The Path Toward Heaven
613 A Sword Move Called Dropping from the Sky
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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613 A Sword Move Called Dropping from the Sky

The voice of Jing Jiu reached the ground like a sword sound from the high sky, and then spread out.

There was an uproar in Zhaoge City; everyone was stunned.

Wasn't the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies told in the fairytales only? It was similar to the story about the rosefinches that had already been extinct for a long time; but why could the formation be employed by Jing Jiu?

The disciples of the Center Sect had an even more complicated emotion; the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies…sounded rather ominous to them.

Yet, the swordsmen of various sects were surprised at another matter.

It was that the Fairy Lady Bai Ren hadn't broken through the seemingly simple sword formation.

One reason for this was probably because the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies set by Jing Jiu was enormously powerful, but the success would eventually rely on the controller of the sword formation who could track the whereabouts of Bai Ren all the time.

When one looked at the sun in the sky from inside a mountain, how could they tell how far the sun was from them?

If one couldn't tell the distance, how could they ascertain the whereabouts of their opponents?

Lian Sanyue had demonstrated her amazing Cultivation state and fighting prowess, and she could be regarded as the strongest swordsman in Chaotian; but she still didn't have any chance of defeating the Fairy Lady Bai Ren. As such, how could Jing Jiu achieve the feat she failed to?

A thought suddenly struck them that he might be the Immortal Jing Yang himself; they seemed to understand something better by now.

Jing Jiu had succeeded in ascension. Though he was sneak-attacked by Bai Ren and forced to come back to Chaotian and was in a low Cultivation state at the moment, he nevertheless had possessed an awareness that was beyond this world; so he might be someone in Chaotian who could match Bai Ren.

"Do you think you can kill me this way?"

Bai Ren said this to Jing Jiu outside the sword formation calmly, and then waved her sleeve a few times lightly.

An extremely powerful energy spread out in all directions along with the faint golden wind; and a few strands of cloud dropping down from the sky were obliterated in an instant.

The sky over Zhaoge City had nothing but the endless dark clouds that bore down on the city like a huge iron sheet, making people feel immensely depressed.

Though the faint golden wind could make people feel mesmerized, it was actually many times more formidable than the Chaotic Wind in the high sky. The wind wiped out everything in its path.

The blood-red glow of the Thoughtless Sword grew dimmer instantly.

The Sword of the Universe was ablaze, and was not as desolate as before.

And the First Child Sword was covered with a layer of dust, and was not as aloof as it had been earlier.

The Lone Sword was in the worst condition. It had tried to evade the golden wind ahead of time, but failed to do so. Its smooth shaft had many rusty stains, looking awful.

The spiritual energies of the four flying swords of the Fairy State had been weakened; as a result, the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies was not as powerful as before. Its lethal intent was tremendously reduced.

It was evident that Bai Ren would be able to break through the formation if she struck one more time.

The Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies was compromised because it was not a complete formation yet.

It needed another sword.

Jing Jiu arrived in the middle of the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies.

His movements looked like a fairy and a ghost. Each time he appeared he was a few miles away from the original spot, like a brightly sparkling star. He took the positions of seventeen stars one after the other, and came before Bai Ren. He stabbed his finger toward the center of her brows.

He was the sharpest and most powerful sword in Chaotian.

As the All in One Sword darted forward in the wake of a starry path, the Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies became steady again; it was actually more powerful than before, and its lethal intent had improved by a great many folds.

The Thoughtless Sword and other three flying swords moved in synch with Jing Jiu; the formidable sword wills that emerged from the four swords headed toward Bai Ren.

Bai Ren didn't show any fear when facing the dreadful sword wills. She opened her hands like two blooming lotus flowers, releasing a great amount of fairy energy.

The four enormously formidable flying swords arrived before her, and collided with a layer of fairy energy; but only four faint marks were left on the shield of fairy energy.

The four sword marks formed an X figure.

Jing Jiu stabbed one of his fingers on the middle of the X figure.

Countless flames burst out in the sky along with many ear-splitting noises. The flames fell to the ground like a waterfall of fires; but it vanished without a trace after dropping one hundred feet below.

Looking at Jing Jiu through the flames filling the sky, Bai Ren said, "These four swords are not enough. If you didn't give the fairy energy to her, you might have a chance."

Jing Jiu pulled back his right hand.

The shield of fairy energy was merely half a foot thick, but it seemed to be the strongest shield in heaven and earth. It seemed impossible to break through it.

"Yeah, it's true that they are not enough. I'll get some more then," said Jing Jiu.

Since the Fairy Lady Bai Ren had arrived in the human world, Yue Qianmen and other three valley masters ceased chasing the Immortal Taiping. They obeyed the command of the Immortal Bai and returned to their respective cloud boats.

The fight in the sky was astonishing. Even though they were the swordsmen in the Lianxu State, they still felt somewhat dizzy.

It was then that they received a new order from the Immortal Bai; they couldn't help but feel surprised. Yue Qianmen raised his objection to the order, which was extremely rare on his part.

The Fairy Lady Bai Ren would kill Jing Jiu soon, and she would kill Lian Sanyue, Jing Yao and all the enemies of the Center Sect later.

Intimidated by Bai Ren, Bu Qiuxiao and the Young Zen Master didn't even dare do anything, to say nothing of those swordsmen of Green Mountain who might hide somewhere in Zhaoge City.

Why did she forfeit her earlier promise and order the cloud boats to attack Zhaoge City?

The Immortal Bai was the only one who knew clearly that the Fairy Lady was forced out from Bai Zao's body by Lian Sanyue and couldn't stay in Chaotian for too long; she would have to leave soon.

If the Fairy Lady left, the situation would be turned around; so the Center Sect must take the advantage of the opportunity to gain the control of the Great Formation of the royal palace and kill Jing Yao. In so doing, everything would be set in stone.

No matter how Yue Qianmen and the other elders thought of it, the Center Sect had no choice but to abide by the Immortal Bai's decision after the Immortal Tan left Zhaoge City.

More than ten cloud boats took off gain, heading toward Zhaoge City. The boats sped up gradually, bringing up a great deal of strong wind.

Bu Qiuxiao was the first one who noticed the commotion in the southern part of the city, feeling exceedingly furious.

The Immortal Tan and Jing Jiu had made an agreement that the Center Sect and the Green Mountain Sect would fight for three wins out of five; it was only the third fight. Even if the Fairy Lady Bai Ren was undefeatable, what a wicked behavior was this?

As the House Master of the One-Cottage, he couldn't ignore the behavior of forfeiting the promise. He picked up the Dragon-Tail Inkstone and was about to lead the disciples of the One-Cottage House into the royal palace.

The cloud boats of the Center Sect seemed to be somewhere on the horizon a moment earlier, and in the next moment they arrived in Zhaoge City already.

The three cloud boats in the front were already inside the city.

The scene looked quite horrifying against the dark clouds filling the sky.

The people who had been preoccupied with the on-going fight in the high sky didn't notice the approaching cloud boats until now, and screamed in surprise.

The divine crossbows on the city walls raised their heads slowly and fired at the sky. The arrows exploded at the bottoms of the cloud boats, creating a barrage of green glows.

The disciples of the Center Sect employed their magic treasures to intercept the arrows; and the arrows were dropping down in tandem.

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The Great Formation of the royal palace had been destroyed during the fight between Lian Sanyue and the Fairy Lady Bai Ren, and couldn't keep those cloud boats at bay. The royal palace was on the verge of being invaded. They had no choice but to fight till death. Who could have anticipated that the Immortal Bai would act so relentlessly and shamelessly?

Looking at the cloud boats in the sky from the restaurant, the Green Girl exclaimed anxiously, "What should we do now? What should we do?"

Yin San turned to the south, and remarked with arched brows, "I didn't expect her to be crazier than me."

The dark clouds filling the sky looked like a still carpet.

All of a sudden, a fine strand of cloud came into view amid the clouds; it looked like a piece of hair sticking up on somebody's head.

Only those Cultivation practitioners with a powerful vision could tell that there was a sword at the front end of the cloud strand.

The sword was very ordinary, without any special trait to it. It was so ordinary that nobody had noticed it when the sword appeared in the sky.

The sword struck down from the clouds, heading toward the cloud boat in the front. The disciples of the Center Sect didn't find it until the sword was very close to them.

The Center Sect thought that the disciples of Green Mountain had finally come, feeling excited. The formation at the bow of the boat was activated before a green glow approached the incoming sword.


The flying sword was knocked away; it landed in the rubbles of the palace wall like a stone.

The disciples of the Center Sect on the cloud boat were bewildered since it was so easy to block the attack from the Green Mountain disciples.

The valley master on the boat remarked in a mocking tone, "They've dared use such a rubbish to attack us; it's so disgraceful."

It was just then that another fine strand appeared underneath the tranquil clouds, and the front end of the strand was another ordinary flying sword.

In the next moment, ten, a hundred, a thousand, and countless fine strands emerged from the bottom of the clouds.

There was a sword at the front end of each fine strand!

At the moment the clouds looked like an aged gray carpet with a great many threads poking out of it.

Countless flying swords fell down from the sky after breaking through the clouds.

Seeing this scene, the valley master on the front boat yelled tersely, "Defense!"

The cloud boat maximized the power of its formation. The disciples of the Center Sect on the boat couldn't care less about the arrows fired from behind, and employed all of their magic treasures to intercept the countless flying swords falling down from the sky.

A great many surprised cries broke out in Zhaoge City. The people were extremely horrified; all they could see was nothing but the falling swords in the sky.

Swords! The swords were everywhere.

The falling swords were as dense as the raindrops; the whistling sounds of swords could be heard everywhere.

The formidable sword wills seemed to be able to pierce through heaven and earth.

This was akin to a violent thunderstorm, so the umbrellas had no chance of shielding it.

It was merely an instant that the formation of the cloud boat was demolished, and the spiritual flagpole of the boat was torn to shreds.

A flying sword inserted deep into the hull of the boat, creating a crack; soon after, more flying swords fell down, slashing the hull into pieces.

The wood chips and the metal crumbs were whirling on the cloud boat along with blood and horrible cries.

Many disciples of the Center Sect had died amid the rain of swords.

The valley master on the boat shouted in despair while flinging all of his energy into the sky.

The raindrop like swords in the sky seemed to have sensed his power and swerved slightly, as if they were blown by a gust of wind; as a result, more flying swords fell down his way.


Hundreds of flying swords pierced through the body of this valley master with a strange thudding sound.

In an instant, this swordsman in the Lianxu State turned into a bloody mist!

And in a short span of a few moments, the cloud boat had thousands of holes created by the rain of swords. The boat was disintegrating, falling toward the ground like a dying whale.

In the high sky.

Underneath the dark clouds.

Whoosh!!! Whoosh!!! Whoosh!!!

Numerous flying swords competed with each other to get out of the clouds, heading toward Zhaoge City by brushing past Jing Jiu and Bai Ren.

Seeing this, Bai Ren asked with a cold expression in her eyes, "What is this?"

"Haven't you heard of the sword move called 'Dropping from the Sky'?" Jing Jiu returned.
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