The Path Toward Heaven
650 It’s Fake Skill; All Talk but and no Action
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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650 It’s Fake Skill; All Talk but and no Action

Since the early morning that day, Yin San had been throwing pebbles at mice while squatting on the treetop. The pocket of his red cloth that was full of pebbles had only less than half left.

He didn't employ any magic, nor did he use any sword style. All he did was throw the pebbles with his hand.

Even if he hit the mouse with the pebble, the mouse was not injured severely; and he would laugh happily. If he missed the target, the expression on his face was anger instead of his usual agreeable countenance; and sometimes he even swore a little.

The Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect and the Dark Phoenix were worried that Yin San might be experiencing a mental stress because of the defeat in Zhaoge City.

Fortunately, Yin San responded to the question of the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect. It seemed that the mentioning of "old" had affected both the Dark Phoenix and him.

Yin San stood up and shook the remaining pebbles off his cloth, dropping to the foot of the ash tree; then, he leapt up into the night sky.

Pah!!! Pah!!! Pah!!!

The sound of the pebbles hitting the ground broke out.

Yin San had flown back and forth a few hundred rounds in the night sky.

His red clothing fluttered like a pair of flapping wings, drawing hundreds of ambiguous lines against the dark background. In the end, those lines formed an extremely complicated pattern.

The Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect and the Dark Phoenix failed to figure out what kind of a pattern it was even though they were quite experienced and knowledgeable.

"I can't figure out why I have been defeated over and over again either."

Yin San landed in the small courtyard of the farmmer house. He took over the cup of green wine passed by the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect and had a sip, his clean and handsome face showing a satisfactory smile. "Was it because I drank too much and messed up things?" he offered after a pause.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This was not a funny joke, but the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect and the Dark Phoenix laughed a little to please him.

"The scheme of the West Ocean and the two other ones in Zhaoge City were plotted by me and Emperor Xiao together. It was well planned in terms of the general strategy and the detailsThe general strategy and the details were all planned out."

Yin San went on with a small smile, "However, we had only gained a little bit in the Battle of the Cloud Platform, but we lost in all the other battles. Why? It was because we encountered that little child, Tong Yan, in the Battle of the West Ocean, Lian Sanyue who happened to wake up during the Battle of Zhaoge City, and Jing Jiu who had woken up himself this time."

The Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect said, "It's the luck. I'm sure it's thesure that's what it is luck."

Yin San said after taking a gulp of the wine, "If he can keep up the good luck for such a long period of time in this lifehe can remain lucky so long, it is his luck then. then it is indeed his luck. There is no way we can contend with him."

The Dark Phoenix let out a muffled shriek indignantly before saying, "The situation is not too bad for us. There are many people on Green Mountain who are the disciples of the Immortal. If the two camps started a war, we might have an advantage."

Yin San finished the wine left in the cup with in one swig and looked at the south in the dark night. "If he has calculated all the thingseverything in this life," said Yin San lightly, "do you still think we will have an advantage?"

The Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect said while shaking his head, "Liu

Ci and Yuan Qijing have departed one after anotherthe other…Even though what happened to them is irreversible, what about Lian Sanyue? If he had calculated everything, how could he let these things happen without doing anything about them? If he is so relentless, he is definitely someone more wicked than us, the so-called evil people of the deviant sects."

Yin San said, "Actually, the description 'relentless' is not fitting for him.doesn't suit him. He had always been a selfish Cultivation practitioner, focusing only on cultivating and nothing else…But it's merely a guess."

"What does the Immortal try to conveyis the Immortal trying to say?" asked the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect.

Yin San replied with a faint smile, "I'd like to know how he will live this life of his, and find out how why his luck is even better than the last onethis time around."

The best way to know how a person lived his life was to read his autobiography rather , rather than listento listen to the stories told by those who met him. And it would help to go to that person's hometown where he was born and grew up.

Yin San came back to a place not far from Green Mountain after a great many years…Cloudy Town.

He came here by himself this time.

He ate the hotpot in that famous restaurant. But he found the taste of the hotpot was different from that he remembered; and yet, he realized he was not the same person anymore, so his taste must have changed.

He recalled that the devil man of the Underworld to whom his soul was attached was tied to a sword rope by Zhao Layue in this very private room, and that he was killed by a flying sword.

Thinking of this, Yin San threw the chopsticks to the table irritably. He rolled up his sleeve and gazed at his left hand.

The sword rope tying his hand was the Thoughtless Sword.

The sword rope in the old plum garden of Zhaoge City was also the Thoughtless Sword.

A person couldn't wade into the same river twice, yet ; but he was tied up by the same sword rope twice. Would such a thing happen over and over again?

After having left the restaurant without paying the bill, he was on his way to the Scenery Garden.

The fog was very thick outside the Scenery Garden, where the Cultivation practitioners were still waiting. He entered the garden by breaking through the fog and landed on a flowering tree by the stream, without alerting the formation.

Yin San crinkled his nose adorably when he smelled the faint lingering scent of hotpot. "You don't like eating hotpot, but why do you have so many disciples who like hotpot?" he murmured.

In the next moment, he sneered, "You must have learned it from me."

Having left the Scenery Garden, Yin San went to the Gu family and stole the horse-drawn carriage. He propped himself against the soft cushion and looked at the sunlight streaming down from the roof window, while drinking the wine in a hidden cabinet; the wine cup was automatically filled up onat a fixed interval.

The carriage moved forward as its wheels rolled over the green stone slabs. It entered the deep part of a large mountain and arrived in a remote village.

Normally, a village so remote shouldn't have a well built and broad road,; but this village was rather special to begin with.

Standing on the cliff outside the village, Yin San squinted and looked down at the fields below. The gold colored rice fields indicated it was the harvesting season.

There were many large courtyards in the village. The muscular guards were seen coming in and out a courtyard. Evidently, ; evidently it was not a regular household and the people in that house were either rich or noble. It was something that shouldn't exist in a remote village.

Yin San strolled to the village and found a skinny old farmer in the field. Soon, he learned a great deal of information due to his amiable appearance.

About one hundred and fifty years ago, an immortal master came to this village and took two talented children with him.

The people in the village had no idea what had happened to them later. All they knew was that one of the children became a powerful figure at one of the major Cultivation sects.

That child's surname was Liu.

His parents lived more than one hundred years and had many descendants due to the support of the immortal master.

The imperial court and the other wealthy and noble families showed a great deal of respect to the descendants of the Liu family and didn't dare offend them because of the immortal master.

As a result, the Liu family became the wealthiest household in the county, and this village became the private property of the Liu family. The original villagers and households had either moved away or become the servants of the Liu family.

"Is the Liu family really so that powerful?" asked Yin San.

The short and skinny old man wiped the sweat from his dark face with a towel, and said while pointing to the rice fields, "All of these fields belong to the Liu family; of course, they are powerful."

"Such a wealthy family must have done something wicked…" said Yin San.

The old man cut him off, his eyes full of dread. He waved his hand as he said, "I don't know anything!"

Yin San said with a smile, "I'm just chatting with you. No need to be so scared."

The short and skinny old man didn't dare talk to him any longer, waving his hand to motion for him to leave immediately.

As Yin San was about to take his leave, he suddenly remembered the rumor circling in the Cultivation world. "Sir, is farming difficult to learn?" he asked the old man.

The old man didn't quite understand what he meant, saying, "I don't think farming is difficult."

Yin San's curiosity was piqued. "Can you teach me how to farm then?" he requested.

The old man was baffled. He looked at the red cloth Yin San wore and asked, "Are you a stage performer?"

Yin San couldn't help but laugh out. "You can say so," he said. "But performing on the stage is a fake skill; I want to learn the real skill of farming."

The eyes of the short and skinny old man grew a bit dimmer and soon beamed. He had totally forgotten why he needed to teach Yin San the farming skills. "What do you want to learn?" the old man asked.

"Any skill," replied Yin San.

"What do you know?" the old man asked.

Yin San answered honestly, "I don't know anything about farming."

Under the sunlight, the Sword-Washing Stream looked like a golden whip held in the hands of the peaks of Green Mountain. It usually appeared quite peaceful; but at the same time, it seemed as if the stream could leap up into the sky at any moment.

The surface of the stream suddenly had countless specks of light. It was not the result of koi carps leaping in the water happily when they found out that a formidable king would come, but the reflections of countless sword lights in the sky.

The sword lights took off from the various peaks and arrived in the sky above the Sword-Washing Stream. Soon after, those swords landed on the banks of the stream. The grand scene startled those young men and women at the Sword-Washing Hall; they didn't dare to say anything, pale-faced.

Jing Jiu, Zhao Layue and the others appeared at the downstream.

"Welcome back, the Immortal Sect Master!"

The people were crowded on the banks of the stream and in the cliffs by the banks.

The greetings echoed among the peaks of Green Mountain, lingering for a long time. Startle, the iron eagles on Yunxing Peak leapt into the sky, and the monkeys on Shiyue Peak cried incessantly.

Looking in the direction of Shiyue Peak, Jing Jiu furrowed his eyebrows slightly. The monkeys stopped crying immediately.

The Immortal Guangyuan let out show a bitter wry smile as he thought the how the rumor was true that the Senior Master didn't like the monkeys on his peak. "I, Lu Guangyuan, greet the n greets Senior Master," said he while bowing to Jing Jiu.

"Big Brother!" Zhao Layue tried to remind him, arching her brows slightly.

The Immortal Guangyuan understood what she meant after the initial bafflement. He smiled bitterly again before he bowed earnestly, "Greetings, the Immortal Sect Master!"
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