Mo Chi had tears running down from his cheeks, and some elders were crying out.

The Immortal Guangyuan fell silent while looking at the twilight in the sky.

Nan Wang had red eyes because the twilight was too bright.

The endless twilight extended out in the sky at an unimaginably fast speed. Soon, it enveloped the entirety of Chaotian.

The skies over the lonely, cold and blue icy peak in the deep part of the snowland and over the Foggy Island in the southernmost end were dyed red.

This peculiar phenomenon was witnessed by the Cultivation practitioners as well as the mortals.

In Zhaoge City, a few state dukes and some chancellors who were not well known knelt on the ground toward the twilight in their own courtyards.

Some elders and young disciples at the Fruit Formation Temple, the Windy-Broadsword Church, the No-Mercy Sect behind the sealed off mountains, and many other sects felt mournful while looking wordlessly at the twilight.

The Cloud Boat of the Center Sect was traveling among the ocean of clouds under the setting sun. it was unclear when Ren Qianzhu had left the One-Cottage House and stood at the bow of the boat at the moment, sighing.


The cloud boat broke through the ocean of clouds and arrived in the sky. Not far from this cloud boat there were seven more cloud boats; the light shields at the bow of the boats that were used to block the Chaotic Wind looked red under the setting sun.

The peaks of Green Mountain could be vaguely seen up ahead.

Amid the endless twilight, the people had all sorts of emotions, including sadness, relief, and delight.

The Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery uttered a faint "eh" as the green curtains stirred a little. It seemed that she had noticed something and felt shocked.

The Immortal Tan lifted his head and looked at the high sky; the expression in his eyes was as calm as ever. It seemed that he had known what would happen beforehand.

The patch of cloud and fog beside him had suddenly begun to drift. Under the setting sun, it looked like a jumping flame that could burn down almost everything in the world.

In the next moment, more and more people had felt the formidable energy bearing down from the high sky. They lifted up their heads and looked up at the sky, their faces pale, their eyes full of terror.

In the hermit peaks.

The Dead Dog was looking at the field on the other side, his eyes full of sadness.

Fang Jingtian showed a bewildered expression on his face.

Ada remained silent.

All of a sudden…

The Dead Dog looked up at the highest spot in the sky, his eyes revealing a fierce fighting intent.

His fighting intent was not so strong back when he stared at the Unicorn during the battle of Cloud-Dream Mountain as the sword boats of Green Mountain besieged the Center Sect.

It was because he found that the opponent dropping down from the sky was much more powerful than the Unicorn; in fact, it was an opponent he had never encountered in his lifetime and never even dreamed of encountering.

Standing by the Green Sky Mirror and thinking of the death of Taiping, the Green Girl didn't notice the occurrence outside the hermit peaks as the tears were running down from her cheeks.

Jing Jiu said after wiping the tears from her eyelids, "I've got something to take care of; so I have to get out of here. You stay here and don't go anywhere."

There was a mountain range on the far side of the hermit peaks, and the stony wall of the cliff was the entrance to the Sword Jail.

A terrifying cracking noise suddenly broke out in the blue sky; soon after, the ground started shaking, and the mountain began to change shape.


The mountain range had disappeared, replaced by a line.

The endless twilight had vanished instantly.

The blue sky appeared.

A hole was seen at a distant, high spot in the sky.

Besides darkness, no whirlpools in the Thunder Region or the signs of storm were seen in the hole. It had nothing in it, as if the hole could lead to another world.

A light speck dropped down slowly from inside of the dark hole.

The light speck was drifting toward the ground. It seemed to move slowly because it was very far from the onlookers; it looked like a dust flying down slowly.

Yet, this light dust gave off an exceedingly formidable energy and indescribably wonderful aura.

Though the people on the ground couldn't see what the light dust was, they could sense all this clearly.

What kind of a being was it? It could bring such a formidable energy to the distant ground through the Thunder Region and the Empty Realm.

The fact that the light dust could exist above the Empty Realm and the Thunder Region had already surpassed their imagination.

It was well known that the figures in the Heavenly Arrival State could merely enter the Thunder Region once in a while though they could go to the Empty Realm freely.

Outside the Thunder Region…wasn't it the world of the fairy men?

The exceedingly powerful energy was nearing Chaotian; it also had an impact on everything, including every person's heart, even the air.

The strong wind whipped up with whistling sound, breaking many green trees on the cliff. The monkeys were fleeing while screaming in terror amid the rolling sand and pebbles.

Many Cultivation practitioners in the low states couldn't withstand the strong wind; they had to ride their swords and fled to the other peaks.

The Sword Formation of Green Mountain would have activated automatically and been ready to face the enemy if it had sensed such a formidable energy; but…both the Inherited Heaven Sword and the Sword Formation of Green Mountain were gone.

The light dust continued drifting toward the ground. It traveled very fast even though it looked slow.

Many people had guessed the origin of the light dust, or in other words, its identity. They trembled from head to toe, pale-faced. It was impossible for them to make a sound at the moment.

The light dust drew nearer to the ground.

The people were certain that the target of the light dust was the peaks of Green Mountain even though they had no idea which peak was its target.

The strong wind became more terrifying, and was as powerful as the Chaotic Wind beneath the Empty Realm. The Cultivation practitioners were fleeing in all directions; many of them knelt down on the ground, trembling. They didn't dare lift their heads.

"It's the Shangde Peak!"

Two ruptures were torn by the strong wind on Nan Wang's dress, exposing her snow-white arms.

Staring at the light dust in the sky while squinting, her eyes were devoid of fear, showing only a fierce fighting intent.

Hearing this, the expression in the eyes of the Immortal Guangyuan changed slightly.

A blood-red light suddenly illuminated the peaks of Green Mountain, as if the endless twilight had arrived again.

The Thoughtless Sword headed toward the sky as quickly as it could.

After that, dozens of flying swords of Green Mountain broke through the air one after the other, heading toward the light dust.
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