The Path Toward Heaven
665 The Inauguration Ceremony
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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665 The Inauguration Ceremony

The violent wind was howling continuously. The ancient pine trees at the One-Cottage House were protected by the formations, so there was no danger for them to be knocked down by the wind. However, the branches of the willow trees outside the window in the distance had all fallen flat, and many of them were broken, looking like the weeds swaying in the torrent.

Sitting before the window and seeing the scene, Xiao He had a mental state as turbulent as the large waves on the surface of the lake. But she didn't dare display it. She bit her lips tightly, some blood stains vaguely visible on her lips as a result.

The earring with a ruby was swaying softly under her earlobe. It looked as if it were made from blood, appearing pretty but somewhat eerie.

The waves in the deep part of the ocean became increasingly more treacherous. The huge blue walls rose up and then fell down; countless fish died in the wake.

The booms in the Huge Whirlpool sounded like earsplitting thunder. Yet, the shriek of the Dark Phoenix in the high sky grew even louder.

Summoned by his shriek and the feather amulet, more and more demons swam over from all parts of the ocean; innumerable white lines could be seen on the surface of the sea.

The demons that arrived first had already died after dissecting themselves. The strong scent of blood lingered, which couldn't even be diluted by the sea water rushing toward the bottom of the whirlpool.

This place was the deep part of the ocean. Even though the waves were big and moving fast, it would take a few days for them to reach Chaotian.

There was no wind or wave by the East Ocean. Only a gentle breeze of the early spring ruffled the wild grass; the yellowish amulet paper slips on the cliff walls quivered slightly, not making any rustling sound.

The Chief Master of the Script Instruction Hall of the Fruit Formation Temple and the old nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery sat amid the deep grass, their energy exceedingly tranquil, as if they merged with heaven and earth.

Apart from a figure like the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery in the Heavenly Arrival State, the other Cultivation practitioners had no way to detect them even if they came to the edge of the Heavenly Well.

It was because their energy was completely in synch with the wills of the amulets here. Along with a soft recitation, those yellowish paper slips began to grow dimmer. Worst of all, those scripts carved deeply into the cliff walls also began to grow lighter.

It seemed as if an invisible and soundless Chaotic Wind was eroding the cliff walls; the effect of erasing the marks had worked many times faster than the passing of time.

In a deep and quiet part of the East Ocean, the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect sat in the water with his eyes closed, his sparse hair flowing with the current, which looked like the weeds in the water that had been gnawed by a school of fish.

His body exuded an extremely dark and gloomy energy, but it didn't travel very far. The evil energy gathered together to form a patch of black smoke, dyeing the sea water an inky color. It looked especially appalling.

The Young Zen Master was not at the Fruit Formation Temple, but in the snowland at the moment; the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery went to Green Mountain by riding in the small green curtain sedan.

The inauguration ceremony of Green Mountain would be held officially, and the representatives of various Cultivation sects had gone there already.

The Fruit Formation Temple and the Windy-Broadsword Church had sent their representatives as well. Those sects that had a close relationship with Green Mountain like the Mirror Sect and the Hanging-Bell Sect had sent their representatives much earlier than everybody else. The representatives of the Baotong Zen Temple and other sects that usually had no interest in the affairs of the Cultivation circle had also come. Even the Kunlun Sect and other smaller sects like the Sect of Three and the Clean Wind Sect had sent their representatives to the event after receiving invitations.

The high platforms in front of the Stone Forest of Tianguang Peak were crowded with the guests. Only those important figures like the Chief Nun of the Water-Moon Nunnery and the Master of the Great March were qualified to have a seat on the top of Tianguang Peak;, but guests like Que Niang and Sese gained special treatment on the peak top.

The best seat on the peak top, however, was not saved for the small green curtain sedan.

The Emperor Jing Yao sat in that chair, flanked by Sir Jin and Sir Niu as well as State Duke Lu and other important chancellors of the imperial court.

This was a significant gathering for the Cultivation world. It surpassed the Dao Competition of the Center Sect and the inauguration ceremony of Green Mountain that had been miscarried one hundred years ago.

It was not the most suitable time of the day, so the inauguration ceremony hadn't started yet. Some people looked at the sky from time to time; it was unclear whether they were expecting something or cautious of something.

The clouds in the high sky were suddenly disturbed, producing countless strands of cloud. As the cloud strands parted gradually, a huge Cloud Boat emerged from inside of the clouds.

The Center Sect had arrived.

Seeing this, some people felt relieved; and some of them became more anxious, especially when they sensed the two strong and formidable energies.

The immortals Tan and Bai came together; what did they intend to achieve?

As the crowd was mulling over the intention of the Center Sect, an enormously formidable energy had suddenly come out amid the peaks of Green Mountain, moving slowly southwards from the north, as if it would slice the sky in half.

The Cloud Boat of the Center Sect retreated as quickly as it could and didn't stop until it came to a spot one hundred miles away.

The sky was not sliced open. The Sword Formation of Green Mountain had merely opened up a passage.

The Immortal Tan walked down from the sky and landed on the top of Tianguang Peak. He saluted the Immortal Guangyuan and Nan Wang by cupping his hands.

The Immortal Guangyuan returned the greeting, but Nan Wang didn't brother doing so.

In the next moment, a patch of clouds and fog appeared above the top of Tianguang Peak. The figure of a woman could vaguely be seen inside the cloud and fog, but her appearance was undetectable.

Aside from the Broadsword King Cao Yuan and the Young Zen Master who were still in the snowland, all of the powerful Cultivation practitioners in the world had come.

If these strong Cultivation practitioners chose to attack all at once, it would be a menacing force.

However, it seemed that the Green Mountain Sect was not worried about it in the least; otherwise, they wouldn't have let the immortals Tan and Bai come in.

Back in Zhaoge City, many people had witnessed the scene of ten thousand swords falling down from the sky.

Even the Fairy Lady had been killed by the Sword Formation of Green Mountain; who would dare to make trouble here on Green Mountain?

Yet, nobody had considered the fact that the other parts of Chaotian had become quite empty since all the Cultivation practitioners had come here.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The word "empty" referred to defense and protection. But where were the enemies of Chaotian?

Looking at the patch of clouds and fog, Nan Wang sneered once. She intended to deride the other party, but didn't know what to say.

She was the true goddess of the southern barbaric tribes. Because of this "barbaric" nature, she lacked the ability of expressing herself in words.

It was then that a voice that was neither too loud nor too weak rang out on the peak top.

"I've been curious all this time."

Zhuo Rusui continued indignantly while looking at Guo Nanshan, "Is it possible that the Immortal Tan didn't get the chance to see her in person before their marriage ceremony?"

Guo Nanshan shot him a truly indignant glance, as he thought that Zhuo Rusui was free to say whatever was on his mind but shouldn't say this to his face.

Hearing what Zhuo Rusui said, some Green Mountain disciples felt restless, wondering if a fight would take place.

But the Master of the Great Marsh and other important figures in the Cultivation circle felt relieved; it was…because the Immortal Bai hadn't struck Zhuo Rusui to death with her palm, indicating what the attitude of the Center Sect was right now.

It seemed that the Center Sect tried to make use of the inauguration ceremony of the sect master to express their benevolent intention; in other words, they came here to seek a truce with Green Mountain.

The elegant ritual music rang out, and the ocean of clouds stirred a little. It was a solemn atmosphere.

The Immortal Guangyuan waved his sleeve, and the Sword of Returning Sun shot up into the sky to receive the sunlight on the top of Tianguang Peak, making the sword look much brighter.

Nan Wang flicked her fingers, and countless sword strings came out, which in the end formed the Zither Sword as the sunlight was disturbed slightly, hovering in midair.

Soon after, countless sounds of air breaking could be heard. It was the elders and disciples of the peaks of Green Mountain that had called out their flying swords.

All of a sudden, the blue sky was filled with thousands of flying swords of various shapes and sword wills; but they demonstrated an extremely formidable intent when all the swords were combined.

Seeing this, the Cultivation practitioners of various sects were stunned speechless.

Even though Fang Jingtian was neutralized, there were still three figures in the Heavenly Arrival State and three Principal Guards at the Green Mountain Sect, and the more intimidating part was that Green Mountain had more than seventy swordsmen in the Broken Seat State, and a few of them were in the upper limit of the Broken Sea State.

What kind of power would they have one hundred years from now?

Footsteps could be heard behind the cliff.

Everybody looked in that direction.

The white clothing ruffled gently in the wind.

Jing Jiu walked out.

Zhao Layue stood behind him on the right side, not holding the cat.

He was followed by Gu Qing, who was holding the sword.

Yuan Qü held the golden book required for the inauguration ceremony of the sect master in his hands.

Zhuo Rusui held himself by folding his arms, walking forward in a carefree manner.

The Drifter didn't come; it was probably because it was inconvenient for her to show up.

Ping Yongjia was still asleep on the Sword Peak. Like what happened to him one hundred years ago, he missed the inauguration ceremony again.

Many gazes were fixed on a spot behind Jing Jiu on the left side.

It was Liu Shisui who stood there.


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