The Path Toward Heaven
616 It’s a Humiliation to Stay Alive
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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616 It’s a Humiliation to Stay Alive

Most of the disciples on the front sword boat were from Liangwang Peak. They were sitting cross-legged and commanding the flying swords to attack the Great Formation of Cloud-Dream. Even at such a tense moment, they couldn't help but steal a glance at the tender-faced young man with light eyebrows from time to time.

Guo Nanshan and the others of course knew Tong Yan; but they had a hard time figuring out why he was here on the boat. What had happened then? Wasn't he supposed to stay behind closed doors on Cloud-Dream Mountain? Well, even if he had come out from closed doors, why was he on the sword boat of Green Mountain and commanding them to attack the Center Sect?

The reason he was unexpectedly on the sword boat was because he told a long story.

Tong Yan was the best chess player in the world, and he was also very good at telling stories. And yet, he didn't have time and necessity to tell the story to Guo Nanshan and the others at the moment.

In truth, he had only told one story that day, which was the story he told the Principal Guard of Green Mountain, the Dead Dog. The story was convincing enough for him to be allowed to leave the hermit peaks of Green Mountain and get on this sword boat of Green Mountain. After he arrived on the sword boat, Tong Yan found that his own story was similar to the one told by Guan Qijing; as such, he had supplemented some details to his original story.

It was what he was doing right now.

Zhao Layue and the others were still in the permit peaks. They couldn't join him because they didn't have their swords; and they couldn't catch up to him even though they had the swords now. As for why Tong Yan could get on the sword boat on time, there was another reason for it.

The Center Sect was invading Zhaoge City with all of their might, so almost all of their swordsmen went there; as a result, the defense of Cloud-Dream Mountain was weak at the moment.

If the Green Mountain Sect intended to change the situation in Zhaoge City, the best way to achieve it was to attack Cloud-Dream Mountain with all of their strength.

This was a common and regular strategy in the military books; but it was very effective in this story.

It was because nobody had ever dared attack Cloud-Dream Mountain.

Yet, the Green Mountain Sect had rewritten the history of the Cultivation circle in Chaotian again that day.

A patch of white cloud came over from Zhaoge City. The Immortal Tan had returned.

He didn't pay any attention to the sword boat of Green Mountain that was attacking the Great Formation of Cloud-Dream; instead, he exclaimed while looking at the wind and snow, "Stop it, please!"

Yuan Qijing walked out from the wind and snow and said to him expressionlessly, "But have you people stopped?"

It was at this time that Bai Zao was walking slowly toward the grand hall.

After a moment of silence, the Immortal Tan asked, "Dear Cultivationists, do you wish to see Chaotian engulfed in an ocean of fire?"

Yuan Qijing and Fang Jingtian suddenly turned their heads toward Zhaoge City, a grave expression showing on their faces.

They sensed that an indescribable energy that shouldn't exist in the human world was descending on it.

Being grave meant that they were alarmed, but it didn't mean that they were scared. They were fully aware that the all-out war between the Green Mountain Sect and the Center Sect was to take place, so they had to try their best to bring down Cloud-Dream Mountain before the situation became adverse for the Green Mountain Sect.

"No matter whether this world is destroyed or not, we have no choice but to go to war first. Now that you can't decide the matters of the Center Sect, don't waste your breath by saying useless things!"

The furious voice of Nan Wang broke out in the sky. In the next moment, countless sounds of air breaking could be heard in the sky, as innumerable sword strings formed a comb first and then a sword, piercing toward the Great Formation of Cloud-Dream.


The Great Formation of Cloud-Dream shook a little, and an apparent damage was visible amid the green glows.

Seeing this, everybody, including the Immortal Tan, was shocked.

They were all aware that Nan Wang had reached the upper state of the Broken Sea a few years ago…but this piercing sword was truly too powerful; did she do this with no regard for her own life?

Soon after, more sword strings appeared in the sky, heading toward the Great Formation of Cloud-Dream with whistling sound.

Nan Wang was indeed a bit crazy right now.

It was because she had heard the thunderous booms in Zhaoge City and sensed the familiar energy which she loathed more than anything else.

Lian Sanyue was still alive!

And she was in Zhaoge City at the moment!

Jing Yang was also there right now.

She was helping Jing Yang fight somebody.

And yet, she couldn't even break through the Great Formation of Cloud-Dream herself, Nan Wang thought.

It was truly humiliating!

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"Yeah, it's truly humiliating."

As the Immortal Tan said this sentimentally, he opened his arms slowly; the Great Formation of Cloud-Dream moved along with his extending arms.

In his view, it was truly unbelievable that Cloud-Dream Mountain is besieged and attacked by others; and it was something that hadn't happened in the history of the Center Sect since its founding thirty thousand years ago. The Bloody Demon Church at its height back then didn't dare to do so.

The dozens of endless sword strings in the sky had suddenly disappeared.

The flying swords attacking the Great Formation of Cloud-Dream had also experienced disturbance of some sort, becoming agitated.

Even Fang Jingtian and the Immortal Guangyuan felt their own swords unsteady at the moment.

Soon after, they had all heard the sounds with which they were quite familiar.

Whoosh!!! Whoosh!!! Whoosh!!!

Those were the sounds of flying sword breaking through the air.

The people of Green Mountain lifted their heads toward the sky and saw the rain of swords coming from the south.

Countless flying swords formed a glittering ribbon in the sky, as if it would attempt to tie up the whole sky or slice the sky in half.

Seeing this magnificent scene, all of them fell silent, including the Immortal Tan.

The only sounds were those of the flying swords traversing the sky at a high speed.

After a long while, a loud explosion was heard in the distant Zhaoge City, followed by a vaguely seen splash of a flame, which then vanished instantly.

Looking in that direction, Yuan Qijing remarked sentimentally, "The Young Senior Master is awesome."

"The Young Senior Master is awesome!"

"The Great Grandmaster is remarkable!"

"The Immortal Sect Master is invincible!"

The cheers of the Green Mountain disciples outside Cloud-Dream Mountain rang out in tandem; but the titles they used for Jing Jiu were different. They quieted down gradually after a while.


A gust of violent wind kicked up, and the thick clouds enshrouding Cloud-Dream Mountain were dispersed by the wind. After that, a huge dark shadow appeared.

Feeling humiliated by the Green Mountain Sect, the Unicorn couldn't restrain himself any longer, letting loose an angry roar.

As the Green Mountain disciples thought that they would face the storm-like attacks next, the roar of the Unicorn abated. The clouds and fog gathered together, enshrouding Cloud-Dream Mountain again.

A patch of ocean of clouds was situated in the higher sky, resembling a snowy carpet.

A black dog as large as a mountain crouched on the ocean of clouds quietly. He pulled back his line of sight in the direction of Zhaoge City, and looked at the deep end of Cloud-Dream Mountain. He didn't make any sound except displaying an exceedingly cold expression in his eyes.

The Immortal Bai had suddenly left, and all the cloud boats had retreated in a hurry; everybody could tell that something must have happened on Cloud-Dream Mountain.

Throughout Chaotian, the only sect that could threaten Cloud-Dream Mountain was none other than the Green Mountain Sect.

The formidable strength the Green Mountain Sect had stemmed from these two people: the Immortal Taiping and the Immortal Jing Yang.

Innumerable gazes were riveted on the square, then Jing Jiu and Yin San.

Along with these gazes, a few extremely powerful energies had also fallen on Yin San.

The Boat of Diligent Study of the One-Cottage House had come back again, and the Lotus Sedan of the Young Zen Master had also arrived in Zhaoge City. The atmosphere was exceedingly tense in the square.

It was evident that Bu Qiuxiao had employed the Dragon-Tail Inkstone to lock Yin San.

The energy full of lethal intent had crossed the space of many miles and landed squarely on Yin San, making sure that he wouldn't be able to escape like what he had done at the West Ocean.

Yin San turned calmly to the Boat of Diligent Study and the Lotus Sedan with a faint smile, and raised the bamboo flute in his hands again.

Seeing this, the look on Bu Qiuxiao's face changed a bit.

Yet, Yin San didn't play the flute this time. What he did was wave it casually twice; the air entered the flute through the small holes on it, making a chaotic but ear-pleasing tune.

Countless flying swords left the ground and flew up in a hectic manner; but they didn't collide with each other. After these swords twisted together like a hay rope, they had formed a somewhat unsightly huge sword, heading toward the Boat of Diligent Study.

When such a huge sword moved forward with a whistling noise, its powerful energy could be imagined easily. It wreaked havoc among the yuanqi in heaven and earth!

"All the disciples must get out!"

Bu Qiuxiao yelled this sharply. Then, he summoned all of his energy in an attempt to fight against this huge sword for life and death.


The violent wind was still whistling, but the huge sword had suddenly halted in the sky.

It was unclear when Jing Jiu had stood up on the stone steps.

He reached out his right hand and pointed at the huge sword in the sky, his face a bit pale at the moment.
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