The Path Toward Heaven
640 The Figures in Heavenly Arrival State
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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640 The Figures in Heavenly Arrival State

A barrage of frequent cracking sounds burst out in the old plum garden.

It sounded as if the string of a bow had been snapped, or a leather alcohol jar full of wine had been punctured.

In fact, it was the strings of swords that had been broken; it was the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies that had been shattered.

The thin layer of solid ice that was pushed all the way down to the bottom of the lake and was as strong as the stone bricks suddenly had a footprint on it.

The gently blowing breeze was tousling a white cloth.

Jing Jiu appeared on the ruins of the nunnery hall, standing in front of Gu Qing. He extended one of his fingers to stab at the sword transformed from the bloody shadows.

At this moment, the whole of Chaotian seemed to have frozen, and time itself had stopped, except that his finger and the sword transformed from the bloody shadows were still moving toward each other.


The bloody shadow became a tangible object, which was Yin San's finger.

The fingers of these two people had finally met.

 And the two of them had, finally, met.

The unimaginable amount of the purest sword wills emerged from the two connecting fingers.

The force generated from this encounter was like the most magnificent waterfall, or a rainstorm, or the morning sun rising from the East Ocean.

The Sword of the Universe, the Lone Sword and the First Child Sword had all sensed the formidable sword wills enshrouding the ruins and fled to the sky.

The sword rope of the Thoughtless Sword grew brighter, looking like an underground river of lava; it freed itself from Gu Qing's hand and thrust at Yin San's face after turning into a whip.

The bone flute leapt up with the wind, making a wailing sound; the whip dropped to the ground like a dead snake.

Jing Jiu grabbed Gu Qing and threw him far away.


Gu Qing turned into a dark speck before landing in the royal palace a few miles away, creating a large pit in the square.

Sensing that the control of the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies had been taken over by someone else, Ping Yongjia opened his eyes in bewilderment, and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Gu Qing lay at the bottom of the large pit, covered in blood. The Great Formation of the royal palace was under Jing Jiu's control now.

With a shriek, the Drifter disappeared from the stone steps in front of the grand hall and arrived in the middle of the square in an instant; but she didn't know whom she should rescue first.

In the sky the Dark Phoenix sensed the change of energy in heaven and earth and became alarmed. After letting out a dreadful scream, his tail of fifty feet long struck like a sword again. He headed toward the old plum garden swiftly after breaking through the light mirror operated by the Young Zen Master with all his might.

Amid the ruins of the old plum garden, Jing Jiu was holding the sword rope of the Thoughtless Sword in his left hand while Yin San was holding the bone flute in his right hand. The small shapeless sword was moving around Yin San nimbly.

The two of them were staring at each other quietly.

For the swordsmen in their Cultivation state, they could exchange a large amount of information in the blink of an eye if they wanted to. Many years ago, Jing Jiu had done so in the snowland with the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom, and he had had a long and important conversation with Nan Qü before his death. What would these two talk about that day?

"You're very lucky."

"No. It's because I'm very patient. I've been waiting for you for seventeen years."

"That is why you've woken up at this very moment. But based on my calculation, it's impossible; you should have woken up much earlier or never. Hence, I came here."

"You always like to calculate; but you don't get that you can't predict everything."

"What else did I fail to predict besides the fact that I failed to predict that Gu Qing is unafraid of death?"

"For instance, you failed to predict that I'm still alive even though I didn't succeed in my attempt to ascend."

"But you've been in a deep sleep; otherwise, how could you deceive my eyes?"

"Yes, I've slept seventeen years more. If there weren't such an opportunity, I would have kept on sleeping."

"What opportunity?"

"A right moment."

"I'm curious."

"When you're ready to employ the magic of the total transformation and make your presence known in the human world, I'll wake up."

The exchange occurred in their spiritual awareness.

In the meantime, the fight after an interval of several hundred years was still underway.

Multitasking was not a difficult thing for them.

Jing Jiu summoned his wills.

The Sword of the Universe, the First Child Sword and the Lone Sword dropped down from the sky.

Yin San summoned his wills.

The small sword flew up into the sky.

A drop of blood dripped from the spot where the two fingers met; it was crimson red, devoid of any impure element.

It was Yin San's blood.

The bone flute shot up into the sky, wailing wretchedly.

Yin San's left arm broke off, turning into ash in a split second.

Jing Jiu stabbed his finger again.

Yin San disappeared from the original spot after his red cloth was peeled off.

A small red bird flew up from the ruins, heading to the high sky while evading the sword formation.

The feathers on the surface of the red bird looked a bit different; it was because some blood stains were on them.

Jing Jiu arrived in the sky.

The red bird was flapping its wings.

This was the magic called the Flapping Wings of the Rosefinch.

Countless sword wills broke through the ocean of clouds, creating a great many raindrops.

The Great Formation of the royal palace had fallen apart abruptly.

It was raining heavily in Zhaoge City.

The red bird vanished without a trace.

Jing Jiu turned to look down at the ground below; he disappeared again.

By the time he reappeared, Jing Jiu was at a spot west of the city.

The cries of ghosts could be heard outside the city wall; the dark wind had dissipated.

Liu Shisui and Su Ziye propped themselves against the city wall while resisting the ghost flames with their remaining zhenyuan.

A bloody and horrifying mouth suddenly appeared amid the ghost flames in the air, ready to swallow the two of them.

It was then that Jing Jiu arrived from the sky and dashed into the large opening mouth after turning into a flash of sword light.

The ghost flames vanished instantly, and the green willow tree returned to its original state.

Standing on the surface of the river, the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect shouted sharply with a change in his expression, as his body shrank at a fast speed, his demonic body becoming stronger and harder.


The chest of the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect bulged a little, and then broke open, a large amount of inky blood spilling out.

Jing Jiu landed on the ground with the Retrieved Heavenly Orb in his hand, some blood stains still visible on the surface of the orb.

The Dark Phoenix arrived with a dreadful scream after passing through the raindrops; his sword-like tail made a straight and deep mark on the ground.

Jing Jiu flicked his fingers at the sky; countless sword wills and the Sword of the Universe and other two swords shot up into the sky.

Crack!!! Crack!!! Crack!!!

Many wounds appeared on the surface of the Dark Phoenix's body. He didn't dare linger around; he grabbed the shoulders of the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect with his sharp claws before heading into the distance.

The furious and painful cries of the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect echoed in the sky above Zhaoge City.

"I want to kill him! I'm still able to fight! I've swallowed him by accident; it's impossible for him to be my match."

Jing Jiu didn't say anything while watching the Dark Phoenix disappear into the distant horizon, nor did he pursue them.

In the next moment, he swayed a few times, and a few ruptures appeared on his white cloth.

"Young Master!" Liu Shisui rushed over and supported Jing Jiu with no regard for his own injury.

Jing Jiu waved his hand a few times, indicating he was well.

A fifty-foot long feather drifted down slowly from the sky, and landed at Jing Jiu's feet.

He grabbed it with his hand.

Seeing this, Liu Shisui was certain that Jing Jiu was not wounded, and he was relieved. However, he couldn't bear his own wounds any longer, and collapsed onto his knees.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Su Ziye suffered fewer wounds than Liu Shisui, though he probably had a lower Cultivation state because he was more familiar with the magic methods of the Mysterious Dark Sect. Su Ziye came before Jing Jiu and bowed to the ground. He had been in the areas near the West Ocean and developed his force tremendously due to the secret backing of the imperial court and a certain faction of the Green Mountain Sect. Though he didn't dare use the Mysterious Dark Sect as the brand name, he had taken on many disciples and followers. He had no idea why Tong Yan came to Zhaoge City in person, and witnessing so many occurrences that day, he felt more reluctant to ask. He was ready to take his leave after bowing to Jing Jiu.

"If you've guessed something, don't tell Tong Yan," Jing Jiu said suddenly.

Su Ziye nodded deferentially and left by traveling underground.

The clouds were sparse to begin with; the raindrops created by the sword wills of Jing Jiu and Yin San ceased falling gradually after the source of the rain was withdrawn.

The sword wills coming out from the royal palace had stopped spreading a long time ago. The sunlight was not being sliced to separate sections anymore. The brighter sunshine made it feel like a wonderful spring day even though it lacked the beauty of twilight.

"Has it really been one hundred years?" asked Jing Jiu while looking at Zhaoge City.

"Yes, Young Master," replied Liu Shisui.

Jing Jiu took out a bone flute from his sleeve. After gazing at it for a while, he brought it to his lips and played a piece of music.

A red bloody line was visible in the middle of the bone flute.

As he was playing the music, the red bloody line grew lighter until it utterly disappeared. The bone looked like jade now.

Many wild flowers sprang up suddenly at the foot of the city wall.

A spring rainfall occurred earlier.

The sun looked like the morning sun.

Countless sword traces were visible in the blue sky, scattering in all directions.

This was the sign that the figures in the Heavenly Arrival State had come into existence in heaven and earth.

"I give this to you."

Jing Jiu tossed the bone flute to Liu Shisui.

Liu Shisui took the bone flute and put it away carefully, feeling shocked. What he felt shocked about was not that his Young Master snatched the bone flute from the Immortal Taiping, nor that his Young Master gave the flute to him, and not even that his Young Master had broken through the Heavenly Arrival State after having slept for one hundred years. He was actually wondering when his Young Master had learned how to play the flute.

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