The Path Toward Heaven
681 What She Wants
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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681 What She Wants

Zhuo Rusui's complaint echoed in the wind and rain on Tianguang Peak, spreading far and wide.

Everybody was impressed with his courage, and so was Gu Qing to some extent.

The Immortal Taiping laughed before he asked Jing Jiu, "Do you also think I have lost?"

Jing Jiu said, "Bu Qiuxiao has woken up ahead of time to become a Saint; Cao Yuan has suppressed the Heavenly Well and cut the Young Mysterious Dark Master in half. As for the Huge Whirlpool…you're probably unaware that the passage there is not a natural one, and it was dug by the giants millennia ago; later, all of the giants went to the outside world except for one youth. His task was to guard and repair the passage; as such, he is capable of fixing it."

"The world is really bigger than I imagined, and the unexpected are more than I have imagined as well," said the Immortal Taiping sentimentally. "But you should be aware that I came here fully prepared after Xi Yiyun requested that I attend the ceremony. As long as I can defeat you and obtain the Sword Formation of Green Mountain, I still can solve everything."

In Zhaoge City more than one hundred years ago, the Sword Formation of Green Mountain helped Jing Jiu kill the replica of the Fairy Lady Bai Ren. It also helped the Immortal Taiping leave the site.

The two of them were not in their former Cultivation state yet at that time, so none of them could operate the Sword Formation of Green Mountain in its full capacity back then. However, the situation was different now.

Furthermore, they were on Green Mountain.

If the Immortal Taiping had control of the Sword Formation of Green Mountain, he could kill anyone there and then bring the "sword rain" to any place in the world.

Even if the seawater could no longer fall down…even if the strong wind no longer blew…even if the green smoke would no longer rise…so what?

Nothing in the world could kill mortals faster and more efficiently than the Sword Formation of Green Mountain.

The Immortal Taiping had such an idea many years ago, but he was suppressed by Jing Yang, Liu Ci and Yuan Qijing. What would happen today?

The result would depend on whether the Immortal Taiping could snatch the Sword Formation of Green Mountain from Jing Jiu.

It wasn't until now that Zhao Layue and the others, who were still on the top of Tianguang Peak, realized that Jing Jiu was in some kind of trouble.

The raindrops fell onto the ground with "pah" sound, wetting his white clothing.

Jing Jiu's feet had left the ground unnoticed. He stood over a pool of water; he looked rather…light.

He looked like a puff of smoke.

He looked like this back when he developed the Underworld Fairy Sword in the Fiend Prison.

And he looked like this back when he was at a small temple on a wild mountain and called by Liu Ci to kill Nan Qü at the West Ocean ten thousand miles away.

The strong wind was tousling his damp cloth, and his body was also ruffling slightly, as if he were to disappear at any moment.

It seemed that he would turn into the All in One Sword the next moment. Would the Immortal Taiping put him back in the sheath of the Inherited Heaven Sword?

Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

The thunder rumbled in the sky again. The water splashed in all directions on the top of Bihu Peak, causing a great many piles of snow-white sprays.

"This is an intertwined scheme."

The Immortal Taiping went on with a faint smile, "If I won in all the other places, my loss here would be inconsequential, and if I lost everywhere else and won here on Green Mountain, I would still be the victor. You can't afford to lose anywhere."

"You still have to beat me first," said Jing Jiu.

Having said this, he took a step toward the Inherited Heaven Sword.

So did the Immortal Taiping.

The wind and rain had picked up abruptly, and the Sword Formation of Green Mountain had also sensed it. The area of the formation had reduced, but it became more powerful and formidable.

The raindrops passed through the sword formation and landed on the two of them, as if the sword wills were attached to the rain, causing various tiny slashes and holes in their clothes.

The two of them stared at each other quietly while summoning the sword sources. The sword wills emerged and shot up to the sky with great power.


The lightning illuminated the gray sky and the peaks in the rain. A distant peak had suddenly collapsed, making the water in the Sword-Washing Stream look muddy as it was robbed of the rich color it usually had.

If the two of them were allowed to keep on struggling like this, the Green Mountain would have a major mishap or even be destroyed no matter which of them was the victor.

"Immortal Sect Master, why are you doing this? Now that you've calculated everything, why don't you strike already?!"

"Why are you two still standing by the cliff's edge? The rain is so heavy. Shouldn't you two start fighting each other?"

The voice of Zhuo Rusui rang out again. It had nothing to do with his bravery and everything to do with his shamelessness.

At such a tense moment, the important figures of the Cultivation circle kept silent; but he was the first one to jump up. And he jumped up again this time.

Actually jumping.

He jumped one hundred feet high.

And he yelled while jumping up.

"We've stood here and watched for a long time; the whole world has watched for a long time as well."

"Just start fighting already!"

His voice echoed in the strong wind and downpour, mixing into the noises of the cliff collapsing and the snow avalanches.

Many people thought Zhuo Rusui must have been insane, although some people didn't think so.

He had eaten hotpot on Shenmo Peak and in the Scenery Garden outside Cloudy Town many times, so he was aware of when the others would reach out their chopsticks. As such, he was also aware of when the others would wield their swords.

You guys, strike now!

Gu Qing was the first one to strike.

A desolate sword light illuminated the dim sky filled with rain.

The Sword of the Universe broke through the air and headed toward the edge of the cliff.

The Sword Formation of Green Mountain that had born down on the top of Tianguang Peak gave a reflexive response; a faint green light encased the edge of the cliff, forming a spherical light case, a half of which was the ground, the other half the ocean of clouds.

With an ear-splitting noise, the Sword of the Universe had sustained countless tiny dents, as if it had been gnawed on by mice. The sword was knocked away to the high sky.

Gu Qing spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He fell onto the pool of water since he could in no way withstand the counterattack of the Sword Formation of Green Mountain.

As the Sword of the Universe illuminated the top of Tianguang Peak, Yuan Qü struck.

His nameless and strange gray sword followed the Sword of the Universe soundlessly and landed on the same spot of the light case formed by the sword formation.

Similarly, Yuan Qü was knocked away expectedly. He bumped heavily into the cliff before he landed on the ground along with the falling rocks with a thud.

Zhuo Rusui had been jumping desperately when he spoke.

As he said "You guys strike now", he jumped really high this time.

He jumped higher than thirty feet this time. In fact, he jumped into the sky, and then dropped down a much faster speed.

Following the Sword of the Universe and the nameless and strange gray sword, the Swallowing Boat Sword struck down next.

Zhuo Rusui instilled all of his Cultivation and strength into the striking sword.

He arrived in front of Jing Jiu and the Immortal Taiping along with the wind and rain and the noise of friction, and was then knocked away.

The Immortal Guangyuan and Nan Wang had finally realized what they should do.

Two powerful sword lights illuminated the peak top and hacked at the edge of the cliff.

The two sword lights were knocked away by the Sword Formation of Green Mountain as expected.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Immortal Guangyuan and Nan Wang turned pale.

Two in the Broken Sea State…

One in the upper limit of the Broken Sea State…

Two in the Heavenly Arrival State…

The five flying swords landed on the same spot one after the other.

The green light case had a tiny crack on it.

As the wind blew over, hundreds of tiny and faint sword wills emerged.

These sword wills came out from the rims of dress and the black hair damped by the rainwater.

Zhao Layue appeared at the edge of the cliff, heading toward the Immortal Taiping.

Why could she enter the Sword Formation of Green Mountain?

It was because she had the formed shapeless sword body.

The previous attacks were intended to offer her such an opportunity.

Her right hand broke through the air and swept at the face of the Immortal Taiping along with few beautiful and bright sword lights.

At such a moment, she couldn't be worried about whether she would cause harm to Liu Shisui by doing so.

Her gaze was fixed on the dark face after passing through the sword lights.

At the edge of the cliff on Shenmo Peak a few days ago, this person had said that he wanted to call wind and rain, to travel a thousand miles in an instant, and to wake up in a dream…

She understood why he had said those things; but she didn't want to think of anything else right now…

She just wanted to save Green Mountain.

And she wanted Jing Jiu to live.
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