The Path Toward Heaven
684 Pouncing on the Fan
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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684 Pouncing on the Fan

Jing Jiu called her in a respectful manner.

He only used "your highness" when he addressed someone who was older or had a higher status than him.

No such person existed throughout Chaotian; so he must have addressed a being who was not a human.

The Immortal Taiping said tersely while looking at the cell at the end of the passageway, "You try to stop me from destroying the world, but you let her out instead!"

To have the being in the cell as his helper, Jing Jiu had no choice but to dismantle the formation of the Sealing of Thousand-Mile Ice.

What kind of disaster would she cause for the human race after she was released?

Jing Jiu didn't respond.

The Immortal Taiping kept staring at the cell, the expression in his eyes growing grave.

No one could break through the Sword Formation of Green Mountain and threaten him, but the being in the cell was truly special.

He had to give his full attention to the cell.

It was then that a white cat came out from inside of Jing Jiu's sleeve, soundlessly.

Liu Ada, the Principal Guard of Green Mountain, hadn't shown his face the entire time that day. It turned out that he had been hiding inside Jing Jiu's sleeve.

No matter how much wind and rain the Sword Formation of Green Mountain had caused or if all the peaks would collapse, he was unwilling to show up. It seemed that he intended to shun his responsibility like he had done many times before.

The cats' paws could step on the ground without making any noise.

They could put down their paws as lightly as a feather.

And they can could move like the dandelions flying with the wind.

Ada crawled over slowly on the Inherited Heaven Sword.

The hand of the Immortal Taiping was still holding the sword.

Jing Jiu had fixed his gaze on that spot.

It was then that a few flashes of paw could be seen slashing down like the sword lights.

The sword lights fell down like waterfalls with a plopping sound, after which a strong wind kicked up. As the sword lights hit the cliff walls on both sides, knocking down countless rocks.

This was the most fearless and powerful strike Ada had ever mounted in his long life.

The back of the Immortal Taiping's hand and his forearm had a great many deep wounds, fresh blood seeping out incessantly.

A fan came out amid the wind, and the face of the fan had some vaguely visible red marks.

Ada let out a surprised meowing.

The gentle wind created by the fan reached Ada.

Countless white hairs spread out like the dandelion, then drifting to all directions.

The hairs of the cat were dancing around in the passageway, and then formed a huge light figure of a white tiger.

The white tiger dropped from the air with a roar while opening its large blood-red mouth.


Ada was knocked backwards toward the stone wall before dropping to the ground and then sliding down against the wall like a piece of mud.

And yet, he jumped up from the ground with all his might with a shout, charging toward the fan.

He looked like a little adorable cat pouncing on fireflies.

Of course, all little kittens like pouncing on the fans.

The cat's paw landed on the fan along with a sword light.


The fan was torn to shreds, its pieces flying in the air like butterflies. The broken pieces fell onto the head of the huge light figure of the white tiger.


Ada was knocked to a farther spot in the passageway. More of his hairs had been lost. He looked terrible with all the blood stains on his body.

More blood oozed out from the tips of his broken paw and landed on the face of the Immortal Taiping and the face of the broken fan.

A few trickles of blood were dripping down on that dark face; it was an eerie scene.

On one of the broken pieces of the fan flying in midair there was a red mark. It was unclear whether it was a seal or a part of a painting.

Along with a faint noise, the broken piece of the fan was ablaze, turning into a puff of green smoke from which a red bird flew out.

The red bird transformed into a youth as it landed on the ground.

Liu Shisui fell onto the ground, unconscious.

Feeling surprised, the youth in red clothing said to Jing Jiu, "I didn't expect you to know that the blood of a devil cat could demolish the Two-Mind Connection."

"I have also listened to the scripts for many years at the Fruit Formation Temple," said Jing Jiu.

The youth in red clothing grabbed the Inherited Heaven Sword with his hand again, turning to Jing Jiu and saying with a smile, "Though you have forced me to show myself, what can you do to me?"

Liu Shisui was the Immortal Taiping then; the youth in red clothing was the Immortal Taiping now.

His Cultivation state was not lower than Jing Jiu's after he had achieved the total transformation. It was possible that his spiritual body was not as strong as the sword body, but he knew the Inherited Heaven Sword style better than Jing Jiu. As a result, the two of them were at a standstill.

Jing Jiu had admitted many times that he didn't practice the Inherited Heaven Sword style to a much higher state because he didn't wish to be the sect master in his former life and he had some kind of aversion to it in this life due to the fact that he had the sword body of the All in One.

Ada got up slowly.

The Immortal Taiping said with raised eyebrows, "Ada, if you don't wish to die, don't do anything now."

With two pitiful grunts, Ada halted his steps obediently. He lowered his head to lick the wounds and blood stains on his body.

Ada had been hiding inside Jing Jiu's sleeve the entire time that day, meaning that he had been in the Sword Formation of Green Mountain. Now that he was knocked out of the sword formation by the Immortal Taiping, he couldn't participate in the fight anymore.

The light figure of the white tiger in the passageway had gradually dissipated; and the broken pieces of the fan fell onto the ground like dead butterflies. A huge black figure appeared soundlessly.

The Dead Dog had been following the pair of brothers the entire time. He shook his head toward Ada.

Ada revealed a helpless and pitiful expression on his face before limping to the underside of the Dead Dog and hiding behind his leg. After that, he poked his head out to look at the pair of brothers.

"It's easier for me to kill you after forcing you to show your true body," said Jing Jiu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Immortal Taiping said while looking at Jing Jiu quietly, "Open the gate."

The Dead Dog opened the passage leading to the hermit peaks.

Lying on the ground, Liu Shisui opened up his eyes slowly.

His mind was still a bit hazy and his sight was a little blurred. He could vaguely see a light passage up ahead and a few figures walking toward the outside in the passage.

In the next moment, Liu Shisui found himself in another place.

It was a room with stone walls all around and a fake window, and a magic treasure of very high state was…projecting a picture of the snowland and the icy peak.

Where was this place?

Liu Shisui fixed his gaze on the dilapidated but familiar bamboo chair, and then he saw a little girl squat on the bamboo chair.

She should be a little girl. She wrapped herself up with a thick quilt with embroidered flowers. It seemed that she was very much afraid of cold weather.

Liu Shisui suddenly recalled what had happened lately. He remembered the dinner in the Inn and the expression in the eyes of the youth in red clothing, and that he forced himself to wake up and write a few words with the Guard-City Pen before the collapse of the Sword Formation of Green Mountain.

He felt a pang of pain and chaotic sword wills inside his body; and he felt like all of his bones would break apart. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Though he was severely wounded, he was even more worried about his Young Master. He got up from the ground with a great deal of effort and was about to leave the room.


A voice burst out in the quiet room.

The voice was simple and short, but it had a complicated meaning.

"This is a part of our agreement; Jing Jiu dismantles the Sealing of Thousand-Mile Ice and I help him this one time and ensure your survival."

Liu Shisui turned around in surprise and looked at the little girl on the bamboo chair. He had finally seen her snow-white face with two jet black eyes.

The Snow Girl looked at a spot in the hermit peaks after her line of sight passed through the stone walls.

Liu Shisui wondered why she hadn't gone to the place to help his Young Master since she agreed to do so.

The Snow Girl gurgled once, indicating that it was not her time to strike yet according to the agreement between her and Jing Jiu.

She didn't think it was worthy of her effort in a fight of such a high state, Liu Shisui thought to himself.

"Who…on earth are you?" asked Liu Shisui incredulously.

The Snow Girl pulled back her gaze and gurgled twice while looking at him in fascination.

Liu Shisui understood what she had just said, but felt more baffled.

"Are you the person who knows how to fix the bamboo chair?"
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