The Path Toward Heaven
611 One Single String
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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611 One Single String

Everybody on the ground could hear clearly the thunder coming down from the top of the clouds.

Yet, the clouds were unchanged, still looking like a gray carpet blocking the entire sky, so the people had no chance of witnessing the fight that should be something only occurring in the other world.

All of a sudden, a bulge formed at the bottom of the clouds, and then it began to rotate and turn into a tornado heading toward the ground.

In the midst of the whistling wind, Lian Sanyue emerged from the rotating tornado and darted toward the grand hall of the royal palace at an exceedingly fast speed.

As she was about to crash into the roof of the grand hall, Lian Sanyue managed to stop short and land on her feet on top of the roof.

The ocean of clouds rolled up and down continuously, and suddenly opened up a passage.

The white skirt worn by Bai Ren was tousling in the wind, devoid of any dust or blood stains, which was in stark contrast to Lian Sanyue, who was covered in blood.

"Though you have some of my fairy energy in your body, you don't have any fairy awareness; how can you defeat me?" Bai Ren remarked while staring at Lian Sanyue calmly.

Fairy awareness was the same as perception. However, the fairy men after their successful ascension had a more advanced perception than those still in Chaotian; as such, they had a perfect perception of the world below and they could perceive more details than anybody else in the human world since their perception was in a much higher echelon now.

If Chaotian was a green mountain, the ascended ones in the sky could survey not only the profile and outer structure of the mountain but also all the details in it, such as the manor caves, trees and more detailed things.

It was nearly impossible for a Cultivation practitioner like Lian Sanyue, no matter how powerful she was, to learn the whole structure of the mountain; nor could she know there was an undetected manor cave nearby, because she was right inside the very mountain.

Simply by looking at this mountain, the Fairy Lady Bai Ren would be able to tell where she was located.

On the other hand, Lian Sanyue was inside the mountain; so she couldn't tell precisely where Bai Ren was in the sky; in fact, she couldn't even tell how far Bai Ren was from her.

The different levels of perception would affect the outcome.

During this fight, Lian Sanyue couldn't even hit the Fairy Lady Bai Ren once, and she was knocked down to the ground from the sky by her opponent over and over again, because her opponent had the absolute advantage in the aspect of perception. If Lian Sanyue hadn't had unlimited fairy energy that helped repair her body, she would have died a long time ago.

However, even though she was alive and could still fight on, the wounds in her body would get worse sooner or later. If the situation remained the same, she would die in the end, and the death would be her final defeat.

The gold fairy energy erupted from her body, her jet black hair tousling lightly and her expression nonchalant.

Seeing this, the Immortal Bai, Bu Qiuxiao and the other Cultivation practitioners all felt surprised and astonished.

How come she had so much fairy energy in her body?

Lian Sanyue disappeared from the top of the grand hall and came before Bai Ren.

Arriving with her were countless rays of morning sunlight.

It seemed that she was to employ the method she had used against the Immortal Tan and Jing Jiu, the method of heaven-human connection, to control the movements of Bai Ren, and then strike her opponent with more of her might.

Even if the space in the square of the royal palace were totally ruptured, it still couldn't hinder Bai Ren; it was because she was the real fairy lady and she could perceive a great many mountain paths which those inside the mountain couldn't.

The tousling ribbon in the wind disappeared in the next moment.

Bai Ren reappeared behind Lian Sanyue, and stabbed a finger at her.

The tip of her slender finger emitted a bright glow, which looked like a glowing pearl storing a great deal of dreadful fairy energy.

It seemed that Lian Sanyue had guessed that Bai Ren would come behind her; she turned around with tousling black hair and faced Bai Ren.

Bai Ren continued stabling her finger forward and touched the center of Lian Sanyue's brows squarely with a faint "pah".

Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

Countless thunderous rumbles bellowed out in the square.

Those eunuchs and chancellors were awakened from their unconsciousness by the loud explosions. They looked around vacantly, not knowing what had just happened.

Innumerable air waves rushed outwards in all directions, the power of which was as much as tens of thousands of war horses charging forward at the same time. The Great Formation of the royal palace was destroyed at impact, and the palace walls on both sides that had been damaged earlier collapsed instantly.

Lian Sanyue landed on the ground; but she didn't fall down, still maintaining an erect posture.

The spider-webs on the ground had finally connected together.

Along with the ear-splitting friction sounds of rocks and the sounds of heavy objects pressing against each other, the smoke and dusts rose up everywhere in the royal palace; and the square had dropped one full foot into the ground.

Unexpectedly, the Fairy Lady Bai Ren had also come down from the sky. She was still standing before Lian Sanyue and the tip of her finger was still on the center of Lian Sanyue's brows.

A drop of fresh red blood oozed out from the center of Lian Sanyue's brows, which looked like a Red Mole.

Lian Sanyue said while staring into Bai Ren's eyes, "Welcome to the mountain."

Having said that, the drop of fresh blood between her brows had suddenly brightened up, giving off a mist of fairy energy to envelope the two of them inside.

Lian Sanyue tried her best to force out all the fairy energy in her body.

The fairy energy assaulted Bai Ren's body incessantly through the tip of her finger.

The expression in Bai Ren's eyes changed a bit, wondering why Lian Sanyue was doing this.

Bai Ren understood why she did it a moment later. She attempted to pull back her finger, but she found it impossible. The fairy energy in Bai Zao's body and the fairy energy in Lian Sanyue's body hailed from exactly the same source; in fact, they originated in the same person. As a result, the two energies were naturally intimate with each other and were unwilling to separate once they met in an effort to merge into each other again.

Bai Ren glided backwards in an attempt to pull the tip of her finger away from the center of Lian Sanyue's brows, but she pulled out a fine thread. As such, she and Lian Sanyue couldn't totally separate.

The thread looked like it was made from gold or jade; it was considerably gluey and also very strong. It was because it had been condensed by the purest fairy energy.

"There are fifty strings on a zither; but I don't know how to play zither, so all I need is one single string."

Lian Sanyue didn't know how to play zither. Back when she used the name of Duo Dong to participate in the Plum Meeting, she plucked only one string on the zither.

She had employed the Endless Sword style of Qingrong Peak to release her fairy energy, which was a sword style she had altered.

Bai Ren's fingertip couldn't disentangle itself from the thread before the fairy energy was completely discharged from Lian Sanyue's body.

Bai Ren looked at Lian Sanyue expressionlessly.

"This move is called the 'Flower in Mirror and Moon in Water'."

Having said this, Lian Sanyue moved so fast that she was almost invisible while wielding at Bai Ren.

It was unclear if the Flower in Mirror and Moon in Water referred to the movement or the palm.

The wielding palm looked ordinary; it was as gentle as a breeze rumpling the willow braches. It looked much less powerful than the thrusting fist she had hurled at Kou Qingtong earlier.

The Center Sect had focused their attention on transforming into fairies for a long time, and Bai Ren had occupied Bai Zao's body for a long while; as such, she had altered her body tremendously. Like Lian Sanyue's body, Bai Zao's body was nearly completely devoid of dust, dirt and injury; so it was nearly impossible for her body to be wounded, not to mention the wielding palm was so gentle and ordinary.

Similar to this wielding palm, Lian Sanyue's countenance was also very gentle and amiable; but she was wielding her palm in a very serious manner.


Her palm landed on her opponent's chest.

Bai Zao's body shuddered a little.

Her hair ruffled slightly.

The ribbon tousled a bit.

And the rims of her dress flew up slightly.

A few green glows came out from each ruffling thing.

The green glows left Bai Zao's body and drifted backwards; gradually, the glows combined and formed a human figure.

The human figure suddenly gave off a large amount of golden light and was enveloped by the fairy energy. The figure was none other than the replica of the Fairy Lady Bai Ren!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A barrage of surprised cries broke out in the royal palace.

The people were astounded to the extreme.

Lian Sanyue had employed such an ordinary palm to knock the Fairy Lady Bai Ren, who had come down from the other world, out of Bai Zao's body.

How did she do it?

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