The Path Toward Heaven
677 Over and Outside the Ocean
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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677 Over and Outside the Ocean

He was a tall golden Buddha statue in the small temple in White Town.

And he was the true Buddha sitting on a rock in the Huge Whirlpool.

But in the eyes of the Giant, Cao Yuan was a mere muddy speck, almost unnoticeable.

Cao Yuan lifted up his head and looked at the large face in the clouds. He felt a bit sore in his neck, so he rubbed it while asking, "Are you the friend of Jing Yang?"

"Aja!" The voice of the Giant echoed over the ocean like the real thunder, suppressing the noise of the Huge Whirlpool.

A few more "aja"'s boomed like thunder, knocking a large demon unconscious. In the meantime, Cao Yuan understood what the Giant tried to convey.

Leave this place to me; you go ahead take care of other matters.

The life board of the Dark Phoenix was destroyed; and he was hit by the broadsword light of Cao Yuan and later by the stick of the Giant. He was nowhere to be found in the sky, perhaps dying in a remote place of the world.

The Heavenly Slaying Formation lost its main operator. Though it was still quite formidable, the Giant should be able to handle it now.

Cao Yuan agreed with the decision of the Giant. He turned toward the deep part of the ocean and didn't leave right away; it seemed that he was not sure about it.

Chaotian was on the other side, but it was too far away to see.

It took a few minutes for Cao Yuan to come to the deep part of the ocean from White Town. It sounded simple enough, but it was something nobody had achieved in history.

It was an unparalleled achievement.

However, the traveling at such a speed used up two-thirds of his spiritual energy, so it was almost impossible for him to get back to the East Ocean in time.

The strong wind was howling, and the booming of thunder could vaguely be heard; it was noise made when the air was disturbed by a huge object.

A huge hand was placed on top of the Huge Whirlpool.

Cao Yuan understood what the Giant intended to do, remarking uncertainly, "Could it work?!"

Having said this, he landed on top of the huge palm.

The Giant curled up his palm and stood up. His raised hand reached the Empty



The clouds in the sky above the ocean were torn to shreds, and a dozen flashes of lightning appeared in the sky for no reason.

Cao Yuan was thrown to the distance like a stone.

Fortunately, there was neither wind nor sound in the Empty Realm; otherwise, he would have felt a sensation of pain in his face and ears.

Looking at the white line extending toward Chaotian in the sky, the Giant waved his hand to bid farewell while cracking a smile.

The white clouds dispersed again.

The remaining Heavenly Slaying Formation was still quite formidable. The lines formed by the devilish blood and the lethal energy created by the blood sacrifice covered the surface of the ocean the area of one hundred square miles.

The Giant waded into the Huge Whirlpool. Hundreds of bloody lines appeared on his body and grew redder while cutting deeper into his body. However, his body was truly large; no matter how powerful the Heavenly Slaying Formation was, it would take twenty some days for these bloody lines to become deep enough to fell a section of his fingernails.

Feeling itchy, the Giant brought the stick to his back and scratched it a few times.

A stick as big as a large tree was used to knock the Dark Phoenix toward the horizon, and now it was used to scratch the Giant's back. The strain on the stick was so much as to break in half with a cracking sound.

It was then that a demon jumped out from the waterfall by the Huge Whirlpool. Before the Giant could do anything, it became a bloody mist, merging into the Heavenly Slaying Formation.

Feeling baffled, the Giant uttered "Ah".

The Heavenly Slaying Formation was still operating as usual. Countless demons were swimming over and jumped into the Huge Whirlpool to sacrifice their blood for the formation.

What the Dark Phoenix said to Cao Yuan earlier was correct; regardless of how many demons Cao Yuan could kill, what he was doing was to make the Heavenly Slaying Formation more powerful to the point that all the lives around the Huge Whirlpool would be slaughtered by it.

How would the Giant solve this issue?

He bent down and reached his hand into the Huge Whirlpool. After a while he pulled out a piece of wood that contained a faint golden intent though it looked a bit dark and burned on the surface.

It was said that Penglai Island had experienced a heavenly disaster many years ago. Many pieces of divine wood fell down to the ocean and drifted into the bottom of the Huge whirlpool after being snapped in half by the heavenly thunder, and they became stronger after they soaked in the sea water and were pressed and tempered by the power of the Huge Whirlpool for a great many years.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The swordsmen of the Green Mountain Sect brought these divine woods back and left them on the top of Bihu Peak sustaining the tempering of thunder and lightning. It took five hundred years for these woods to turn ripe and become the rumored Thunder-Soul Wood.

The Immortal Taiping used the Thunder-Soul Wood to escape from the Sword Jail; Jing Jiu used the Thunder-Soul Wood to survive after the failed ascension attempt.

Yet, as far as the Giant was concerned, the Thunder-Soul Wood was his most suitable weapon. Back when he guarded outside the Foggy Island to intimidate Nan Qü, he sat in the sea for a long time with a piece of Thunder-Soul Wood in his hand.

It was at this moment that a demon jumped out of the transparent wall of water and fell down.

With the Thunder-Soul Wood in his hand, the Giant had nothing to worry about any longer. He swung the stick casually and knocked the demon away.

The demon turned into a dark speck disappearing into the horizon. Though the demon was probably not going to travel to a place as far as where the Dark Phoenix went, the blood spilt by the demon would be unable to add to the Heavenly Slaying Formation.

This was similar to the saying "Die somewhere faraway".

After that, more and more demons jumped toward the Huge Whirlpool and were knocked away.

After a long while, the number of the demons hadn't gotten smaller, but none of them had passed the stick to become the additional blood sacrifice for the Heavenly Slaying Formation.

Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!!

Feeling bored, the Giant sat down by a cliff close to the Huge Whirlpool, supporting his chin with his left hand. He swept the stick casually with his right hand, knocking away those demons like he was swatting flies.

The demons kept on jumping out of the waterfalls and then were knocked to the horizon, turning into invisible bloody pulps.

Without the addition of the blood sacrifice, the Heavenly Slaying Formation couldn't grow stronger, but it had no sign of dismantling soon.

As the passage of heaven and earth had changed, the sea water was still rushing down to the Underworld.

The Giant suddenly thought of something, a self-blaming expression showing on his face. He waded to the center of the Huge Whirlpool after saying "Aja".

Many years ago, the humans had a question when they found the Huge Whirlpool the first time.

The sea water had been falling down into the Huge Whirlpool day in and day out, but why hadn't the level of the ocean dropped? Why hadn't the seawater dried up? It was evidently not enough for the rivers flowing into the sea from the lands to keep the same amount of water in the ocean.

Later, the humans found the other two huge whirlpools similar to the one at the Secret Realm of Singing Spring, and they felt more puzzled.

It wasn't until many years later that they found that the sea water falling down into the Huge Whirlpool went neither to the Underworld nor to the Empty Realm; it flowed to the distant places through the passage and came out again.

No matter how far those places were from the Huge Whirlpool, all parts of the ocean were connected as a whole, so the level of the sea was not dropping.

Were those passages of heaven and earth natural? There were many conjectures and theories regarding this, and no definite answer was available to this point.

The only certain fact the humans knew was that there were a few exits for the passage of the sea water, one of which was situated under a glacier at the northernmost part of the world; and some of them should be located on the more distant Alien Land.

No name was given to this land; it was because the humans here thought they were the only intelligent beings in this world and that this land was the only one in the world.

If they knew that there was a Chaotian Land in the distant north inhabited by the humans who were more powerful than them, what would be their thoughts?

Up ahead was the Sea above the Seas; this world-famous scenery had already been dedicated as a sacred site by the Supreme Church.

The surface of this sea the area of one hundred square miles was much higher than the sea level around it; it looked like a magnificent blue sand dune.

The water of this sea was flowing down over all sides gently, devoid of any brutal feel to it.

If one dared to go to the deeper part of the sea, they would find out just how powerful the power of a divine being was.

The beaches were usually crowded with the pilgrims, praying toward the patch of sea that was obviously higher than the surface of the sea around it; but it was quiet on the beaches that day.

It was because the Sea above the Seas had disappeared.

Moreover, the level of the sea was also dropping.

The sea water kept on receding while the beaches were expanding.

A one-armed man with gray hair stood on the beach and looked at the scene, revealing a complicated expression in his eyes.

"Is something foreboding happening in Chaotian?"

Dozens of cavalrymen of the Supreme Church arrived in a hurry along with the sound of the hooves. They jumped off their horses and knelt down on the ground, saying, "The Pope requests the Master Sword King to return to the Supreme Church."
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