The Path Toward Heaven
612 The Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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612 The Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies

The method Lian Sanyue had used appeared to be complicated, but it was actually quite simple.

Lian Sanyue had employed the Endless Sword style to condense the fairy energy to a thread, by which she was connected to Bai Ren; the method was tantamount to bringing Bai Ren back to the mountain, which was Chaotian itself, from the sky.

Then, she had infused most of the fairy energy in her body through the connection, which was Bai Ren's finger, into Bai Zao's body as quickly as she could.

Bai Zao's body had been altered by the fairy energy and spiritual awareness in the Fairy Book for many years, so her body could withstand the replica of Bai Ren; as such, Bai Ren had the chance of arriving in the human world that day. However, her body couldn't withstand the fairy energy that had suddenly increased twofold, and her body was on the brink of breaking apart.

If Bai Ren didn't wish to die in the ensuing explosion of fairy energy, she had no choice but to leave Bai Zao's body and bring most of the fairy energy with her. First of all, doing so would save Bai Zao's life, and secondly, doing so could enable her to stay a bit longer in Chaotian.

The fairy energy inside Lian Sanyue was almost exhausted, so the golden thread dissipated in the sky as a result.

The expression in Bai Zao's eyes suddenly became perplexed, but soon she recovered her senses and realized what had happened to her over the last few years. Her face grew pale since it was hard for her to stand the double strains of mental and fairy energy assaults. She collapsed into Lian Sanyue's bosom.

"Senior Master, is this you?" Bai Zao asked bafflingly while looking at Lian

Sanyue's ordinary face that looked much more attractive with the blood stain between her eyebrows.

"Stop talking. Take a rest first."

Lian Sanyue walked to the grand hall while holding Bai Zao in her arms.

Bai Ren glided to the sky.

She was not a real entity at the moment but an image formed by the particles of the fairy energy, which exuded a hint of sacredness; the tousling rims of her skirt looked as beautiful as the clouds.

She was a true fairy lady.

Many people knelt down toward her again. The disciples of the Center Sect were extremely excited, thinking that they had finally seen the true appearance of their ancestor and that they could feel satisfied for the rest of their lives.

When Lian Sanyue said those words earlier, Bai Ren had already understood what she was going to do. Seeing her heading toward the grand hall, an appreciative expression showed in Bai Ren's eyes, saying, "You're really good; but I still can kill all of you even if I can't stay for too long in the human world; it's because the current me is the true me."

Lian Sanyue didn't pay any attention to Bai Ren; she didn't even turn her head around. It was because she didn't have any fairy energy left in her, so she couldn't continue the fight. The other person had to carry on the remaining fight.

A barrage of breaking sounds suddenly rang out in the grand hall, as if the precious ceramic wares in State Duke Lu's bedroom were smashed all at once.

The morning sunlight that had ignored the dark clouds and landed in front of the stone steps vanished without a trace.

Ping Yongjia passed out after spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Jing Jiu arrived in the sky, looking at Bai Ren calmly. The faint sword lights emerged from the rims of his cloth and ends of his hair, as though they were drawn intentionally by a painter.

Bai Ren said while looking at him quietly, "You're not dead yet; it's really a surprise."

Jing Jiu didn't give a response.

The sword wills were summoned by his willpower. Countless sword wills came out from his body; they were exceedingly powerful and formidable.

These sword wills enveloped the entire royal palace. The Cultivation practitioners who used a sword as their weapon felt that their swords seemed inclined to disobey their commands and attempt to fly to the square.

Few sword sects came to Zhaoge City that day; the Kunlun Sect was the largest among the sword sects present. The Sect Master of the Kunlun, He Wei, and a few elders of their sect found in surprise that their swords were pulled by an invisible force, so they summoned their sword source to guard their hearts hastily.

But it was impossible to guard them.

A few sword lights came out from the bodies of those elders of the Kunlun Sect. Fortunately, the swords didn't fly away, but only point toward the sky. He Wei's Cultivation state was the highest among these practitioners, so he struggled with controlling his sword the longest and he suffered the most as well. After He Wei spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, his sword of sect master came out with blood, pointing toward the sky.

All of these swords pointed toward Bai Ren as they were summoned by Jing Jiu.

Lian Sanyue came back to the stone steps and sat down with Bai Zao in her arms. She spun her head to look at the sky, a slight worry showing in her eyes.

The worried expression was similar to that when Jing Jiu looked her earlier.

Bai Zao who had just woken up had a hard time getting used to the fairy energy inside her body at the moment. She felt extremely cold, her face extremely pale. Leaning against Lian Sanyue's bosom, she muttered while trembling incessantly, "What can I do to help?"

"Don't worry," Lian Sanyue said. "He likes to show off his prowess. Let him do it then."

The Cold-Signal Bird noticed that his head was wet for some reason, and this displeased him; but he didn't do anything about it since he could sense that He Wei was in a terrible mood at the moment.

The unexpected behaviors of the flying swords of the Kunlun Sect and other sword sects were caused by Jing Jiu's sword wills.

In fact, Jing Jiu had only shouted "Swords, come!" toward the sky; and the flying swords of the Kunlun Sect and these sword sects happened to hear it and then came out in tandem.

In actuality, Jing Jiu didn't call these swords, but his own swords.

Standing by the door of the grand hall, Jing Yao watched the sky worriedly. He suddenly felt a tremor in his right hand that held the hilt of his sword.


The First Child Sword came out from the sheath and flew to the high sky after turning into a flash of desolate sword light.

Soon after, a bloody line came over from the south; it traveled against the bottom of the clouds at an unimaginably high speed and arrived in the high sky.

Liu Shisui, who was recuperating from his injury in the cabin on the Boat of Diligent Study, suddenly changed his countenance. Xi Yiyun thought that the demonic energy left by Kou Qingtong was not yet purged, asking hastily, "What's the matter?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With a crisp ringing sound, the sword bracelet came off from Liu Shisui's wrist and flew away unwillingly after turning into a bright and sharp small flying sword.

Xi Yiyun was astounded and helped Liu Shisui come to the deck of the boat. Their gazes followed the small sword to the high sky.

The Sword of the Universe was the last one to arrive in the high sky. When it came to the sky over Zhaoge City, the dark clouds filling the entire sky seemed to become a bit desolate; the sky at the moment turned into something that couldn't be found in the human world.

The Thoughtless Sword, the First Child Sword, the Sword of the Universe, and the Lone Sword.

They were all Jing Jiu's swords.

Though he had given these swords to Zhao Layue, Jing Yao, Gu Qing and Liu Shisui respectively, these swords would come back to him when he was in need of them.

These four flying swords were all in the Fairy State and were the best sort. If all the famous swords in Chaotian were ranked right now, these four swords would be in the top ten without doubt.

The Lone Sword and the First Child Sword could even contend for the second place.

The four famous swords arrived in the sky over Zhaoge City, occupying a spot each; the distances between each other were different, but they were all connected in some way, creating a natural formation, which gave off a bunch of exceedingly formidable sword wills.

Bai Ren felt these swords were a bit odd; so she disappeared from the original spot and arrived at the spot several miles away in the sky.

The four swords seemed to be still in their originals spots, but they were encircling her while pointing at her quietly. The four flying swords were increasing the vigor of their sword wills constantly.


The clouds that were rolling up and down unleashed countless flashes of lightning, which landed on the four swords squarely.

Innumerable blue electric bolts surrounded these flying swords, making the sword wills even stronger. The powerful sword wills seemed to have sliced the space and higher regions, isolating Bai Ren in this patch of sky, making it hard for her to leave.

It was evident that this was a sword formation, composed by four flying swords; but it was powerful enough to destroy heaven and earth.

Bai Ren looked at Jing Jiu in the distance with a grave expression. "What is this formation?" she asked.

"The Sword Formation of Slaying Fairies," replied Jing Jiu.
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