The Path Toward Heaven
628 Your Name
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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628 Your Name

When Zhao Layue left the courtyard, He Zhan was barbecuing fish for Sese in the courtyard. He consoled Sese by saying that the hotpot she cooked that day tasted pretty good. The similar events occurred throughout White Town; the regular folks comforted and pleased each other. However, in comparison to what it was like many years ago, fewer pilgrims were seen on the streets.

The Broadsword King had been recuperating in the small temple for the past ninety years; no miracle had been witnessed in the human world. As such, people's faith had abated.

What mortals didn't know about was that the Cultivation practitioners were fighting against the monsters of the Snowy Kingdom all the time in the snowland, where these mortals didn't dare step foot, though they had done so for different purposes.

The war between the humans and those in the Snowy Kingdom had gone on for too long. As a result, the humans had a deeper understanding of that mysterious state. The human swordsmen had a firmer judgment about the situation in the Kingdom, especially after the events when the Queen of the Snowy gave birth.

Though the humans had no idea where the lives in the Snowy Kingdom came from, they were pretty sure that those lives could survive without food and an energy source, that the cold air itself was enough to help produce lives. When the number of monsters in the Snowy Kingdom reached a certain limit and the cold air in the north couldn't sustain them anymore, the monsters would move south on their own or were forced by their Queen to move south, commencing the horrible monster invasion.

If the humans didn't want to experience a monster invasion as terrible as what had happened seven hundred years ago, they must make sure that the number of the monsters didn't surpass that limit.

Since humans couldn't manage to bring the sun closer to the ground, the best they could do was hunt down the monsters incessantly in the snowland.

It was for this reason that the Plum Meeting chose to kill the monsters in the snowland for the Cultivation tournament over the years.

It seemed that the Queen of the Snowy Kingdom didn't care so much about the deaths of her inhabitants in lower states…as long as she was not disturbed.

The Thoughtless Sword that hadn't given off any noticeable or colorful glow disappeared behind a black stony mountain in the snowland.

It didn't take long before the energy of heaven and earth experienced a dramatic change behind the mountain, and an avalanche had occurred. One could sense the commotion even a hundred miles away.

The swordsmen of the Windy-Broadsword Church, the Kunlun Sect and the North Divine Army had all sensed the change in energy. They flew up into the sky and looked in that direction. Smelling the bloody scent brought by the wind, their countenances changed slightly, wondering which major Cultivation sect this important figure hailed from.

More than ten days later.

Zhao Layue crested over a dozen black stony mountains, and arrived in the heart of the snowland. Looking around, she found that heaven and earth here was totally white, devoid of any other color.

Her white dress was soaked with blood of various shades belonging to different monsters of the Snowy Kingdom. The dress looked very conspicuous against the background of the white snow.

A straight line was visible on the surface of the snowy ground after the snow covering it being melted by the sword energy.

The Thoughtless Sword traveled close to the ground of the snowland; Zhao Layue stood on top of the sword with her arms folded behind her back. She looked like a fairy lady with her dress billowing out.

Yet, her eyes showed an indifferent expression, indicating a murderous intent. So she looked more like a demonic woman at the moment.

It didn't take long for the Thoughtless Sword to stop.

There was a bottomless abyss up ahead. One couldn't see it in the distance, but it was quite scary to look down at the bottom from its edge.

The snow accumulated on the black rocks of the cliff, which resembled a dilapidated wall.

Without hesitation, Zhao Layue rode the sword downwards, breaking through the Chaotic Wind coming up from the bottom of the abyss and arrived on a cliff cave several hundred feet below.

Some spots on the cliff walls in the cave were very smooth; it was evident that a hard object had ground against these spots. She could make out some remains of a certain slimy object in a corner.

Only a snowy worm of a very high state would have such erosive power.

Zhao Layue knew that she had found the right place. She continued walking to the deeper part of the cliff cave. It didn't take long before she saw the marks burned by the sword fire on the cliff wall.

She was quite familiar with the residual energy on the burned marks.

Zhao Layue extended a finger to touch the burned marks. Next, she found a few natural worm silks hanging in the cracks between the rocks unexpectedly.

The passing of one hundred years hadn't erased everything in the past.

This was the cliff cave where Jing Jiu and Bai Zao had been trapped for six years.

Many events had happened here.

She sat down on the spot where she thought Jing Jiu must have sat, starting to recuperate with her eyes closed.

She had entered the snowland more than seventy days ago, and killed seven hundred and sixty two snowy monsters. They were not in a high state, except for one snowy worm in the King State. It was harder to kill that one, so she felt a bit tired.

The whistling sound could be heard outside the cave; the wind and snow grew heavier.

The whistling sound could be heard inside the cave now.

Gu Qing and the others had dug an underground tunnel in order to rescue Jing Jiu and Bai Zao; later they used some large boulders to block its entrance. Yet there were some cracks between the boulders, so the wind could still come through.

The sound of the wind and snow grew louder now and fainter then. Zhao Layue liked the rhythm of the sound though it had an intimidating feel to it. Gradually, she settled into a trance condition.

A few days later, Zhao Layue opened her eyes and awakened, revealing an icy and displeased expression in her eyes.

The voices of human practitioners were heard outside the cave. It seemed that they were talking about her.

"It's unclear which swordsman of previous generation from a major Cultivation sect came here to kill monsters in order to acquire the Dao."

"Our church master has said that we must pay sufficient respect to such a person if we ever meet one, and we can in no way offend the person. I think it's a highly achieved monk from the Fruit Formation Temple."

"If it were the case, would it be inappropriate for us to collect the remains of the monsters in the wake?"

"I believe that this highly achieved practitioner of previous generation wouldn't care that much about these physical objects. I guess it's our turn to procure a small fortune."

"Who is there?"

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The exchanges between the Cultivation practitioners became frightened screams. In the next moment, the thuds of objects colliding into each other were heard, sounding like the boulders falling down from the sky and hitting the ground.

An aged voice rang out, "Here is the territory of the Kunlun Sect. How dare you come here to steal the treasures from us?! Get the heck out of here!"

Those human practitioners were of course unconvinced, but they didn't dare argue with this strong swordsman of the Kunlun Sect.

A sound of air breaking suddenly burst out, followed by a thud and a few surprised cries.

"Cultivationist Rong! Are you okay, Cultivationist Rong?"

"As an elder of the Kunlun Sect, how could you strike us so hard? Are you going to kill us all to silence us?!"

The old swordsman of the Kunlun Sect said icily, "This ordinary swordsman of the Windy-Broadsword Church dared strike me first; he deserves it. I've merely broken one of his arms today, to teach him /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////; p;;;;;;;;; p'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[[[[ bn/; p['/////////////////////////;/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////….a lesson. Even if the Broadsword King came here in person, what would he be able to do about it?"

It was deathly quiet outside the cave.

The practitioners wondered how the Kunlun Sect could act so arrogantly if the Broadsword King could still fight.


Those Cultivation practitioners fought among themselves for the sake of collecting the remains of the snowy worms, but Zhao Layue had no intention of getting involved in their affairs; but when she heard the claim from the old man that this place was the territory of the Kunlun Sect, she changed her mind.

She got up and walked toward the bottom of the cave. After waving her hand a few times, countless formidable sword wills came out and slashed at the large boulders blocking the entrance due to the efforts of Gu Qing and the others into pieces. She strolled out of the cave.

As the practitioners were engaged in a heated conflict, they suddenly found a woman walking out from inside of the snowy cliff and felt stunned, wondering why she was here.

There were many pits on the snowy ground five feet deep, exposing the solidly frozen ground; evidently these pits were the doings of this highly achieved swordsman of the Kunlun Sect.

The Cultivation practitioners were all wounded; one of them suffered a severe injury, with a broken arm. He sat on the snowy ground, and didn't utter a sound though he was in excruciating pain. He should be the follower of the Windy-Broadsword Church.

After taking a look around the crowd, Zhao Layue turned to the white haired swordsman of the Kunlun Sect, demanding, "Your name?"

All of the Cultivation practitioners had an advanced Cultivation state since they were able to come to the heart of the snowland; and none of them was thick either.

Seeing Zhao Layue walk out of the snowy cliff, they all knew that she was not a regular practitioner, and that she might be someone with a special background.

The highly achieved swordsman of the Kunlun Sect narrowed his eyes as he noticed the remaining sword wills at the mouth of the snowy cave, feeling a bit intimidated. But he didn't show it on his countenance. "Are you a Cultivationist from the Green Mountain Sect?" he inquired.

Zhao Layue didn't reply to his question, but asked him one more time, "Your name?"

The highly achieved swordsman of the Kunlun Sect narrowed his eyes a little more, and fixed his gaze on the wild grass like short hair she wore. "Are you the peak master of Shenmo?" he asked in surprise. "This old man is the elder of the Kunlun Sect, Peng Si. Please accept my greetings."

Upon hearing this, those Cultivation practitioners felt startled, and looked at Zhao Layue in surprise. They wondered how she suddenly showed up in the snowland. Wasn't this person who had been a famous genius in Cultivation one hundred years ago behind closed doors the entire time?

The elder of the Kunlun Sect, Peng Si, had calmed down from the initial shock when he found out that she was Zhao Layue. He said after he collected his wits, "Now that the peak master of Shenmo has come here in person, let's forget about the incident then."

When he found out that this woman was a swordsman of the Green Mountain Sect, he was most worried initially that she was the peak master of Qingrong, Nan Wang; but when he learned she was Zhao Layue, his fear had faded away.

Zhao Layue was in the upper state of the Free Travel before she stayed behind closed doors. Though she had an extraordinary talent in Cultivation, how far could she proceed even though she had stayed behind closed doors for a hundred years? As such, he believed that her Cultivation state was still far inferior to his.

Of course, he had no intention of offending the Green Mountain Sect. Having said that, he stepped on his sword, readying to leave.


Countless snowflakes suddenly rose up, twirling violently in the air, among which there was a blood red object flapping like a ribbon.

It was the sword light of the Thoughtless Sword and also the fresh blood.

The elder of the Kunlun Sect lost an arm, which flew up into the sky.

With a horrifying cry, he fled to the high sky without considering mounting any counter-attack.

Zhao Layue pointed one of her fingers at the sky.

Countless dreadful sword wills emerged and headed toward the sky.

The elder of the Kunlun Sect fell off the flying sword after wobbling twice; he fell onto the ground heavily, and stopped breathing.

Innumerable small holes appeared on his body.

The fresh blood oozed out from those holes, along with some faint and gloomy glows, which should be the remains of his torn sword ghost.

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