The Path Toward Heaven
651 A Fight Waiting On Green Mountain
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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651 A Fight Waiting On Green Mountain

After that, the peak master of Bihu, Chen Youtian, the representatives of Tianguan Peak, Mo Chi and Guo Nanshan, and the elders of the other peaks approached and bowed to Jing Jiu.

Not every peak master came and greeted Jing Jiu; among those absent were Nan Wang and Fang Jingtian.

The most important matter for a practitioner was the Cultivation, and they would often stay behind closed doors for ten years or longer at a time. No one could reproach them for this.

Similarly, not everybody welcomed Jing Jiu back. One example was the new peak master of Yunxing; though he bowed to Jing Jiu like the others, the expression on his face was rather apathetic.

Ping Yongjia hadn't been back to Green Mountain in one hundred years. He asked Yuan Qü in a hushed voice, "Big Brother, who is this person?"

"Jin Sidao. After Fu Wang died, he became the peak master of the Sword Peak," replied Yuan Qü.

Ping Yongjia had a good opinion of Yunxing Peak, so he was rather interested in the new peak master of Yunxing. But he was disappointed at the expression and bearing of this new peak master. "He is a so-so practitioner…not as good as I am," he commented in a whisper.

Though he whispered this comment, Yuan Qü and the others could hear him and almost laughed.

Unexpectedly, Jing Jiu said suddenly, "You'll be the peak master then."

The birds were not chirping by the Sword-Washing Stream.

The gentle wind blew over the surface of the stream, causing a ripple on the water.

The elders of the peaks thought they had heard it wrong; it took them a few moments to recover their senses. They were stunned speechless.

The look on Jin Sidao's face was terrible.

Fortunately, Jing Jiu only made a casual comment, and didn't carry it out.

Instead of going to Shenmo Peak to check on his monkeys or going to Tianguang Peak to repair the chair, Jing Jiu went to Xilai Peak.

Seeing the figure head to Xilai Peak, the people felt troubled, wondering if the Immortal Sect Master would declare a war on the other camp soon.

Countless sword lights followed him to Xilai Peak.

The Immortal Guangyuan was exceedingly worried. He intended to say something to Jing Jiu, but found he couldn't catch up to him, feeling petrified.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Jing Jiu landed in a square in front of Xilai Peak.

The gentle wind came out from inside of the white cloth and dissipated in all directions, blowing out the dusts that had accumulated for many years in the cracks between the green stone slabs, which then rolled outwards like the air waves to the distance.

The green pine trees surrounding the square swayed like ocean waves for a long time.

Fang Jingtian ambled out from the dark and gloomy grand hall, the two silvery brows of his being tousled in the gentle wind.

He didn't stay behind closed doors, nor did he pretend to be behind closed doors. He had been waiting here the entire time.

"It's been a long time," Jing Jiu said to him.

Yes, it had indeed been a long time.

One hundred and fifty years ago, he came back to Green Mountain and climbed up Shenmo Peak with Zhao Layue.

Since then, Fang Jingtian had been attempting to kill Jing Jiu.

When the fake manor cave of the Immortal Jing Yang was opened, Fang Jingtian attempted to kill him. Fortunately, the Lotus Sedan of the Young Zen Master's happened to pass by.

During the Battle of Cloud Platform, the swordsmen of Green Mountain had all left and Fang Jingtian remained on Green Mountain to guard it. He attempted to kill everyone on Shenmo Peak, but Ada happened to be on the peak.

Jing Jiu was someone who would turn around and leave when he detected any potential of death. He had experienced the crisis of life and death a few times in this life, but they were all his own choosing, and he had prepared adequately for them. However, he had sensed the danger acutely when Fang Jingtian made those murderous attempts.

It was because he was still very weak then.

In the minds of others, he was expelled by Fang Jingtian after the Inaugurating Ceremony of the Sect Master of Green Mountain one hundred years ago.

The flames and the sword lights were all gone as the Immortal Guangyuan landed by Jing Jiu. He waved his sleeve.

Countless pure sword wills came out from his sleeve and formed a barrier in front of the grand hall of Xilai Peak, keeping all the disciples of the third generation outside.

Only the peak masters, the elders of the second generation and those talented disciples in the Broken Sea State, like Zhuo Rusui and the others, could get through the barrier.

"Senior Master, please don't be so angry," said the Immortal Guangyuan in an attempt to dissuade Jing Jiu. "The discussion we had a few years ago about appointing a new sect master was not because Big Brother liked the power; it was because you were sleeping in Zhaoge City and the nine peaks had no leader…"

The Elder Mo Chi arrived. He didn't have time to catch his breath before saying, "Senior…Senior…Senior…"

In the next moment, Chen Youtian and many more elders arrived at the foot of Xilai Peak. Most of them didn't dare approach Jing Jiu; only those most experienced and of the highest status tried to dissuade Jing Jiu. What they said was sensible; Yuan Qijing had just departed, Green Mountain shouldn't fall into a chaos, etc. More importantly, Green Mountain was at its height, and the Center Sect would have an opportunity to revive if their own sect were weakened in an internal conflict.

Regardless of what the Immortal Guangyuan and the others said, Jing Jiu didn't give a response. All he did was stare at Fang Jingtian in the distance quietly.

Gradually, the voices dissuading Jing Jiu grew more subdued; but the naïve and honest Mo Chi didn't give up. "Senior…Master…Master" he stuttered, his face flushing.

Zhuo Rusui suddenly came before the Elder Mo Chi and grabbed his arms. He pulled Mo Chi a few steps back with a smile.

The Elder Mo Chi grew more anxious. He slapped Zhuo Rusui on his head and stuttered, "This…is…is…significant. Don't…interfere!"

Zhuo Rusui fell into Mo Chi's chest while yelling "Ahhh". "Senior Master, you've struck me too hard," he cried. "I'm fainting…"

The Elder Mo Chi's heart skipped a beat, wondering what had happened to Zhuo Rusui. He hastened to help Zhuo Rusui sit down.

A nonchalant voice broke the anxious and mortifying quiet in the square.

"Everybody is calling him 'Senior Master' today. What happened that year? Nobody admitted he was the senior master at the Inaugurating Ceremony of the Sect Master even though he had the Will of the Immortal Liu Ci and the Sword Justice confirmed it personally. Why? It's because he had just broken through the Broken Sea State at the time. In your eyes, he was not good enough to fight the others. Why don't you suspect him anymore? Is it because of the attitude of the Young Zen Master or Lian Sanyue? No. 

It's because, now, he can fight."

All the gazes were fixed on Zhao Layue, and they were waiting anxiously for her next words.

Looking at Fang Jingtian expressionlessly, she said, "In this case, a fight is inevitable."

It grew quieter in the square at the foot of Xilai Peak.

With the silvery eyebrows ruffling slightly, Fang Jingtian said to Zhao Layue appreciatively, "You're indeed a figure who has broken through the upper limit of the Broken Sea State the fastest since the founding of our Green Mountain Sect. The essence of the Green Mountain sword work lies in fighting; so this fight is inevitable." After that, he turned to Jing Jiu, "In fact, I've been waiting for you a long time."

Hearing this, an uproar went up. Before the Immortal Guangyuan and the others could say anything, Fang Jingtian raised his right hand and said, "Young brothers, this matter had nothing to do with you."

No sooner had he said this than he disappeared from the square.

Jing Jiu vanished in the wind after he touched the white cat in Zhao Layue's arms.

The accumulated snow remained on Shangde Peak all year long. Walking among the peaks, one could only see the monotonous white snow and black rocks except for the green pine trees, feeling as if being in the snowland in the north.

As a gust of gentle wind suddenly whipped up, Jing Jiu and Fang Jingtian landed outside the manor cave, bringing up some snowflakes.

They had lived and cultivated here many years ago. It was unclear what kind of sentiment they had at the moment.

"I didn't live here long, and Young Sister and the others had a shorter stay here. It was because soon after we came here, our Master was…betrayed by you people. Speaking of which, he hadn't been our Master for long," said Fang Jingtian expressionlessly while standing at the edge of the cliff and looking out at the rugged mountains outside the snowy fog. "But being a master for a day is being a father figure for a lifetime."

Jing Jiu didn't pay any heed to him. He turned around and headed toward the manor cave.

Fang Jingtian's silvery brows ruffled in the wind like snowflakes. The corners of his mouth curled up to flash a mocking smile. He turned on his heels and followed behind Jing Jiu.

The well leading to the Sword Jail still had a faint cold intent coming out from it, but the old man who had often looked down at the bottom of the well was gone.

"How was Big Brother Yuan when he left the world?" asked Fang Jingtian.

Jing Jiu didn't feel like talking to this person, but he was willing to talk a little when it was a topic regarding Yuan Qijing or Liu Ci. "He was pretty happy," said he.

"That's good." Fang Jingtian drifted up and glided toward the bottom of the well.

Two figures glided to the bottom of the well along with the sunlight that was the same since the ancient times. The ground was dry, devoid of any snowflakes and damp spots.

The Dead Dog, the size of a black mountain, opened his eyes slowly. His deep eyes showed a calm and amiable expression.

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