The Path Toward Heaven
604 And Lian Sanyue’s Cruelty
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The Path Toward Heaven
Author :Mao Ni
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604 And Lian Sanyue’s Cruelty

How could he be knocked flying by someone?

And he was actually knocked flying by someone!

How could it possible?

The bewilderment and anger in Kou Qingtong's eyes turned into a wild fire and started burning fiercely.

He let out a howl that sounded like a wild animal and jumped up from the ground. He flew back to the royal palace by pushing his feet against the stone wall of the Yintian Gate.

The pebbles and dusts in the straight ditch had also risen up along with a loud noise.

The Yintian Gate was collapsing slowly while making cracking sounds; the patch of cloud and fog had drifted up to the sky.

Kou Qingtong came back more quickly than he had left.

He reached out his right hand to grab at the air, pulled down a piece of morning sunlight and hacked it downwards after turning it into a flash of bloody light.

Lian Sanyue waved her sleeve slightly, pulled down a piece of cloud and engaged the bloody light after turning the cloud into an ocean of flowers filling the sky.

Each drop of blood in the bloody light was a thrusting fist of Kou Qingtong's.

Each flower in the ocean of flowers was the thrusting fist of Lian Sanyue's.

The fists met in the sky.

And the lethal intents collided.

It was another sort of redness when the morning sunlight shone on the ocean of flowers.

It was the redness of blood

The people in the square of the royal palace couldn't see the figures of Lian Sanyue and Kou Qingtong; all they could see was the violent wind and the bloody redness in the sky.

The thunder boomed again, and hadn't stopped ever since.

The air waves hurled the pebbles onto the palace walls, making the frequent "pah" noise like that of a rainstorm.

The palace walls that had their red surface layer peeled off earlier were left with thousands of dents and holes, resembling the surface of a beach after a heavy rainfall, looking truly appalling.

The pebbles were now heading toward the palace halls like raindrops as well as arrows. The chancellors retreated to the grand hall as quickly as they could, and Ping Yongjia shut the window and put down the teacup as soon as possible, and protected his face with hands.

Jing Jiu didn't move. He was looking in that direction quietly.

Sir Jin and Sir Niu sat on the ground with their eyes closed and legs crossed, their faces pale. They were trying their best to keep the normal operation of the Great Formation made for the royal palace in an effort to prevent everything in the palace from being destroyed by these two vicious characters.

It was at this dangerous moment that the Immortal Tan waved his sleeve a few times and infused an extremely pure zhenyuan into the stone posts to stabilize the formation.

After a long while and without any forewarning, the thunder suddenly stopped and the violent wind disappeared.

There was a gap amid the morning sunlight in the sky, which looked even more spectacular.

Lian Sanyue and Kou Qingtong stood opposite each other, one mile apart.

Covered in blood all over his body and panting, Kou Qingtong asked while looking at Lian Sanyue bafflingly, "How come you can withstand such a beating?"

It seemed that Lian Sanyue was in much better condition, her black long hair moving wildly in the wind, except for a blood stain on a corner of her mouth. "It's because you're too weak," she returned.

A brutal intent flashed in Kou Qingtong's eyes, as he said, "It's because you haven't seen the true and cruel side of me yet."

Lian Sanyue's expression suddenly changed; she reached out her right hand to catch a flower petal drifting downwards.

A petal of the peach flower she had inserted into the hair on her temple was knocked down.

Looking at the flower petal in her palm, she showed a hint of regret on her face; and soon the expression in her eyes turned colder and more relentless.

Kou Qingtong felt a bit worried, wondering if she hadn't fought with all of her strength since the peach flower on her temple was still intact during the vehement combat earlier.

Lian Sanyue lifted her head and asked him expressionlessly, "Do you know what it's like when I'm showing the true and cruel side of me?"

Having said that, she opened her arms, and her hands, as white as jade, poked out from the sleeves, her palms facing the sky.

The ocean of clouds started rolling up and down; the morning sunlight was torn to shreds by an invisible mighty force, dispersing in all directions, resembling bloody water dripping down from the roof.

The sky looked bluer now, and then the blue sky grew darker, as if it had drawn nearer to the ground.

Lian Sanyue's palms moved down slowly.

If one associated the lowering sky with her dropping palms, they would think that the sky was lowering onto her palms.

Seeing this, Kou Qingtong retreated backwards without hesitation after making a strange cry.

However, there was no way one could escape from heaven and earth since they had to live and travel under the sky.

Thousands of faint lines appeared in the blue sky.

Each line was Lian Sanyue's thrusting fist.

In a few moments, she had thrust her fist more than 3,000 times!

Kou Qingtong had prepared his defense for such a brutal offense since he was powerful enough to be the only survivor of the Bloody Demon Church.

But his defense was futile.

Like Lian Sanyue said, her opponent had no chance of resisting her as long as she struck with all her might.

The secret methods of the Bloody Demon Church were powerless!

The Dao methods of the Center Sect were ineffective!

Kou Qingtong had employed all the magic methods he learned over the space of one thousand years in a short time. It was useless no matter how many secret and lost magic methods he had employed.

It was because he had no way to block those fists that were as boundless as the sky.


Lian Sanyue's fist traveled through the sky like a divine dragon, heading toward Kou Qingtong's head.

Kou Qingtong summoned the demonic energy, and as a result, the strength in his body increased abruptly. He raised his palms upwards to block the incoming fist.


One of his knees landed on the ground and broke into pieces even though his knee was stronger than any magic treasure. The ground ruptured in all directions like a spider-web the size of several thousand square feet.

Time stopped for a moment.

And the sound was gone as well.

All the people in the palace, including the trembling eunuchs and pale-faced secret guards by the palace wall and the chancellors in the grand hall with grave expressions, maintained the original posture. They hadn't moved an inch.

This was the result of the difference between the speed of the movements of the two fighters and the speed of time.

Lian Sanyue turned around and looked at Jing Jiu, flashing a genuine child-like smile at the thought that he was the one who couldn't catch up to her this time around.

Then, she turned her head back and looked at Kou Qingtong, her smile subsiding gradually, as if she were looking at a dead man. Her clenched fist was wielded at him again.

He did have a very high Cultivation state; he could still move when everything in the royal palace was in the still condition.

However, his speed was still a bit too slow. He had just brought down his hands from above his head and didn't have enough time to place them in front of him.

Seeing the fist coming closer, a surprised anger and helplessness showed in his eyes.

Kou Qingtong flew out again.

It was exactly like what had happened last time.

It was as simple and straightforward as all the other ordinary things in the world.

The route he took was the same; it was the same ditch and the same gap on the palace wall through which he flew out. It would save some money when the palace was rebuilt.

The Yintian Gate was slowly collapsing with one corner already on the ground; and it totally collapsed after Kou Qingtong's body hit the building squarely this time.

And Kou Qingtong didn't stop this time. He kept on flying further south until he bumped heavily into the city wall.

A large hole was created on the city wall, exposing the room inside it. The officials of the Pure Heaven Bureau in charge of operating the Great Formation looked up in surprise. The expression on Gu Pan's face changed slightly.

Lying on the ground filled with crumbled rocks, Kou Qingtong's body looked considerably deformed, looking bloody from his head to toe. He had a hard time focusing his eye sight, and there were some light specks vaguely visible amid the blood.

He was indeed remarkable; he didn't turn into light specks and die after sustaining such a severe injury.

As a huge shadow cast on the city wall, three valley masters of the Center Sect arrived as swiftly as the wind. They yelled sternly while staring at the people in the forbidding formation, "Don't move; we'll kill you all otherwise!"

They were approaching the rubbles in an attempt to bring Kou Qingtong back to the cloud boat.

It was then that a sound of flute rang out.

The sound of flute was as smooth as the flowing water, and also like the reflection of the willow tree branches on the water surface. But the sound was full of lethal intent.
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