The Path Toward Heaven
614 The Sword Formation of Green Mountain
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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614 The Sword Formation of Green Mountain

There was a green mountain range in the south, where there were a cluster of hermit peaks, in one of which there was a manor cave.

Perhaps, the story Tong Yan told was remarkable enough, so the stone door of the manor cave was not shut this time.

Zhao Layue and the others walked out of the manor cave and found that the Thoughtless Sword and the Sword of the Universe had already disappeared into the horizon, nowhere to be found.

She and Gu Qing on no account could make the swords travel so fast.

Being able to leave the manor cave didn't mean that they could also leave the hermit peaks. They all stood among the lush green peaks, remaining reticent.

A white line suddenly appeared in the sky; and a flying sword was at the head of the line.

Soon after, countless white lines traversed the blue sky like a comb brushing the hair. The innumerable swords headed toward the north, resembling the raindrops falling sideways or a huge white ribbon extending northward.

Seeing this, Yuan Qü gasped; Zhuo Rusui opened his eyes wide in astonishment; Gu Qing felt baffled, wondering what was going on.

Zhao Layue thought of what Jing Jiu said to her many years ago.

She and Jing Jiu were to enter Haizhou City that day; the Pure Heaven Bureau was on their tails and the swordsmen of various sects were being gathered around the city. Seeing her worried, Jing Jiu asked, "Have you heard of a sword move called 'Dropping from the Sky'?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

And she and Jing Jiu were taking a stroll on the Sword Peak a few years ago, and the swords in the peak suddenly became agitated. She asked Jing Jiu what was happening, and he asked her the same question again.

Now she knew what this sword move of Dropping from the Sky was, or in other words, what it meant.

"This is the Sword Formation of Green Mountain."

Upon hearing what she said, Yuan Qü, Zhuo Rusui and Gu Qing were stunned speechless while gazing at the magnificent scene in the sky.

Zhuo Rusui suddenly felt his sword pill quiver a little, indicating that the Swallowing Boat Sword was intended to go away. "Now that I can't go there, you go then," he waved his hand with a faint smile.

The Swallowing Boat Sword broke through the air after turning into a gray line, flying to the sky at a speed it had never demonstrated before.

In the next moment, Yuan Qü also felt something; he opened his hand to release his strange sword, which soon joined the rain of swords in the sky.

The countless swords in the sky were not all in the high state; some of them were rather ordinary; some merely the sword embryos, the same as Yuan Qü's strange sword without a name yet.

Yet, they were all swords of Green Mountain.

Countless flying swords came from the south and fell down like a rainstorm purging heaven and earth.

It was the first time the people in Zhaoge City had witnessed such a splendid scene, and it was also the first time they saw the real Sword Formation of Green Mountain.

The three cloud boats that had invaded the royal palace were destroyed by the rain of swords within one minute, falling down to the ground after disintegrating, making many booming noises.

Most of the disciples of the Center Sect on the three cloud boats had died in the sky. Those who had survived landed in the square; but they didn't dare remain there for a moment, and fled to the outside of the royal palace in terror as fast as their legs could carry them.

The swordsmen of the Center Sect were very good at the Escape Method of Heaven and Earth; so they could leap a few thousand feet at a time. Yet, how could they escape from the rain of swords? No matter how remarkable their Escape Method of Heaven and Earth was, they still had to travel within heaven and earth; but heaven and earth were filled with swords at the moment, where could they escape to?

An elder had dodged a few flying swords successfully and was close to the palace wall, but a silvery flying sword pierced his thigh; he fell down on the ground with a horrified cry before he died, with fresh blood splashing in every direction when his body was penetrated by a great many swords.

Such a scene could be seen everywhere in the square of the royal palace. The horrified cries of the swordsmen of the Center Sect could be heard all over the place. The most horrifying part was the frequent sounds of flying swords piercing through human flesh and the solid green stone slabs.

If one looked at the royal palace right now, they would be able to see the fresh blood and stone crumbs flying in the air and the dead bodies in all sorts of horrible conditions.

Countless flying swords inserted in the ground, swaying slightly with the wind, resembling the wild grass in the field.

This reflected the saying "killing people like mowing grass".

After seeing this scene, many people had passed out.

The Cultivation practitioners murmured with a pale face, "Is this the Great Formation of Green Mountain?"

The scared screams of the chancellors echoed in the grand hall, "Is this the Great Formation of Green Mountain?"

Yes, this was the legendary Great Formation of Green Mountain.

The Great Grandmaster Nan Qü, the Great Grandmaster of the Mysterious Dark Sect, Emperor Xiao were all powerful swordsmen in the world; but they became the pitiful hidden swordsmen, hiding in the sunless places. Many people were puzzled at this because they hadn't witnessed the remarkable scene that they saw that day.

Who could possibly resist such a powerful Great Formation of Green Mountain?

In the high sky, innumerable small holes could be clearly seen in the dark clouds, and oddly enough, the holes remained in the clouds and were not restored.

Those small holes were created by the piercing swords.

Nobody was aware that the rain of swords in Zhaoge City was not the most formidable assault of the Sword Formation of Green Mountain that day.

The most horrifying assault happened in the high sky.

Jing Jiu and Bai Ren were several miles apart.

Bai Ren's dress had many fine holes, similar to the condition of the clouds.

At the moment, her fairy energy had condensed into a real spiritual entity, of which her dress was a part; as such, her injury was real as well.

Countless strands of fairy energy emerged from those fine holes like golden threads, scattering to heaven and earth. Though the process was very slow, it was nonetheless an irreversible one.

"Is this the Sword Formation of Green Mountain?" Bai Ren asked Jing Jiu.

Jing Jiu answered, "Yes, so you can die now."

The story was over for that day.

Lian Sanyue knocked Bai Ren out of Bai Zao's body, and Jing Jiu employed the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies to trap her inside and killed her with the Sword Formation of Green Mountain.

This was a simple and interesting story.

If they wanted to kill Bai Ren and let Bai Zao live, the story could only be written this way.

Bai Ren remarked, "You're indeed someone who had gone to the other world once; your methods are excellent. Hope you still can employ the Sword Formation of Green Mountain when I come back next time."

She was a true fairy lady, so she could tell at once how much energy Jing Jiu had used to employ the Sword Formation of Green Mountain, and that Jing Jiu might die in the next moment.

"I dared use the Sword Formation of Green Mountain because I've calculated all the possibilities…At least, this replica of you won't be able to come back, ever."

Having said that, Jing Jiu disappeared from the original spot, and reappeared somewhere a few miles away.

It was evident that he had used the Underworld and Fairy Sword.

He passed through Bai Ren's body.

Those strands of fairy energy leaking from her dress had suddenly vanished without a trace.

Bai Ren turned to look at Jing Jiu, and found that he had a golden glow in the deep end of his eyes; then she understood what had happened, a hint of helplessness showing on her countenance.


She dispersed in the high sky after turning into countless light specks, and vanished.

After making sure she was dead, Jing Jiu finally felt relieved and coughed painfully twice with his eyes closed.

Many thunderous roars broke out in heaven and earth.

These thunders came from inside Jing Jiu's body.

His eyelids quivered a little.

A drop of blood with a golden glow dripped down from his damaged earlobe and scattered in the sky immediately, drawing in many birds.

After a long while, those thunders inside his body ceased. Jing Jiu opened his eyes, and flew to the ground.

The Lone Sword, the First Child Sword, the Thoughtless Sword and the Sword of the Universe returned to their respective places afterwards.

It was deathly quiet in the royal palace.

Neither painful scream nor dreadful cry could be heard here; it was because the corpses were everywhere. To say nothing of the wounded, it was even impossible to find a whole corpse.

The morning breeze blew over gently, but it couldn't blow away the scent of blood and the fearful atmosphere as thick as though the air were filled with crystals.

The stone steps were inserted with a great many swords. Ping Yongjia was still asleep, but those swords didn't harm him, landing precisely around him. The swords around him looked like a fence or a cradle protecting him.

Jing Jiu landed in front of the grand hall. He took a look at Ping Yongjia, then walked to the side of Lian Sanyue and sat down.

Looking at his pale face, Lian Sanyue asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm not going to die," said Jing Jiu.

Lian Sanyue added, "Can you still fight?"

Jing Jiu shook his head.

It was then that a patch of cloud and fog drifted to the royal palace.

As the fog dispersed, the Immortal Bai walked out. "Who will fight next?" she asked the two of them.
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